My beloved Congo

This is the only weapon that I got to fight back against murder, torture and rape of girls and women that it's happening in my country by spreading the words in Social Media sites. I'm from Democratic Republic of Congo that it's situated in heart of Africa. King Leopard II

My Country becomes a place where girls and women are raped and killed by the government military and some militias, no government can't protect us and international communities are turning blind eyes despite there are UN military in areas where women are being rape and killed.

Congolese people have been suffering since times of King Leopard II of Belgium who turned Congo into his own private property include its people. Congolese were forced into hard labours and those who refused to work were punished by cutting their hands.

Then we had our own dictator Mobuto Sese SeKo who stayed in power for 32 years, he looted the resources of the country for his own benefits he deposited the money he stolen in Congo in Swiss banks and others Western Banks. He lived like a Billionaire and we back home were starving, he didn't bother to improve infrastructures of the country and Mr Mobutu was the person who destroyed the Congolese dream if we had one! at moment it seems like a nightmare.

Laurent Kabila came in power after he managed to remove Mobutu then we though this time we have someone to direct Congolese people in right direction, but it took him less than 3 years and he was assassinate, just like Patrick Lumumba who was the defender of Congolese people.

Rape victims in Congo Now we have an incumbent president that story of his life is a mystery, places of his birth , where he went for his primary school, his family members Unknown but he calls himself Joseph Kabila son or adopted son of former president Laurent Kabila. How come someone can be a president of a country and story of his life not know to his people! This can happen only in DR Congo.

Last November there was election in my Country the same president that Congolese people don't know where he's come from he managed to win election again how only Mr Joseph Kabila knows. Since he has been in power in last ten years, Congo become a Country of Murders, rapists and intimidation of population just like King Leopard II did in past.

Congolese diaspora decided to fight back against all these atrocities that are happening in Congo without justice. Joseph Kabila is protect by the Western Countries(France, Belgium, England and USA) we demonstrated in front of British Prime Minister (David Cameron)house in downing street and more 100000 Congolese and others Africans came to London last month to protest but the demonstrations didn't even show on mains TV News in England but we're seeing every day about Syria on TV channels because the Western governments are interesting to regime change in Syria.

 Massacre in DR Congo
Governments is hiding numbers of
protesters killed. Butchered like animals
to see more images click here.

Congo is one of richest countries in natural resources (tin, tungsten, gold, and tantalum) in Africa but we are also the poorest country in Africa. How we can explain this, Congo has uranium to create atomic bomb, materials (tantalum) for mobile phones, laptop and computers all come from Congo and The Inga dam is the biggest energy source in Africa, the plant could supply electricity to 500 million of Africa's 900 million people, as well as to the industries of several countries in Africa and some part of Europe but there's lacking of electricity in DR Congo cities.

As long as that the Western governments will keep looking for their only interests in Africa then immigrants or refugees of sub-saharan they will never stop coming in Europe or go back home then European politicians should be explaining to their people why so many immigrants are coming in Europe!

Congo and Africa never been free or independent from Western countries they changed their methods how to take natural resources out of Africa from colonisation to place African dictators in power to control African people for the Western countries to be able control Africa resources. What's different between King Leopard II who controlled Congo because of its rubbers then and the Western countries are doing in Africa today. The ideology is the same the method is different!

This my Story, story of my beloved country.
Written by Silvi Kitonga

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Firtly, I would to thank you to lets us know what's going on in Congo. All Women around the world should stand up to stop these violances against congolese women. If USA can go fight two wars then it can stop these rapes against women and girls DR Congo.
Janet Morrison , USA, Califonia

Our problems in Congo and in Africa. christianity is embedded in our brain and blood. We're scare to sacrify for freedom. Our brothers in North Africa are dying but they stil fighting for their freedom. They're not waiting for Mohamed to come save them. But we're waiting for Jesus come to save us.
Mary , DR Congo, Kinshasa

I was in demonstration in London. I couldn't believe when I saw all these congolese people holding their bibles in air and singing. The Bible belong to white people and I never saw not even once white people protesting with bibles in their hands. Bible never will give you freedom. DR Congo wake up
Jack , Libya, London

It's sad to see others human being slaughtered like animals because they're demanding their rights. I want Congolese people to know to stop been ignorants not all Rwandan support Rwandan government. Now it's every Rwandan fault what's happening in DR Congo. Joseph Kabila is not from Rwanda.
James , Rwanda, Kigali

All I notice human being kill a human being just because we are black I'm sorry to heard tha.let god bless the people of congo
the great , leicester

I am writing a book on the humanitarian crisis in the Congo right now. The Western governments are selfish and are willing to let innocent people suffer for their own gains. DR Congo, just know that they are people here in the West who do care about you. Pray on, because an answer's on the way.
Krystene , Canada, Toronto

"Africa Sons and Daughters" from Cape to Cairo must UNITE first in order to stop the plundering of our Resources by the West, East & North. Stop Emigrating just for bread & cheese and let's do something for our beloved continent. The solution will never come from There but ourselves. WAKE UP AFRICA
Dixon , Congo

I like Dixon's comments. The only way we africans can fight these injustice is to stop emigrating or even better emigrate to learn and go back to develop our countries. The world is changing and together, especially we youth can change these selfishness.
Patrick , London

Africans are dying no one in the all earth pay attation,way? Just because we'are the color black!..?
kalalanono , drcongo/uk

