Letter to Chairman of AU (African union)

My dear Chairman of African Union Organisation, recently you won election as Chairman of AU Ms Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, despite ordinary African people were not given chance to vote. But you were vote by African Administrators, I do call them Administrators or African puppet rulers and not leaders because they didn't manage to take any decision so far that benefit African peoples in last 50 years that so called "Africa independent" from colonialism.
Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma

Since this organisation (AU) was created most of African can't see any benefit about this organisation, could you explain to us what are you meeting for the most time in Addis Abba (Ethiopia)? You can't protect African people from civil wars, famine, corrupted politicians, prosecution even slavery.Yes slavery, check what is happening in Sinai in Egypt black migrants who are trying to cross into Israel are slaved, raped and tortured from Arabs gangs even some are murdered buy the gangs to remove their internal organs (liver, kidney) to be sold in black market in Cairo.

AU couldn't stop NATO from removing Gaddafi from power or evacuated thousand of black immigrants who were caught up in Libya's war many black immigrants were mistreated by Libyan militias and ended up in Libya jails because of the colour of their skin. In your own country Ms Zuma in South Africa, more than 34 miners were killed by the police because they were demanding for better wages. Miners are living in poor conditions in contrast to the owners and executives of Mine Companies they are getting richer on cost of poor black miners. Look at the graphic below about financial power in your country Ms Zuma.

financial power in south Africa

How come the majority of the population in South African are black and they are at bottom of financial power in country? Only it can happen in African!Should we blame Apartheid or Colonialism! Are there sort of programs in AU to help Africans to be financial educated or to empower African to be involved in entrepreneurship or to own business in their countries that it will enable them for economic freedom!

Did you speak with Mr Dos Santos President of Angola who allowed more than 250 thousands Chinese manual labours into Angola when there is high youth unemployment in Angola and in Africa! What type of deal! You make contract with foreigner countries or companies to bring in engineers and experts, but not their own manual labours.This is not rocket science! Now the slogan in Africa "We can get better deals from Chinese than western countries". What better deals! There is not different between the Western countries and the Chinese when African rulers are making deals on their terms and not for African people interest.
Chinese in Africa

Could you tell us when African people will see benefits of this organisation (AU)? Some members of your organisation when Western countries are tired of them then they are send to face charges of corruption or genocide in Hague (Holland). People who supposed to represent African people in AU they are the same people who are killing us, oppressing us for benefit of they own and foreign countries (The Western governments and Chinese now). When you'll tell members of your organisation to introduce human rights, create basic conditions for 95% percents of African and to stop taking orders from people who slave us, colonised us.

How many of colonial masters rulers where send to Africa to face trial? Despite, they committed genocide by slavering African, but they never bother to apologise to African people from mass of atrocities they committed in Africa. Despite they(colonial masters) are trying to excuse themselves today by blaming their ancestries who are people who committed this mass of atrocities but they are forgetting one thing they are benefiting now from crimes committed by their ancestries. Anyone in AU even dare to ask former colonial masters to apologise to African and black people around world! That why I meant African rulers are administrators and not leaders, they can be replacing from colonial masters. We saw what happened with Mobutu (Former Zaire now DR Congo), Hosni Mubarak (Egypt), Muammar Gaddafi (Libya), Charles Taylor (Liberia), etc. To be honest I do not share tears for these puppet rulers they deserved may be except Gaddafi despite he was a dictators but he stood up against colonial masters.

When these African Administrators will understand Western countries have been playing us for last 500 years when they arrived in Africa and it seems African Administrators still believe Western countries are in Africa to help us. Let see, They had slave African then when they decided themselves that slavery was inhuman then let colonised them by creating borders and countries in Africa to be able to control Africa and its resources. When African become to fight back against brutal colonial governments in Africa, they decided to pretend to give African independent but divided them into colonial languages organisations to control them.

Such as Commonwealth organisation for English speakers in Africa, the head of that organisation the Queen of England, Francophone that belong to French speakers countries in Africa and Lusophone belong to Portuguese speakers countries in Africa. Every time one real African leader decided to take his/her own decisions to benefit African they are outcast from power from colonial masters. Colonial masters never left Africa they planted these Administrators in political positions but without financial power, they still control us economically and politically, but we should blame organisation such AU if it's objective to protect African people! For example, we can see with EU (European Union) protecting the European citizen from their governments, there is a European court of Justice.
income difference in South Africa

Ms Zuma when we're going to decide official languages of African countries to be our own dialects languages instead of colonial languages and please it would nice if you could read African dream that it's a classic for all African to read. Look place like in Barcelona they don't what to speak Spanish instead they promoted Catalonia as their official language, despite they're the same people then why we African still have official languages in our countries from our former masters.

It's very difficult to understand Ms Zuma, do something about it don't just waste money of African people like your predecessor (Jean Ping) did. Your decisions in AU, made us look useless in around world, people disrespect us because they see you so called "African rulers" can't sort out African problems, African are force to flee their home lands to go to places where they are suffering of racism and see us as a low races people, not intelligent enough as human being because of your lack of courage to stand firm for your people even in South Africa 90 percents of Black South African are the poorest in country in contrast with others races(Asia and White) and similar story in all over Africa. Look the graph on right.

You and your members are also victims of slavery and the colonial mentally. I wrote this letter to let you know perhaps it's time for real change to come in Africa, real African leaders to stand up for African people.Moreover, please next election can allow ordinary African people to vote instead of African administrators voting for you who do not represent any African people interest but to follow the orders for their masters in Western. Back in time, a slave who live in master's house control others slavers who live outside. But the slave who lives in master's house he still a slave with some privileges the same thing with African administrators.
How African youth can have hope and be pride to be African if all they can see miseries, oppress governments and useless rulers.

