African migrants in Libya

African migrants, refugees, and dark-skinned Libyans are targeted by NTC (National Transitional Council) fighters using an excuse that they are Mercenaries and working for Muammar Gaddafi even without evidence as long as you are black or dark skinned person, more likely to end up in prison or killed.

The NTC fighters are trying to liberate the Libyan people from Muammar Gaddafi's forces and dictatorship according NTC. But why every dark skinned person in Libya becomes targeted or accused to be a mercenary without any evidence?
Many migrants Black African are just migrant's workers and some migrants came to Libya to find their way to Europe. Even before war in Libya Black migrants were targeted, tortured and put in prison from Gaddafi's forces because Muammar Gaddafi had deal with Italian government to stop any sub Saharan migrants to cross into Italy.

A 16 year old Nigerian described her ordeal to the BBC, saying armed men forced their way into her home. She said "They locked my mother inside a toilet. Six of them raped me. They took our belongings and money. My father tried to stop them but they hit him and carried him away." She has no idea what has happened to her father.

These thugs are doing whatever they want to dark skinned people and African migrants, then the international community should investigated them and bring them to justice. NATO, who's stated that they missions is to protect the civilians but they are not saying nothing about treatment of dark skinned Libyans and migrants Black African.

U.S. Representative Jesse Jackson, Jr., has called for an investigation to be carried out by the International Criminal Court into the killing of black people and torched their homes in Tawergha by rebel fighters.

Before war started in Libya, the European and others managed to evacuate their citizens but useless African governments who don't have any regard for human being live they didn't bother to evacuated sub Saharan migrant workers who are left on mercy of NTC thugs.

There is a place in this world where a black person life has a value, so far evidences saying no! Because Ivonne Fletcher a British police woman(white) that was killed in front of Libyan embassy in 1984 in London, British government are pursuing the people that were involved in her murder in Libya to bring them to justice. But when come about Black people who care!

An another black man victim in Libya told BBC "This is the African continent, I am an African, this is my land. Is it because of my colour, because I am a black man? We don't have a voice. Who would you to turn to?"

migrants in libya

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This so call NTC fighters are thugs that they must be bring in front of international criminal court to send a strong message to others not your colours of your skin but the value of human being life. Black people must begin to fight for their values and respect and not rely on their leaders.
Jo , Toronto,Canada

Ivonne Flertcher was murder 27 years ago but British governments are following the killers. Why they are not doing the same to protect all the civilians in Libya not about been black,white or green.They came to Libya for oil. Hypocrisy is the best game the western Countries know are to play.
jamel , Nigeria, Lagos

It's sad to see what happening to black people in Libya, despite they're in their own continent. We should learn to protect ourselves and promote our colour of skin and not be ashame to be black. We've a big battle in front us for others races to begin to respect us.
Joana , Angola, Luanda

it's sad to hear all this even more sab when you watch it on tv it's not about white pple protecting black pple we should know how to protect our self coz we got a shit, stupid gov that's why we are treated like that, we should ban all arabic country involviment in all african events sorry 2 b ru
joao tutas , angola

Black people will never be respected in face of the world, Africa is not united, has no power. Racist former chief justice of Libya Abdul Jalil who sentenced many Nigerians to death in Libya has been imposed as president of Libya by USA, FRANCE, recognized by Nigeria. Why does Africa need respect?.
B Degaulle , France, Paris

Africa will have to earn respect, they have been slaves, colonized, executed on their own land, because they turn blind eye to injustice, their own history. If Africa sides with rebels despite all the good Gadhaffi tried to champion unification, then they deserve to be killed by the rebels.
Akash Asengupta , India Delhi

It seems the rebels are scared of black Africans due to high population growth, and Gadhaffi's vision towards Africa. If the majority of African nations decide to bear arms to defend Libya, attack rebels, imperialism. That practically would end the rebellion, terminate NATO presence in Libya.
Akash Asengupta , India Delhi

Africa has a very huge self esteem deficit, they are not proud to defend black race, black existence, plus African leaders steal money to deposit in Westernn banks, making the West richer, Africa poorer, time for Africa to wake up, follow Gadhaffi foot steps to be independent or wait to die.
Akash Asengupta , India Delhi

Black is exist as humans, but there is no humans in white color, all human who exist in the face of this world deserves respect. There is no political, social, spritual prove that anyone apart from and Black is superior.
William , Asia, Pacific

I lived in Libya for more than 20 years, Gadhaffi never had problems with black people, Jewish sponsored this rebellion, they want to turn Arabs against blacks as they have done for centuries. Israeli Zionists want to enter Libya to take over state property, banks, finances, control Africa.
Joseph Mukasa , Uganda, Kampala

