African Dream

I have a dream that one day, there won't be dictators in Africa and African governments and the polices will be able to respect human rights. There won't need for African to risk their live to migrant in Europe, America, etc, and some ended up in detention centres in cross Europe, America, Australian and laboured as illegal immigrants. Some African beaten or even killed because of refusing to be deported back to Africa.

African politicians will be able to protect their people and give better condition of live for African people; there won't be slums cross all Africa such as Soweto(in South Africa), Kibera (in Kenya), Makoko (in Nigeria) ,Sambizanga(in Angola), Manshiet Nasser(Egypt), etc.

African will be able to be proud to be African and not feel embarrassed or tried to obtain Western passport to feel free. African will give values of their local languages and their identities also we'll live in peace and mutual respect among tribes, it won't be tribes issues anymore that always create civil war among us.
Our leaders will be able to go to UN (Unite Nation) and speak in our local languages (African dialects) instance speaking colonial languages.

We'll be able to value our education system such as African certificates, diplomas, degrees, etc its will be accepted everywhere in World. Our Education system won't be based in European model anymore but it will be African system based in African values. Africa should be build by the African with cooperation with others. But not by European, American or Chinese.

This is the African Dream, my dream and my story.
Written by Syany Slokani

Africa dream

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My friend Syany is a nice dream but it will take your people another century to get close to your African dream. But nothing wrong to dream.
Adward , Australian, Sidney

May be African dream can take us 100 years. but there are things in Syany's African dream can take less time to achieve it. To value our local languages and why so called our leaders going to UN and Speaking in Colonial languages. Chinese president speak in Chinene in UN!
Jay , Benin, New York

I hope I can live long in enough to see this dream. For the African dream to become real, we African need to change the way we see things. We can just talk to talk but also we need to back it with actions.
Nzinga , Angola, Luanda

We need more african to start thinking about African dream. Yes that true, all depend on us for African dream to become reality.
Diof , Senegal, Dakar

Africa has the richest resources compared to all other continents, we need to unite and be one and trade within our selves and our dream will come true
sasa , Nairobi Kenya

I am always puzzled by the amount of hypocracy, delayed gratification, cynical attitude towards African dream, the African dream is now, open the colonial boarders, allow freedom of mass movement, make it happen now, not tomorrow, after or the day after, just now. Cause you may never live to see the far fetched 100 years from now.
Asuma Azima , Libya, Tripoli

I agree with on everything you said but how to achieve that? Remember that to revolt just like Tunisia and Egypt is not the solution as there is not guarantee that these countries are not going to be lead by selected puppets of the west same like Mubarak & Ben Ali. Africa needs Economic freedom, and that mean Africans to have the first & last say on their natural resources, and experience tells us that our Eunuch leaders are incompetents and not capable to fighting for that. We need to be very careful on this because with the current world Economy and UN system, even if you "Syany Slokani" become the president of your country you wonít be able to solve the problems surround your people. Our countries are been taken hostage by the IMF & WB and the decrees are been sign in the UN. So with fighting our autocratic leaders who appear agents for these institutions, we have to be in minds that simply removing Ben Ali wonít alleviate the life of the ordinary Tunisian as the new leader will have to agree with the same or worst agreement with the blood suckers. Throughout the years, we saw different faces in both western countries and African countries; though our leaders take little longer in office than their counter parts in the western, the good you are to the west is the longer you can continue ruling (like The Bongo family). However, we donít see any change on the lives of the Africans and this is because people can change office but policy remains the same. So my view is that we have to fight 2 wars or if only one then to embark on the above mention institutions should be the best idea.
Mze-Djimba , South Africa

