Financial Crisis is bringing up Racism attitude in Europe

There is financial crisis in Europe and in rest of the World. But in last 3 years there is high level of attacks against people who don't look like white European in some European Cities. Why some European or white people when there is austerity measure the first thing to start attacking immigrants or blaming immigrants for financial crisis!

But in places like in Angola, Mozambique are receiving lot of Portuguese people who are running way from crisis in Europe and they are welcome in this part of Africa. They are getting better wages in contrast to local people but there are not attacks on people who don't look like Black African in Angola or in Mozambique.

Worse situation, where some racist party in some European Countries got seats in parliament and their members are attacking and murdering immigrants. Also the police are attacking and detaining not just illegal immigrants but also legal immigrants or others European of African or Asian origin. Let look in particular country where crisis is biting hard in its people, Greece.

Anti-racism rally
Shehzad Luqman
Protest in Athens against racism and murder
of Shehzad Luqman

About 3,000 people marched in Athens in an anti-racism rally on Saturday, 21.01.2013 protesting against the rise of the neo-fascist party Golden Dawn in Greece and murder of Shehzad Luqman,27 years old Pakistani. Who was stabbed to death by two men who had been riding a motorcycle as he rode his bicycle to work in the Athens neighbourhood of Petralona in an alleged racially motivated attack in the early hours of Wednesday, 16.01.2013 by suspected Golden Dawn members.

More than 60,000 people have been detained on the streets of Athens since the police launched operations against illegal immigrants in August 2012; there have been fewer than 4,200 arrests. Also some visitors to Greece have been detained despite having shown the police their passports.

Korean backpacker made a mistake by visiting Greece. Hyun Young Jung was stopped by a plain clothes police speaking Greek on the street in central Athens he thought it might be some kind of scam, so he dismissed the man politely and continued on his way. A few moments later he was stopped again, this time by a guy in uniform who asked for his documents. But as an experient traveller he was watchful.
 Hyun Young Jung
Hyun Young Jung was attacked in street of Athens
by the police while visiting Greece

Greece was the 16th stop in his two year long round the world trip and he'd frequently been warned about people dressing in fake uniforms to try to take out money from backpackers, so while he handed over his passport he also asked the man to show him his police ID.

Instead, Jung says, he received a punch in the face.

Within seconds, the uniformed man and his plainclothes partner the man who had first approached Jung - had him down on the ground and were kicking him, according to the Korean. In shock, Jung was by now convinced he was being mugged by criminals and began shouting for help from passers-by. "I was very scared," he says.
It was only when he was handcuffed and dragged up the road to the nearest police station that he realised he was actually under arrest. Jung says that outside the station the uniformed officer, without any kind of warning, turned on him again, and hitting him in the face. "There were members of the public who saw what happened, like the man who works in the shop opposite the police station, but they were too afraid to help me," he says.

Inside the police station, Jung says he was attacked a third time in the stairwell where there were no people or cameras

"I can understand them asking me for ID and I even understand that there may have been a case to justify them hitting me in the first instance. But why did they continue beating me after I was handcuffed?" he asks.

Jung was held with a number of migrants from Africa and Asia who had also been rounded up as part of the police's anti-immigration operation. When Jung was released from police custody without charge just a few hours after being detained, he says one officer shouted after him, "Hey Korean, go home!"

Jung went to the Korean Embassy in Athens and returned with the consul to confront the men who he said hit him. It took five further visits to the police station, an official complaint from the embassy to the chief of police and 10 days of waiting before the officers involved in Jung's case were named. He is still waiting for the police verdict but says that whatever the result he will never go back to Greece.

"I travelled through Azerbaijan, Mongolia, Kazakhstan and Armenia but I never felt in as much danger as in Athens," Jung says. "Whenever people ask me if they should visit Greece I tell them to go to Turkey instead."

