Best and worse country to migrant in Europe

The best country to migrant in Europe

According to the British and the Migration Policy Group, ranked 31 countries in Europe and North America on their policies towards integrating immigrants. Using a variety of different critiera, including employment opportunities, access to education and anti-discrimination legislation, experts from all around the world scored countries on how well their policies fitted with international standards upheld by the EU.


Sweden has the best policies in dealing with the challenges of integrating immigrants

According to that report above UK was ranked in 12th position. Sarah Isal, deputy director of race equality think tank the Runnymede Trust, said that the UK's drop in the rankings was due mainly to the Borders, Citizenship and Immigration Act in 2009, which introduced the idea of newcomers to the UK "earning" the right to stay. She described it as an act "which makes it much more difficult, complicated and long-winded to become a British citizen or even a permanant resident." .

UK(united Kingdom)-included England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

But our studies show that UK is the best country to migrant especially if you're not white person. If you ask any migrant in Sweden and UK where he/she feels home, our studies show most migrants will considered UK as home or second home but not the same case with Sweden. Also our studies show if ask most immigrants within EU and Outside EU which place to migrant in Europe most migrants more likely to say UK.
Our conclusion with two reports UK and Sweden are the best place to migrant in Europe.

The worse country to migrant in Europe

According to our studies East and Southern European Countries are worse place to migrant in Europe, if you're not white person. Places such as Bialystok in Poland people are physically attacked on streets because of the colour of their skin. Polish people should have more leniencies toward migrants because the Poles become number one migrants through all EU Countries and they also suffering some type of discriminations in some EU Countries.


Italian government introduced crazy laws against immigrants that they believe can stop immigrants from Sub-Sahara Africa, Arab countries and Asia to not come to Italy. That meant any EU Citizens of African, Middle East or Asia origins can be stop and search by the police because of the colour of thier skin.
In last two years in south of Italy, there were clashed between locals and immigrants(from Sub-sahara African and north Africa), African immmigrants were attacked and forced to fled Southern Italy in fear from locals. That why our studied included Italy one of worse place to migrant in Europe.


But the worse place you're more likely to be attacked or killed in streets if you're not white immmigrant is Moscow - Russian

Nearly 60% of black and African people living in Russia's capital Moscow have been physically assaulted in racially motivated attacks, says a new study. Africans working or studying in the city live in constant fear of attack, according to the report by the Moscow Protestant Chaplaincy.

A quarter of 200 people surveyed said they had been assaulted more than once. Some 80% had been verbally abused.
The report's clear conclusion was that Africans living in Russia exist in a state of virtual siege, says the BBC's Rupert Wingfield Hayes in Moscow.
Many of the African respondents said they:

  • Avoided using the Moscow metro

  • Were also careful to avoid crowded public places

  • Did not go out on Russian national holidays or on days when there were football matches
Many of the attacks on Africans were pre-meditated and extremely violent, the report found. One Nigerian migrant interviewed by the BBC had been repeatedly stabbed in the back and then shot. Another man said his attacker had attempted to remove his scalp.
Officially there are some 10,000 Africans living in Moscow, but far more are believed to live there illegally - many as economic migrants.
That make Russian is the worse place to migrant in Europe at moment taking in consideration of race, opportunities and Immigration law.

Immigrants in Europe

Your comments

It's very good to highlight this issues, because some of us Black people believe we can go to any country in Europe and they'll welcome us.
Shaba , Jamaica, London

Everything in this article about Russian is true. I came to study here in Moscow. I'm always scare when I'm in metro because of colour of my skin. I've been abused in streets and I can't wait to finish my studies to go back to Ghana.
Anas , Ghana, Moscow

Where is Ireland. Ireland is really racist place I have lived. being a african black man is not safe in Ireland. Got attacked many times for no reason and also seen many times youths making monkey chants and saying racist words. I want to move out and go back to nigeria soon.
achu , Ireland

Hi. The worst I feel is Ireland, i lived here since last 8 years. I have travelled in portugal,italy,spain and poland. never had problem there as an Indian. But in Ireland so many problems, even 2 times got attacked by beer bottles. I will say the country with same of our color is more safer for us.
Vikram Singh Rathod , Ireland