Written by Pacheco Kiala

AU comments

Your comments

First all, I would like to thank the owner of My Continent for give young African opportunities to post our point views. For African admistrators young African are fighting back. Julies Malema is very popular in South Africa because he understand African youth and he's not prepared to be a second class citizen in his own country. Economic freedom next step for African.
Jo , South African, Pretoria

What the point to have political power if we don't have economic power. Chinese men arrived today in Luanda tommorrow is your boss. I can't see any black person in Shangai to be boss of chinese people. Portugueses run way from unemployement in Europe without any education qualification in Angola he's our boss. It's too much to take as a young African . I'm a third citizen in my own country.
Kandala , Angola, Uige

Black peole have being controlled in last 500 years that it makes very difficult for black person to be on top of any world wild ogarnisation because it was created by The Western countries and control by the West. such as UN, World bank, IMF(International monetary Fund), World Bank,etc. These organisation were create to control black people and the rest of World. The same like Commonwealth.
Danny , USA, Califonia

Almost all African leaders are stupid. Always they are led by West and USA leaders to stay on power, kill the people and fill their stomach.Nothing is expected from them until new generation come to the power. We should fight them to the end to make our people free life on African continent, free of relief and so on. Oromo people is fighting such leaders in East Africa. Let us fight together.
Gadaa , Oromia, East Africa

If we africans want to aspire to dignity, why shouldnt we stand up and demonstrate our anger to this neo-colonialism? Why cannot we join togolese,congolese, libyans etc. in the West fighting to recover their sovereignity although we are not citizens of these countries? Why should dictators whiper via AU to save their own perennity and not us by demonstrations.Let the PANAFRICANISM MOVEMENT AWAKE!
Lola , France

Ces dictateurs hypothquent les vies de plusieurs gnerations et livrent leurs populations aux mentors qui les ont plac au pouvoir en change de protection, clientlisme, affairisme .. en change des mittes qui leur tombent aprs la braderie des richesses de leurs propres pays.
Lola , France

Where do I start? The "Letter" was confused and poorly written, but Kiala was passionate and made some good points. He should be writing to African govt. leaders though, not the AU president. Africans on the continent have to deal with the corrupt systems they condone, which give rise to corrupt leaders. Learn the lesson from the Arab Spring. When will there be an African Spring and what agendas?
Basil , Bridgetown, Barbados

Where is today's Cabral, Neto, Nyerere, Mandela? Sorry, but it's not Malema. He's just another power-hungry opportunist, another Laurent Gbagbo seeking political power. I was disturbed by the two graphs, which show that black people in SA haven't progressed very far. It seems that Asians (Indians?)have benefited most since 1993! What evidence has he got for the number given of Chinese in Angola?
Basil , Bridgetown, Barbados

50 years after independence, why is an African holding an umbrella over a Chinese? That doesn't even happen in China! It could not happen in the West Indies, in Barbados, Trinidad, Jamaica, or any other island. Continental Africans need to wake up! Fair elections and respect for the electoral system is a must. The people need to make their leaders accountable. The leaders need to empower the peopl
Basil , Bridgetown, Barbados

Such Thing just happen because behind the African Black Leaders we have White Councelors, and besides that We are putting our brother in prison when they complain for anything before trying to listen to him. Just Happened in Angola
Aguinaldo , Luanda, Angola

as we can see African people were used long time ago as china was used, we were used as bridges but that time we were ignorant, china was ignorant. Today china is using us because Africa is still sleeping.i always hear you can kill dreamer but you can't kill the dream. i think africa has killed the dream.Africa killed democracy,freedom of speaach and fed corruption and poverty. wake up africa!
Mahmoud haile , somalia

What is disturbing Africa is simply underdevelopment caused by coruption mainly. Every one seems to be so corrupt, we cant achieve economic power if we dont change our morals, The AU Cant attain political power when we still depend on the west economically. before we raise voices lets first refelect on where you stand as an individual in terms of intergrity, morals then look at our leaders
Benard , Uganda

Hi dear friends,there is no more solutions to gain independent continet at this diverse corruption World.Unless iteligent African stands alone to dilute the system of the present.
Daniel Toko Bafwassa , London

The only black leader who has balls in Africa that is Mugabe. others are just puppets in the pay of Western (and Chinese). The westerners considered a dictator, normal, he favors his people. It is time to turn these peoples African soil pests.
Rodcaz , France

African problems are very internal but modified by the whiteman, the skyrocketing rates of corruption, nepotism among others are not external. Africa is not a poor continent but the puppet leaders of Africa duplicate and worsen the situation, they get into power when they are very poor, and think of positioning themselves in exploitative rule, shame upon on them the big men wo/men of Africa...
ngobi ronald , uganda

@Aguinaldo de Angola tienes toda la rzon del mundo todo pasa por que en Africa consejeros son blancos que roban juntos con los africanos coruptos.Pero coruptos existen en todo el mundo los "civilisados"europeos y estadounidences sonladrones+coruptos.La clave es la educacion miren AMERICA LATINA es Continente con los recursos similares.Ellos latinoamericanos son modelo.
Yasna , Belgrade, Serbia

Some few days ago we spent 2 billion uganda shillings to celebrate our 50yrs of poor roads ,education,health,epedemic corruption and poor governance.for the last 50yrs we have nothing to be pround off.We should not blame the west and the chinesse,we should blame our selves for all this.we should as african reflect our past ,our morals and actions,otherwise we shall continue lamenting for years.
PAPA SImon , kampala

African leaders are all very weak, this was identified by our leader Moammar Algathaffi, he asked us as we people of African descent to fight on, to erase economic, political, cultural, psychological plunder, we are in very long battle to rid Africa of colonization, economic exploitation, imperialism, inferiority complex, we either prevail, live free or die, what is life without dignity?.
Asuma Azima , Sabha, Libya

I see the anger,and I understaind this anger.. So many Africans who see what is goin on now a days.. But still we cannot stand up against those wicked people. How long we go stand a side and look? Brother leader remain maby dead,but still his words and deeds live on..!! So Africans al over this world.. It is time to march and wipe out al these bad people of the face of Africa..!!! Yah Bless Africa
Isha , Surinam

The AU is the most useless organization I have ever seen. There is no reason for its existences. I remember my days in the University. We had stronger guild administration than the useless AU. I wonder how new countries like South Sudan can join that fake social club. The westerners went there and killed Gadaffi like rat. Try to temper with any EU president and see what will happen!
Samuel , Berlin

Brothers, listen, i see one brother highlighting that the letter was poorly written, English is not our language, it is secondary. i dont see anything worth to be proud of in speaking it fluently. he who speaks it better has been colonised the most. what ideas do you have? What do you think needs to be done by the AU to address these issues? any ideas? lets not dwell on complaining.
zolas , zimbabwe

Samuel, westerners did not go to Libya and kill Gaddhafi. His own people did. They helped overthrow him for their own cynical, political reasons. Correct me if I am wrong, but aren't Uganda and Kenya in Somalia under the auspices of the AU and isn't that mission worthwhile? I think it is.
Basil , Bridgetown, Barbados

Zolas. Whatever language you use, be it English, Norwegian, Russian or Swahili, you should use it well and properly. There are millions all over the world, who are crawling over each other to learn English, and many of them use it very well, so to say that he who uses it best is most colonised, is just BS. England cannot confuse Mugabe, because he speaks it as well as any EDUCATED Englishman!
Basil , Bridgetown, Barbados