Second Case

In July last year, 38-year-old Christian Ukwuorji, a US citizen of Nigerian origin, visited Greece with his wife and three children. They visited some tourist sites, and stopped in Athens on the way back. It was as he was walking in central Athens with a friend that Ukwuorji was stopped and asked for his ID by the Greek police. Although showing them his US passport, he was detained with a group of immigrants and taken to the police station.
 Christian Ukwuorji
Christian Ukwuorji beat up until he passed
out by the police

While there Ukwuorji says he tried to take a photograph of his handcuffs on his mobile phone but when officers saw what he was doing they jumped on him, beating him until he passed out. He woke up in hospital with minor head injury. He was released without been charged of any crime.

The US Embassy has requested an investigation, but six months on there has been no word from the police. Ukwuorji believes he was the victim of racism and says he will never visit Greece again.

"I went there to spend my money but they stopped me just because of my colour," Ukwuorji says. "They are racist." He would like to see the men who hit him prosecuted, but says he holds out little hope of any justice. "The police there are very corrupt and nothing will be done about it," he says. "I have learned that this is how Greece is." Ukwuorji said.

It difficult to know how many people have had attacked by the police in Greece but the US State Department to issue a warning to its citizens travelling to Greece.

It updated its website on 15 November to warn of "confirmed reports of US African-American citizens detained by police conducting sweeps for illegal immigrants in Athens", as well as a wider problem in Greek cities of "unprovoked harassment and violent attacks against persons who, because of their complexion, are perceived to be foreign migrants".

Third case

In May 2012 a visiting academic from India, Dr Shailendra Kumar Rai was arrested outside the Athens University of Economics and Business, where he was working as a visiting lecturer. He had come out for lunch, and forgotten to take his passport with him.
Dr. Shailendra Kumar Rai
Dr. Shailendra Kumar Rai was
arrested while lectured at university
in Athens.

When passing students saw their lecturer being held by police and lined up against a wall with a group of immigrants they were horrified and rushed inside to tell his colleagues. Despite protests from university staff who insisted they know him; the police handcuffed him and took him down to the police station.

Quoted from Dr Ray "Some of my Greek colleagues were almost crying with embarrassment," "I understand why the police need to ask for identity documents, they are just doing their job. But I think they are too aggressive in my country only criminals are handcuffed."

He was finally released but there was a protest in the Greek media which asked why a respected academic invited to the country to share his knowledge should be humiliated in such a way.

Racism cases

In 22 cases the victims of racist attacks said that they tried to report the incidents to the police but were faced with unwillingness or deterrence and, in some cases, the actual refusal of the police authorities to respond.
Immigrants from DR Congo
on anti-racism rally in Athens.

But in a report for 2012, the Racist Violence Recording Network, a group consisting of 23 NGOs and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, called on the Greek government to "explicitly prevent police officers from racially motivated violent practices" referring to 15 where police and racist violence are interlinked. These incidents concern duty officers who resort to illegal acts and violent practices while carrying out routine checks. There are also instances where people were brought to police stations, were detained and maltreated for a few hours, as well as cases where legal documents were destroyed during these operations.

Gildas Batola 35 year old from DR Congo, "I have been the victim of a racist attack and when I tried to complain about it, I was arrested. Police are the same as Nazis," he says.

Golden Dawn racist party in Greece

There have been a number of reports illustrating strong support among the police officers for Golden Dawn, the extremist right party that soared in popularity last year, winning 18 seats in June parliamentary elections. Golden Dawn Party blamed immigrants for financial crisis in Greece they can't blame Germany for austerity that opposing in Greek people because the Germans are whiter then Golden Dawn members or more European than them. They decided to pick on vulnerable people such immigrants and refugees to get votes from Greek people who are affected from austerity opposed on them from European Central Bank.

London based anti racism campaigner Sasha Simic said he traveled to Greece to attend the demonstration that it was on 21.01.2013 in Athens.

"I'm here to show solidarity with Greek people fighting against Golden Dawn, an openly fascist organization that is trying to exploit the misery of the crisis that the bankers have caused to scapegoat immigrants, to scapegoat gay people, to scapegoat anybody that doesn't fit into their political schema. We know what happened in the 1930s with the rise of the Nazis. ... We are here to stop them,"

Golden Dawn should look in Greece history in term of immigration. Greeks people are immigrants people themselves go to place like in London in England or in USA there are areas belong to Greek Communities.

