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in summer is nice place

It's city to be in Swiss

It's very vibrant city


it's freezing in winter

It's too cold in Winter

Our Capital is clean


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Love it night out

This's winter in Swiss

Qiute at night
Switzerland Business

Economy in Switzerland

Economic overview

The brand name Switzerland stands for a highly developed industrial country, with a highly qualified labour force.Switzerland gives an incomparable infrastructure for companies operating in the greater European area. An annual study of country competitiveness consistently ranks Switzerland among the top 10 countries in the world.
Switzerland is one of best place in Europe for foreign investment. This is fact that taxes are low and government encourages entrepreneurs to invest in country, whether it's through direct investment into an existing company, or by setting up a foreign owned company.

Setting up a business in Switzerland

Switzerland government makes easier for the investors to set up a company in countries. It takes about 3 weeks to set up a company in Switzerland.

Foreigners doing business in France

An foreign investors setting up company in Switzerland it is a profitable and straightforward procedure. The government encourages foreign investors as there are no restrictions for fully owned foreign companies. Setting up a company may be done through power of lawyers; however it's compulsory that one of the directors be a Swiss resident.

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Switzerland tourist spots

Panoramic Train

These advanced trains are developed to let people view the countryside and tourist attractions such as Gstaad, Interlaken city, Lucerne City iy.
 Grand Arche in Paris


The Matterhorn is one of the top tourist attractions in Switzerland.
It's an impressive mountain and it's an incredible feeling to fly around the Matterhorn at an altitude of more than 4,000 m. Zermatt is also a High End ski resort but very busy in the winter as well as in the summer season. The Matterhorn, the Jungraujoch and the Glacier Express are the most visited Switzerland Attractions. louvre museum in Paris

Swiss Transport Museum

It presents an extensive collection of aircraft, automobiles, locomotives, ships and communication. It also has a planetarium and Switzerland´s only 3-D IMAX theatre. This museum is not just entertaining for adults, but also for families. The Swiss Transport Museum is the most adaptable transport and communications museum in Europe and the most visited museum in Switzerland.
Place de la Concorde in Paris

Lake Geneva

The Lake provide extra for beauty of City of Geneva and simbol of city, also lot of famous people preferred to buy house near to the lake.

Lake Geneva Switzerland

Lake Thun

It is one of the prettiest and largest lakes of Switzerland. approximately of the lake, there are will some really romantic and beautiful towns like Interlaken, Oberhofen, Faulensee, Hilterfingen, Gunten, Spiez, Merligen and of course Thun. Also explore some wonderful places like the Beatus Caves, Niesen or the Stockhorn with fantastic views over Lake Thun and the Swiss Alps while enjoying local food.
Lake Thun

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People believe switzerland is only rich people can afford to come for holliday, not true. There're lot of cheaper place to go for break in Switzerland.

I love switzeland in summer to around and enjoy beautifull view of nature.

Lugano is also a nice place to visit.
Abu Naim


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