Richest football Clubs in Europe

These are the richest football clubs in Europe and in the World. Sometime is difficult to know the real values and profit that clubs made in past, however we based our list on current profit and value of the clubs.

No 5: Arsenal, England

Revenue 274.1m

The Gun managed a 4% overall growth. However, the sale of property at their former home of Highbury
raised 157m (192m) and is not included in this money league figure.However, Arsenal managed to well
in term of debt it's the top club in Premier league with less debt.

Arsenal football club

No 4: Bayern Munich, Germany

Revenue 323m

Bayern Munich Revenue exceeded 300m for the first time that improved in no small part by a
20% increase in broadcast revenue that because of their good run in Champions League in 24 countries.
In addition, Bayern topped the commercial revenue league with 141.6m (172.9m).

Bayern Munich football club

No 3: Manchester United, England

Revenue 349.8m

Manchester United as football club continued to have steady growth financially. Broadcasting accounted
for 37% of all revenue at 104.8m (128m), a 5% rise from the past season Commercial revenue grew
by 16% helped by dealswith Turkish Airlines, Betfair and several telecommunications companies

Manchester United football club

No 2: Barcelona, Spain

Revenue: 398.1m

Barcelona is Spanish league champions for a second year running, but they still not able to match Real
Madrid financial power But they managed a 9% growth in commercial revenue took them up to
100m (122.2m) in that area alone, plus matchdays worth 80.1m (97.8m) and broadcasting deals
a further 145.8m (178.1m). Moreover, selling shirt sponsorship for the first time for a record
135m (165m) over five and a half years should help Barcelona to catch up with Real Madrid revenue.

Barcelona football club

No 1: Real Madrid,Spain

Revenue: 438.6m

Real Madrid on top of list of richest football clubs in Europe for a sixth consecutive year. They are able
to negotiate their own individual broadcasting deal and they brought in 129.9m (158.7m). $13.5bn.
In Addition, Matchday revenue increased by 27%, helped by the Bernabeu playing host to last
season's Champions League final.

Real Madrid football Club

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Richest football clubs comments

Clubs like Real Madrid and Barcelona are the richest clubs in Europe and certainnly in Europe. And Spain is a financial crisis. Who pay to fill up their stadium are spanish people!

I though that Man United was the Richest Clubs on Planet!

Realmadrid deserve to be the richest club in world.that's greats.

i think man.united is the richest club in europe

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