Racism in India against Black people

Indian Society is obsessed with white skin and it could be because of colonisation from British Empire that Indians want to look like their former master. If we look in Indian society the darker colour of skin the person is then more likely the person to be treated as a lower class in Indian society that it's colonial mentally that Britain left for Indians to discriminate among themselves.

However, today India is considered one of future economic power in world and it has high advance education institutions included IT institutions that it's attracting lot of African students to study computer Science in India and also it's attracting African immigrants to buy cheap goods to send back to Africa. It means Africans are contributing for development of Indian economy too.

Then why some Indians are treating blacks or Africans inferior in contrast to them just because of their colour of skin? Let follow some stories about Black people in India.

African married an Indian.

Nigerian Sambo Davis is married to an Indian woman and lives in Mumbai. All his documents are valid, but he was arrested by the police recently on suspicion of being a drug dealer. He and 30 other black Africans were detained for hours before they were let off with an apology. But the following day, Mr Davis said that he was shocked to read in local newspapers that they were "arrested for drug peddling".

"The police treat us Africans like dogs," Davis says.
nigerian migrant in India
Nigerian Davis married an indian woman Sheeba Rani.

Mr Davis claims he often faces discrimination when he goes to restaurants or when he tries to rent an apartment in gated middle class communities. But he is nevertheless one of the lucky ones. He found a decent flat to rent, thanks to his Indian wife.

But his fellow countrymen, he says, still face discrimination: "When they go to rent flats in a normal building they are told - 'you are a black man, you are Nigerian, and you are not wanted'. This is racism."
Against such a background of obvious prejudice, Sheeba Rani married Sambo Davis four years ago and the couple have two children.

Mrs Davis says her parents are tolerant Christians and they blessed them because they thought the marriage was God's wish. But, she says, she has been excluded by many friends, relatives and society since her marriage.

Mrs Davis is "embarrassed and ashamed" by the behaviour of the Indian people towards black Africans. "When I used to go to a mall or if I walked with him, I always wanted him to hold my hand. But when people saw me with him, they thought I was from a bad family or even a prostitute." Earlier, she did not understand why black people were being looked down upon, but now she says she does. "Because our society is obsessed with white skin. If I had married a white man, I would have gained more friends and society's approval too."

Mr Davis believes that the discrimination is solely "because I am a black man". "It's because I am from Africa, I am a Nigerian. I think Indians see us as inferior."

We look after Indians in our countries. They have become rich there. All we want here is for Indians to understand we are not drug dealers. We are not violent. We are just like them."

African students in Indian

Twenty-three-year-old Richie Ronsard left his home in the Congo two years ago to fulfil his childhood dream of obtaining a degree from an established institute in the India. The reality check was not long in coming.

"I arrived in this city with a lot of expectations. India has a very positive reputation in my country. I was sure that this was going to change my life, but instead I soon learnt that the image of the country outside far surpassed the reality I faced once I was here," Ronsard adding he has been treated like a third class citizen from day one. "Wherever I go out in public I feel out of place. People stare at me all the time. They call me names like 'kalu' and laugh at me. One day in the metro a small child came running to me and started shouting that word at me and pulling my shirt. His mother stood there looking at him without stopping him.
 Richie Ronsard
Richard Ronsard congolese
student in New Dehli

I couldn't say or do anything because it was just a child, but inside I felt embarrassed and even angry. Is this how your children are being educated," asked Ronsard, who has political ambitions and is working toward a masters in PPE (Politics, Philosophy and Economy).

The stereotyping of Africans, especially Nigerians, in India as drug dealers has in some part affected how most Africans are treated in the national capital and elsewhere. This puts them under the scanner of the police and often intrudes upon their rights and privacy.

"At least twice a week during the first year I was being visited by the local cops in what they referred to as a general check. I wonder if that is also what happens to non-Africans here," Ronsard stated.

However, despite the growing interest by foreigners in Indian educational institutes, especially universities, little has been done to ensure their wellbeing by either the state or the educational representatives. It is not just Ronsard, but many other African students in the capital share his story. Fredrick Kaitale is a 20-year-old from Uganda studying for his Bachelors in Business Management in. For him, who has met and dealt with the large Indian community in his country, being seen as different in India came as a big shock.