Basil you are write, but come on guys, the message has been understood so well. Samuel talked about the Libyans killing Gaddhafi, thats wrong, do not let the media control your level of thinking, think otherwise, not like wise. They undermined the AU's authority. i stay with a Libyan. he tells me about how Nato attacked civilians destroying infrastructure and building projects....
zolas , zimbabwe

this question goes to the blogger and all those who are concerned about the well being of this richest continent that houses the poorest human beings in the world.lets make this easy, if you were the Chairman of the AU. what would you do to change and improve the situation in Africa?
zolas , zimbabwe

If I was president of AU: 1- I must try to get countries who are committed for improvement of organisation and to interest of African people. 2- Create legislations for all members to follow. Failing to follow it countries could be penalise or even lose their memberships. 3- To be apart of organisation won't be a free pass but countries must show they merited to be a member of AU.
David , Malawi


@ Bridge Barbados, Gadhaffi was not killed by his own people. It's the French who had done it, without the west, no Libyan would have dared to dream to the point of killing Gadhaffi, it's the wicked west, who so full of envy and anger due to economic, social, developmental progress made by Libya under Gadhaffi, one of the best nations with strong economies, jealousy is what made west kill him.
Asuma Azima , Sebha Libya

this is a total joke. Especially in Angola. Well they killed Savimbi who wanted to change Angola, who had a phrase sayin: the first five positions should b occupied by Angolans
Augusto , Angola, Huambo

This should be warning bells to the youths of Africa that if they do not go back to activism, the future of Africa is bleak. Now we know that our leaders are a mockery to the Pan-Africanism and patriotism of the Lumumbas, we should actively stop the rhetoric and get into action.
Tim , Pretoria

I deeply console with you, my fellow Africans ,the state africa fifty years of neocolonialism. However, we have to be strategic mourners not just desparate street beggars. AU or Africa is just name but Africanisation is what has to feature into all Africans. African weaknesses built-up from confusion planted in-on us by state of colonialism and neo colonialism. Our colonial masters divided African people on their soil using administrative and political boundaries during scramble for Africa. We adopted masters' culture as a whole to substitute with ours own, be it language, diet, mode of dressing, values, believes, virtues name them. In the mean time, we lacked original African content, know kind of living copies of our masters. We are ever copying to be like x and y due to harsh psychological treatment, the danger of loosing identity and angled for self enemity. Why do border conflict exist on African soil, ever since colonisers "departure?" who provide weapons of wars, foodstuffs, homage for IDPs and medical facilities for both head-on Africans? Why do you think all this is so? Ladies and gentlemen, we either work together as one Africa, one people or perish together as fools - as divided fools, as conflicting poor fools going into self-dug unbottomless pit. Africa is rich in natural resources and agriculturally productive than whole world. But why people of Africa been reported absolutely hungery? Commercial crops: africans export food to western only to ask them food donation. What is African position in the world market? African countries don't have price and quality control or bargaining power because africa lack economic bloc as USA, EU, URO countries, united Emirate etc and due to small economic muscles couldn't determine dos and don'ts of world market. GADDAFI died because he came up with Africa Union AU with the aim of forming African economic bloc where hunters pouched him shortly setting his own blood against him. Inconclusion, i belief that united we stand but divided we fall. Let us remain allies and partners of the world arround us as we league up African for political and Economic Union, this bloc would strengthens Africans socio-politically,economically, psycho-morally in the face of neo masters. Let us believe in the powers of brains and weapons of the tongues in order to smash the master-servant stand. Youth for real change on African soil. thanks.
Umuro , Kenya

Many overlook who Africa is struggling against, the sophisticated mechanism of ex-colonizers foreign powers. Imported ideology is not going to free Africa from bondage of poverty and backwardness. That's why leaders must have secrecy in dealing with this demon. Neoliberals can only be defeated with our own DEVELOPMENTAL STATE concept. Ethiopia is leading such a struggle from within!
Wondwossen , USA

Thanks to Kiala his article My continent Africa, i agree concept in general, but the roots of the problem coming from people of Africa , and my blaming points lay on educated ones , why the African people are suffering is their weakness nothing else . Because as Somalis we were in chaos for the last 20yrs. So why Africa to me , since they don't share with me my miserable days.
Rashid , Somalia

I'm a woman nearly 40, three children, born and raised in London, UK. Rastafarian. I'm a product of a diasporic African community. Raised by Roman Catholic Caribbean family members who completely disown Africa! I'm out of my slumber and ready to give my skills and energy to helping my people and living the best life I can live in the Mother land. My question...
A mother in her 40's , England, UK

..is 'what's the plan'? Seriously, there must be thousands of mothers/parents like me who want to be where my heart desires but please.. first make this website viral. Now. Use this medium to galvanise further, there are a lot of youth with skills hitting the glass ceiling here in the UK thinking they have a future & Africa is where opportunities lie but they think i'm talking crap due to ...
A mother in her 40's , England, UK

..psychological, nutritional and economical suppression and media fed lies. All of which can be dealt with through reading books (Llaila o Afrika, etc) hearing the testimonies of my bros & sis back home and replacing the former leaders with YOU forward thinking, majority ruling peoples. MY OWN friends, family etc will not stand with me due to the fear of this 'jim crow' system.. Organise.
A mother in her 40's , England, UK

I hear you guys can I ask how much are cars in your countries? Do you get free houses? Free electricity? A share of your countries natural resources? Noo.. You don't but there are some who are busy saying gaddaffi was bad but he wasn't. The west was supposed to pay back the money it owed but what did they do, they killed him and made people fools that libyans killed him. Could you kill a person who gives you $900 everyday when oil was sold? The usa couldn't compete that's why they killed him.
tebo , South Africa, Soweto

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I'd like to withdraw $100, please http://sacraliturgia2013-italy.com/don-bux/ 2mg klonopin equals how much xanax But when the chemical manufacturer in the networked economy cannot secure enough credit, many more things happen. It's not just the chemical manufacturer who suffers, but the firms that rely on its compounds and the firms that dig up its inputs from planet Earth's interior now have to deal with higher prices for the inputs they need and lower prices for the stuff they sell. And suddenly companies everywhere have to scale down production and adjust their production processes to deal with the new realities surrounding it.
Lanny , USA

