The leader of Laurent Gbagbo supporters

To underestimate how much power and influence this young politician got about problems in Ivory Coast it will be a mistake. When he speaks the youth listen and when he moves the youth in Abidjan or majority of the youth in Ivory Coast follow him. WithoutCharle Ble Goude more likely Gbagbo will accept to step down of the power but he has Ble Goude with his massive followers.

Who's Charles Ble Goude

Charles Ble Goude, born in 1972 at Guiberoua, in the center west of Ivory Coast.

Ble Goude studied English at the University of Cocody ( in Abidjan), where he began his political career leading strikes and violent demonstrations of the Student Federation of Cote d'Ivoire (FESCI), allied with the FPI during the 1990s.

He later founded the Coordination des jeunes patriotes in 2001, and the Congres Panafricaine des Jeunes Patriotes (COJEP) in the same year. He had completed a university degree in English by this time, and later began a masters degree in Conflict Resolution Studies from Manchester University. Having gotten news of the military coup on 19 September 2002, he left England for Ivory Coast, where he founded the Alliance des jeunes patriotes pour le sursaut national, an organization which he described as a mouvement de combat(a combat movement).

Ble Goude - dubbed "The General of the Streets" for his ability to draw and stir up massive crowds - came under UN sanctions in 2006, accused of being an obstacle to the country's peace process.
The sanctions committee accused him of inciting violence against United Nations installations and personnel, and against foreigners as well as directing and participating "in acts of violence by street militias, including beatings, rapes and extrajudicial killings." - Sapa-AFP

Last month Ble Goude called on his followers to present themselves and get military training.
"I ask all the youth of Ivory Coast who feel able, who are ready to die for their homeland, who can no longer accept the humiliation suffered by the Ivory Coast, to present themselves on Monday at 0700 (GMT) to the army chief of staff to enlist in the army in order to free Ivory Coast from these bandits," said Charles Ble Goude. The youth in Abdijan responded in massive, to the call of the general of streets Ble Goude.

When we are talking about future leaders of Africa, Ble Goude got what it takes to be a good leader but he caught up in what it's know "the African leaders disease". He could use his power to put pressure on both parties(Laurent Gbagbo and Alassane Ouattare) to negotiate for good of Ivory Coast. Also he could use his power to free Ivory Coast people from injustice, oppression and not inciting violance against others ivorians.

How he can be future president or leader of Ivory Coast if he is inciting violance toward others ivorians? Or he's just passionately about Pan-African cause? Or he's another black man who don't how to handle power? Why is he supporting Laurent Gbabgo?
It will be shame such charismatic young leader to end up in international criminal court.

Ivory Coast Political comments

Your comments

He's young, energetic and smart. I don't understand why he's supporting Gbagbo! I know he has position as youth minister in Gbagbo goverment. This his time to turn around and become the president of Ivory Coast and kick out the two old men(Gbagbo and Ouattare ).
Didie , Ivory Coast, Paris

Ble Goude is not smart politicien is thugs. The power get into his head and he doen't know what do with it. More likely he'll end up in Hague. Be smart Charle!
Kone , Ivory Coast, Abdijan

Black people have problems to handle power this fact not fiction. At present time. We don't know if races or genetics isssues? May be surround environment that causing this problem!But they need to start to put benefit of their people first.
James , USA, New York

In response to James, Usa, New York. Patrice Lumumba was killed by belgian people because he likes his country and people, Thomas Sankara had the same fate. In The USA and Europe you only hear one side of every african political are sooo misinformed. google: Keith Hamond snow to know!!
Mireille , England

James,African leaders are forced to put benefit of multinational corporations first, the USA and its allies and then their people. This is nothing to do with race or genes. If only Your Administration could tell you the truth!! every dictator is good as long as he put USA interests first! wake up
Mireille , England

@Mireille, to fix the problem, first you need to find out roots of problem. I'm not against black people. Look at Haiti has independent for 200 years! and look to its neighbour Dominic republic! You can't keep denying it!There's a problem with black man handle the power!
James, , USA, New York

