African White Vice President

First white Vice President in Africa country where's the majority of population are black African. It happened, when incumbent Zambian President Michael Sata appointed his deputy Guy Scott who's a white man. Some people would say F. W. de Klerk was the first white Vice President in Africa under Nelson Mandela in South African but it was an arrangement before Nelson Mandela became President also F. W. de Klerk was President of South Africa during the negations to end apartheid in South Africa.

Guy Scott

Scott was born in Livingstone and his background is tangled with Britain's imperial age. His father, from Glasgow, immigrated to Northern Rhodesia (Zambia now) in 1927 and worked as a doctor on the railway conceived by Cecil Rhodes, as well as becoming a leading politician, lawyer and newspaper publisher. His mother, from Watford, England moved there in 1940.

Scott studied Maths and economics at Trinity Hall, Cambridge, England gained a doctorate in cognitive science at Sussex University, and lectured and researched in robotics at Oxford. He has two sons living in Britain, a daughter studying there and another son working in Zambia.


Scott said in one of his interview with western news paper "People are nostalgic, not for exploitation and division, but for the standards of colonial times. When you went to the hospital there was medicine, when you went to schools there were books, when you went to the shops there were goods to buy. "There is a sense of these as being 'white man's standards'. Whether rightly or not rightly is another matter?"

The Vice President of Zambia Mr. Scott fail to mention few things, the psychology impact and suffering of colonialism that affected black Zambian and African people during of colonial era. White people controlled most of lands in Africa where they (White people) are located, also controlled financial power in all African countries. Therefore, Zambian and Black people see white people standard of living is better than Black people. If situation was vice-versa white people would see the same thing. Then complex of inferiority the majority of Black people are carrying today where it was originated? Not from slavery and colonialism!
When he said positives things about colonialism also he should say negatives things about colonialism, if not it could be interpreted that black African where better under colonialism that are today under their black leaders. African leaders are not effective today for their people but Africans are the people who need to find solutions to have better leaders, better governments,etc.
Scott guy and Robert Mugabe
Robert Mugabe smiled when he met Scott Guy

Shortly after his appointment as Vice President, The Guardian Newspaper quoted Scott as saying: "I have long suspected Zambia is moving from a post-colonial to a cosmopolitan condition. People's minds are changing: they are no longer sitting back and dwelling on what was wrong about colonialism. Moreover, " Of his recent introduction to former US President George W. Bush (who was passing through Zambia), he said, "when they introduced me as vice president, he thought they were kidding"

According to Scott Guy "Zambia is moving from a post-colonial to a cosmopolitan condition". However, the issues of colonialism never have been deal it properly in Zambia or any part of Africa. Having political power without economical power it's equal no power, suh as lands issues in African still a big problem in many African countries, lacking of financial power in hands of black African, lacking of control of Africa natural resources, etc.
It doesn't mean because of selected a white Vice President in Zambia, these problems will disappear in minds of Black African without reconciliation and debates to solve these issues. If not, there will be more situations like what happened in Zimbabwe! When Robert Mugabe took the lands by force from White Zimbabweans and gave it back to Black Zimbabweans because British government was delaying to compensate Black Zimbabwean for losing their lands cause of colonialism.

Quoted to Scott himself "Other African countries simply lack significant numbers of local whites so its a hard example to replicate. In other countries the memory of white domination is still too recent and whites control disproportionate amounts of economic wealth (South Africa and Namibia are good examples) to the degree that replicating Zambia's example is a bit far-fetched for now."

Memory of slavery, colonialism and white people domination in Africa still fresh in memory of most black people and African. Most of African countries are less than 50 years of independent from colonialism despite in reality there's no African country that's really independent from former masters. What do you think about Mr Scott Guy as Vice President of Zambia?