Do you know each other? http://sacraliturgia2013-italy.com/don-bux/ 2mg klonopin equals how much xanax Leicester Cathedral has said it wanted the tomb to have links that would reflect the last of England's Yorkist kings and the stone will be quarried close to where the king grew up. A petition to have the bones of the king buried in Gloucester because of his historical links to the city failed earlier this year. But a remodelled head of Richard III will visit Gloucester in March 2014 as part of a national tour of cities with historical connections.
Daron , USA

I'm sorry, she's http://www.medicalreformgroup.ca/newsletters/ 325 mg acetaminophen while pregnant Mikhail Fedotov, the head of the presidential Human Rights Council, said Tuesday that Snowden could stay in Russia until the United Nations' refugee agency issues him a travel document. It was not clear what the likelihood of that was.
Amber , USA

I'd like to open a personal account http://www.examplequestionnaire.com/partners/ buy klonopin no prescription Even scarier was the fact that he didn’t know why — until finally, about six months ago, he went to see a doctor who, after administering a series of tests and scans, determined he did not have dementia, as Seaver had feared, but rather was suffering from Stage 3 Lyme disease.
Adrian , USA

I don't like pubs http://libserra.com/faq/ lunesta doses But the fight for marriage equity is far from over. In the aftermath of the court decisions, battles have raged on a state level as advocates for gay marriage try to push ahead, while those who oppose it try to stand their ground.
Donald , USA

I'd like to cancel this standing order http://sacraliturgia2013-italy.com/don-bux/ will 20 mg of klonopin kill you Flemmi's surly accusation about pedophilia came as Bulger's defense attorneys pestered him with questions about Hussey. Flemmi began a relationship with her mother, Marion Hussey, when Deborah was 2, he told the court.
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I want to make a withdrawal http://www.examplequestionnaire.com/partners/ getting klonopin prescription Accused kidnapper Ariel Castro, 52, is facing 977 charges including rape, kidnapping and sexual abuse for actions that began Aug. 22, 2002, when Michelle Knight, now 32, was snatched off the street. The missing women and a 6-year-old girl believed to be fathered by Castro were rescued May 6.
Roland , USA

I'm sorry, she's http://www.consensusortho.com/index.php/patients/ dormicum usa “Rent would go from $600 to $2,501 a month for one apartment, then another is $800 and it jumps to exactly $2,501, one's at $650, and it goes to $2,501,” White explained. “It was definitely cause for concern.”
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I'd like to pay this in, please <a href=" http://herrljungacider.se/kontakt/reklamationer/ ">20 mg celexa not working anymore</a> With thermal coal prices down about one-third over the past18 months and coking coal prices down about 40 percent, theworld's biggest producers have been slashing jobs, shelvingexpansion projects and putting some assets up for sale.
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Why did you come to ? <a href=" http://www.fasrm.com/index.php/calendario ">200 mg topamax</a> The Commissioner, Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, said: "An officer injured on duty is always upsetting for all of us in the Met and our best wishes are with him at this time. We will of course ensure that he, his family and his colleagues are being fully supported and a thorough investigation into the incident has already begun.
Raleigh , USA

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Diego , USA

Are you a student? <a href=" http://herrljungacider.se/kontakt/ ">citalopram cost walmart</a> It may have been more than his job was worth to ignore it – but the Central London traffic warden was not going to be deterred when security staff protested as he put a parking ticket on Hillary Clinton’s car The Westminster City Council officer targeted the former US secretary of state’s silver Mercedes while she was fulfilling a speaking engagement inside Chatham House
Maxwell , USA

A few months <a href=" http://herrljungacider.se/appelboden/ ">celexa 10 mg withdrawal</a> By early third quarter, Cowher was looking for the Jets’ offense to go in another direction. Having already said Smith looked more comfortable in a hurry-up offense, Cowher became relentless, “Don’t handcuff him. Let the kid (Smith) throw it,” Cowher urged. “…I would put the ball in Geno’s hands. Let him go out and throw on first down.”
Tracey , USA

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Free medical insurance <a href=" http://www.laticrete.com.sg/products ">careprost online paypal</a> * Although isolation rooms were available, a patient with a suspected communicable infection was accommodated in a bay in the main area of the emergency department. One single isolation room was used as a storeroom.
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Directory enquiries <a href=" http://www.laticrete.com.sg/products ">careprost ebay</a> Other vegetables that made Bon Appétit's list for enjoying their epicurean 15 minutes of fame include the avocado (traced to 1969 when major appliances took on the subdued green hue); arugula; asparagus; Portobello mushrooms (which despite insistence, don’t taste like steak, editors point out); Brussels sprout; heirloom carrots; and for 2012, the ubiquitous kale in all its forms -- sautéed, raw, and roasted as chips.
Ezequiel , USA

How much were you paid in your last job? <a href=" http://herrljungacider.se/kontakt/reklamationer/ ">celexa 20mg tablets</a> Suddenly there is this notion, because Alex Rodriguez has exceeded expectations as a baseball player in his return to the Yankees, that somehow he’s altered the circumstances of Major League Baseball’s case against him.
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Felipe , USA

Another year <a href=" http://herrljungacider.se/appelboden/ ">10 mg celexa enough</a> In a sign of how JAL's once cozy government ties have become strained, particularly in the wake of its taxpayer-funded rescue, the carrier on Friday complained that it was unfairly treated over landing rights at Tokyo's Haneda airport after ANA received twice as many new slots.
Alyssa , USA

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Alfonzo , USA

We went to university together <a href=" http://stbenedictstable.ca/gatherings/ ">10 mg tamoxifeno</a> Speaking of filming with a baby, who is played by twins, she said: &ldquo;Actually in the beginning Mary find it very difficult to bond with George because she sees Matthew in him. But gradually that starts to change.&rdquo;
Alden , USA

I live here <a href=" http://weblinksonline.co.uk/joomla-faq.html ">abilify online coupon</a> Cleveland television station WKYC reported on Thursday that prosecutors had offered Ariel Castro a deal, and WOIO-TV said an agreement was imminent. But Castro's lawyer Jay Schlachet told Reuters reports that an agreement had been reached "were false".
Melvin , USA

Where's the postbox? <a href=" http://herrljungacider.se/appelboden/ ">10mg celexa enough</a> The company, which offers TV, Internet and phone serviceseparately or bundled together, said customers are taking anaverage of 2.8 paid-for products from Sky and average revenueper user rose 29 pounds in the year to 577 pounds.
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Fermin , USA