"I am proud to be black, so I don't mind being called "Kalu", but it does feel weird when I am stared at continuously. Every day I meet other Africans who have been victims of racism ill-treated not just by the people on the street but also by the authorities, who turn a blind eye to what is happening in front of them," Kaitale said.

Additionally, getting decent living accommodation is a major task for African students who come to India. Many of them are turned away at the doorstep by potential landlords as soon as they see that the students are black. Valid reasons are not given, but it is evident from the manner that they are turned away.

Omongin Emmanuel spent a number of months trying to find a flat to rent in a decent neighbourhood, but kept getting turned away.
"The brokers kept getting back to me saying that the landlords did not want to rent out to Africans. Apparently, most of them believe that we indulge in illegal activities. They would come up with excuses like government regulations, said the 25-year-old Ugandan who is studying for a Masters in Public Relations and Event Management.
"My father is a diplomat and even with his help, it took me very long to get a place to stay. Despite my connections, it took me so long, so what happens to the normal, unconnected African who is looking for a roof over his head," Emmanuel wondered.

For many, the problems do not end even after getting a place to stay. "My neighbour has done everything from calling the police to complain about made up noises he was hearing to cutting my water supply. It is a constant battle to be normal here." says Ronsard.

"The government really needs to work actively towards improving relations between India and Africa.
This can be done by putting laws against racism in place. People should be scared of the legal repercussions of racist remarks and bullying. Also, the media needs to have more programs that focus on black Africa so that we don't seem so alien when we get here," Emmanuel Onaputa, a second year BBA student from the Congo, suggested.

Black American in India

Dr. Diepiriye Kuku-Siemons did his PhD in Dehli School of Economic. he wrote an article to Colombo telegraph about his experience of racism in India that it was titled 'India Is Racist, And Happy About It'

Once I stood gazing at the giraffes at the Lucknow Zoo only to turn and see 50-odd families gawking at me rather than the exhibit. Parents abruptly withdrew infants that inquisitively wandered towards me. I felt like an exotic African creature-cum-spectacle, stirring fear and awe. Even my attempts to beguile the public through simple greetings or smiles are often not reciprocated. Instead, the look of wonder swells as if this were all part of the act and we were all playing our parts.
 Dr. Diepiriye Kuku-Siemons
Dr. Diepiriye Kuku-Siemons

Discrimination in Delhi surpasses the denial of courtesy. I have been denied visas, apartments, entrance to discos, attentiveness, kindness and the benefit of doubt. Further, the lack of neighbourliness exceeds what locals describe as normal for a capital already known for its coldness. My partner is white and I am black, facts of which the Indian public reminds us daily. Bank associates have denied me a chair, while falling over to please my white friend. Mall shop attendants have denied me attentiveness, while mobbing my partner. Who knows what else is more quietly denied?

"An African has come," a guard announced over the intercom as I showed up. Whites are afforded the luxury of their own names, but this careful attention to my presence was not new. ATM guards stand and salute my white friend, while one guard actually asked me why I had come to the bank machine as if I might have said that I was taking over his shift.

This is a question! How so many people can be hateful towards Black people without so much care about the conscience? Is it takes a lot of effort to be hateful towards people than it is much easier to show love toward others human being without looking in their colour of Skin.

When it comes to fair treatment, let's just be honest, Blacks or Africans are the most discriminated against demographic in the world, for that matter. For whatever reason, nobody has a problem discriminating against Black people.