Vice president comments

Your comments

Scott Guy was borned in Zambia but he was educated in West and still thinking like a white man. When come to choose what interests to look in Zambia about white people or black Zambian he'll protect his own people(White) in Zambia. If Black leaders can't fight for rights of African then what Scott will do for us. It's joke.
Pina , Pretoria, South Africa

This show high level of complex of inferioty among our African brothers. Do you believe this can happen in any arab country.No way. Zambian president can't trust his own people by choosing his deputy a white man with history of slavery and colonialism still fresh in minds of many Black African. This never will happen in place like France. I salute My Continent to let know African what's going on.
Mo , Egypt, Cairo

First all Scott Guy in England he won't be Prime minister becuase of his age. Secondly he was educated with British values and you 're hoping he will understand full values of African needs. Most of The western who are living outside Europe, they created their own in circle with white people only. They don't care so much about the local people as long as they are controlling the wealth.
Muhtam , Pakistan

The problem that we African got we prefered to trust someone from outside Africa than someone from different tribes in Africa. That why we African were colonised about 500 years. Because of lacking of united and still the same thing today.
Eboy , Nigeria, Lagos

cher camarade salut je vous prie de bien vouloir m'autoriser afin que je puisse vous dire celui qui est auteur du crash de l' avion air bako
samba , RDCONGO

Dear, Every one knows that African leaders are still under European colonial leaders mind i.e to stay on power for 20, 30 , 40 years etc. There is no democratic election. European leaders need them to use as a strategy.The mistake is not from both African and EU leaders. The African people should fight to avoid all these.
Gadaa , Oromia

We know that some African Countries economy still dependent on the western world, but that doesn't mean they should be part of the cabinet. Mr Guy is a pure white, grown up, educated and instill the western's ideas. How can he, what does he knows about the African ideology and culture. You can't compare him with Obama; he spend most of his life in American, and besides he's from a mixed parents.
Eric Alimamy , Freetown, Sierra Leone

As an African,both the have/haveNot strive hard to obtain western education,value and its standard of (Corrupt)Living! We learn to speak their language,walk their walk,eat their canned food,wrote with their Pen,rode in their means of transportation!!Now we think like them to remain in POWER so as to retain those things they've obtained over the years,it would NOT simply be taken AWAY...Cheers
David Adesh , USA (Nigeria) conclution,simply,sincerely and honestly,African leaders have had every parts of their Body and Soul transformed to that of the white man.
David Adesh , USA(Nigeria)

Zambians are not confident of themselves, many Africans still trust more their former colonial masters than their own people. Ways Zambian vice president is picky about topics of colonial times shows, he still harbors white supremacist tendancies, Zambians by large still suffer inferiority complex, many rate white man with high esteem, they call themselves christian nation to conceal ignorance.
Asuma Azima , Libya

The main problem of Africans is we trust others then our own.. This is why the contint still is like this.. Stop playin and start this revolution... How we gone stand a side and look what is goin on..are we realy that weak we cannot stand up to those weakhearths???
Isha , Surinam

we have to see both side of life first of all as black man speeking we are not devoloping because we are very stupid because of our leaders,white people they know that we are not yet maturited so conclusion is that we have to work and live together for the best forget about the pastsee the futures
depanama , uk

After 1964 Zambia faced gruelling ecomonomic conditions with Sata as witness surely fear is a disease In his mind a colonial master will bring aid to his country and the economy will improve under his reign and declare himself a hero.Zambia must take a leaf from their student Zimbabwe a no fear nation
laurence ovimbundu , south africa

stop hating the whites and ur mind will clear. dont counter-hate. whites may have exploit the africa. the reality is that the whites killed and exploited their own whites than they did to africans. yes we are or may still be exploited because we remain to face the truth. the truth that we africans believe in blame game eminating from our beliefs in whitcraft and tokoloshis, sangomas and shit.
Khoisan , Namibia

Vive MUGABE the only leader who dares to say in business "crap" to Westerners.
Rodcaz , France

