Rich Black men with lack of development

Why the majority of people in World see black people as poor or backward people! Because what is going on in Africa or because whatever black people are in World it seems that they are at bottom of society and there is alwyas a lot of misery around them! Might it could be the way the system in World it programmed our mind to see Black people down! Or it could be the western medians because some people still believe that African people are still living on threes in Africa! Let show some facts.

Everyone in World could be financial successful, you could be Black, white, yellow even Green. But Why Black people are the poorest people in world in contrast to others races even if they are the majority or minority in that particularly society. Let look some facts in USA where black people made of 12.6% of populations, but they are the poorest in USA, in South Africa Black people are the majority and white people are 2% and others races but Black people are the poorest in Society. In South Africa we can said that black people were under apartheid regime that reason but 20 years of democracy in South Africa Black people are still living in Soweto(ghetos created by white racist for black people). In UK where every other races (Black, Asian, Chinese and others) arrived not through slavery by voluntary immigration looking for better life. However, Black people are still in bottom in financial term despite they are only 3.5% of population and in Brazil and others South America countries it is the same problem.

homeless person
Therefore, it's by nature that Black people are more likely to be poorer than other people! No. Or may be Black people are not clever enough by nature! No. Or lack of financial education! We don't know. But there are some issues that why Black people are still the last in queue in our societies and lack of development, it doesn't matter where they are in world. It could be the systems in our society are penalised black people to be able to develop themselves? Let look in more details about this.

The problems of Black people having lack of development that others races may be because of system that it was created in last six centuries where Black people were servant and not the master of their own destiny. In last five centuries Black people have been controlled mentally and physically by European in general. Today black people believe they are free! Yes physically in some part of world because even today there are some areas in South Africa, Europe or even in America Black people can't work freely on streets without be questioned or attacked.

Mentally the majority of Black people are still servants. Why! They lost their culture and they didn't manage so far to recoup that, they still following others race rather than trying to develop their own philosophy. Also lack of financial educations, if you're great father was poor and your father was poor you are more likely to be poor. Not because of you race but your parents tough you to work for money but rich parents teach their children that money should work for them. The most of Black parents they would tell the children to go to get some education qualification then to go to work for someone else instance tell them to developed their own business that it could make impact in society for other black kids to follow as example.

How many shops belong to black people in England! In contrast we see so many shops that owned by Indians or Chinese and Polish people who arrived in mass less than 10 years ago in England! Also black people are lack of financial power to support few black people who have courage to developed their own business. The main problems why black people are not developing in terms of business because black people don't support each others. Moreovere, it illustrated why black people are lost the way because their great-great fathers lost the battle with white people about dominant of African culture.White people occupied Africa, forced Africans to learn new languages, change their names for European names, destroyed African religions and introduced European version of bible and religions. How any African or black parents can teach their children about African culture if themselves are lost that it become like a circle wheretever black people are they are in misery because they don't have initiators, people who can start something for others black people to follow. Also for whatever reasons black people of today it's easier to turn against their own people instance against any foreigner as we see tribes are killing each others but they are useless to fight invaders or dictators who are creating lot of misery in Africa.

Haiti is the first Black Country in world that managed to be independent from slavery more than 200 years ago. But Haitians are still working in banana plantations in Dominican Republic today for less than £5 in day and those plantations belong to Latinos or Spanish. What happened with development in Haiti! Or even we go to place like in Kinshasa, Capital of DR Congo the most big business shops are controlled by Lebanese or Indians but they made not even 1 percent of populations in DRC. Could Black or African people do the same in Lebanon or Indian! What is stopping them to do same; there are good number of Black people in India (The Siddi community), China, Europe and America!

When Black people will free themselves for that slave mentality! There are some rich black people in world, why they are not helping their community or creating an organisations to help black people in time of crisis for instance famine, hurricane in case what happened in Haiti! May be black people are also lack of organisation skills and community spirit!.

