New system to control Africa

The western and others are deploying their troops in around Africa. Why there are so many foreign forces in Africa. Is this the new system to control Africans and their mineral resources? Let examined this problem that Africa is facing again after slavery, colonisation, dictatorship is still going on with African puppet leaders responding interest of their masters and not of African people.

The Afghan experience can, say analysts, assist the soft power strategy. But Western intentions in Africa are not entirely unselfish, and there is competition for influence in a continent rich in minerals and commercial potential. China, desperate for resources and undertaking endless construction projects, is now flexing its military muscle. Chinese troops were seen recently patrolling with Zimbabwean soldiers in Mutare, while at the same time the freighter An Ye Jiang was docked in Durban packed with weapons for Robert Mugabe's regime.

Map of Foreigh troops in Africa
Map of Foreigh troops in Africa
China has also offered counter-terrorism expertise to Nigeria and sent defence attachés to a number of states including Cameroon. India now has a series of defence agreements with Kenya, Mozambique and Madagascar, where it has established training programmes alongside those it runs in South Africa and Tanzania. Turkey, meanwhile, has announced it will be offering defence assistance to Somalia.

But, unlike in Mali, the government insists it will be African Union troops rather than Foreign Legionnaires who will be patrolling it. There may be a small-scale reinforcement from Paris, but Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius insisted there wouldn't be intervention "in the classic sense of the word".

The last British campaign in Africa was 13 years ago in Sierra Leone, but the UK is currently training forces in three states that are anything but calm. General Sir Peter Wall, the head of the Army, said: "We have got three relatively new things which don't involve significant numbers of people but nevertheless are pointers to the future: Somalia, Mali and also the training of Libyan militias for integration into the military.

In Mali, the UK forms a part of an EU training team, while France retains military presence in a states from Chad to Djibouti, the Ivory Coast and Gabon. Mali, meanwhile, is a continuing concern for the Hollande administration.

The biggest US military project in Africa remains Egypt, whose forces receive $1.3bn in aid from Washington every year. Some was suspended when civilians were killed by security forces after the overthrow of Mohamed Morsi, but many in Congress hope to use it as a bargaining tool to rein in the Egyptian military. The Pentagon also runs the Trans-Saharan Counterterrorism Initiative (TSCTI), which operates civilian and military projects from Mali to Chad, Mauritania, Niger, Algeria, Morocco, Senegal, Nigeria and Tunisia. With Barack Obama's much publicised shift in security focus to the Pacific Rim, the army stresses the importance of staying in Africa.

African become a milk cow

"If the world's one remaining superpower is taking soft power seriously and the emerging one, China, is also starting on that path, soft power of a muscular variety can only get more traction," said Robert Emerson, a security specialist. "Conflicts will not go away from Africa any time soon, but we are seeing major adjustments in dealing with them. It will be fascinating scene of competition for influence in the future."

Africa and Africans are in poor situation today because there are lot of powerful forces doing everything to control Africa. Therefore, Africans are not making their own decisions to improve their countries, some people believe that Africans are not intelligent enough because they can't improve their countries with all these mineral resources. But when we look in big picture then we realise that why Africans are poor but Africa is the richest continents in mineral resources in World.

How you can explain a country like Switzerland,people have better conditions of life in contrast in place like Nigeria, Ghana, Congo or Angola. Switzerland has not mineral resources; it depends on chocolate, watches factories and fraudster's money, thieves and included African dictators to hide their money in Swiss banks. Nigeria and Angola are the biggest oil producers in Africa and Congo's coltan is included in every computers and mobile phone in this planet.People would said, Swiss politicians are less corrupted or Switzerland is better organised than Africa. How come a Swiss leaders can be better than all African countries leaders! You don't think so that it is an excuse to say africans are not capable to lead their countries or to sort out their problems.

There are powerful countries who are sitting on Africa back yard, because of mineral resources. for that reasons it's making very difficult for Africa to develop their own projects for interest of African people.Therefore, it won't be easy and it will take long time before Africa can be really independent. Are there a way for ordinary people in streets of Africa to get rid off their puppet leaders and then stand firm against any foreign forces?