Racism in India

Your comments

All these people who oppressed blacks or descriminate Black people don't be surprised one day when black people will become the most racist people on this earth. Indians are immigrants people and they are welcomed in Africa then why they treated blacks or Africans like this in India!
James , USA, New York

I'm a student in New Dehli. I can't believe even some indians from village they believed they are supperior toward intellectual Black people who are studying for Phd. Back in Uganda I do treat all race and included indians with all the respect but why they treat black people inferior here because of their colour of skin! It seems like Indians are more racist than some white people!
Tim , Uganda, New Dehli

The problem with us Africans that we welcome everybody to our lands and let them even get richer by stealing our resources. I'm proud to be an African and nigerian. One day We Africans will become racist just like Indians and others who descriminate us. We're learning racism from them. They don't except that Africans will be always be tolerant if they're not treat with respect.
Ole , Nigeria, Lagos

the same situation we live in over here in bangalore. Discrimination in bus, super markets, homes ,street , so on and so for.what to do?
Assouma , Benin republic, Bangalore

It's really sad to see & how the so called black africans are treated all over the world, much of it take root in history with colonisation and slavery, nothing much can be done to change it while residing in their countries; but what truly grieves me is how our African goverments with so much inferiority complex revere them at the point of empowering them that the even abuse us in our own LAND
Dixon , Royaume Kongo

It's really sad to hear, see and treated as an animal by these poor people, there are a lot of Indian in Tanzania, they are working peaceful and we respect them. It is a time to the Indian and the that black, red, white and brown are co lours. But the human rights must observed overall the world.We tired by segregation from people outside of Africa who use our resources.
Michael Lissu , Arusha, Tanzania

sincerely friends this is bad and too bad, we live with indians and they want us to treat them like brothers calling us "ma brother, ma friend" but why do this to us sincerely!!!, shd we start the same because there many in africa?, indians wherever you are its time you change the perceptions on africans. God bless
munakampala , Uganda

I don't blame the Indians. They and the Chinese treat their OWN fellow citizens like ANIMALS. If a crocodile can eat the flesh of it's own child, what will it do to that of a toad? This kind of disrespect for life tends to happen a lot in countries with a huge population. Indians in general won't even stop to help their own citizens who are dying from a car accident. That's really wicked
Naya , Ghana

No wonder from what people of arrears. With their Castres, between them, we see their level of intelligence! Understand morons n 'is only one objective, to be white, is impossible.
Rodcaz , Toulouse- FRANCE

I agreed with you Ole from Nigeria, We are too tolerant, and let others walk over us. If Africans and Blacks as they call us, truly shows unity amongs ourselves the world will follow.
Wuo , Liberia

Africans government should rise up and make indian govenment to adress the problem. But isn't it asinine for an indians to be having a ricist attitude against africans that are living in their country when they are equally black? Hahaha, crazy indian's world! But somalians & ethiopians skins are more beautiful than theirs.
T Kenga , Netherland

Which is weird on earth that is still sub-breeds that are the most racist. Indian and Arab are evidence of human stupidity.
Rodcaz , Toulouse- FRANCE

It's our fault that these things happen to us African, we have so much natural resources that we privatize to USA and EU or the corporate giants.They are making billions of dollars from Africa's natural resource while ordinary people are catching hell.We need a revolution now.Patrick Lumumba did not die in vain, Kwame Nkrumah had a dream, OAU and ECOWAS.These organizations were are future.RISE UP

Africans should come to terms with the fact that the world generally doesn't like them. It's not hard to see why every other race looks down on blacks. Africans are generally uncivillized and uneducated. I say every African must educate himself and work hard to improve his life. we're all equal in God's eyes.Stop moaning about how the west and east exploit Africa and keep the continent in poverty
Martin , Pretoria, South Africa

It's our fault that these things happen to us African, we have so much natural resources that we privatize to USA and EU or the corporate giants.They are making billions of dollars from Africa's natural resource while ordinary people are catching hell.We need a revolution now.Patrick Lumumba did not die in vain, Kwame Nkrumah had a dream, OAU and ECOWAS.These organizations were our future.RISE UP

Martin from Pretoria, if you don't like black people what tha are you doing in Africa you stupid cunt?

Martin from Pretoria, if you don't like black people what tha FUCK are you doing in Africa you stupid cunt?