I believe African nations and all African leaders are useless puppets, the entire continent is a stinking piece of maggot, none thinking and useless creatures that are so naive, easily deceived and none aggressive to form a union. All these years Africa has never pushed on it's own to form a union, you people want to get paid in order to form a union, will that union benefit Europe?, USA?. What makes Africans think that they must be constantly spoon fed?. If you people can't come together, then too bad. Just kill all of them, be done with it. Sorry state of life. You are already busy dieing anyway, being looted, plundered, colonized and whipped by Europe over and over, the caucasian race is far much technically superior than you bastards. Europe has practically conquered and colonized one African nation after another, 100 years on, Africa is still dreaming for unity in the next 50 - 100 years, I feel pity for Africa, but at the same time, my guts say Africans are fucking racoons and rats that breed by their thousands without planning and survival skills, how dumb and stupid can a race of people be?. I got this blog online, it was so funny and silly that made me laugh my white ass off. I am not sure why you black people can not understand we most white people do not like you, and you will never be one of us, all we do is use your little asses, impose dictators on you, feed you with religion and toss you off the cliff when you become useless for the white world. Do I have to put it plain and simple that way, Africa is constantly begging survival, screaming to stay alive, how about us Europeans?. We plunder other nations to survive, but we are still much better done many in Africa. I can simply summarize it that way, burn Africa burn, kill yourselves or we can help to finish you up, you can't feed yourself, neither defend your own territory, you always rush to Europe for solutions even when we threatened to sanction, annihilate and decapitate one of your leaders, forget Africa, kill e'm all and turn them into fertilizers.
B Degaulle , Paris France

To make my point there little bit clearer, our leaders are used by the west as tools to control and plunder wealth, and I normally call them autocratic Eunuch-bouncers. Now, if you use Nero as tool to copy a file, you use camera as tool to keep record, you use computer as tool to facilitate your work, you use the internet as tool to communicate, that tools itself have no brains; that is why you manage to use it for your benefit. It follow your instruction and if sometimes does not work, then we use to say is ďabnormalĒ and the system is corrupt. In fact we donít say he or she but we say ďitĒ to make it clearer that itís an object and it cannot work for its benefit but only is there to serve someone else. Now that is the situation our leaders are. That is why I call them autocratic Eunuch-bouncers. And they been made like that by the world Economic & political system which engineered by the west.
Mze-Djimba , South Africa

This for Mr Degaule, You insulted African. But just remember this, you're well in Paris and had time to write your email thank to our stupid leaders and not African people. When African dream will come true you'll migrant to Africa to look for jobs.
Kalanga , DR Congo,Kinshasa

I am appalled and baffled by statements coming from B Degaulle. This has long been standard practice of our European and caucasian brothers. This type of thinking and violence has long been explained by Muammar Gadafy to many Libyans, today European backed rebel groups are trying to destroy Libya.
Stephen Gule , Tripoli Libya

It should never be how long these African leaders have stayed in power, it should be how good, great have these leader been to African people, solved their problems?, by rushing to depose, kill, exile them to Europe, Asia is hardly a solution, keep e'm in Africa, save looted money inside continent.
Asuma Azima , Libya Tripoli

@ Kalanga. It's an insult to Africans ofcourse, what can Africa simply do!!. You people have had one dictator after another, just to find out the new African leader stole more money, killed more people, has villas, bank accounts in France, situation is useless. Kill all Africans, be done with it.
B Degaulle , France Paris

@ Asuma, your leader Moammar is a bad guy, he is African dictator that seeks to unify Africa, invest Libyan vast fortune into Africa to create jobs, Africa is useless for that, we will do everything to kill, decapitate Muammar, will Africa help his ass, bad ass benign dictator, time for your soul.
B Degaulle , France Paris

@ Stephen, we are not just trying to pull Libya apart, we will destroy that country, it's already on the path to destruction, income per head has risen from $12,000 - $17,100 per head per person, that is too much money in Africa, Gadaffi must go, it's all about business and the oil, liquid gold.
B Degaulle , Paris France

Degaulle is sick in his mind, is that why France is pushing for regime change in Libya by backing son of old monarch?. When will European orchestrated killings, coup's stop?. Africa would be light years ahead, if it was not European interferance, we must be in control, we take charge. Shove it off.
Asuma Azima , Libya Benghazi