Control of Africans

Your comments

There is common saying which says that Luxembourg is the place where you can get the best chocolates in the world.The question is? where are the raw materials cocoa coming from?.In fact there is no cocoa cultivation in neither Luxembourg nor Switzerland it comes from Africa especially Ghana.We Africans need to wake up before it is too late
Daudi Amiri Mbaga , Tanzania

When I do read from this kind of articles,I do shade tears for African Leaders negative characters which continuously crippling African good identities, I have several times failed to understand the reason as to why African leaders do not know how to address their grievances without pointing fingers to each other, for sure when this happens white people make a lot of money from Africa. God safe A
Goni Santo , Juba, South Sudan

we africans we are the only continent that in schools the teaching is not being done in our own language it must be in the foregner language as such we are not able to make our own development we have to depend in foregner technologe
helder tchipoia pena , luanda angola

When the Africans get rid of the puppet leaders,they should invest in military equipment. For in no way the west is gonne let Africa be for itself. We should conquer them first. They are the vampire so we do not need to be affraid or ashamed to spread out lout to kill them... How long they kill we?? This is the only way Africa can get independent.. If we conquer the enemie..!!!
Isha , Surinam

Dear, Africans We will be out of control of EURO and USA domination, when we only liberate ourselves from our indigenous puppet leaders in Africa. This is the only pathway mechanism. So first, we should eliminate these stupied fellows or Black dogs. These fellows are the bottleneck to African people. We still under colonization, poverty and hunger. So let us make a s revolution throughout Africa.
Gadaa , Oromia

Hi guys, I am sick of the Western are doing this and are doing that. alarmist or what? Yes, we all know what the West are doing and everyone is saying it like bunch of chicks. What are we doing? Just talking? Yes, they are setting up military base on our land, what are we doing to stop them? Just talking? Join us on facebook and see how we are dealing with it. Talk is cheap by fools!!
Kofi Ali Abdul , Ghana

@Kofi, you need to educate your people before they can take actions. you need to values your languages, have your own prophets, value more your culture, united all Africans and black people around world because all us are suffering the same issues. for this to happen you need platform like My Continent to open the eyes of Africans and black people.
John , Toronto, Canada

There is absolutely no element of truth to this article. BTW I am an African. The problem has always been about lack of good leaders and good governance. Botswana a country relatively wealthy by African standards is a beacon of hope. They have managed to transform themselves from a poor country to a upper middle class country all thanks to transparency and good governance.
Musango Lungu , Hangzhou,China

Take another example Equatorial Guinea. A country with vast oil and forestry reserves. The country has a population roughly less than 1 million but it rakes in billions of dollars revenue from the sale of timber and crude oil thereby giving it one of the highest GDP per capita but in actual fact some people do not have access to basic facilities. Are we going to blame the west?
Musango Lungu , Hangzhou,China

@Musango,you're naive. Are you comparing Switzeland with Botswana!Do you know that it was an attempted of coup etat in Equatorial Guinea in 2004!That it was finance by Mark the son of Margeret Thatcher former British Prime Minister.The leaders of Mercenaria in that coup it was Simmon Mann an ex-SAS soldier. According to Mann,they wanted to control the oil of E.G that it was reason of the coup!
James , Botswana

Musango is so correct and unless the level of governance can improve as it has in Bostwana, Africa will continue to be dependent on the West or China .The people were so lucky in Mali that the French were able to intervene as this is one of the many countries that have the potential to develop in Africa.
Nigel , Australia

@ James,Botswana what drugs are you on? Who said about comparing Botswana to Switzerland? I know that Switzerland is an extremely wealthy country with a better welfare even compared to USA. I said Botswana is RELATIVELY WEALTHY BY AFRICAN STANDARDS. Read the comments properly before jumping to conclusions.
Musango Lungu , Hangzhou,China

@ James, Botswana Coup or no Coup there is no excuse why Equatorial Guinea should not have a high standard of living. The problem is what I alluded to earlier. The president of Equatorial Guinea is one of the longest and of course corrupt. His son who is also a senior government official is a well known playboy in Europe lavishly spending money on luxury gifts. Are we going to blame the west?
Musango Lungu , Hangzhou,China

