African migrants or infiltrators as they're called in Israel!

In last few months many African migrants and refugees were attacked in Israel and some were deported back to Africa because they are considered as infiltrators in Israel society because of colour of their skin.

Four Eritreans injured in last month attack were taken to hospital with burns on their hands and suffering from smoke breathing. In south Tel Aviv, where African run businesses have been attacked and many migrants have been suffering abused in the streets.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in recent times described African migrants as "infiltrators" who had come to Israel for economic reasons and who were a dilemma that had to be resolved.
African migrants attacked in Isreal

There are 62,000 African migrants in Israel; the majority come from Eritrea, Sudan and South Sudan. According to official data that it was presented in parliament committee demonstrated the crime rate among foreigners was significantly lower than among Israelis.

Also others Israelis politicians used extremist languages when come about African migrants in Israel.
Interior minister Eli Yishai said in one of interview, many African migrants are criminals infected with HIV and in area where African migrants are living in Tel Aviv become "the country's garbage can".

Moreover, Yishai said that "infiltrators", along with Palestinians, were threatening the "Zionist dream". "We need to transform military bases in which we can imprison all of them without exception." Non-dangerous prisoners could be released early pending deportation to make room for "infiltrators who pose a far greater risk to public safety".

Added, "The infiltrators are going to reach the Promised Land but they aren't going to see it at all, only through bars ... they are going to be deported from here, either nicely or by force," he said.

He even realised that he sound like racist. "I sound like a racist, a benighted man or a xenophobe, but I'm motivated by love for my country and the knowledge that I don't have another country."
But he just forget that Adolf Hitler also he was motivated about loves of his country when he was prosecuted Jews. Its sound common to he, may be someone should throw he a book about Jews history before he could open his mouth. African migrants attacked in Isreal

US state department has condemned Israel's behaviour of thousands of African asylum seekers who it says are being denied basic social services.

It is surprising to hear all these comments from Israelis politicians bear in mind the Jews history what they went through and they are still suffering anti-semetism in some of European Countries. Those politicians forget that some many Jews sought refuge in Africa when they were persecuted in Europe by Hitler and Nazi and there are still many Jews who are living in Africa until now.

Israel should be a country with compassion and tolerant toward others people it was founded to give protection for Jews peoples but also should give protection to others who are running for persecution. But the world can see their treatment toward the Palestinian.
African migrants attacked in Isreal

If Israelis politicians continue to behave like cowboys, they are damaging the reputations of Jews people in around world also Isreal soon or later will brand a racist state or apartheid state. May be it's already racist state with these type of acts.

Some Jews people in Israel still believe they are the victims because what happened to them in past. You can't keep claiming victim if you are demonstrated or attacking black immigrants or refugees in streets of Jerusalem or Tel Aviv and following the extremist politicians, also deporting many of African immigrants because of the colour of their skin or colour of their skin it threat to Jew state! Why Jews people were prosecuted in Europe? Jews people should understand better what mean to run away from prosecution.

Infiltrators in Esreal

Your comments

Black people still real victims in this World. It's not matter where they're, they still be oppressed, porvety,suffering even in Africa. All these will finish when Black people will put their house in order, Africa Continent. Until then they'll be suffering until they stop running from Africa.
John , Canada, Toronto

I just don't understand why a Black person or African want to migrant in Isreal! Ignorance is biggest decease in African society. Next time do your researche before run way from your countries.
Jamal , Eritrea

I can't understand why a Jew politicien can come a public to say these words toward innocents people. Isrealis politiciens want World to remember what happening to them in past. But they are doing the same thing what Nazis did. Sending someone in Prison because of their colour skin it's Holocous.
John , Canada, Montreal

What Black people are afraid of. We are consired in this world, bottom in all races. White, Arab, Jews even Chinese now are playing with US. Then we don't have nothing to lose but to fight back to get some respect.We must begin to fight back against the puppy leaders in Africa first.
Jay , Benin

Remember One good turn deserves another, turn it round, "one bad turn deserves another", Israel you treat your fellow human beings (Africans)like that when they are in need..., time will tell and remember when you were in the same situation, countries come to your aid, why not do the same for others
Eric Alimamy Kargbo , Sierra Leone

So Sad to see our People being mistreated all over just in pursuit of a better life ignoring that there's no better place than home; let's learn even from Israel after all the suffering decided in 1948 to all go back home! it's time to change our mindset for: USA & EU aren't willing to help Africa.
Dixon , Royaume Kongo

the Israelite people have forgot their past during the world wars, now they are trying to do same to other nations. But for us African black people it´s lesson because we shall never go to a neighbor and refuge ourselves there we are suppose to sort our problems with fire and iron
Aguinalod , Luanda, Angola

This is nothing new,racist people occupy an country actin like its theires.. They are Israeli,not Israelites.The real people of Israel.Indeed we should fight back against those wo fight our skin..we dont have no friends in no society.Africans should stand up for them self.Rise up freedom fighters
Isha , Surinam

Listen to all African people, Africa is the richest continent in the World. God blessed us with all type of minerals resources yet we are still poor and cannot feed ourselves. Always need help, famine, war,discrimination even between us Africans.How to you think others will respect you? Ibrahim!
Ibrahim Doude , U.S.A Indianapolis

mhhhhhh!black people why us always?
Prosper , Stockholm

There is so much pressure all over the world, which has led to migration here and there. However, our leaders should take the pains of making their country stable economic and political wise to avoid their citizens migrating to other countries only to go and add more pressure to there country .
Ogboma ifeanyi , Nigeria

Guys,just back come in ur country and try to do something,why us always???? Rentrez chez vous,partout y'as la vie mes chers freres,acceptes premierement toutes les realités et essay de t'integré et puis tout va changé avec le temps,j'ai de larmes aux yeux.......