But this article is missing one country here in particular, Greece, for me is the worst place to live as an immigrant, especially black people, you will be attack by the people and many groups, the police will harass u and beat you up at will, people will avoid u and make many racist gesture to u
mike , Greece

germany is missing. its the violent and intolerant. The areas like liepzig and dresden are the worst. 8 indian boys got killed in public by nazi gang of 50 youths, nobody helped them. really shame on germany. white peopl don't have heart.
Brima , Germany

Scandinavia is the safest of all. I will say sweden, norway and denmark are the best. The worst is whole eastern europe and Spain, Ireland and France.
Andy , Norway

Hi..I am Imran from Egypt..Ireland is the worst country in the world. very intolerant people. Not safer to walk alone on the streets and youths may chase you and attack on you from behind and then run away, nobody will come forward to help you..............
Imran , Ireland

Hi I'm Kurdish ,I am an immigrant and I have seen many European and non-European countries and I think the best country in Europe for an immigrant would be germany , but for me its chile :)
salar , chile

Why should I welcome some foreigners from Africa? If I would go to Africa I would probably get killed the same day! Africans are the much more racist then any of white countries!!! Black people are coming to work in white countries, white ppl stay at their countries or moving to another white ones!
Andrei , Latvia Riga

hey mr andrei from.riga, you are may be white but you have to unferstand thzt no one will immigrate to your country, for the reason that it's a meaningless country, no one knows wherz it is situated. i guess it is in the northern pole where live white bears
yacine , France-Algeria

well, I guess it's because of what the whites are doing... Africans are not abusive. We've got hearts... I think London is safer, haven't been there though.
Sophie Promise , Nigeria

I simply wish all the stereotypes about race where to go away coz neuroscience and anthropoplogy has proven that we are all the same. I will be going to latvia in the summer and will study in riga. to andrei I say africa in general is safe and as long as you do not break the law no sane african wi
james kojo graham , togo lome

Africa is blessed with natural resources, there are so many whites there earning fat salaries and riding big cars,so why can Africans be allowed to enjoy that too in European countries?

Well,I have French heritage so i look European,i'm a dentist,I'd prefer Europe than new world, but i don't know, i guess Scandinavian countries are good
Moustafa Youssef , Egypt

Anyway, what i want 2 say here may be different 2 all comments, bcos white people are right 2 say anything they want about Africa, who cause all this nonsense are our African leaders 99.9% are bastards, if we Africans use what God gave us in proper way we don't need any white country 2 go 4 living.
Yakubu , Cairo-Egypt

Hi, can we not live together, its either blacks or white doesn't matter. Ok, is Norway and Sweden good for working???
Syed Sayeed , India

scientists have discovered that white folks have genes that made them to racists.99.999999999 percent of white males are racists and Paedophiles, another sign to show that 50 percent of them are not from this earth , as fallen angels they wants to destroy the earth by producing all kind of weapons and encouraging Homsexuality, lisbianism and all kinds of evil acts.
obina , Nigeria

When will people realise the fact that Europe DOES NOT want ANY of you, especially those from the hated Islamic countries. The author of this article has lied to you. UK/European elections voted in favour of extreme Far Right parties to deport/block access to Asian/African/Mid-Eastern immigrants!
Cain Dingle , Yorkshire, England

Obina, Nigeria: you talk absolute SHIT. In Europe paedophiles are 99.9% Pakistani Muslim men who come to the continent and groom young vulnerable girls, giving them alcohol and drugs then raping them or prostituting them to their fellow countrymen. EU prisons are FULL of these Islamic filthy pigs!!
Truth Teller , LONDON

Let's stop to be fake , we Europeans prefer a good foreigner than a poor native , for example if we talk about sports but this is it . Africans call easily a tourist 'the White' and so what ? So stand the same in Europe , imagine ur immigration in Europe ,the same in your country , u wouldnt like
ParLonRomMadBerLisAmsDubBelLuxStoCopOslKieMosRigHelAthBraVil , France

Time is running out for nations to start the process of Global Integration so that a new Dawn in the civilisation of human beings may be ushered in. The world has to move as a single human race. And that is the need of the hour. Genetic stagnancy is dangerous for all of us. Thanks, Prof. Arnab Sarma

