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My Africa Continent with beautiful nature, rich in natural resources, rich in wildlife and the birth place of civilisation.

Africa's land is very fertile where Chinese and others are buying or renting lands in some of African countries to cultivate their products, there is no need for Africans to be suffering from famine or lack of food.
In places such as Somalia or Ethiopia we see African children dying because of famine and waiting for UN to send in food as aid. ... read more

Paa Kwasi Amissah Arthur

Paa Kwasi Amissah Arthur(Ghanain Vice President) Prides In Son Schooling Abroad.

Prior to our self-determination from when the colonial masters were in charge of our destiny, it is not uncommon to hear parents in the elite class of the Gold Coast priding themselves by such expression as "My son is schooling in the Whiteman's country".

his is a mark of standard of how rich such individuals re as education in the far away land of the Whiteman is not only exclusive, expensive but also extraordinary. It is an indication of how classy, superior and closer to the Whiteman the individual is... read more

Chinese in Africa

My dear Chairman of African Union Organisation, recently you won election as Chairman of AU Ms Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, despite ordinary African people were not given chance to vote.

But you were vote by African Administrators, I do call them Administrators or African puppet rulers and not leaders because they didn't manage to take any decision so far that benefit African peoples in last 50 years that so called "Africa independent" from colonialism.... read more

The Corrupted African Intellectual Culture.
A culture is said to be corrupted when any natural body is adulterated to influence it from functioning as would have been the case if it had been left in its original condition. Of course every facet of the African effort has been corrupted and the academic sector is as worse hit as any other. This unique sector that breeds the human brain to think beyond the norm and come up with rare solutions to human survival, has proven to have given practical answers to bettering and sustaining lives at such dark times in the history of what we today refer to as "Developed Nations".... read more

African gangsters are not ordinary African people but the African Presidents or Dictators. They behave like gangsters or Mafiosos as it says in Italian; they are not politicians or leaders.
They use the wealth of Africa to share with their families and a small group of people in their circle, this what a gangster do in any organisation, be greedy and selfish . A gangster can't run a Country just like the African Presidents; they can't run African countries that why African countries are in disarray. African people have being humiliated in front of these gangsters, when African people ask about their human rights they confronted with violence from African Gangsters... read more

I have a dream that one day there won't been dictators in Africa and the African governments and the polices will be able to respect human rights.

There won't be need for African to risk their live to migrant in Europe, America, etc, and ended up in detention centres in cross Europe, America, Australian and laboured as illegal immigrants ... read more

This is the only weapon that I got to fight back against murder, torture and rape of girls and women that it's happening in my country by spreading the words in Social Media sites. I'm from Democratic Republic of Congo that it's situated in heart of Africa.
My Country becomes a place where girls and women are raped and killed by the government military and some militias, no government can't protect us and international communities are turning blind eyes despite there are UN military in areas where women are being rape and killed... read more

Ghana democracy

How better could this be? They call it politics but we call it survival. They call it development but we call it barbarism. The call it fan but we call it shame and disgrace. Do Ghanaians deserve better or business as usual?
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Morgan is one of the thousands of African people who have made the perilous journey to the Canary Islands in an open fishing boat.

He was caught and deported back to Nigeria but he hasn't given up hope of getting to Europe. Morgan got in touch with the BBC by e-mail from Morocco, and this is the story he told: ... read more

I just want to share the story of my village Damba. My grand parents and my mother are from Damba. Myself wasn't born in damba but I still have that connection from that village that I spend less than year over there. Damba is a village that situated in North of province Uige that is in North of Angola.
Good part of first Angolan migrants who decided to stay in Europe are from Damba or came from North of Angola...
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