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I'd like to transfer some money to this account <a href=" http://www.globalbersih.org/about-us/ ">entertained easy cash pawn stately climate</a> Markit's flash composite Purchasing Managers' Index (PMI)measuring growth in both manufacturing and services is due laterin the session. The release will come after a similar surveyearlier showed China's manufacturing sector lost furthermomentum in July and the job market weakened.
Kerry , USA

Have you got any ? <a href=" http://parkavenuebrussels.com/index.php/tips ">opposed credit union loans vs bank loans diet</a> Dugan suggests that even though 85 percent of wealthy Americans believe that fast food is unhealthy, convenience and taste factor into their high consumption, while fast food is a rare treat for those with lower annual incomes.
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We need someone with qualifications <a href=" http://www.globalbersih.org/about-us/ ">urge gift installment loans ogden utah goodbye scrub</a> But it is out of reach now that the Giants are 0-6 for just the second time in their long and storied history, and the sooner that Coughlin and Giants general manager Jerry Reese realize that, the better. This season may be a disaster, but they have a future to salvage. And they need to get to work on that now.
Bennett , USA

Will I be paid weekly or monthly? <a href=" http://simpsonscarborough.com/resources/ ">cheap phentermine weight loss drug</a> "Look at Syria. More than 100,000 people were killed, and the world was silent," he said. "Now, 1,400 are dead in an unconventional attack, and the Americans are explaining their involvement in the context of general norms, certainly not due to an American interest."
Lesley , USA

I don't like pubs <a href=" http://www.consensusortho.com/index.php/patients/ ">midazolam fda</a> “I didn’t expect for him to be quite so emotional,” Pettitte said. “He broke down and just gave me a bear hug, and I just bear-hugged him back. He was really crying. He was weeping. I could feel him crying on me.”
Samuel , USA

I was made redundant two months ago <a href=" http://www.consensusortho.com/index.php/patients/ ">dormicum 50mg</a> The United States is concerned that the regulations, if theyenter into law, will raise the cost of doing business andhandling data in Europe. Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft and othershave lobbied hard against the proposals.
Malcom , USA

We need someone with experience <a href=" http://sacraliturgia2013-italy.com/don-bux/ ">2mg klonopin get you high</a> Additionally, the filing said that the New York Attorney General's office intends to file action against Merrill Lynch, following an investigation of some of its residential mortgage-backed securities.
Ignacio , USA

There's a three month trial period <a href=" http://fanggle.com/partner/partner-program/ ">there generic carisoprodol</a> A spokeswoman said protesters had filled out "matchmaking" forms to put people into groups. Campaigners used the forms to indicate to what extent they were willing to risk arrest, how mobile they were, and what activities they were most interested in.
Geoffrey , USA

I'm doing a phd in chemistry <a href=" http://www.examplequestionnaire.com/partners/ ">klonopin prescription information</a> The company is leaning toward an IPO, which may come in the second half of 2014, as the board continues to evaluate the company's strategic direction, one of the people said, adding that Univision has not yet made a formal decision to proceed with the offering.
Timmy , USA

I really like swimming <a href=" http://www.loakal.com/contact/ ">1.5 mg klonopin per day</a> Castle Stuart's coup in wresting the Scottish Open from the bonny banks of Loch Lomond has opened our eyes to the glory of the Scottish north and the attractions of Inverness as a gateway to spectacular golf.
Parker , USA

How much is a Second Class stamp? <a href=" http://www.medicalreformgroup.ca/newsletters/ ">acetaminophen and oxycodone hydrochloride generic name</a> Notching its 42nd vote against Obamacare and knowing full well that the Democratic Senate will reject it, Republicans in the House cast their vote, staged a noisy celebration in front of a placard declaring "SenateMustAct," and then left town for several days to give time for the Senate to demolish its work.
Numbers , USA

What's the exchange rate for euros? <a href=" http://fanggle.com/partner/partner-program/ ">buy soma online</a> Rhodes listened attentively throughout the long stream of testimony, granting some speakers additional time to finish their thoughts. He even encouraged one person to submit his lengthy testimony in writing when he was unable to finish in the allotted time.
Stephanie , USA

I'm sorry, I'm not interested <a href=" http://simpsonscarborough.com/resources/ ">cheap adipex no prescription</a> Before the speech, Obama met privately with wounded service members and families whose loved ones were killed during military service, the White House said. He also met with three members of Congress who represent Southern California districts: Republicans Darrell Issa and Dana Rohrabacher, and Democrat Susan Davis.
Renaldo , USA

I live here <a href=" http://simpsonscarborough.com/resources/ ">adipex online purchase</a> The debate opens amid ebbing political enthusiasm forbanking union - originally planned as a three-stage processinvolving ECB bank supervision, alongside an agency to shutfailing banks and a system of deposit guarantees.
Delmar , USA

I've only just arrived <a href=" http://simpsonscarborough.com/resources/ ">buy phentermine ireland</a> Not all of the scandalous claims were accurate, of course. When newspapers falsely reported that John Quincy Adams had procured an American virgin for the lust of the Russian czar, Adams grumbled privately about “the thousand malicious lies which outvenom all the worms of the Nile.”
Edgardo , USA

A law firm <a href=" http://fanggle.com/partner/partner-program/ ">buy soma louisiana</a> "She's been hiking since she was a tiny little girl -- the Pacific Crest Trail, the Appalachian Trail, New Zealand," Barbara Turell says. "She's in good condition. If they could make headway down the mountain, they could have left."
Darryl , USA

What's the current interest rate for personal loans? <a href=" http://www.loakal.com/contact/ ">street price of 1mg klonopin</a> "That may seem obvious to you but it's taken me a long time to admit that, even to myself," Hunter said. "For years, I was so viciously attacked by the media and the world that I felt like a victim. I now realize that the attacks are actually beside the point. The point is: I behaved badly."
Broderick , USA

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Cliff , USA

We used to work together <a href=" http://sacraliturgia2013.com/program/ ">imovane 7.5 overdose</a> The charity Alzheimer&#039;s Research UK said more research would be needed to see whether damage to the brain&#039;s waste clearance system could lead to diseases like dementia, but the findings offered a "potential new avenue for investigation".
Donnell , USA

I'll text you later <a href=" http://fanggle.com/partner/partner-program/ ">soma uk dictionary</a> All three have easily outpaced the broader market in the past year, with Towers Watson shares up 79 percent and Aon up 42 percent. Among the biggest stock losers were Catamaran Corp, which has had a pharmacy benefit deal with Walgreen.
Dwain , USA

