Iran v The West

What is causing problem between Iran and Western governments! Is all about nuclear capability that Iran is trying to develop or some hide agenda on part of Western governments against Iran for regime change?
 American hostage
American diplomatic staffs held in Teheran in 1979 on
Iranian revolution.

Let look into the sources of the conflict that might lead to new war between the West and Iran. All these begin when Islamic republic was founded after outcast Mohamad Reza Shah so call the last King of Iran; he was loved by the West governments.

In 1979 students revolution in Iran managed to bring down Shah's regime out of power then by November 4, 1979 the Iranian youth invaded USA embassy in Teheran because America was supporting Shah regime and they held American diplomats in captivity more than 444 days. Since then America became Iran enemy and USA even supported Saddam Hussein in war between Iraq and Iran back 1980s.

In every news TV stations in Western countries are telling us how Iran is dangerous to the world with nuclear bomber, they are repeating the same things over and over to persuade the western public opinions that Iran is dangerous to world, to able to justify any attack in Iran uranium enrichment facilities. But Iran never attack or occupy any country , they never invaded any country in World. Why Iran with a nuclear bomber will be dangerous to the world or to Middle East. Pakistan, India, Israel, UK, France, USA, Russia and more they have nuclear heads bombers. They should give up their nuclear bombers for security and peace in the world if that they want us to believe that Iran is dangerous to the world with nuclear weapon.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Last year Turkey, Brazil and Iran had an agreement to allow Iran to develop its nuclear program for civil purpose and not military by sending uranium enrichment to Russia then it sends back to Iran but The West governments say no because they were not involved in agreement.

USA and Europeans Union decided to have sanctions on Iranian oils and central bank and they hope by imposing these sanctions will force Iran to give up its nuclear program. That meant USA and European Union countries decide who can have nuclear program or what type of weapons can a country develop.

Now Iran threaten to close strait of hormuz the oil gateway to world to stop oil coming from golf countries to go to Western countries , to show the West governments if Iran economy can be effect because of Western embargo the Western countries should feel the same effect. For that threat, USA and its allies decided to send warships to the area stop Iran for doing this.

Then Israel keep threatening to attack Iran's nuclear facilities, but why Israel should attack others countries because they believe is threatening they existence in Middle East. If Isreal is doing nothing wrong with its neighbours then they shouldn't be worry about Iran nuclear capability. Israel has story of pre-emptive strike in June 1981, Israeli jets bombed the Osirak reactor close to the Iraqi capital, Baghdad. Also in in September 2007, Israeli warplanes attacked a facility in Syria that Israel, the US and many experts believed was a nuclear reactor under construction.

 Strait of hormuz
Strait of Hormuz map. The oil gatewy to the world

West governments committed so much crime against others countries such slavery, invading others countries or occupied others people countries, creating wars and suffering against others people. They always trying to cover up because they want to bring democracy and peace but look to Iraq, Afghanistan, and now Libya. Why nobody can impose sanctions to West governments despite them are committing crimes against other Nations?

Iranian politicians should learn from history the West and its allies have been looking for reasons for regime change in Iran for long time. Having war against Iran will be divested for the Middle East and to rest of world and especially on this financial crisis the world going through.

Now, Iran decided to stop selling oils in some European countries before they find the ways to start buy oils to different countries before the West sanctions will begin in July. Just that iran's action it was enough for fuel prices to hike in some European countries like in UK. The West are pressuring India to not buy Iranian oils , Indian told them this USA and European union countries embargo to Iran not Indian's sanctions to Iran.

Are the Western governments the biggest bullies and dictators? Are they using UN organisations to invade and impose sanctions to others countries for their own interest? Are they justifying their actions in name of peace or democracy in the world?