Israelis behave like Nazis. Chosen people!!! This is hard to say, but I believe that Hitler did not finish the job.
Rodcaz , France

Why are you all so surprised? Israel was founded on ethnic particularism. That is, it was meant for Jews only. That's what is mean by the Zionist Dream. It has always been an apartheid state! Look at how the Palestinians have been treated. They were engaged in "ethnic cleansing" years before 1948!
Basil , Bridgetown, Barbados

Long before independence, they were kicking Arabs out of their lands, lands which European Jews had earmarked for their exclusive use as the state of Israel. 64 yrs later, Yishai wants to herd black people into internment camps/ kick them out by force. People need to speak out about this outrage.
Basil , Bridgetown, Barbados

Black people have right to move any where in the African continent, Israel is North East Africa, the people who occupied it are European caucasian Askhanazi's, they took that part of Africa by conniving, conning and art of deception, they are treacherous, must be forced to move and vacate.
Asuma Azima , Libya, Kouffra

je suis désoler pour cette agression qui subissent nos frères africains en Israël que nos ambassadeurs puissent se reniassent pour quelques chose a l'honneur des leurs compatriotes merci
oleka marc , congo rdc

why why why Africans!! ok, can we also consider these Non Africans leaving in Africa infiltrators?? i dont mind, but this is too much, i deally think, it is not a disgrace to be an African, we deserve eqaul rights like any other race! every person should consider this, treat Africans as people.....
ngobi ronald , uganda

The same way the United States may expel Israeli civilians. That overstay and work in the country illegally. Israel is also allowed to do so. The fact that the Sudanese and Eritreans are black does not give them the right to invade our country. And if you think they do, then you are racists. period!
Dany , Israel

My country Zambia has hosted and welcomed a sizable number of Jewish settlers. One of them Simon Zukas even held a very high government position. The current central bank of Israel governor, Stanley Fischer was born and partially raised in Zambia. It is time as Africans we became hostile to Jews.
Musango Lungu , Hangzhou

It is funny when africans migrate to europe nowadays it is not big deal compared to those who migrate to america or australia. israel is not handling immigration too well. why should the land that fostered Christianity islam hinduism and other great religions show suxh blantant racism to persons..
james kojo graham , ghana.

It really means that european and american jews who by the way were majority setters in israel between 1921 to 1949 and still migrste to isrsel under the law of return brought with them the racism prevalent in Europe and america to israel. no wonder israel is hostile to dark coloured persons etc...
james kojo graham , ghana accra

Enough of politics to all israeli and palestinian women between 20 to 30 years of age. call me on 00233 020 6127850or email me at for email datong romance ans sex talk. This way there can be peace in the middle east between arab and jews israeli and africans and ultomately
james bedu kojo graham , ghana accra

The two state solution is clear. israel and palestine living side by side in peace and security with the rest of the middle east. this is a dream and this is a hope for all mam and woman kind. it is possible thst is why er write poetry for peave and stability. africa can help the middle east
alfred ikpebs , lome togo

Our first leaders from time of the 1960s to 1970s were clear about one thing. africa must unite througha common currency com on immigration and customs union to become the middle ground of the world. wheter africa is developed or not the basic premise is this people will still migrate to other con
jonathan kwapong. , ghana accra

Why should israel be called the jewish state. america is 80 percent white but she does not call herself the european or white nation. what does mean to be a jew or jewish. Arent jews a branch of the human european family. didnt first appearcin europe before they dispersed across the world even as
jonathan kwapong. , lome togo

Let us call this poetic justice. in 1973 israelis became acquainted with africa through their invasion of the suez canal. the israeli army saw its feet on the egytian desert. since that year in the yom kippur war israel and africans have gotten to jaw jaw. Education and trade links between israe
jonathan kwapong , togo lome

Can any anthropologist tell me the origin of rhe jewish people and how they weee dispersed throughout the world but still keeping their religion and faith in God. have they been persecuted because of their preceived success in certain occupations like banking and finance when it is not absolute y t
james bedu graham , togo lome

Not true as people from other races are also in thelrofession as well in other fields of endeavour. People from other backgrounds have also done extremely well in the same prodession as jewish people in the same sector so why have they been oppressed and persecuted in europe and elsewhere.great peo
jonathan kwapong , togo lome

In a funny sense israel is becoming like apartheid south africa and the fate of the arab palestinians is now sad agenda on the international stage. sure black africans are in many cases economi c migrants but truly israel must be interested in tapping their ability and talent to aid the jewish nat
James bedu K Odjo Graham , togo lome

C est Vraiment Unique et clair, en terme Geographique israel Appartient au Continent Africain pres de L Egypte. 62.000 Africains en Israel que l Etat Hebreu lui Donne des Passports pour pouvour Naviguez au Tour du monde facilement. C est une entrave d Injustice de Place et d encadrement Juridique
Jonathan Kwapong , Accrs Ghana - <a href=""></a>
atulianora , kara - <a href=""></a>
avitoruwi , Jinja

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