I would like to hugely thank you for your good dream. If Africa could have 10 people like you, Africa should have already been a paradise. Those who say that it can take 100 years, they are hopless and probably can be among people who are selling, humuliating and degrading our continent.
Blaise , Burundi

Black people give up in believe themselve and their dreams. So many things going wrong in Africa and with wrong leaders in powers. Africa looks like useless Continent.But we can change it if we believe it. The Chinese were in same position.
Obeola , Nigeria, Lagos

I like what you are seeing because I see the same thing every day in life, and I think there is a strong way to do that which the Africans lost long ago. In my view to do that doesn't take to many years it is how we make ours decision and stopping sale ourself.
Ruadoscafe , UK/London

African Unity problem has been going on, off almost a century, whenever it's about to happen, you start seeing one or two African nations going into flames, what's the problem with Africa?. How comes every part of the globe has loosely come into some of unity except Africa?. Can it ever happen?.
Joe Walton , Harare Zimbabwe

Joe, it can happen! But we need strong leaders for Africa revolution to achieve the African dream. That meant we need to get rid off all these old dictators and replace them with real leaders who are going to defende interest of African people.
Gamal , Egypt, Cairo

@ Gamal, there are dictator's everywhere since human origtin, dictator's such as Hosni Mubarak make bad example for Africa, but I do enjoy living under patriotic dictator's such as Robert Mugabe, Al Bashir, Gadaffi, former Yugoslav dictator Tito. They are noble and they dictate for great change.
Joe Walton , Harare Zimbabwe

Dear Joe, Mugabe has been in power for long tme. It has a walfare system to help its people? Has it a good economy? Basics human rights! What you can buy with with 10 million zimbabwe dollars? If all these questions are yes! Then Mugabe is the best leader in Zimbabwe and Africa! If not then think.
Gamal , Egypt, Cairo

@ Gamal, all wealth is accumulated from land,money is puppet business,paper wealth, old justification for European imperial rule over rest of the planet. The most important part is resource, land and stability, black people got their land back, they should be able to prosper, dwell in peace.
Joe Walton , Harare Zimbabwe

@ Joe Walton, Thank god to the person who created this website. To help us African to see the light. You're answer is very vague. All Africa is fully of resources and lands. People in Africa are suffering more than any place in planet. Mugabe control you like animals in cage! This is 21 century.
Gamal , Egypt,Cairo

@ Gamal, yes Mugabe has been in power for a while,mostly white race is a brutal, cunning, deceitful race, everything we white world has ever had is through immense brutality, what if Tony Blair had kept up with Lancaster agreement on Zimbabwe, never lied to Mugabe?. Bob woulbe retired by now.
Joe Walton , Harare Zimbabwe

@ Gamal, honestly I do feel better, much secure under Mugabe. I am white who prefer genuine black rule on black soil, it's fair to say Mugabe has done well for his people by giving the land back. Money sure needs to get better, negatives like you need to stop demonizing Africa, you're the problem.
Joe Walton , Harare Zimbabwe

@Joe walton, it's not about been white, black,green or yellow or just you. It' about human being having the basic of social life, ecomomy and human rights. Go around of Harare 95% populations have access of health services, housing and social equality. Not you, see others Zimbwabean Around you?
Gamal , Egypt, Cairo

African dream is beautifull dream for all African and people who love justice for all
Marlon , Beni

African dream is woke up call for all African. Thanks Syany Slokani
Jay-Jay , Nigeria, Lagos

Black in America suffered so much to have their rights. African dream, meant also so much for Black American other black people who have their root from Africa.
Malcom , USA, New York

African dream has been long over due, we must dedicate ourselves to it, dictate terms to forcefully demand it. Nothing is given free in universe, we have a patriotic duty to kick out unpatriotic dictators, form a union, keep the patriots that will lead us to a total unification and African glory.
Stephen Gule , Tripoli Libya