At times is good to keep old guard in place for a while, as Laurent Ggagbo, he looks more patriotic than Ouattara, we people of African descent must always stick with pan africanist, patriots, some of these western imposed leaders are sell outs, being in power for long should not be the concern.
Asuma Azima , Libya, Tripoli

une video absolument à voir et a faire suivre svp Check out this video! It's really cool! LA GRANDER DE L'ESPRIT DU HERO NATIONAL PATRICE LUMUMBA L'ASSASSINAT DU 1er PREMIER MINISTRE PATRICE EMERY LUMUMBA 17-01-1961 - 17-01-2011 50 Ans‏ Laurent Ggagbo, he looks more patriotic than Ouattara, we people of African descent must always stick with pan africanist, patriots, some of these western imposed leaders are sell outs, being in power for long should not be the concern.
king-vu legend , uk

look this is a big problem you dont just jump to the power like that he have to use is brain, special if all youth they are beside of him,i personnal dont know much about him i have to give him time to juge him but not more then week coz this is about pple life.
silva , angola

ii dont understand people keep talking about lumumba etc this is not a time to talk about them people this is a time to free africa and black people, then we have to get all nortth africa back because it belong to black african not them arabic. egipt,libya,maroc,tunisia,sudan, belong to black peopl
mohuduku , africa

Ble Goud is a fool that does not have a real vission for his country. Both of them(Gbagbo&Oatara)should go away in order for peace to be.
T Kenga , Rotterdam

James: There is more genetic diversity in Africa than in any continent and all people can trace their roots to ancestors from Africa. There is no single type of "Black" person so there is no way to generalise about "Black People". It took UK 00's of yrs to become democratic, Africa has just started
Richard Naef , UK

I must say that it would be really nice if all parties can come together and share common heart to heart talk together as one.The awareness is in the mind of all nigerian because we are watching as well and pray that we don't come down to start having this kind of problem after our own election.
Prosper.T.Aberepikima , Port harcourt,Nigeria

When you people still denying that black people have problem to handle power! More than 1000 people have been killed in Ivory Coast. Why? Elections in Zembwabe and Kenya end up in violances.Why? Now we're waiting to see what gona happen in Nigeria!
James , USA, New York

"The grass always seems greener on the other side until you get there". I believe Ivorians should have learned from the Liberian experience. War does not solve a country's problem. It only adds to the misery of the poor people.DO NOT DESTROY YOUR COUNTRY.
Richards , USA/Liberia

It is sad that "Africian politicians are educated in the western world, but they do not practice what they are taught. You are a disgrace to your continent and your country. Shame on you.
Richards , USA/Liberia

To Richards, USA/Liberia, No african leader is taught how to run his conutry, when they are at uni they are no older than 25 year old. Yes America has taught Paul Kagam how to kill, he has done and continue doing it well he inherited it from his political adviser: Tony Blair!. shame on you too.
mireille , LOndon

To James New york. Haiti? black people are not independent! the colonialism is getting stronger by the day. It is now worse with the american imperialism, The USA also wants to colonise africa, the Usa invaded the Congo since 1995 under Clinton...are you at least aware?Of course not...
Mireille , London

Do you know who supply weapons to rebels? any American like congresswoman Cinthia Mckinney knows what African leaders go through to complete waht I have said before they tell you what they want you to know but African people see/witness what/how it is happening.
Mireille , London

Ouatara is the President accepted by the internationa community. Will he rule the international community or Ivory Coast.Why should France overthrow a President to impose its own stooge
Styve , Cameroon

To all of you happy go lucky africans: the roots of all ur problems is in the fact that you trying to be someone else, you are more inclined to be Westerners than africans.Your continent has its own specificity.Pl stop blaming others for your misfortunes.
karim , Isalmic Republic of Mauritania

stop and stop.Its a well known fact that every human being is a wolf to his brother human.African intellectual are simply bred and inculcated western customs to facilitate their "Use" thought there were some smart ones.
karim , Isalmic Republic of Mauritania