It is not humane what these people are doing to black people. What makes me coloured and another black is our skin colour nothing more because we are all africans and as fellow africans we have no right to hurt another without hardcore evidence. We need each other to make up our african continent.
Danielle , Johannesburg, South Africa

As we know these so called rebels r confirmed alqadea who work with western goverments to start uprisings, how long are you going to allow western powers to keep you inslaved the re-colonisation of africa is well on the way because you, WE Africans allow it to happen. STAND UP AND FIGHT 4 F--- SAKE
gary walker , london,england

je dis bien cesser de jouer Des rebelles ou des combattants de NTCthey will regret how Colonel Kadhafi how he used to take care of them soon & verry soon...Please visitez les sites du reseau NERRATI-PRESS: Note from: Defense,Finance& Afrique Dossier.But in one word i call themall Racistes,why just black

feel bad about all this, being a black is like a bad luck but it's not, do we need nato, red X, european etc union? i dont think so, do u know any black country in europe or asia? why do we have arabic pple in africa? cant we evacuate them? they brought bible 2 us but they dont use it, shame!!!!!
AZele , London

As the son of bitches that are the bongo, gnassingue, Compaore, Nguesso, Eyadema, Deby, Biya, Guelleh, storytelling, ouattara ... are in power in Africa, nothing will change for us. It is time to clear these bastards in the pay of the West.
Rodcaz , Toulouse

The Africans president are the representative of the devil, from them we learn that devil is in Africa and they are our leaders, Who sell us to the white people as slave,
aguinaldo , Angola, Luanda

While I have sympathy for these black West Africans, I must say that fully understand why the Libyans now target us the Black people. Gadaffi used West Africans to committe alot of atrocities against his own people. We are now seen as the enemy by majority of Libyans. Thats the the truth.
Sunday , UK

Its wrong to assume that such a thing only can only be inflicted on Black Africans by other races. Ugandans suffer the same hatred in DR Congo becoz of Uganda's military expeditions in the DRC. Congolese hate & kill Ugandans in the DRC yet we're both blacks. So please take racism out of this topic
Sunday , UK

@Sunday, it's good to be in UK and trying to contrast what's going on now libya and what happened in DRC. Even When Gaddafi was in power black people suffered in Libya. Go to HOME page of My Continenent and Click on Immigration then go yo Migrants are tortured in Libya. It's well documented.
Kane , Uganda, Kampala

I have been to Libya. Just like in any Arab country, there is racism against blacks in Libya. However, we are talking about the treatment black africans are getting in Libya esp after the fall of Gadaffi. We must accept that dictator Gadaffi used us blacks to do evil things against his people.
Sunday , UK

Libya is home to a large minority of black Libyans, many of whom supported dictator Gaddafi and many fought on his side against the rebel uprising. Dont expect to be handled with soft gloves by the new regime. Thats exactly what the NRM did to Northerners & Easterners in Uganda in 1986-2005
sunday , UK

@Sunday is sad to see a black person try to justify what NTC fighters are doing to black Migrants workers and dark skinned Libyan. What happened in Uganda was tribalism but what's happening in Libya it's racism. Why NTC fighters are not targeted every arabs person because they look like them?
James , USA, New York

@ Sunday, you are retarded, weak and you do feel inferior compared to white supremacy. Gadhaffi had no political power since 1977, Libyan public largely adores him. The people who instituted racism in Libya are being brought to power under the barrel of a gun by NATO, how do you justify that?.
Stephen Gule , Libya, Tripoli

@ Sunday, you are a typical liar, imperialist stooge, you never been to Libya. Most black men who reside in West LBY know Libya is heaven on African continent, to be black and being mistreated, you had to be in Eastern Libya where racists are, Gadhaffi's Libya was the best area being black in Africa
Aritua Godwin , Uganda, Kampala

Stephen, you're a poor student of history to have forgotten that Gadaffi too came to power through a military coup. James / Aritua you're both suffering from a blackman's illness of blaming everyone else but themseves. Torture is torture regardless of colour of our skins. Torture is a crime.
Sunday , UK

2 wrongs dont make a right. We blacks tortured many pple in Libya under Gadaffi on the orders of the then regime. Dont expect to be handled with soft gloves by the new regime. Definately there will be some excesses but thats expected in a state of war.
Sunday , UK

Sunday, I'm sure you don't know what you're talking about it. I'm one of this dark skined Libyan. Not because few black mercenaries come to libya to help Gaddafi that not reason for me to be targeted. Before Gaddafi had help for Western Countries. Are NTC fighters are attacking all White people?
Mo , Libya, Tripoli