In Angola the daughter of the president from the first wife, Isabella Dos Santos is now said to be the richest woman in Africa with a net worth of 3billion dollars. Her wedding allegedly cost 4 million dollars. Meanwhile nearly 2/3 of Angolans live on less than 1.25 dollars day. Lets wake up and realize that we are being screwed by our selfish leaders and nobody else.
Musango Lungu , Hangzhou,China

Personally, I am optimistic for the future of Africa. Merely could talk shows awareness of the injustices inflicted gave us Africans. We must not forget that colonization is recent. When you see the advanced English-speaking countries (unlike the French-speaking countries), I am confident. Too bad that it 's no that a Mugabe in Africa.
Rodcaz , Toulouse (FRANCE)

@ James, Botswana is a good sample they have set for Africa just like Kenya is. The only difference is Botswana has a population of 2.5 million comparing to Kenya with 45 million.
Wanjiru , Kikuyu - Kenya

I'm not saying my Country is not an good example of Africa. Do you know who control the diamonds industry in Botswana?where Isabel Dos Santos hide money she stolen in Angola! Tabo Mbeki said that Tony Blair wanted regime change in Zimbabwe Because R. Mugabe didn't want to follow the West orders. We, africans are depending on West included our leaders. languages, religion, education, etc. friends
James , Botswana

James sorry but we can not give any lesson of proud to the African people on the contrary they and there leaders can be our teachers about what is dignity and prouod (Nelson Mandela Steven Biko and others).
Yasna , Spain

Africans needs to go back to the roots, and put away European Religion with their God Jesus and their languages, which are just a tool to keep us in slavery. I'am asking you brothers to stand up as one and to start killing all black pastors, priests and the leaders which are just working for them to keep us in captivity....let free ourselves now or never..ingeta!!!
Mokongo , DR Congo

I wont lie Musango you got a point. I think we schould stop playing the blame game. Knowledge was taking from us and they improve on it. Timbuktu was build with wood and mud, the european build with wood and stone and even went futher to metal. Think about it...We should now do the same, take the knowledge giving to us and improve on it. If that don't work then Ole for President.
Wuo , Nimba,Liberia

My special regards to OLE,s opinion(Nigeria).Capping up with his point, Africans we got lost since the day we embraced foreign cultures and religions. I feel so sad when we call ourselves "Muslims" or "Christians! or God knows..We need to wake up and we should never dream running away from ourselves. Too much respect towards foreigners in our land has made us as Africa together losing respect fr
Franck , BURUNDI

Yet another thing amongst many, We Africans are well asleep and I wonder whether leaders we choose ARE INTELLIGENT ENOUGH to predict ahead for us where the World is getting at the right time when we need to be aware. IF A THEFT BRAKES INTO YOUR HOUSE AND FINDS YOU ASLEEP, WELL HE IS NOT GOING TO WAKE YOU UP, HE WILL ROB EVERYTHING, LOCK YOU BACK IN AND LEAVE HEAD HELD HIGH. African Brovs &sisters
Franck , BURUNDI

Wrong leaders,bad leadership,lack of education for women,little or no rights for women and children,bad international relations and incompetent economic/financial decisions are the reason why our countries and the whole continent is in this mess;its time we get educated and stop putting bufoons & lunatics in power to run our countries
Thandah , Durban South Africa

Our leaders sold us out!! Thats pure and simple, now we lost the power to lift our fists in the air for yhe salute of people's power while tjey sold the nation to secrete meetings... Izwe lethu ma Africa!!!!
Tandile , South Africa

I want to organize with all of you brothers and sisters across the world. Especially Africa because if we can all get an understanding between each other we can begin to build a base my email address is Please do not be scared to message me so that we can get the ball rolling.
John D , Nagasaki japan

Africans have miserably failed to rethink their issues over, and over again. It's a continent well fed with destructive ideology by Europe, USA, and Arabs alike, African nations & people, are made to stand against one another, even if current dictators are deposed, new generation of far worse dictators will be groomed by Western world. I would say, sun must be too hot in Africa, no thinking minds.
Walton , UK

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