As well as getting rid of them you need to get rid of there economic, political, and any other system that they have given you to follow or you will always have their chain around Africa's neck What more can I say, its all been said. I second that Vive MUGABE
gary , england

The Zambians people shouldnt mind about the colour of people but the ability of those people,if the vise president is white, the question should have been; why, where,what,how is politic,economical and developmental to the country. o/wise thinking of the direction of Zambia to devt and peace.
Mugabi , Kampala, Uganda

Most African leaders have woefully failed in governance, but if mr. scoth can trully discharge the job assign to him, who are you to judge him?
Kenga , Rotterdam

Yes water is very important! Here in Zambia there are two sesnaos: (1) the wet season (Dec-Mar) where it rains every day, and (2) the dry season where in NEVER rains. People have to grow their crops in the wet season unless they have access to irrigation then they can grow them in the dry season as well. People with money are able to have deep wells that they use a hand pump to bring up to the surface. Most people however have to haul all the water they use in containers balanced on their head! You can imagine that if you had to carry ALL the water you used a mile or 2 then you would probably use a lot less water! Because there is a wet and dry season most of the plants are really green for part of the year and really dry and dead-looking the other part of the year. This place looks very different if you look in March and then again in November! Most people like to do game drives looking for animals during the dry season because all the plants are brown and shriveled which makes it easier to see them than when the grass is green and full.
Salah ,

Asuma Azima, Libya, you say "Zambians are not confident of themselves". Look who is talking! Coming from you, an Arab, who else is better placed to talk about self-confidence? ROFL! First free yourselves, then we can talk as equals, bro.
Eric , New York

Point everyone is missing is that Guy Scott was born in Zambia to Zambian parents. That he was educated in the West does not mean he is less African than us. Afterall, weren't most African leaders educated in the West. Our own black leaders have failed us miserably. If he can get the job done and meets constitutional requirements jus like any other Zambian, I will vote for him. Check Wikipedia
Nia , Accra, Ghana

I agree with KHOISAN from NAMIBIA. Till blacks stop pointing fingers at white people (yes, they did us wrong) and take responsibility for our own nations, we'll be here for a long time. Guy Scott is as African as Obama is American.Read about him on WIKIPEDIA. He is one of those who work hard to make Zambia better. His father was very vocal against colonialism. Look at dat ntell me hes less Zambian
Nia , Accra, Ghana

These comment's are disgusting all I've seen you do was attack his color and call him a "westener" and a "colonist" because he's white. Guy Scott is a good Vice President and very respectful and cares dearly for Zambia. By the way Robert Mugabe is a racist, murdering, scum bag who destroyed Zimbabwe so I don't know why you're saying viva Mugabe for.
Tina , Zambia, Lusaka

I just have seen a BBC documentary where there were several interviews of Vice President Scott. I quite liked him. It seemed to me that he was a genuine patriot and straightforward about his ideas about the race relations and the trajectory of the economy. What I liked most is that a white Vice President could work and thrive in a developing country like Zambia! It is a credit to the Zambians!
Shamim E. Haque , Dhaka, Bangladesh

Guy is Zambian, why is Obama considered american... the is nothing wrong with my people, I am a Zambian living abroad and to be honest Zambian people are far better genuine. why would an arab have the right to look down on us when their own countries are full of violence, some of you are fleeing to live in Zambia and are accepted so what you term as inferiority complex I see as acceptance.
Edd , Zambia

Condoleeza Rice, growing up in the racist southern USA, was told she had to be "twice as good" as the white kids around her in order to succeed. She was and she did. Similarly, Guy Scott had to be twice as good as the black guys around him to get to his position on a continent where so many people still have silly hangs-ups about white domination. He's the smartest guy in the government, by far.
Andrew Gray , Lusaka, Zambia

Edd and Andrew in Zambia. I don't want to get personal. How long it took a mix race guy(Obama) to become president in America? Do you believe there are not smart Black American to be President in USA? How long it took a white man to become vice President in Africa. Firsly, Black Africans need to sort out their problems then any other races can occupy high position African governments.
Jay , USA, New York