Your dream is genuine and it is the utmost wish of every right thinking African.but until that day that Africans will know that we all are created by the same God, be you white or black,Asian, American or European.The inferiority complex removed amongst us.Then we shall succeed
Styve , Cameroon

will there be world without war? from what we have seen the war between the government of libya and gaddafi is geeting too much.when two heavy elephant fight the grasses suffer.please we are pleading to the two groups to surrender by making peace within themselves. EMEJI IFECHUKWU FROM NIGERIA

It was my dream to create a web like yours but my brother you already get the benefit of all us African. Let us be united and do the work with "action". I means action because nothing will change without action.If you can contact me i will help you to modernize the web.My email is
doude , indiana

The African Dream is a beautiful one, i feel for all the men, women, and children, that cannot fight for themselves, while dictators and rebels rip apart your continent, there will be a time of prosperity, but in order to reach that goal, things must change and fear must be overcome, bealive in it
Nick , New York

Our leaders are way to conformed to the western ways of doing things thus resulting in most of our people dying of starvation, living under impoveriched conditions hence this results in so much hurt within countries I just wish our leaders would wake up and realise their actions are impacting us.
Danielle , Johannesburg

African dream, it's a big hope that it will take us 1000 years before can happen. It took White men to become our master about 800 years and created a system where Africans and black people always be on bottom of races. We don't have any power to break this system. Hope, Hope, Hope
Allen , Ivory Coast, Abdijan

Is that really all there is to it because that'd be falbbregasting.
Keli ,

the African dream is nice, beautiful but very far reaching;the kind of civilization, technology Western based: the Western powers still have legs in Africa.the whole partition process was a problem to Africa. Africa is atreasure house as far mineral resources,so they rule us thro` the puppet rulers
ngobi Ronald , kampala,Uganda

Os deseo de todo mi corazon que se cumpla vuestro deseo, y SUENO DE AFRICA pero hace muchos anos deje de sonar en el mismo sueno justo por que los EU, UE , NU y OTAN han decidido que son "derechos humanos", ellos lo han definido, es su invento.En el nombre de ese invento destrosron mi pais,matron...
Yasna , Belgrade, Serbia

I think that this dream depend on us we must join ours hands and work together. I bielive in this dream maybe i will be not here to see the achievement of this dream but i had been already prepair the ground for my littles songs.
Birame Ndour , Senegal

Africans must return to their roots and stop trying to be white.apartheid gave them freedom and allowed them to grow at their own pace.
David , Australia

Africa needs to wake up. We need to remember that we were the first civilized. We were the first mathematicians, the first astronomers, everything and everyone came from us. It's sad to see how Africans across the globe do not know the true history of our people. Abandon the Caucasian's way.
Nassir , USA

There is no such thing as "Hispanic", "Asian", or "African American"; only Africans and mutated Africans, the caucasians. We underestimate our knowledge and don't even know that our ancestor's knowledge was untouchable. We as a ppl need to realize that and rid ourselves of this evil system.
Nissir , USA

We as a people are losing our identity and everyday it's thrown in our faces through the Racist System of White Supremacy; that bigot from France only confirms their true agenda; to divide (we as a African people)and conquer (our ancestors' legacies). These people are biting the hand that feeds.
Nassir , USA

Hey, thanks for the blog post.Much thanks again.
cipro ,

This dream will take a long time, but how is this going to happen. How i wish there was another world world which will never end and wipe us all away. After all we are all gona die someday. how i wish i was never born and there was no Africans so that the whites should take the world to themselves as they want.
Kwame , Ghana

I love Africa and the best thing about it is the African people. Such warm friendly people. Humble and without all the pretences, and selfish materialistic concerns of white people. I am white but I want to marry an African and live and work there forever.
Lochkey , Australia

this dream will be realised.
kwame , Ghana

Africa dream. Black parents need to change the mentally by teaching their children to be proud to be black and love each others and prepared to defend themselves for black cause.
Jay , USA

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