Crisis and Racism

Your comments

Most of South of European are racist people and they have complex of inferioty toward North European. I did lived in Greece I didn't feel like I was in Europe, so called the Land of Human rights. There's no human right in Greece, the police can beat up and you don't have a place to go to complain. I left Pakistan because of abuse of human right but In Greece is the same.
Khan , Pakistan

It's shame that people are still losing their life because of the colour of their skin. We're in 21th century then we still have some white people still behave like slaves masters.
James , USA, New York

We must stop migranted in Europe and believe there are gold in street or when you're in Europe your life will be easy. You're more likely to succeed in your own country the in Europe.In Europe you've to battle of racism, financial, been immigrant and trying to sort out your stay in Europe it could be a long process. Therefore, you can live in Europe for long time as an illegal immigrant.
Ulo , Nigeria, Germany

The problem about Greek people because they're dark skin white people or south European. They're suffering from complex of inferiority from North European. Even before finacial crisis they always maltreated African, Asian and others minority. They believe they're superior of African or Asian. Greece is not Europe in term of humain rights or living condition. I'm moving to real Europe in North.
Mbala , DR Congo, Athens

My short suggestion. I advice African race not to go to Europe for any purpose. They gain nothing there except washing cars, working in the toilet, feeling country-less. We should be also against white people in African countries. They have nothing to do for us except extracting our natural resources, spying our home to colonize us. Bye
Gadaa , Oromia

Shocking and sad stories. Europe has a long history of this. In UK, you hear negative comments bout Poles and Rumanians, who are therein fairly large numbers, doing menial jobs.Elsewwhere, racists have attacked Arabs, Gypsies and Jews. Whenever there are economic problems, some groups try to blame them on foreigners. DRC/Angola, Cote d'Ivoire, 2011, Bahamas/Haiti too. Remember?
Basil , Barbados

There is an adage saying the first will be the last and the last will be the first.Greece used to be the cradle of mankind and the most wisest men in the world originated from Greece like Ptolemy,socrates etc But now it is a country of thugs and holigans.
DAUDI , Tanzania

Actually whenever a racism cases occur in some parts of world, like what has been happening countries in EU especially Greece extremely affect African people,why?? it's because we are running from our homes due to lack of jobs, security and many other problems,but unfortunately our governments are not yet ready to solve that problems. As African people we must stand together against corruption.
haile , mugadisho

Livin in EuropE indeed is not an blessing. While they steel a lot of Africa,and the slaves of Africa and build theire countries they do not respect black people.Not only in Greece.Actually all white mans country.And indeed as long as black countries has leadeRs who do not respect their blackness and do not fight for the possibilitys for its own people. We still gonne be victim of badmindeds
Ismayl Isha , Surinam

its just no shock, some countries in Europe are just known for that. as for me i will just pray to the supreme God to help this world. DIFFERENT COLOURS, ONE PEOPLE.

The financial crisis that hit Greece isn't an excuse for racism, certainly it's problem is going to increase million times by that malignant act. But it is hard to swallow, that Angola & Mozambique are entertaining the portuguese immigrants with high wages when most of their citizens are here suffering in cold!
Kenga , Rotterdam

Greeks should learn from Spaniards.In the late 1950s,the Spaniards were secretly killing n dumping in the sea their blacks claiming that minus the"black plaque",Spain would become a Super Power within 15yrs. We're yet to see it.Dwight Eisenhower knew of it but ignored since Spain was an "ally" in the cold war.In 2009,France,UK and Germany(countries with higher black population)bailed out Spain.
Nyamweya Onderi , Brazil

As if not enough,the 2010 WC trophy,which Blatter directed all the referees to ensure Spain carries it home(to prevent the country from splitting into Catalună, Galicia,Basco and Castelo due to the financial crisis)was played in a majority black country. Karma had Spain in hand and it will have Greece in hand too. RIP our Indian, Black, Asian and Arab brothers murdered by Greek police.
Nyamweya Onderi , Brazil

The wheel turns. The European countries begin to pay their misdeeds committed during the centuries in other continents. They can continue their racist acts against immigrants soon as c is they who will be obliged to emmigrer to the South. Simply already see the number of Spaniards arrived in Africa.
Rodcaz , France

Barnypok , USA

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