James, get real!. Skin colour is determined by the amount of melanin in the body. That and skin cells do not determine one's intelligence. Henry VIII, Franco, Stalin and more, stuck around too long, murdered their own people or both. Unless I missed something, they were all white.
Basil , Barbados

James, The Dominican Republic is a country of mostly black and mixed-raced people, although it is run by a largely white power elite. It has had fewer problems. Barbados is 90% black, is run by black people and is run better than some white, developed countries, including Greece and Belarus.
Basil , Barbados

Gbagbo is sadly, nothing more that a power-hungry tyrant who was willing to destroy Abidjan, turn his people against each other, causing murder and atrocities in order to stay in power, after losing the election. Charles Ble Goude is a younger version of him and will destroy CIV if he gains power.
Basil , Barbados

Basil, I get your arguements. Barbados is doing well! how many others Berbados are there! May be more melanin humain being have can affect their intelingence. I'm trying to look for facts. Most of white dictators are gone. Why in case of blacks and Africa are still going on until now!
James , USA, New York

So where is Ble? He incited a lot of the youth against Northern Ivorians and called them all sorts of names. A lot of the youth have died and he should be held responsible if he is still alive. Africa does not need such an ethnocentric person as a leader.
Saeed , Ghana

Don't bother, James. Melanin has no bearing on one's intelligence. The issues is about stages of development. If political office is the only game in town, certain types will be drawn to it. America is a large & diverse society. It's dictators are CEO's of big corporations. Compare with Belarus.
Basil , Barbados

James, you can add Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia to the list. Most European dictators were called kings. Most of their states are ethnic nationalisms. They spent 1000 yrs killing each other until WWII brought them to their senses. African states are now trying to define themselves. Get real!
Basil , Barbados

Good question, Saeed. Rats are first to leave a sinking ship. If he had died we would've heard. I believe he is hiding in CIV. He was a tool of Gbagbo. Jamaica could've sunk into civil war in 1980, but M. Manley was no Gbagbo. He held the election, lost & left power; lesson for Kibaki & Mugabe too.
Basil , Barbados

James, ignorance mixed with racial bias is a deadly disease. The whole of eastern Europe just 2 decades ago was under dictators that did not think twice about killing their own people, still . A lot can be said for past African glory; Egypt, Mali Empire, Benin Empire, Old Ethipia. The re-birth is on
Kingsley Chima , Toronto

@Kingsley Chima, Ok how about Nigeria now!
James , USA, New York

Whatever you said here, Ble Goude' is the man, the real proud African, full of dignity. Trying on Gbabo's side against"franceafrique" & neocolonialism.Unfortunatelly, they lost. See? its like in the jungle: the strongest wins and eat the weakest. Africains get up! stand up for your rights
samsam , USA

I cannot beleive that we even stand here talking about Ble Goude . If someone Kill your entire family includind flies. As been totally inhuman because of politic . Such persorn reserve the same treatment . Because no amount of justice will bring back the innocent back to life. so let's all do better
Fakoly of Badjam , USA, New York

AFAICT you've covered all the bases with this anwser!
Frenchy ,

I'm sorry but Gbagbo is not a dictator. The dictator is PDT Sarkozy whose army killed more than 2000 civilians.
Beriks , Cote d'Ivoire

Fakolu what about the crime of the Ouattara in 2002 and in 2011. What about the genocide of duekoue commandited by Ouattara. Your name tell us why you dislike Ble Goud. Do you remember that reggae man Fakoly which has been very supportive to nothern rebels since 2002?
Beriks , Cote d'Ivoire

Beriks, until we african won't let go our tribalism then Africa never will move forward. The people who call themselves politicien use tribalism to manipulated us for their own benefit not ivorian or African. Open your us and love every ivorians the same and not about tribals.
Zakara , Ivory Coast, Paris