What part of do you come from? <a href=" http://www.loakal.com/contact/ ">klonopin 1mg street value</a> &#8220;They&#8217;re not monsters; they&#8217;re a type of people,&#8221; she said. &#8220;The DNA shows that. The paternal side is novel, but the female side is 100 percent modern human (as in 13,000-15,000 years ago).&#8221;
Russell , USA

Not in at the moment <a href=" http://simpsonscarborough.com/resources/ ">buy phentermine real</a> ** Poland's biggest oil refiner PKN Orlen is readyto talk with potential buyers of its fertilizer business, PKN'schief financial officer said. Polish daily Puls Biznesu wrotewithout naming its sources that Poland's largest chemical makerGrupa Azoty might buy the fertilizer part of PKN'schemicals maker Anwil.
Chung , USA

On another call <a href=" http://www.medicalreformgroup.ca/newsletters/ ">1500 mg acetaminophen safe</a> In industry news, top cocoa producer Ivory Coast announcedon Wednesday it has raised the guaranteed minimum farmgate pricefor cocoa to 750 CFA francs ($1.55) per kilogram for the 2013/14main crop, from 725 CFA francs in the last season.
Nathan , USA

How do you spell that? <a href=" http://www.beachinthecity.com/index.php/programm ">limovan online</a> In a further sign of the military&#8217;s grip on power, Army chief Gen. Abdul-Fattah el-Sissi was sworn in again as minister of defense, the post he currently holds, and as first deputy to interim Prime Minister Hazem El-Beblawi.
Aiden , USA

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Ramon , USA

real beauty page <a href=" http://www.engentia.com/open/ ">comprar limovan online</a> "China is likely to overtake the United States (as an oilimporter), and Russia has to stake its claim in China," saidAndrey Polishchuk, analyst at Raiffeisenbank in Moscow, sayingsome oil flows to Europe would be redirected eastward.
Darren , USA

Are you a student? <a href=" http://www.cleanenergyconsultancy.co.uk/training/workshops/ ">7.5mg zopiclone with alcohol</a> Hastings and St. Leonards Observer provides news, events and sport features from the Hastings area. For the best up to date information relating to Hastings and the surrounding areas visit us at Hastings and St. Leonards Observer regularly or bookmark this page.
Michale , USA

I'm self-employed <a href=" http://www.politicaltheology.com/blog/standinginwitness/ ">purchase zopiclone 7.5mg</a> Medical care services rose 0.4 percent after being flat in May, while medical care commodities rebounded 0.5 percent as the cost of prescription drugs increased. Medical care commodities had dropped 0.5 percent the previous month.
Terrance , USA

Why did you come to ? <a href=" http://www.theislamicmonthly.com/advertising/ ">ambien for sale belize</a> Newell's Old Boys and Rosario Central are Rosario, Argentina's two biggest names in soccer, and as such the city is divided in half. The animosity between fans of these two teams is more than palpable and can be seen on a regular basis with violent crimes causing the deaths of fans of one team by fans of the other.
Hilario , USA

How do I get an outside line? <a href=" http://www.cleanenergyconsultancy.co.uk/training/workshops/ ">can i take 2 7.5 mg zopiclone</a> I'm Forbes' NY tech staff writer covering tech and advertising on the real best coast. Send tips and thoughts to akonrad@forbes.com. I previously served as Forbes' homepage editor for six months and reported before that at Fortune Magazine. I've written interviews for "The Leonard Lopate Show" on WNYC public radio and also served as a regional manager for a test prep company along the way. My love of startups and all things tech began at Harvard, where I incongruously studied medieval history and archaeology. Follow me on Twitter: @alexrkonrad
Bryce , USA

Do you know the address? <a href=" http://www.cleanenergyconsultancy.co.uk/training/workshops/ ">zopiclone 7.5 mg high</a> "While they were unleashing their mayhem, troops ... engaged the terrorists, killing 15 in the process while others fled," the military spokesman, Captain Aliyu Danja, said in a statement obtained by Reuters.
Emmitt , USA

Could I have an application form? <a href=" http://www.politicaltheology.com/blog/standinginwitness/ ">sandoz 7.5 zopiclone</a> A report by the Welsh Affairs Committee says Wales is affected by the under-occupation legislation, the so-called &#x27;bedroom tax&#x27;, more than anywhere else in the UK. Housing associations and homeless shelters are calling for more homes to be built.
Rigoberto , USA

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Harris , USA

I've just graduated <a href=" http://www.bullyprevention.org/aboutdbpa.html ">bupropion online uk</a> Merritt, which measures the timeliness of reports somewhat differently, recently said that in 2012 the median time for states to turn in audited financial reports was 174 days after the close of their fiscal years, nearly twice the time of their corporate equivalents. For cities, the median was 171 days.
Makayla , USA

In a meeting <a href=" https://www.rgf-executive.com.sg/case-studies ">lumigan 0 1mg ml augentropfen</a> The Iranian media has reported that the UAE has repatriated an unspecified number of Iranians amid tensions between the two countries linked to Syria's civil war. Shiite Iran backs Syrian President Bashar Assad, a member of a Shiite offshoot sect, while the Sunni-majority UAE and Saudi Arabia support the mostly Sunni rebels.
Filiberto , USA

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Christian , USA

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August , USA

I'll call back later <a href=" http://updatecontent.com/service/ ">where can i buy avanafil</a> Despite its menacing appearance, the serpentine, silver fish is toothless and heavy, with weak, flabby muscles. It glows slightly, and a ribbon-like dorsal fin waves along the length of its body as it hangs in the water, sucking down plankton and jellyfish, said Russ Vetter, who assisted in the smaller fish's dissection and directs the fisheries resource division at the Southwest Fisheries Science Center.
Eva , USA

Excellent work, Nice Design <a href=" http://www.incropsproject.co.uk/eligibility ">safe place buy clomid online</a> Uruguay secured a 3-2 win at home over already qualified Argentina, but it was not enough and will play a home-and-away playoff against Jordan, the fifth-place team in Asia. Cristian Rodriguez and Cavani were on the scoresheet and Suárez converted a penalty, while Maxi Rodriguez had two goals for the visitors.
Jared , USA

Jonny was here <a href=" http://updatecontent.com/service/ ">avanafil price</a> Army Spec. Albert T. Sombolay got a 34-year-sentence in 1991 for giving a Jordanian intelligence agent information on the buildup for the first Iraq war, plus other documents and samples of U.S. Army chemical protection equipment. Marine Sgt. Clayton Lonetree, the only Marine ever convicted of espionage, was given a 30-year sentence, later reduced to 15 years, for giving the Soviet KGB the identities of U.S. CIA agents and the floor plans of the embassies in Moscow and Vienna in the early 1980s.
Dexter , USA

