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Romania Business

Economy in Romania

Economic overview

Romania is one of Eastern European Countries joined European Union after of collapsed of Communism in 1989. The problem is of doing business in Romania Corruption and red tape continue to affect its business environment.

Setting up a business in Romania

Despite of corruptions , red tape and bureaucracy it still very attractive place to set up a company because of such as Cheap and skilled labour force, low taxes, a 16% flat tax for corporations and individuals, no dividend taxes, liberal labour code, etc.

Foreigners doing business in Romania

Foreign investors are attractive to do business in Romania, FDI in Romania has increased dramatically and net foreign direct investment was inbound US$12 billion (EUR 9.1 billion). Geographical location of Romania is major advantages for foreign investors..

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Moldova tourist spots

Parliament House in Bucharest

The project of last communism president in Romania Ceasescu was finished after the Romanian Revolution of 1989.
The world's second largest building after the eminent Pentagon(USA), Bucharest's Palatul Parlamentului or Parliament Palace in English it is certainly a sight to see. The sprawling compound stands in middle of the city's architectural ingenuity and love of beauty
Parliament House in Bucharest

Romanian Atheneum

The Romanian Atheneum was built as a home for the organization in 1888 by Romanian Philharmonic Society regards as famous musicians. It's an icon in landscape of Bucharest city and culture. It's one of most visiting building in Bucharest by tourists.
Romanian Atheneum

Sighisoara Medieval Town

Sighisoara Medieval Town is famous because it's the birth place of Vlad III Dracula, the Walachia's ruler that was the inspiration for Bram Stoker's novel Dracula. Many tourists go there to see the city of Dracula.
Noul Neamt Monastery in Moldova

National Art Museum

The National Art Museum in Bucharest is outstanding. The gigantic museum was created in 1948 to house the Royal Collection and other art collections from museums throughout the capital.In addition, The National Art Museum presents Romanian art from middle Ages to the present also others art from European countries.

Stephen The Great Monumen in Moldova

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Many people neglect Romania as place but there are lot see here, specially Sighisoara Medieval Town the City of draculas.

Romania has lot nice place to visit place like City of Draculas.


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