The leader of Laurent Gbagbo supporters

To underestimate how much power and influence this young politician got about problems in Ivory Coast it will be a mistake. When he speaks the youth listen and when he moves the youth in Abidjan or majority of the youth in Ivory Coast follow him. WithoutCharle Ble Goude more likely Gbagbo will accept to step down of the power but he has Ble Goude with his massive followers.

Who's Charles Ble Goude

Charles Ble Goude, born in 1972 at Guiberoua, in the center west of Ivory Coast.

Ble Goude studied English at the University of Cocody ( in Abidjan), where he began his political career leading strikes and violent demonstrations of the Student Federation of Cote d'Ivoire (FESCI), allied with the FPI during the 1990s.

He later founded the Coordination des jeunes patriotes in 2001, and the Congres Panafricaine des Jeunes Patriotes (COJEP) in the same year. He had completed a university degree in English by this time, and later began a masters degree in Conflict Resolution Studies from Manchester University. Having gotten news of the military coup on 19 September 2002, he left England for Ivory Coast, where he founded the Alliance des jeunes patriotes pour le sursaut national, an organization which he described as a mouvement de combat(a combat movement).

Ble Goude - dubbed "The General of the Streets" for his ability to draw and stir up massive crowds - came under UN sanctions in 2006, accused of being an obstacle to the country's peace process.
The sanctions committee accused him of inciting violence against United Nations installations and personnel, and against foreigners as well as directing and participating "in acts of violence by street militias, including beatings, rapes and extrajudicial killings." - Sapa-AFP

Last month Ble Goude called on his followers to present themselves and get military training.
"I ask all the youth of Ivory Coast who feel able, who are ready to die for their homeland, who can no longer accept the humiliation suffered by the Ivory Coast, to present themselves on Monday at 0700 (GMT) to the army chief of staff to enlist in the army in order to free Ivory Coast from these bandits," said Charles Ble Goude. The youth in Abdijan responded in massive, to the call of the general of streets Ble Goude.

When we are talking about future leaders of Africa, Ble Goude got what it takes to be a good leader but he caught up in what it's know "the African leaders disease". He could use his power to put pressure on both parties(Laurent Gbagbo and Alassane Ouattare) to negotiate for good of Ivory Coast. Also he could use his power to free Ivory Coast people from injustice, oppression and not inciting violance against others ivorians.

How he can be future president or leader of Ivory Coast if he is inciting violance toward others ivorians? Or he's just passionately about Pan-African cause? Or he's another black man who don't how to handle power? Why is he supporting Laurent Gbabgo?
It will be shame such charismatic young leader to end up in international criminal court.

Ivory Coast Political comments

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