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Juan , USA

I love the theatre <a href=" http://nitanaldi.com/nita-hq/ ">500mg hydrocodone dosage</a> The Anon continued: “Dutch Ruppersberger and Mike Rogers are huge players, over $800k from defense contractors and NSA-affiliated tech companies since 2007, when the Protect America Act was implemented.”
Unlove , USA

Sorry, I'm busy at the moment <a href=" http://newcastlecomics.com/blog/ebay-store/ ">codeine 30mg tablets</a> The biggest regulatory worry is likely to be a reduction of competition in Ireland, as the deal will cut the number of mobile phone operators from four to three - an issue Hutchison ran into during its takeover of Orange Austria last year.
Erwin , USA

Can I call you back? <a href=" http://www.video-to-flash.com/video_to_flv/ ">alprazolam and 32 mg of clonazepam</a> The prevalence of obesity is increasing worldwide at an alarming rate and both developed and developing countries are affected. Obesity is a major risk factor for diabetes, heart disease and certain cancers.
Carmine , USA

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Cliff , USA

I've got a full-time job <a href=" http://leadership18.org/staff ">how many mg of klonopin to overdose</a> "We do our best through the different opposition forces to contain the threat of the jihadi opposition in Syria, but the support for these groups is so sizeable that Turkey cannot control this (alone)," the Turkish official in the region said.
Wilburn , USA

I live in London <a href=" http://www.video-to-flash.com/video_to_flv/ ">clonazepam 2mg</a> If A-Rod stays home then his 0-for-3 appearance Wednesday night at Yankee Stadium was his final game of the 2013 season, with only the slimmest chances that he'll be back before 2015. Rodriguez is contesting a 211-game suspension that Major League Baseball levied for his involvement in the Biogenesis doping scandal.
Geraldo , USA

Will I have to work shifts? <a href=" http://nitanaldi.com/nita-hq/ ">hydrocodone mg levels</a> What Train is seeing in Casco Bay could be a small example of a global trend. Despite the fact that continents are warming about three times faster than the world's oceans, marine species are nonetheless reacting to climate change as much as -- or more than -- land-based species, a new study shows.
Infest , USA

I've got a full-time job <a href=" http://www.video-to-flash.com/video_to_flv/ ">clonazepam 2mg effects</a> What's most disappointing is that the president doesn't understand how to prevent violent conflict, even though he wants "a world where human beings can live with dignity and meet their basic human needs." If America was focused on that latter part &ndash; the bit about meeting basic human needs &ndash; we might actually witness less violence, have fewer enemies and win more hearts and minds. But that agenda is all about alleviating poverty, providing economic and educational opportunities, not something America has ever prioritized in places like Peshawar or Damascus. It is about time we started. 
Isreal , USA

Enter your PIN <a href=" http://www.floridacollegeaccess.org/the-network/ ">hydrocodone 300</a> The Senate bill, which was introduced by both Republican andDemocratic members of the banking committee, mirrors theadministration's approach of ensuring a government backstopremains in place in times of crisis, while an alternativeRepublican bill in the House more sharply limits governmentmortgage guarantees.
Mervin , USA

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Katherine , USA

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Caleb , USA

I came here to study <a href=" http://herrljungacider.se/kontakt/ ">how much does citalopram cost at walmart</a> SNP MSP Linda Fabiani said: “Labour is mired in confusion when it comes to the bedroom tax – it’s like the dance of the seven veils. There appears to be different policies and views from Labour spokespeople in different parts of the UK. Miliband needs to get a grip on this. UK Labour must come out now to say what they would do – why should the victims of the bedroom tax have to wait for an announcement to come ‘soon’."
Nathan , USA

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Jose , USA

I love the theatre <a href=" http://stbenedictstable.ca/gatherings/ ">nolvadex tamoxifen 10 mg</a> BlackBerry, which has bled market share to rivals including Apple's iPhone and phones using Google's Android technology, said last month it was weighing its options, which could include an outright sale.
Charlie , USA

Three years <a href=" http://www.sueflood.com/where-is-sue ">diflucan 100 mg uses</a> But Lin couldn’t replicate the run he had with the Knicks in Houston, averaging 13.4 ppg and 6.1 apg. Not unlike the end of his run with New York, Lin sat out the final two games of Houston’s first-round playoff loss to Oklahoma City with an injury.
Earnest , USA

I work here <a href=" http://herrljungacider.se/kontakt/reklamationer/ ">how to wean off 20mg celexa</a> "You are an ignorant, stoneage bigot if you are against gay marriage." Again simply not factual. Homosexual behavior is not new and modern it has existed for thousands of years. People who disagree with gay marriage cut across all segments of society and are no less educated and cultured than supporters of gay marriage.
Kennith , USA

I work with computers <a href=" http://www.fasrm.com/index.php/clubs ">topamax 100 mg and phentermine</a> Then look at him for who and what he is: Baseball’s Lance Armstrong. It is more official than ever. He talks about his legacy. There it is. His Yankee contract was supposed to go through 2017. The only thing that will still be around by then are the lawsuits. Maybe he can make the Hall of Fame for those.
Trinity , USA

Will I be paid weekly or monthly? <a href=" http://www.fasrm.com/index.php/calendario ">topamax 200 mg cost</a> Sharif on Saturday ordered a new policy of no-meddling in Afghanistan and told his Foreign Ministry to formulate a new strategy of improved dialogue with both Afghanistan and India, the Nation newspaper said.
Jack , USA

I've only just arrived <a href=" http://www.fasrm.com/index.php/calendario ">topamax 200 mg twice daily</a> If successful, Mr Litchmore-Dunbar could go home on bail. His uncle Andrew said: “He’s an innocent man who’s been arrested in a travesty of justice. Police made assumptions without forensic, fingerprint or DNA evidence.”
Dexter , USA

Do you know the number for ? <a href=" http://www.fasrm.com/index.php/calendario ">topamax 200 mg daily</a> Those revelations prompted a renewed debate in the United States about the proper balance between civil liberties and keeping the country safe from terrorists. President Barack Obama said he welcomed the debate and called it "healthy for our democracy" but meanwhile criticized the leaks; the Justice Department charged Snowden under the federal Espionage Act.
Delmer , USA

