My beloved Africa

My Africa Continent with beautiful nature, rich in natural resources, rich in wildlife and the birth place of civilisation.

Africa's land is very fertile where Chinese and others are buying or renting lands in some of African countries to cultivate their products, there is no need for Africans to be suffering from famine or lack of food. In places such as Somalia or Ethiopia we see African children dying because of famine and waiting for UN to send in food as aid. When I think about my Beloved Africa there are sometime tears dropping in my eyes just about this beautiful and rich Continent where its people are running way from Africa to look for good live in different Continents, where they are mistreated because of the colour of their skin. Without realising that Africans are the people who must build again Africa just like our ancestors did in past before slavery.
I love Africa

I'm proud to be an African and I love Africa is the birth place of humanity. Africa is the birth place of civilisation despite lot of people doubt about it because history of world was changed to benefit a particular type of race and put down Africans. But look where's Pyramids in Egypt, the city of Timbuktu in Mali was developed more the 1000 years ago and Tsodilo art in Botswana may date back over 2,000 years.
Then how Africans managed to build Timbuktu and Pyramid if they were uncivilised or uneducated back then! The first human being on earth where Africans because the oldest human skeleton where found in Africa, that human skeleton was around two million years old.

We Africans should be proud to be Africans despite at moment Africa is controlled by dictators and outsider forces but one day Africa will be free again. The Outsider forces (former Slave Masters) did understand the importance of Africa from its beautiful nature, natural resources, etc. That why we have too many Chinese to settling in Africa today their intention is no just to take out its mineral resources but also to own some part of Africa lands just like slave Masters did in past.

Timbuktu city in Mali
Timbuktu city in Mali built more than 1000 years ago.

Why such riches Continent but its people are asking for aids from the Western governments and the Chinese.

There aren't enough housing for its people but there are plenty of empty lands in Africa, there is lack of electricity in most of African countries but there is the biggest waterfall in World Inga Falls in DR Congo, Africa that it can produce electric power that it can support all Africa and export for other Continents.
There is lack of clean water to for its people to drink but there are rivers and lakes everywhere in Africa.

My beloved Africa why so much suffering for its people, may be it will be much better if Africa did not have all these natural resources, it may be it will be less interference from outsiders and Africans will find out their own way again for development of Africa. Just like their ancestors built Timbuktu, Pyramids, etc. So far Africa's natural minerals resources are nightmare for its people, it's causing so much injustice instead it should be something Africans should benefit to improve their live. My Beloved Africa may be one day it will be free again and we Africans will have peace.

My Beloved Africa
Written by Nzinga

My beloved Africa

Your comments

Most Outsiders journalists when they come to Africa they come with an agend to portray Africans as backward people. They sale that type of image of Africa, uncivilised place in around the World. Because they're controlling the media in this planet. But with internet we can show the world what Africa's about today and how it was back them. The true History of Africa and Africans.
David , Uganda, Kampala

Thanks you so much Nzinga. You just proved what Africa's.
Jo , Cananda, Toronto

if Africa did not have all these natural resources, it may be it will be less interference from outsiders and Africans will find out their own way: My friend don't cheat yourself,if there was no Gld, diamond and any other mineral you may think of, there would be invaders coming to Africa eager to brief the natural air of our Continent. Lets unite and stop blaming the white man. Say no to divisions
Gerard Coyitungiye , Burundi

I would like to differ with Gerrard of Burundi this man reminds me of President Shata of Zimbia.Africa was underdeveloped in every scope by slave drivers till today open your eyes and see are u satisfied with the life u are living?Uhuru.Nzinga
laurence mdhlela , South africa

I agree with every word, But yet again like with most articles by my continent, we all know what the problem is, and we have long since identified the problems, and the main problems have been identified in this article, so no need to keep going over them. They say they will not let Africa go and the re-colonization is well on the way as you can see! U.S army bases, the Chinese RISE UP AFRICANS
Gary Walker/Bojang , london

According to Walter Rodney, for Africa to develop she must breakup from west capitalist. Benin city in Nigeria was more developed than armsterdam before colonia encounter. Africa will RISE again
Sadojay Peters , Nigeria

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As son of Africa, I will advise all African's to stop selling the land to the white or yellow. Africa belong to the Bantu people, and I'm hoping that all Bantu people they can stand up together and to fight Nylon-tic mentalities like Paul Kagame and his brother obama, those two leathers they work for the white men profit to eliminate Bantu people which you and me are witnesses to holocaust
Luzhy , DR Congo

Oh...... Africa my continent Africa my roots Africa my life so proud to say ''Africa'' because no one can take that a way from me neither white or yellow ''PEACE BE ONTO YOU''
Lesego , South Africa

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