Unemployment in Europe

Unemployment levels across Europe have soared, leading to the highest Eurozone unemployment rates for a decade. The figures relate to the 16 countries across Europe which are using the Euro, a currency which has fared well throughout the global recession. Unfortunately the job market has not fared quite so well. The unemployment rate has crept up to 9.2 per cent, compared to 7.3 per cent in April last year. The highest unemployment figures across the Eurozone were seen in Spain, which has a current unemployment rate of 20.7%.

Across the whole of the EU, which includes some 27 member states, the figures also indicated rising unemployment. In these 27 countries unemployment rose to 8.6 per cent in April, a 2 point increase since the previous month. European data analysis company Eurostat put the estimated number of unemployed in the EU at 20.8 million.

Youth unemployment is a particular area of concern, with figures across Europe suggesting that 18.5 per cent of under 25's are without a job. Many graduates have struggled to find a job despite having respectable qualifications as employers take the safe option and go for experience over youth and fresh ideas.

Graduates have reported that in response to growing youth unemployment in the UK they have been encouraged to seek jobs abroad and return to the UK post recession. This advice was backed by the National Union of Students and Government bodies, despite the fact that recession does appear to be global and many who have gone abroad to work have not succeeded in securing a job.

One student said: I know people who have gone to Australia to work. They are having a really hard time finding any kind of work," while the Association of Graduate Recruiters described the current feeling among graduates saying: "Almost any work is better than no work at all."

Many who graduated in the past 3 years are now living with their parents and claiming jobseekers allowance. Some graduates are considering the option of further studies, but they are wary of building up more debt.

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The bankers still have their jobs and massive wages and we end up in losing our jobs. I don't think so the world is fair, it seems like someone must suffer for another one to have good life!
Juan , Spain. Barcelona

I was tired to look for job in England I decided to go to sunny Spain to left my depresion. I was wrong, there's worse in England. Long quee in jobcentre. what going wrong with Europe!
John , England, London

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michael , barbados

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