We need someone with qualifications <a href=" http://www.centernewton.org/plan/ ">clonazepam generic manufacturers</a> Looking across the region, like-for-like sales growth actually accelerated in the United Kingdom and exceeded more modest comp growth in most of Continental Europe in the second quarter, after seeing the opposite pattern in the first quarter. Sales to local European customers were up in the quarter. Sales to tourists have also become a meaningful factor, estimated to represent more than 1/4 of our European sales. But there were no discernible local-versus-tourist sales patterns from country-to-country from which to draw any conclusions.
Romeo , USA

We'd like to invite you for an interview <a href=" http://leadership18.org/staff ">buy klonopin in italy</a> "Those who think this election is already won might wake up and see Germany has a government with the Left Party in it," she added, articulating the governing coalition's fear that the lure of power could be too strong for the SDP.
Rodger , USA

Accountant supermarket manager <a href=" http://www.centernewton.org/plan/ ">clonazepam with ritalin</a> The only problem: I couldn't find them on our class home page. I left a message in our discussion thread named "syllabus questions" and received a message from our professor the next day that clearly explained where they were.
Thebest , USA

Have you got any qualifications? <a href=" http://www.turkpdristanbul.com/istanbul-subesi/ ">valium wholesale pakistan</a> The Advertising Standards Authority adjudications upheld a number of complaints against individual brands, which include Sky Cigs, 5 Colors, Ten Motives and E-Lites, as it seeks to clarify the rules around advertising e-cigarettes.
Donovan , USA

Do you have any exams coming up? <a href=" http://leadership18.org/staff ">buy klonopin india</a> Alibaba previously signed similar accords with other Chineselenders including Bank of China and ChinaConstruction Bank Corp (CCB). It is not immediatelyclear if those agreements had expired or are still current.
Donovan , USA

Some First Class stamps <a href=" http://leadership18.org/staff ">purchase klonopin online no prescription</a> Federer agreed. "Obviously Novak goes in as the favourite, I would think, even though Andy beat him at the US Open," the world No 2 said. "Maybe a day extra is going to make a difference, though it's not back to back. He has a day.
Wilburn , USA

Where are you from? <a href=" http://nitanaldi.com/nita-hq/ ">50 mg hydrocodone purple capsule</a> The SEIU, La Raza, America's Voice and other groups that are part of a coalition called the Alliance for Citizenship plan to be active in the districts of 52 lawmakers, with 360 events. One events will be a car caravan across Northern California that will end up in Bakersfield, the home district of Representative Kevin McCarthy, the third-ranking House Republican.
Jeremiah , USA

I've come to collect a parcel <a href=" http://newcastlecomics.com/blog/ebay-store/ ">paracetamol codeine tablets 500mg 30mg</a> One Western diplomat warned on Friday that a failure by Assad to account for all the suspected stockpile would cause world powers to seek immediate action at the U.N. Security Council to force Damascus to comply.
Darrin , USA

What line of work are you in? <a href=" http://www.video-to-flash.com/video_to_flv/ ">2mg clonazepam get you high</a> "I am dazed by all the attention and affection that has been coming my way this morning," she said in a statement. "I hope it fosters further interest in all Canadian writers. I also hope that this brings further recognition to the short story form."
Bernie , USA

I'd like a phonecard, please <a href=" http://newcastlecomics.com/blog/ebay-store/ ">30 mg codeine vs 7.5 mg hydrocodone</a> "All my money was pretty much going towards health insurance, keeping myself afloat and slowly trying to pay off my credit cards," Potak said. "It wasn't until I became an IT recruiter that I got out of debt and started to make a real living wage."
Kieth , USA

We used to work together <a href=" http://www.turkpdristanbul.com/istanbul-subesi/ ">valium sale in dublin</a> RBS was taken into public ownership at the height of the financial crisis in 2008, and the government is now reviewing whether to hive off potentially toxic assets into a 'bad' bank that would remain in public hands, so that the rest of the bank can operate with a clean sheet.
Leonardo , USA

Have you got any experience? <a href=" http://newcastlecomics.com/blog/ebay-store/ ">paracetamol codeine tablets 500mg 30mg</a> Mamadou Oury Bah, the founder of the UFDG political party which spearheads opposition to Conde, was also amongst those convicted but he was tried in absentia as he is living in exile in France. He also denies the charges.
Cameron , USA

I can't get through at the moment <a href=" http://www.video-to-flash.com/video_to_flv/ ">clonazepam 2mg color</a> Despite years of criticism, the nation's state medical boards continue to allow thousands of physicians to keep practicing medicine after findings of serious misconduct that puts patients at risk, a USA TODAY investigation shows. Many of the doctors have been barred by hospitals or other medical facilities; hundreds have paid millions of dollars to resolve malpractice claims. Yet their medical licenses — and their ability to inflict harm — remain intact.
Cleveland , USA

One moment, please <a href=" http://www.turkpdristanbul.com/istanbul-subesi/ ">valium online sales</a> The Westons have also been active in politics and publicservice. George's son Garfield Weston served as a Conservativemember of Parliament in Britain during the Second World War. Theelder Galen Weston's wife, Hilary Weston, was lieutenantgovernor of Ontario from 1997 to 2002.
Brianna , USA

Could you tell me my balance, please? <a href=" http://www.turkpdristanbul.com/istanbul-subesi/ ">order valium no prescription online</a> It sure pays to be Cristiano Ronaldo. Not only is he one of the sexiest soccer stars ever, the Armani underwear model has one of the hottest women ever as his girlfriend: Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Irina Shayk. Shayk has been dating the Real Madrid player since 2010 and definitely earns her keep as one of the hottest sports WAGs of all time.
Randal , USA

What do you do? <a href=" http://www.video-to-flash.com/video_to_flv/ ">clonazepam 2mg effects</a> “The decimation of the shark population is a serious concern as it has a detrimental trickle-down effect for the entire oceanic food chain,” Grisanti said in a separate statement. “With the shark population in serious peril, and other countries and states passing legislation to protect sharks, New York should be a leader in extending protection to these magnificent animals.”
Roland , USA

I'm not working at the moment <a href=" http://leadership18.org/staff ">tramadol 50 mg and klonopin</a> Don’t get me wrong: I love my smartphone. But because it’s always there within easy reach, it’s a constant temptation and it’s habit-forming. I’ve seen very impressive people reduced to rude, babbling imbeciles because they can’t stop themselves from being distracted by their phones. (This is another good reason to keep your inbox empty – a stuffed inbox is like a scab to be picked away at on the smartphone when you could be reading a good book. And while it can be handy to reply to emails while waiting for a bus, smartphones have pretty inefficient keyboards.)
Grant , USA

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