@ Sunday, you are stupid. Gadhaffi came to power in a bloodless coup, people like you who fabricate information, are a curse to Africa. You are one of those propaganda artists that got their information from imperialist tv, media and pretend to know Libya. I grew and studied in Libya, get a life.
Stephen Gule , Libya, Tripoli

It's stupid for Africa to always seek protection from any global entity. Africa must train, trust it's own defense. Libyan rebels are prepaid puppets, mercenaries to kill & clear the country for Israeli Zionists and white supremacists, it's a prepaid extermination agenda. Do not trust the UN.
Asuma Azima , Libya Tripoli

Stephen, Qaddafi and a group of military officers overthrow King Idris I in a military coup. That was not through a ballot box. Arms were used then and it is the same story now. That thug terrorised his own pple for 42yrs. To me, the world should be a happy place given that this guy is gone.
Sunday , UK

Mo, you are missing the point here. I said, 2 wrongs dont make a right. Torture is torture regardless of who is doing it and who is being tortured. It unfortunate that you are being targeted now. I want you to understand the flow of events. Blacks were used by Gadaffi for human rights abuses in Liby
Sunday , UK

Calling names or using abussive words wont help you. It is too soon to blame the NTC. Libya is still in a state of war. Rational thinking dont happen in battle fields. Now that Gadaffi is gone, Libyans should unite under one leadership and one flag. Blacks must confess what they know or did too
sunday , UK

Mo / Stepen, maybe you could tell us more about what you guys know or knew about the mass graves the NTC is now finding in many cities / towns in Libya. Maybe you could see these greiving families in their eyes and tell them where their loved ones ended up, the kind of death they met, etc
sunday , UK

The likes of Gadaffi / Yoweri Museveni / Robert Mugabe / Paul Kagame / Isaias Afewerki/ Meles Zenawi/ etc...are a pain in the neck for Africa and its people. The sooner they are overthrown the better for us all. The amount of pple killed on the orders of these dictators is unbelieveble
Sunday , UK

@ Sunday, you are a moron, an ass. Gadhaffi did alot to Libyan people,and Africa in general compared to hundreds of years of American, British destruction, enslavement. My point is Africa is weak, they have no unity, divide, destroy and conquer, give them little candy to keep begging for more.
Joe Walton , London UK

I have hard time understanding, if black people are surely dumbest breed of inhabitants to walk on this earth, we white people have been enslaving, lieing, destroying their civilizations, written texts, steal their ideas, they still love us, glorify us, identify with us. Then white lie is good.
Joe Walton , London UK

@ Sunday. I sure love you for being such a white washed looser, you do make a great Uncle Tom. I would give you a job, cause you can't create your own, I will make you another Obama or a new breed of mental slave, educate you to kill your own as Obama empowered the gangs to kill blacks in Libya.
Joe Walton , London UK

I feel so much pain in my heart, how long can we continue to look at injustice on Africa continent? It happened during the time of our fore fathers and we blamed them for being foolish and naive, but here we are now to face it, the west have come again by force and we are looking. Well, i pray..
Aritua Godwin , Uganda, Kampala

This should not happen, if Africa, Arab world continue to allow feelings of inferiority to infect us; if we continue to believe western countries present the example of how a society should look, then Africans, Arabs will always be under the thumb of the western countries. Muammar Gaddafi has shown.
Stephen Gule , Libya Tripoli

There are two books I urge africans and asians to immediately read due to fast moving global economics. 1. Black Skin White Masks, by Frantz Fanon.2. Can Asians Think, by Kishore Mahbubani. We are in delicate times my friend. The world is changing at the speed of light. The question is are we ready?
mark , England, London

@ Mark. You got the point, often Africans do not think for themselves enough, everything political, economical is decided behind walls of Western capitals, London, Paris, Washington, Brussels. Africa will have to fight messy with imperialism to gain full strength. They are weak psycholological.
Joe Walton , London UK

African leaders are hopeless, Africa is a continent still ruled by Western interest, I do not see a sign of progress in Africa till they put an organized united army to fight imperialist ills that plague, haunt the continent, till then Africa is a slave on it's own back yard, poor fools forever.
B Degaulle , France, Paris

Africa must think, guard for itself first, stop looking for out side help. Few European families, secret organizations dominate African economies, the whole continent is Europe's rich back yard, plantation, democracy is endless deception, what good is democracy to a man without food and shelter?.
B Degaulle , France, Paris

Gaddafi is dead and it's sad day for people who are fighting against imperialism. We lost another African who stood for Africa.
Jone , Mali

the problem we have today, all african leaders are so stupid, hopeless,while carry all belonging to africa keep it in western country,if only they can come together and form union african there's no way white can enter exploit our ressource
emmanuel , dubai