Iran V The West

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I don't understand what David Cameron government is doing! They decided to put sanctions on Iranian oils but in England petrol for my car is up near 1.40 p/l. Who cares if Iran has nuclear weapon. Pakistan got it with taliban and al queda in Pakistan and why not Iran!
Peter , England, Luton

Peter,England. Your governments are arrogants people and believe they can go anywhere and oppose their Western culture, languages and their democracy without the locals say any words. But times are changing and people become to stand up against West governments, no more slavery, bullying,etc.
Keno , Kenya, Nairobe

It's our right to develop nuclear program for civil or milatry use. Isreal threat us every day. Iran with nuclear weapon The West with Isreal will thinking twice before attacking us. Look to North Korea, USA and its allies scare to go to war with North Korea why because they got nuclear arms.
al madi , Iran, Teheran

all the country where has many natural resources there is much dispute,the country that feels powerful will always want to dominate. they must put some thing in their minds.
Panzo , Angola

Belachew. USA and west allies are the evil forces against all human nature. They have no any concern about the right of people beyond their benefit (extracting the resources of others).This is what is happening in Africa. African dead-mind leaders are the black dogs of wests. Iran should fight such
Belachew Ibsa , Oromia

I am so glad that I have the opportunity to say something on this website. After reading your comments I must say that I agree with what is being said. The only thing is that these countries are not to blame, but the politicians who make these stupid laws in the first place. Pray for your nations.
Philip , London, England

Iraq, Afghanistan, Ivory Coast, Lybia, Syria (now), Iran soon. Washington, Paris, London continue to commit their crimes with impunity. On what grounds and by what right these Western countries s' set up as master of the world? No anti-war movement in Western countries. The people of these countries are complicit in the abuses of their leaders.
Rodcaz , FRANCE-Toulouse

Nuclear weapons are a very good deterrence weapon, West have them, then the rest of world too must own, have them. Life to all or death to all, I had a very good job, nice life in Libya, every life in Libya has been destroyed and affected, if Libya had nuclear weapons, things will be different.
Joseph Mukasa , Jinja Uganda

The Chinese have never waged war against other peoples. No blacks have ever waged war against other peoples. Whites for centuries are making war on other peoples. By dint of hurt in this world will require that they pay one day.
Rodcaz , FRANCE-Toulouse

Mockan, Rossi is harder to stop than that. He's been in atetrnalive energy a long time and even done jail time in Italy on trumped up charges. He's got at least ten E-cats that have been up and running for over a year in dispersed locations, some in the US. I don't know how the Greek factory is doing but if they do a full production run then it will get harder to stop.@Tamir, Rossi's E-cats are not cold fusion. It's a new form of fusion using a form of Zinc as a fuel fusing in a pressurised hydrogen environment. You could call it low temperaturefusion. He set up a whole series of demos in Italy in the early summer. It was flooded by every establishment science type hoping to debunk it and loudly do this is the MSM. They left with troubled faces, the MSM fell silent and the US patent department declined a patent on the blanket claim that it doesn't work and it's cold fusion. (They know full well that it's not cold fusion and it does work as they sent their people to the demo).Of course the oligarchs will attack anyone who threatens their cartel control. Everyone who has developed effective atetrnalive energy have been murdered or on in hiding somewhere. The problem is, it's getting much harder for them to do this and get away with it. The Japanese have amazing water fuel cells for cars engine. They can run a car for 1,000 KM on four litres of water. Lots of governments around the world have samples and know all about it. They are waiting for economic collapse of the Dollar system to fatally weaken the US/NATO terrorist organisation.If you want to why they are all sitting on this just take a look at the Destruction & looting of Libya. They are even stealing thousands of luxury secondhand cars and shipping them to Europe for sale. The countries that have the fuel cell samples are mostly developing and BRIC type countries.
Key ,

Although its a burning topic to discuss but its really hard to speak and face truth. I think Muslim Countries are the Targets of USA and their Allies, I think they are challenging Muslims everyday.Still USA is playing game in other's courts, one day game will be in their court and then have no time.
Aamir Asghar , Kashmir

Pura thik katha.
Surajbhanu , India,Bhubaneswar

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