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In summer is beautifull

Church on ice

It's cold in february here

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At night this bridge look good

We have our own ice bar

it was hot inside, love it
Iceland Business

Economy in Iceland

Economic overview

Iceland's economy depends heavily on fishing, as it has done for years. Fishing provides 40% of the country's export earning and employs 8% of the work force. However, due to declining fish stocks, Iceland has been diversifying its economy into manufacturing and service industries including software production, biotechnology and financial services. The economy does still rely heavily on fishing although its importance is diminishing and other industries are growing. One such growing industry is travel as the tourism sector is expanding due to recent trends in whale-watching and ecotourism.

The Icelandic economy offers a numbers of strengths and weaknesses for people who consider establishing a business there. The country is technologically advanced and corruption is very low. The country's quality of life is high and Icelanders are used to a high degree of individual freedom

How long does it take to set up a company in Iceland?

Iceland is probably one of the few countries with a very short incorporation process. In order to have a legal and functional company, there are only a few procedures requested, most of them being completed in one day. An Icelandic company is set up in approximately one week, but may take even less.

Setting up an Icelandic company from abroad

Foreign investment in Iceland is regarded as valuable and the government encourages it guaranteeing a non-discriminatory treatment. There is no legal distinction made between an Icelandic entrepreneur and a foreign one. An Icelandic company can be established by an authorized representative, as long as he provides signatures of the managing board of the company. In order to conduct business activities through an Icelandic company, there is no need to have a registered office.

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the problem is high tax in Iceland. Most entrepeneurs invests in low tax countries.
David , Spain, Madrid

it's good place to do business but since the scandalous about iceland banks, I believe Iceland lost its credebelity.
Bjork , Iceland

A mliloin thanks for posting this information.
Marylada ,

If the country is free to invest and there is no foregner discrimination why not investing there?No country in the world survive without a tax.If the tax is very high then when you invest put up your profit margin to be high also.I prefer a safe place like this rather than going to unsafe place
DAUDI , Tanzania


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Iceland tourist spots

The Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is certainly one of the most visited places in Iceland and that is because this bodz of water is considered to be one of the most supernatural on Earth. The water's temperature in the places people ca swim is about 40 C (104 F). Also, this water is very rich in minerals that is why it is considered to have curative powers

Nature reserves in Iceland - Dorsmork

There are many nature reserves in Iceland and one of the most famous one is Dorsmork. Around Reykjsvik there are 300 square km consisitin of natural wilderness, which offer a great challange for the hiking amateurs.

The West Fjords

The West Fjords is actually a spectacular chain of mountains. This part of the country is 13 million years old and is mostly made of basalt and rhyolite. This is certainly the best place to visit for those who enjoy unspoiled nature.

Waterfalls in Iceland

Iceland 's natural beauty is perfectly complemented by the numerous and almost magical waterfalls that are spread throughout the country. Small or large, all of Iceland 's waterfalls have a special attraction of their own, each providing locals and visitors with a sight worth remembering.

Geysers in Iceland

The name of all geysers in Iceland and around the world comes from the Great Geysir that erupted in the 14 th century. This geyser used to erupt every 60 minutes till the 20 th century when it finally became dormant.

Glaciers in Iceland

The glaciers in Iceland are one of the country's most distinctive features. They cover approximately 11 260 square km- 4 328 square miles or put it differently 10,9% of the entire area of the country. In Iceland you can find almost all types of glaciers from the tiny cirque glaciers to large glacier caps similar to the inland ice of Greenland.

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One of nice place to visit in Europe

I was there in winter it's very cold. Be prepare if you're going in Iceland for winter.


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