James you complain about Elections in Africa,don't you know that the west always have their candidate?In Ivory Coast they designed Ouatara,no matter the outcome of the polls.Ouatara is the brain behind ivorian crisis since 1999 but they wouldnt talk bcos he is their servant for petrol in CIV.
Etta , Douala

James,USA NEW YORK,should know Africa is sufering bcos of the west.Gbagbo refuses to give 80percent of Ivorian fuel to France,it bcame a problem.Sarkozy prefers Ouatara who would sell all the resources of a country that is not his and follish Obama moves behind disgracing Africa.We shall overcome
Etta , Douala

pour moi ble goude est un chef que Dieu le protege fovere il est un grand leader de la cote d'ivoire obama sakorzy et des presidents africains sont des moutons mais GOD is able to
rogertony , cote d'ivoire

The west will always impose whomever they prefer on us. They will overturn elections results and give it to the one they prefer. They will support war to impose their will and preference. If you don't give in to their whims and caprices you become an enemy and target. This is the case of Ivory Coast
Angeline , Liberia

Sn charles goude sizin isminizi kullanarak benim adma mail geliyor bir i kadnym ok zorlularla mermer maden iiyle urayorum sizn adnzla bana irkete ortak olmak isteyen bir takm temsilcisiyiz diye stanbula geliyorlar haberiniz varm kusura bakmayn drst kalmaya alyoruz bilgileriniz
Tlay Temelli , Trkiye-stanbul

Ble Goude don't know anything.This is not how to become a leader.Ble,you need to think positive.You want to become the president of Ivory Coast this?Becarefull if some one his been kill because of you,knowing that things are not going to be easy for you in future.Is better you stoped the politic.
mickael , France

Ble goude is a very best man
emile , mali

This situation happens to most of dictators in African countries. They are like hostage of their environment. They should become smart and respect the laws. They must preach by examples. Kabila also should know this! He is an hostage of the gang around him. Kabila step down and you'll be safe!
Kabissel , DRCongo

brothers and sisters AFRICANS let's be calm and united because our AFRICA is greatly need of us to defend it against the neo-colonialism.AFRICA doesn't suppoes to be the playground of all unhealthy decision and all form of corruption,it doesn't suppose to be the centre of all misfortune of people
msp , ivory coast(italy)

and mostly the defferent kinds of sufferin.We are not only thinking of ourselves but also at the extrem poverty because man dies but the people remains.Let's think of these chidrens who are dying daily from grunt shot of hunger they aspeting of as a message of hope and live.We conquered a very
msp , ivory coast(italy)

important spot to bloom our continent the right to speek means the freedon unthinkable during colonial period should today be our fighting arm.In this democratie we should try to organise ourselves and adapt the modernism.Depressed and appressed are our journalist must disappear to any able.
msp , ivory coast(italy)

AFRICA to be informeted because we need to contribution to the development of this continet.the first president of AMIRICA said AMERICA FOR AMERICANS.I say that AFRICA for AFRICANS because only the AFRICANS with help of democracy can BUILD,CONSTRUCT,DEVELOP,INCREASE, ENLARGE this CONTINENT.GOD..
msp , ivory coast(italy)

Please tell me where is now our leader, the man who God Has used for freedom?!!! "How can we stand on the side and look"?!!! This is the time of God for Africa!!! No body can stop it! In Jesus' name
Jackson , South Africa

I don't liv in Ivory Cost and can't judge to anybody but I know that this country has to have like the rest of african's countries ther own way of development.No westwern countries inpousing and models.The bigist resours of Africa is ther people.USA and EC do not involv yourself and all will beok
Yasna , Belgrade, Serbia

@dear msp Ivory Coast(italy)the first USA president had said teaht but first he killd all Amercans.For him all Amercans were emigrants from Europ.The europian colonialists killd 30milions of indian populations.But I agree with You AFRIKA for AFRIKANS.
Yasna , Belgrade, Serbia

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