Africans should stop promoting white people as they know the best for them. Black people around the World still not be respected as human being.Then Black Africans need to show the World that they can improve their societies or their countries without help of white men on top telling them what to do. To promote Africanism and to get respect as Black people.Come of out Zambia you'll undestand that.
Jay , USA, New York

Jay it has nothing to do with how long it took. The world is by far a different place from the way it was 400 years ago, I don't question the intelligence of 100% African Americans people, Obama came at the right time its not like he got America in its glory age. I'm in europe I know how uncivilized majority of white people are, I'm proud of my country why should we degrade ourselves to racism
Edd , zambia

Edd, what type of majority jobs of Africans and African caribbean do in Europe? What type of majority jobs of White people do in Africa? 400 years ago who controlled economy or financial institutions of World? Today Africans or Black people control their financial organisations? According to you the world is different from 400 years ago!
Jay , USA, New York

Black people their may be free physically but emotionally are still be controling by former masters. Don't confusion world "racism" and "prejudice".Black people can't be racism toward white people because black people do not have financial power to stop white people to develop. Just like former slaves master did to black people to not develop. Such as education, financially, politically, etc.
Jay , USA, New York

There are so many myopic views written on this forum!!!! Makes me puke. Do not judge a book by the cover... know that saying? Leave Zambians and Guy scott alone... West Africans and Arabs have attitude problems. And I can see most of these myopic comments come from them. Wake up and look ahead!
Bwalya , UK

The state of the black(north Africans) people in Europe is bad mostly because they flee their countries either from war or poverty, and so are illegal and cant do any decent jobs, but for the second generation or the people with an education from their home countries are doing fine. the sad thing is some Europeans feel superior to the less fortunate
Edd , Zambia

I don't see why we should base our continent on racism, just cause we are the majority people in the country, what happened to y'all in America is an evil against humanity. Point is Guy is Zambian, he knows his people, its his right, the guy worked for it.
Edd , Zambia

Guy Scott, an African man with, I believe, nothing in his heart but to serve the people of his country! A man who stayed, when everybody packed and left, embraced and believed in Africa and her children! He has been granted an opportunity to serve his country Zambia and he grabbed it with both hands. Serve your Country Mr Scott and leave the naysayers and self-appointed judges to the Most High!
Pontsho , Bloemfontein South Africa

My niga Scoty is a good it or hate it,we like black,white,arabic,indian or isian Zambians...we are one people but different colours..One Zambia One my nigga guy scotty.
weezy , lusaka,zambia

Home is where your heart is. God bless all man kind.
weezy , lusaka, zambia

One thing I've learnt is to stop pointing fingers at our colonial masters for our failures the sooner we accept and forget the past the better for us
George , Lusaka, Zambia

It is a good thing that mr scott was nominated vice president of the republic of zambia. africans are africans no matter their ethnic background. Africans come in all shapes sizes fact neuro science has proven that all the racial co, lurs of the world ard found among africans. all over the continent.
james bedu kojo graham , togo lome

I am a Zambian by birth and decent living in Lusaka Zambia and I have more rights to speak about Dr Scott than all y'all non Zambians who don't have first hand interaction with our vice president. He is more African-Zambian than some of you who are just African by simple word of mouth proclamation. He speaks cares about his homeland unlike some Africans who can't even speak their mother tongue.
Bupe , Lusaka, Zambia

Iam a Zambian abroad iam proud to be one and support our leaders.The secret is to sort out your country problems than other nations.One Zambia one nation
Patterson k , Clevelan,USA

Lol the writer who wrote up there about Scott Guy was biase... He quoted him halfly and I dont think its fair.. There had been so many white leaders who were against apartheid n did something about it... I think Guy Scott is one of them n just born on a white skin with black blood... Can we blame him... No!
Star , Azania

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