Rioters in London August 2011

People say that the majority of Jews are rich by nature! No. Jews people did understand the financial power, they are very discipline financial and control the most financial institutions in world not by nature but by teaching their children financial education is the key to success. If you are father a business man, you're more likely follow his foot step. Is there any world financial institution control by Black people? None. Why there is lack of financial education in Black people communities from Africa to America! How many Black people are billionaires! How many Black people who are CEO(Chief executive officer) in Private international Companie! Is there international Bank own by Black person! None.

Of course there some African politicians and their family members holding lot of money that they are stealing from Africa. Worse thing is, they are not even investing that money in Africa they preferred to invest it in poor European countries. For example the only African woman billionaire the daughter of Angola 's President Isabel dos Santos who net worth $3 billion who invested a $924 million stake in Galp, the Portuguese energy giant, and a $500 million holding in media firm ZON in Portugal. How the richest woman (Isabel Dos Santos) in Africa managed to become a billionaire! How much she is investing in Africa to improve other Africans or Angolan people live!

To be well financial educated, it is the key for black people to change their situation in World that meant Black leaders, parents have the key role to play if they want future generations Africans or black people to be respected and be proud to be Black. If not we'll always be talking about racism.


Black people always existence in begin of this world and they will be always be here.

Therefore, fight for your rights as Black people. Lot of these institutions were created not to protected black people or Africans but the West people(Europe, USA,etc) because it was not created by Black people. Africans people believe that NATO will come to Africa to removed all these dictators if their interest in place! The same problems with UN, World Bank and IMF (International Monetary Fund), etc. There are a lot of killing going on in Place DR Congo and UN troops are there why they can't stop it, moreover, there are not weapons factories in Africa but how all theses weapons hand up in Africa! Until Black people will not create their own institutions without help of former masters they will not develop or protect themselves.

When Europeans started to slaved black people and send them in different Continents to work as slaves, God saw that and he lets that to happen, how many black people died in that period of time but then God didn't stop it.However, White men arrived in Africa with Bible in their hands, they gave Africans the bible then they stolen their land, destroyed their culture and they are still stealing their resources until now but Black people still holding tight Bible until now and hoping God will come to save them! You should not accept to be always being servant or followers of others. You are the master of your own destiny.

Rich Black

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I know we're in big mess as black people. It took white men more than two centuries to control us mentally. But we are luck as people that we managed to get some type independence from our former masters. It magine what happened in place call Australia or New Zinland. It could happen to Africa as well. We need work with what got now and develop ourself.
John , Lagos,Nigeria

If you don't have financial power, people won't respect you. Look to south Africa white people are controling financial institutions and give black people political power but they can't change nothing or improve the live of black because lack of financial power. No money no power!
James , Lusaka, Zambia

You're right.the problem of black we don't know our to support each others. an Italian american, he support the new italian immigrant.But we can see a Black American neglenting African or Jamaican.He believe is above all these black people because he was labeled "black American or African American".Why white men labeled us Africa American because we're African that where we come from.
Jay , New York, USA

@James Mahatma Gandhi was a small man physically with no resources and was one of the most powerful men in the world. He kicked the British out of India simply by talking to the people in paddy fields etc When enough people in India agreed with his principles there was nothing to stop him
andy , Southend-0n-sea

Economic racism/terrorism. And most black people are taught to stay away from professions which can help to develop them economically and those that are allowed are vetted to make sure that they are mentally european and generally despise their black skin through said education. We excel in all fields when the playing field is LEVEL.THE CULPRITS ARE ???
Gary Walker/Bojang , London

There is a lot of wisdom in the post- but as someone from the Northeast of England I can tell you amongst the whites(me) there is a similar divide between the poor white and rich white. No matter what the color when you are poor and down its hard to rise to the top. My thinking is to get my kids involved with business my wife (black) and I are trying to create.
andy , Southend-0n-sea

The Bible is real. The problem with Africa is elsewhere. Africans have failed to unite. And many are still worshipping gods. Is that the culture? We have to elect God fearing leaders.
gerard , Burundi

Climatical condition is one of major factor contributing to our lazyness.In Africa you wake up in the morning and ure of seeing sun shining at approximately above your head and you see it at sunset going.The next day will be the same.White people see the sun at a very short period so they use a brain to think how to overcome such overtures.It seems god has a very good plans for black people
Daudi Amiri Mbaga , Tanzania

