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Slovakia Business

Economy in Slovakia

Economic overview

The wide-ranging and deep structural reforms by the Slovak Government over the last four years have determined on creating a business friendly environment for investors and entrepreneurs. Therefore, the World Bank has listed Slovakia in 20 most investor friendly countries in the World.

Setting up a business in Slovakia

In 2008 the Slovakia government implemented new procedures to facilitate local and foreign entrepreneurs to invest in country. Nowadays, as a EU member the government continue to reform according to EU laws.
Today more likely it takes about a week and half to complete all the documentations to set up a company in Slovakia.

Foreigners doing business in Slovakia

Foreign entrepreneurs that are not EU citizens, it is more complex to set up a business in Slovakia because he/she needs a temporary residence in Slovakia, before they can enter as statutory representatives in the Commercial Register.

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Slovakia is a young country and good for entrepreneurs to explore new opportunties in country.
Kovach , Slovakia,


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Slovakia tourist spots

Bratislava Castle

The place has been one of military defence since ancient times, despite the castle has been rebuilt several times but it has been present since the 10th century. Used by royalty for the period of Bratislava's tenure as a Hungarian stronghold, it now serves as a museum and tourist attraction.
Bratislava Castle

Old Town Hall

An assembly of buildings in the main square of Bratislava with a rich and complex history, this Old Town Hall with its accompanying tower now features a city museum that traces the past of Pressburg what Bratislava was actually called until the early 20th century. A popular tourist attraction in the compound is the torture display, a creepy collection of medieval devices
old town hall in main square bratislava


It is a huge system of mountains with the highest peaks more than 2000 m above sea.It is a popular ski resort in winter, while in summer it is great for hiking . It's open for tourists all year.
Chopok Jasna in Slovakia

Slovensky Raj or Slovak Paradise

Beautiful Slovakia Tourism venture location and its National Park with waterfalls, gorges, canyons and beautiful forests are popular for hikers. There is skiing nearby and many hikes and walks. There is also a climb up waterfalls, on the narrow wooden steps installed, until come out onto a generous grass area at the top, complete with picnic tables, a small shop and with magnificent views.

Slovak Paradise

Primacilny palc or Primatial Palace

At first constructed as a bishop's residence when Slovakia was still part of the very Catholic Hungarian Empire, this extravagant neo-classical building saw Napoleon and Francis II sign the Treaty of Pressburg, which effectively ended the Holy Roman Empire.

Primatial Palace in Bratislava

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Slovak paradise is huge and amazing place.

Don't miss Chopok-Jasna, if yo're going in winter in Slovakia!


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