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For the first time an African united the majority of the world leaders in one stage, friends and foes all them come to give their respect for death of this giant hero Nelson Mandela. This man saved his country and his people for civil war after he served 27 years in prison. Some people would say Mr Mandela managed to save South Africa but he didn't manage to transmit his message to others African leaders! Or he didn't improve economic situation of black South Africans! Nelson Mandela did what he could do to save South Africa to fall into civil war that it could causes more suffering for Black people in South Africa. Moreover, Mr Mandela managed to convince white South African politicians that it will be in best interest of all South Africans to have a rainbow nation. He forgive white South Africans who are apart of apartheid regime and what they have done to him and to his people for seek of peace in South Africa.

Mandela's Quotes

No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion," he wrote in "Long Walk to Freedom."

"People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite."

"Education is the most powerful weapon you can choose to change the world."

"It always seems impossible until it's done."

Path from freedom fighter to Hero

Nelson Mandela
A role model for millions of people around the World
As an ANC leader, Mandela advocated peaceful resistance against government discrimination and oppression until 1961, when he launched a military wing called Spear of the Nation and a campaign of sabotage. The next year, he was arrested and soon hit with treason charges. At the opening of his trial in 1964, he said his adoption of armed struggle was a last resort born of bloody crackdowns by the government.

Mandela in one of interview said that in his trial in 1964 it was opportunity to use apartheid platform to tell the entire world his ideas. He said that in court:

"Fifty years of non-violence had brought the African people nothing but more and more repressive legislation and fewer and few rights," he said from the dock

"I have cherished the ideal of a democratic and free society in which all persons live together in harmony and with equal opportunities. It is an ideal for which I hope to live for and achieve. But if needs be, it is an ideal for which I am prepared to die."

Our struggle has reached a decisive moment," he said. "We have waited too long for our freedom. We can no longer wait."

During his long subsequent confinement, more than 27 years of which were spent on Robben Island, a wind-scorched Alcatraz off the Cape coast little was heard of Mr. Mandela and nothing was seen of him. When he emerged from captivity on February 11th 1990, no contemporary photograph of him had been published since 1964; the world had been able only to wonder what he looked like.

Nelson Mandela
The statue of Nelson Mandela in Parliament Square
in London. The only Black man statue in Square

Over the next two years, Mandela proved himself a formidable negotiator as he pushed South Africa toward its first multiracial elections amid tension and violence. He and de Klerk were honored with the 1993 Nobel Peace Prize for their efforts.

When the elections were held in April 1994, the ex-prisoner became the next president and embarked on a mission of racial reconciliation, government rebuilding and economic rehabilitation. He was by then 71 years old, and barely ten years of semi-active politics remained to him. Nonetheless, more than any other single being, he helped during that decade to secure a conciliatory and mostly peaceful end to apartheid, one of the great abominations of the age, and an infinitely more hopeful start to a democratic South Africa than even the most quixotic could have imagined 20 years earlier.

Mr Mandela only did not show African leaders but also entire world that a Black man and African can be a good leader, a good politician, for those people who believe that black man or Africans have lack of leadership then Mr Mandela proved them wrong. For those people who look at black people or Africans down because of the colour of their skin or because the situation Africa is nowdays. There is a person who proved them wrong Nelson Mandela, the man all black people and Africans should look as their role model.

Nelson Mandela gave a good lesson for current and future Africans leaders, and entire world to learn how to forgive others, violence only bring more violence the best way to resolve our conflicts and difference is through dialogues and comprise. Therefore, future African leaders should learn how to comprise because of peace but the currents African leaders didn't learn Mr Mandela's lesson so far.


Your comments

Nelson Mandela teach us all a good lesson. Even White South Africans used to call him a terrorist. they fall in love to him even become to see him as their protectors.He's amasing man, he made Africans proud. Thank you so much what you've done for image of Africans and black people.
John , USA, New York

You made us all proud to be Africans Mr Mandela. World all see in Africa, dictators, War Lords,greedy politicians.
Assien , Ghana, Accra

It's good see so many people give their respect to a black and african hero. I believe black people need someone like Nelson mandela as their role model because Nelson Mandela is respected all over the world. The first time all news channel in England were following an event in Africa all day about 5 days. Nelson Mandela your my hero.
John , London, England

Mandela is the iconing figure of last and this century the big powers used to call him the terroritst one of them is the hypocrite country in the world the USA.God rest his soul in eternal peace
Daudi Amiri Mbaga , Tanzania

Nelson Mandela has been a mentor world wide and admired for his teaching, I don't see any one in the future has the image of the son of the soil from Africa, Nelson Mandela.
Leonard/M , Guyana

Well it's all great. Africa has great leaders all in its history, but they are mostly portrayed as evil by those with access to report their story. N'kruman, Neyrere, Haileselassie and recent ones like Meles Zenawi had made tremendous contribution to the continent in the face of the colonizing evil powers. Mandela succumbed to those powers and chose to play by their terms. Most other great wouldn'
Wondwossen , Ethiopia, Addis Abeba

There are no words that any South African can say to discribe Madiba for me as a 32 yr-old black woman I wouldn't be having the rights the freedom and the ease with which I live my life protected by the constitution and the justice system of this wonderful land,to Madiba thanks Tata-father of our nation may you rest in peace YEM YEM you have fulfil your duty,we salute you
Thandah , Durban South Africa

we loved you_ we love you_we will always love you
Wanjiru , Kikuyu, kenya

dette var spennende
henning , fornebu

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