Nordic countries are the safest and most tolerant places for immigrants but weather sucks. Uk has long history and established immigrant communities which makes it feel more like home for asians and africans. Germany, switzerland and netherlands have a more equal society like the nordics.
truth , uk

Truth teller, so you mean Prince Andrew,jimmy savile,Douglas Slade and many more like them are pakistani???? Look at yoursef before judging others
Scorpi , London

i prefer Germany and Sweden, even i have not been there before
aso , Kurdistan, Hawler

Hhhmmm I don't know why the white are hating black!!! (I thought nobody CREATE himself) everywhere is a home to every human on this EARTH...and I think from now to next coming 500years no one will live on this planet...everybody is gonna be dead,Neither Black or White or Grey whatever color u think u are.let's concentrate on what will take us further...for me I prefer NYC,USA eventhough they will chase me out.
Lukmanuddeen Shakur Garba , Nigeria

Black people culture is VERY different from White people, therefore I think there will be always problems between Black people and White people in one way or another,no matter where they live!
Yoanna , Riga, Latvia

Aso, wherever you go,I wish you to be safe and happy. Wherever you live in, may Allah bless you with peace, happiness and prosperity. Wherever you are, wherever I am, I will always keep you in my heart...
Sholpan , Kazakhstan, Almaty

for me Norway is my dream destination for people who love making money only with no happiness in life and no social life and don't care of being caller as worker for making other life easier and go away after that , welcome to uae , i'm arab and i hate this place and soon i'll leave
Abdurahmane , DUBAI, UAE

London is the best city in Europe for black people and other non white people. It is the place where everyone can practice their own cultures but still fit into the fabric of wider society. Many black people who have left other European cities for London breathe a huge sigh of relief on arrival.
Oyaba , London, UK

i really want to go to Europe start a business which will assist the economy to grow provide jobs and help the people to grow therby letting myself grow. i want to produce a service that will support the GDP even in a small way :) but above everything i want to live a quiet life with a small garden.
adnan , Dubai, UAE

the world ends when human immigration stops. The animals in the forest move around in search of food and comfort ,so also is human. Trying to creat boudries and building walls Against one another is against nature and humanity. Every one is welcome to my rich country NIGERIA
Joyce , Nigeria

Ireland is the worst place to be for blacks. i have lived here for 15 years. No future, as a graduate with a first class, i hardly secure a job and now doing menial job. No future for your kids as all end up cleaning toilets. Everyday egg is being thrown to my windows. polish are racist too
John , Dublin

GOD knows the best and no body has proven to be a successful Ireland.i think peace and coperation has been the best.
crescent , NIGERIA

As far as these wiked system of things continues , racism, hatred , violence will continue. Is only jehovah's kingdom that will put an end to all this, Daniel 2:44. Pls visit JW.ORG or contact jehovah's witnesses in your area to discusses the bible with you.
Michael , Nigeria

I think European countries are good especially western countries and Scandinavians, they got good constitution in developing their countries, i think African leaders should rise up from their slumber and give us a better society.Racism can be minimize if we all develop our continent,proudly African
walley777 , Nigeria

it seems Denmark have been forgotten for example a country like Danmark is little bit racist but not that much intoxicated its very dynamic espicial old peoples who knows people are just diffrentiated according to their skin but have same colour of blood and you may find these people very welcoming,honest and friendly Denmark not only being happiest its also safest nation in the world with less crimanals
Abdiwahab , Nairobi kenya

If White people came in huge numbers to Africa or Muslim countries, you can bet the people there would be hostile and not want it. However, African/Muslim countries allow very few foreigner to come. Why should Whites be any different? Africans should fix their own countries.
djv , uk

Though Dubai is not an European country but is the worst country to migrate to. Most jobs here are 10-12 hours duration daily. The accommodation here is mainly on Bed space and is 10 persons in a room at the rate of 500AED per person every month. The social life here is zero.

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Felixpag , Shekhupura

We should not judge on a person's physical appearance..we should look for the good,honesty..etc how the person's didn't matter if the person is black or white .whatever. ..we should not look outside we should look inside in a person...that's what makes perfect for our future generations.
Ankur Boruah , India-assam-sivasagar

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StaTapy , Kadoma

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