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it's very clean City

My Copenhagen & Love it

Historic building

It's a beautifull city

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we love bicycle over here

It's very cold in winter

Our contribution to enviro!

Beautifull place to hang out
Denmark Business

Economy in Denmark

Economic overview

Denmark is an island, but this does not restrict the ease of travelling within the country. The infrastructure is excellent everywhere for business. All major islands and the peninsula of Jutland are connected by a network of tunnels and bridges.

Setting up a business in Denmark

It's very simple and short registration process to set up a company in Denmark. It has an openness and no discrimination procedure toward business. Investors prefer to open mostly public and private limited companies. The whole process is simplified with the help of the new online system. Every procedure that completes the process takes about one day, including registration with the Danish Commercial and Companies Agency. It takes maximum of four days a company is registered and functioning in Denmark.

Foreigners doing business in Denmark

A foreign entrepreneur or investor is free to open a company in Denmark, without being necessary for physical presence in the country, as he or she can choose between acquiring a shelf company, or a ready made company, or online registration, from anywhere in the world.

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It's the best place to do business or to start up one. Safe place, clean cities, I-tech, etc.
Bjok , Denmark


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Denmark tourist spots

Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen

Tivoli Gardens is the most visited attraction in Denmark; it's situated in centre of Copenhagen. Also Tivoli Gardens is the third most visited amusement park in Europe. It was built by Georg Carstensen and opened August 15, 1843. This makes Tivoli the second oldest pleasure park in the world and it has more than 30 restaurants, 25 rides, 400 000 flowers and many different art and crafts also about 150 concerts plays in a year in Tivoli.
Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen

Faarup Sommerland

It is an amusement park in the North Western part of Jutland. The park is situated near the coast in the small town of Blokhus which makes it an ideal destination for the huge amount of summer tourists in this region. The North Western part of Denmark is filled with tourists during the summer time. This region has some of the finest beaches in Europe, and there are countless camp grounds and summer homes for rent. Faarup Sommerland is an ideal place to take the family during the summer. The park is only open between May and September of each year.
Faarup Sommerland or Fårup Sommerland


In 1949 a carpenter from a small town in central Jutland began producing the interlocking bricks that we know today as LEGO. It is hard to imagine that the carpenter Ole Kirk Christiansen had any idea of the incredible success that LEGO would achieve. Legoland has over 58 million Lego bricks with a lot of moving vehicles which are also made of LEGO. There are vehicles such as planes, cars, trains and ships. In fact each year these miniature planes, trains and cars travel an incredible 117000 km. While the ships travel approximately 12000 nautical miles.
Legoland in Billund, Denmark

Deer Park Hill, Klampenborg

It's the second biggest amusement park in Denmark and the oldest amusement park in world. It become an amusement park or open to public in 1756. The park is open from late March until the end of August each year and it has everything from restaurant, motorcycle shows etc.

Dyrehavsbakken or Deer Park Hill in Klampenborg

Copenhagen Zoo

Copenhagen Zoo first opened in 1859 which makes it one of the oldest zoos in the world. The Zoo is located about 3 km away from central Copenhagen. It has various type of animal and all been treat very humanly also there is a section for children can get up close and personal with the animals. They can go for a pony ride, pet rabbits, play with goats and even touch snakes.
Copenhagen Zoo or Zoologisk Have København

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I like to go to Denmark on winter time.

I love to go in Copenhagen in summer, it's lovelly.


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