It gives me great pleasure to write to this forum to say that I do not see the rationale behind this web forum. This is the field of Economics and Finance and Banking. those of us outside the environment are not suitable to discuss the issue at all. this means that the Israeli and Indian Problems are far better to be solved than this non sylla matter. I will rather contribute to that debate t
James Bedu Kojo Graham , Ghana Accra

Poverty is relative and once you are a human being there is no fear of any matter. having lots of money and property is no guarantee of happiness and let me say that there are financially poor people on every continent no matter the colour of the skin. there are about 350 occupations in the world and the facts and figures given on the table are the domains of economists finaciers and Bankers. D
James Bedu Kojo Graham , Ghana Accra

alex , mexico

I like the editor saying “we work for money instead money should work for us we actually financial education we are taught from home to go to school and become employees not employers as long we dnt change our mind set will be like donkeys following a carrot
laurence andulo , south africa

The problem is multi-dimensional.Slavery and Colonialism cannot not be completely ruled out. Most black people around the globe be it in the Americas, Caribbeans and Europe are descendants of enslaved people and a such the cycle of poverty is perpetuated from the slavery days to the present. On the hand descendants of Europeans around the globe have wealth handed down to them from generations.
Musango Lungu , Hangzhou

...contd On the other hand colonialism on the continent did pretty much the same thing. A class system was created with whites at the top, Asians in the middle and blacks at the bottom. This was deliberately done. So even after post independence when whites left the control of businesses was taken over by Asians.A reason why Idi Amin expelled sians
Musango Lungu , Hangzhou

...contd Another reason as you have put it is economic freedom the motto for Julius Malema's party in RSA. White people even after leaving the continent at the end of colonialism never allowed African states to be independent completely but they have kept us dependent on a system they created.
Musango Lungu , Hangzhou

...contd Haiti is poor today not by choice but because its economy was deliberately crippled by France and its allies. At the time of Haiti's independence the other countries in the Caribbeans and Americas still had slavery in full swing. The slave masters in the other colonies would not Haiti humiliate their rule so they sanctioned Haiti and fined it as a precondition for normalizing trade.
Musango Lungu , Hangzhou

..contd It is reported that as a result of the heavy fine imposed on Haiti and the economic sanctions the economy of Haiti nearly collapsed and since then it has not fully recovered. Lastly we as Africans/blacks need to work harder and restore our dignity. I think that is a starting point.
Musango Lungu , Hangzhou

We black people we still slave, as long we do believe in their religion, education system, and what more they say to us. We need use our brain you cannot develop your country with other language, religion and culture. 96% of black people are Christian and Muslim and believe in the bible and Jesus which are just tool to keep us in mental captivity.
WhiteDevil , DR Congo

Toussaint,Nkrumah,Mandela,King are some of the many leaders whose heroism will alwayz inspire us for great things as Africans but there is something unique about these men: They all realised that there is nothing wrong with being Black in fact God did not create us black by a mistake and that whites arent superior in fact they are the same as every other living man,if we can change our attitudes and starts to adopt the same mentality as these above men we WILL achieve the greatest
Thandah , Durban South Africa

Its a great regrette dat black people have been the slaves but not now.we should change our mind and pray to god 4 there better life.
Suraj , India

Black people wherever they are in the world think the same. They invested all in the history and culture regardless of relevance. They always stick to the past and culture and tradition. They believe without culture and tradition, they cannot live and prosper. This mentality hinders them from progressive and innovative thinking hence they are always living in primitive ways.
Ndifelani , Durban South Africa

Yes,africans have been low for tOo long. Sometimes,I think these degrees,really messes them to much. As much as a degree is important,it hasn't us any benefits to point at. Just pathetic african leaders,who steal from the poor people,that is the only benefits seen from the education we got from the whites.
Tibenge Mbale , Zambia

What I see is that a Successful black person would rather belittle his own kind than support them. Maybe it's through the historical culture of a houses slave and a field worker. We see successful black sports players around the world who have the power and the voice to make a real difference to young black people.i only see them enjoying the adulation.They could certainly lead the way of change
Dodger , England

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