Alright ailrght alright that's exactly what I needed!
Ivalene ,

How someone can justify this naked aggression... Stand up and fight Africans dont let them fool us over and over again..!! This is the black cost..!! RIP Kadhafi. African from abroad
Ismayll Isha , Suriname

black power , usa


The article is poorly written in that it's a simplified appeal to emotionalism, long on whining, short on facts. Not to say black immigrants don't have any reason to be concerned. But just for a moment, I would like to interrupt the standard whine de Jour....."oh my god, its the west its the whites
itsme, , USA

its the corrupt black leaders its the boogeyman" and suggest another approach to this issue, one that is tried and true. How about, at least for a few minutes, we consider real solutions for the people who are currently experiencing trauma in Libya. To begin that process, it might be a good idea
itsme , USA

to briefly consider the other fellows point of view. How about consider the feelings of the indigenous Libyan's who were brutalized by the Qaddafi family. Like it or not, Qaddafi did use a disproportionate number of black African immigrants in order to protect himself, his regime and enforce his p
itsme , USA

policies. No matter how fondly you remember Mr. Qaddafi, upon his death, it was discovered that he had stolen tens of billions of dollars from Libya. That is a fact. It's undeniable proof that Qaddafi used his position to enrich himself and his cronies at the expense of his countrymen. That theft,
itsme , USA

believe it or not, is just the bare tip of the iceberg. I'm not even asking you to consider the thousands of Libyans Qaddafi tortured, murdered and otherwise, brutalized during his bloody tenure. If you are serious about getting the other guy to stop doing what he is doing to you that is causing
itsme , USA

you grief, don't you think it might be a good idea to try and figure out why he is doing it to you in the first place? Mr. Sunday pointed this truth out in the mildest, least offensive manner possible, and for his troubles, you come down on him like ton of bricks on a June bug. On the other hand
itsme , USA

if you just want an excuse to whine and fill the page with angry rhetoric and invective, if you want to blame and shame everyone in the world for everything wrong in your life, then by all means, I guess this biased silly news story provides as good an excuse as any....please continue.
itsme , USA

This libya's are fuck up!
sulemana , ghana

Hi, brothers! I lived in lived in Libya, during and after the revelution and I've realised that this situation is too ugly for us as Africans. Have you forgotten that the principle aim for the survival of the arabs and especially the whites is to surpress Black people. Never think of calling on NA
Ahmed , Niger

Its time up wen blacks realize that they should stand as one ,pity we differ on everything ,all races view us as a lesser race coz of our disunity
Patrick muchiza , Durban&chitungwiza

We, Africans in and out of home, have got a real problem we have to address, The Brezinski plan in Africa which has put in place AFRICOM. In the that DEVIL(Brezinski)'s plan behind AFRICOM is to get resources from our land, cause drough & famine, reduce our population by killing & make us poor.
Ahmed , Niger

What am trying we black did we did to white people. Because the always underad us. But god. I dont know why,
yakub , italy

What am trying to say is what did blacks did to white? And why They underad us? And why black people are dien in libya nobody talk anything about it
yakub , italy


This is ridiculous!!! They take dark skinned boys and hold them hostest??? Way about the whites??? They believe holding someone is right?? They need to capture this animals and set it right
clinton , ct

My name is Stephen. I'm 18 years born in Libya, my mum was killed few months after she delivered me in Sabha Libya. she was a Ghanaian but she never live to show me my dad but I was told the man is a Libyan. a women from Nigeria took care of me till this age. You wanna know how this woman survive here in Libya? hmm, it's a very long story... unfortunately the women was killed and I was kidnapped for nine months because I don't have thousand dinars which they were demanding from me. I was set free after they have beaten and mistreated me for so many months. After I was set free I was arrested by the Libyan police and was detained for five months. I'm still not save here because I'm homeless. I know I'm a Ghanaian but I can't go to Ghana because I was too little when my mum died, she never tell me anything about our family. please i want to leave this country because we blacks are suffering here in Libya. please somebody save my life I don't wanna die.+218911425141 is my cell phone number or thank you.
Stephen , Libya

Africa is our home, it's a beautiful home where every races white people or any, if they come to Africa they can live beside us, but if Africans went to their home they will find difficulty to live with them. It's very sad and shame.
Nick Name Mark , Sudan

Hello i'm in my 60s now i grew up watching news from around the world seen some very disturbing footage of Rewanda people where just hacking men women and children to pieces it leaves me with a feeling that the people doing this have no regard or compassion for human life its still going on nowfoo
Phil , Liverpool UK

Hello i'm in my 60s now i grew up watching news from around the world seen some very disturbing footage of Rewanda people where just hacking men women and children to pieces it leaves me with a feeling that the people doing this have no regard or compassion for human life its still going on nowfoo
Phil , Liverpool UK

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