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Two years ago, I had everything, I managed to buy my house in Barcelona where I'm from, I had great job everything was going perfect until I lost my job. When I lost my job I though there is no problem that I would be able to find another job as soon as possible because I'm a graduated and I've some saving but I was wrong ... read more

I came to Great Britain illegally in look for of a better life and to find paradise, but the reality turned out to be far removed from what I dreamed of. I end up in place that it's called little Punjab in London, homeless and hopeless migrant. ... read more

Europe seems to be the best place to live in the world! Many immigrants of different countries are risking their live to settle in because of security, finance, etc. But the reality is different when they have arrived in Europe. People who are outside of Europe think Europe is safest place to live and where you can make a lot of money if you work hard, especially in West Europe or in EU countries. People forget that Europe economically is divided between rich countries of north and west of Europe and poor countries from south, central and east European countries. ... read more

Story of The Mother of the Notting Hill Carnival.The Notting Hill Carnival can trace its roots back to the first Caribbean carnival held in Trinidad in 1833 to celebrate the introduction of the Abolition of Slavery Act. The freed slaves, previously banned from holding their own celebrations, celebrated by singing and dancing through the streets. Some dressed up in costumes with faces whitened with flour like their previous slave owners, thus the tradition of dressing up in costumes and dancing and parading through the streets was born, commonly known as Mas, it derives from this masquerade. ... read more

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