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Nice place to visit in cape

This the way we live here

Beuatifull place to relax

This's our place in my City

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We always go here to relax

It's was a good Festival

Good place to go and chil

Carnaval in Cape verde

It was good night, enjoy it
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The crisis had a substantial impact on fiscal revenues in 2009 owing to the contraction of FDI flows. Taxation revenues decreased by 2%, following the contraction in firms' profits and in land sales. As a result, some government expenditures such as the hiring of personnel were temporarily reduced or suspended. But the government still followed an expansionary policy, raising total expenditures by 15.5% in 2009..

Cape Verde's total debt growth in 2009 increased to 4.7% of GDP, which can be attributed to a substantial increase in domestic debt used to finance the growing fiscal deficit. Because the government had been prudent in managing finances, there was fiscal space to accommodate this increase without harming the country's creditworthiness. In 2010, the prospect of 2011 elections may put additional pressure on fiscal spending.

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Political in Cape Verde

Politic in Cape Verde

Politically, Cape Verde remains quite stable. On 5 February 2010, the ruling Partido Africano da Independência de Cabo Verde (PAICV) and the main opposition party Movimento para a Democracia (MPD) voted for a revision of the constitution. The main changes concern elections and courts. The interval between parliamentary and presidential elections will be lengthened. Parliamentary elections was set for January 2011 and presidential elections will take place probably six months later. A Court of Appeals will be implemented and the access and functioning of the Supreme Court of Justice and the High Council of Judicial Magistrates have been reformed, providing full autonomy to the High Council of Judicial Magistrates.
Presidential election will be held in Cape Verde in July 2011

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The same people in power everytimes. Most of us end up migrant to look for better life.
Ruis , Cabo Verde, Califonia

You're helping Cape Verde toward democracy and politic situation is improving.
John , England, London


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Cape Verde Usefull Information

Top Hotels

  • Riu Funana
  • Riu Garopa
  • Hotel Morabeza

Top restaurants

  • Surf n Snack Shack
  • Leonardo Cafe
  • The Turtle Shack

Place to visit

  • Pedra Lume salt crater
  • Fontona

Internet Access

  • Access internet is ok, but need lot of improvement and still expensive

Not to miss to see

  • Fontona
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Over here in Cape verde, we got nice beachs and it's very nice place to come for holiday.

I was in cape verde in holyday, it's very beautifull place.

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