There is a country where presidents are in power and nobody knows there history, USA Obuma or barry who knows. Anyway the entire African continent is being destabilized helped by Judases as per usual Thief's never want to pay for resources so they kill you instead. I AM SICK OF THIS SH__ !
gary , london

tout chose a son temps bientot c,est la fin d,imposteur.
ikele kanda , london

what we need faith people who their not endependet on western we have every thing but why western?the new generation is coming they will see,
prosper , sweden

Jesus by Jesus through it. Means that here in Africa? This fucking guy I do not see what he did to Africans. When you know that that motherfucker of Pope Nicolas V in 1454 as decided at the beginning of slavery. How can a black Christian feeling? The ignorance. Africa will be better when it will get rid of that religion. (true for Islam). As for the negroes treacherous son of a bitch that were Mobutu, Boigny, Bongo ... I hope they die in hell.
Rodcaz , France -Toulouse

What can I? The stupidity of the continent masses can not be overemphasised: we have so called college grads and civil right activist of african origin supporting the the invasion of libya under the pretense of saving lifes. How about invading congo to save life? Sad indeed:
Kofi Afrika , USA/Ghana

Thanks, bailfoy, for ikatng the time to respond to my blog post. You raise a lot of points that others have raised, so they're well noted. I think Western donors have shown little interest in stirring the pot, as you say, because they see few options. My point here was to propose some options that are also coming out of Congo. On the re-count option, a re-count by itself would achieve little yet, taken together with further steps, it could salvage part of the process. If so many votes are discredited so as to change the current National Assembly, a new CENI might be compelled to call for new legislative elections that could occur with the provincial ones, which might then get more intl support. On your point about a pre-determined outcome, I think the fact that the elections were both so disorganized and characterized by such widespread fraud suggest that the elections were not decided in February 2011 with the constitutional changes, although this was a serious step toward engineering a Kabila victory. (The re-count I propose, after all, is with the legislative and not the presidential.) On your point about Congolese citizens priority of needs, citizens do have a list of concerns and many see the dysfunctional nature of their government as part of that problem. People in every corner of Congo I've visited over the last three years (i.e., nine provinces) have expressed a deep disappointment with their elected officials and now it appears that an increasing number distrust political and non-violent processes. Since this is a dangerous situation that makes violence more appealing to a broader group of people, it should be a concern to donor countries. Unfortunately, Congolese themselves (and others) are proposing options that are falling on deaf ears in the West. I wanted to highlight some of the options.
Tanvir ,

What happens in RD Congo is a real genocide Joseph Kabila the Rwandan elected by the states united by force to steal the wealth of Congo. USA stop killing and stealing in Congo. Tshisekedi president elected by the Congolese people. USA stop, stop, enough is enough Obama stop.
Son of RD Congo , Kinshasa

I think this is a real great blog.Really thank you! Really Great.
crork ,

its amazing at times,how people kill to stay in power.My beloved country is being raped and our women in the east are being raped.That dog called kabila is not congolese because we know our people.The so called Africa Union member have no interest in its people but only their families
Boniface , South africa

I passed a year in Congo Kinshasa. Saw circumastances of Congolees. One mama was with us to cooking for us. I was living in a rented house in Presidential Gallary floor no 11. I feel sad to see the killing and other injustices with DR Congo. I request all Congolees to please awake up.
Abdul Hameed Bhatti , Islamabad Pakistan

The reason behind congo's atrocities is its mineral reserve coupled with the big size of the country.Weapons are smuggled and some peoples grow their bellies in the expenses of your blood.Congolese wake up and unite
Davis , Tanzania

As long congo kinshasa people not united yet as a nation and not stand up for grab their own predoon in rdcongo and fight againts unjustice in their country and let militery come to power its impossible rdcongo will be a place of hopes and a place to have good living in oeaceful
ms farida , indonesia

C'est benediction de l'eternel qui enrichit ... L'or et l'argent sont au service de ceux qui connaisent les profondeurs de Dieu ... Beaucoup s'attache a l'argent oublient qu'il ne peut tout acheter .. . " L'amour du congo "
ms farida , indonesia

Les amis sinceres partagent librement, les joies, les peines, les efforts et les projets. D'avenir , ils se considerent comme des freres et des soeur et ,n'envisagent aucune boir de faire des relations coupabbles . Ils se soutiennent dans les moment difficiles apres guerelle. Malentendu ou conflit " l'amour du congo "
ms.farida , indonesia

Without Congo people acting for themselves as a group nothing will ever change. You must have a coalition of people willing to take control if there is going to be change. Outside intervention w/o a unified people will lead to another strong man taking power.
dwight , usa

Patrick - you have the right idea. The change must start at home. I have met several people from Cent African countries who were living in US. They all wanted the same thing to have a country where they could live in peace. They wanted to live where they were born.
dwight , usa

That is very sad it about women of Africa stand together to free Africa from the illuminate let's start know
mello , cape town

This is a very good blog, I am learning about the history of Congo, I want you to know that your words have touched me, and many other people around the world I am sure.I would like to raise awareness of this issue with the people of my country. You are not alone in this poeple will listen
Lara S. , England, UK

i am from india but i was working in congo , i study well all the people they are so friendly but some of them are not so beloved that for them Congo is not able to wakeup, and i had saw a girl being pregent by an iraq man and get refused by that man, these are some lack behind the girl of congo,
sandeep , india

This little blog is great. People need to see the mass genocide happening in almost every country all over the world. These greedy pigs steal from everyone for whatever motive. They turn people on each other then the country basically implodes with violence and hatred. They have an excuse to send
farren olivia mccue , Glasgow

... In the army and sneakily take over... its just beyond disgusting.. The world makes me sad and I fear for future generations because it's only getting worse, religion is another type of amo they use to make the world hate each other....
farren olivia mccue , Glasgow

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