Martins, I think you are quite stupid in your comments about blacks and Africans. Every race has got its own share of uneducated and uncivilised people. Africans are not exception. I have lived in most part of the world such as USA, India, Europe, and I can tell you the kind of barbarism among various races be they white, Indian etc., could be mind boggling. So be educated and be wise.
Ishmael Adebisi , Kolkata, India

The colour of a persons' skin shouldn't matter in this day and age, rather it should be his or her ability to make something of themselves that should be most important. African people are as intelligent, motivated, and eager to develop as any other people, they should all be given the chance to prove it no matter where in the world they decide to go.
Sonja , South Africa

I was lived in Jaipur, Rajasthan as a student for 2 years. My experience was for the most part unpleasant.However the teachers and staff in my college were good towards me and helpful. I made friends with some Indians too who were good though the college had a fair share of idiots. But the real problem was out there on the streets and in the public, most people are just pathetic.
Musango , Hangzhou, China

Contd... Due to my excellent academic performance I put most of my colleagues who thought they were superior to me to shame. I got offered another position in IISc Bangalore after I completed my study but opted to come to China thinking it would be better here. Well China is not very different from India and my conclusion is that most Asians will behave the same towards black/Africans.
Musango , Hangzhou, China

Martin from Pretoria, people like you want us to believe that Black people are uncivillized and uneducated.It won't work anymore. There are Black Doctors, Professors, Teachers, etc. Come to USA you'll see how many black people are teaching White Kids at universities in America.
Jo , USA, Califonia

Being a 5th-generation Kenyan Indian on holiday in India: In the heat if I opt to get "tanned" I literally get scoffed at by other Indians from India; those whom I do not know. They expect me to get my skin lighter instead; openly tell me to bleach it. The white British have left India, the "whiteness" hasn't. Ironic, given that the white British put up signs in India "Dogs & Indians not allowed"
Ange , Kenya

Rodcaz from France: While I strongly oppose racism in India (see my post above), I do not agree with your form of racism either. Sub-breed? You are calling 'Indians & Arabs evidence of stupidity': yet quite a few of us can read, write, speak in your French language; can your "clever" self read, write, speak in ANY of our languages? Racism of all types if bad IMHO, including your uneducated comment
Ange , Kenya

After my rather bad experience in Asian countries I feel we Africans should extend the same treatment to Asians residing in our countries. No need to show friendliness and kindness because they would never do the same in their countries.
Musango , Hangzhou, China

Musango in China: "Never" is an all-encompassingly strong word. The 1st e.g. in the article talks about an Indian in India marrying an African. Us Kenyan Indians too who have been living here for generations, face negative prejudice in India. Our country is Kenya according to us, where we are citizens. Be careful the preacher be the preached; the 1 who faces racism becomes a fellow racist himself!
Ange , Kenya

Ange Kenya. Dsol pour mon inculture. Pour moi, a la rigueur tous viens du peuple noir. Ces peuples tars ignorent leu origine noire. Si dnoncer cet etat de fait c' est tre raciste. Affirmatif je le suis.
Rodcaz , Toulouse- FRANCE

Ange in Kenya, I do understand your concerns but you must also understand the case of Africans/Blacks people for centuries they have been suffering descrimination from all other races. We're in 21th century and it still the same racism problems for Africans/Blacks people. Soon or later Africans will lose their kindness and tolerance of welcoming other people in Africa.
Ian , Jamaica, London

Corrigendum. Angel Kenya. Sorry for my ignorance. For me, discipline all men are the black continent. These people are unaware of their origin tainted. If denounce this state of affairs that is being racist. Yes, I am. Rodcaz, Toulouse FRANCE
Rodcaz , Toulouse- FRANCE

Interestingly Indians themselves comes in all shades of color. I have seen so many Indians much darker than the average African. I guess it has to do firstly with the caste system and secondly colonialism under the British. The British looked down on the Indians so now with they want to feel better by looking down on Africans. It's a mental thing
Musango , Hangzhou, China

i particularly enjoyed reading musango's comments. We Africans need to push ourselves to suceed. Each of us have the ability to be exceptional and successful.
Rodney , Port Elizabeth

The former Ugandan Dictator Iddi Amin did right by expelling all Indian tycoons in his country.In fact Indians are very segrigating people,conmen and corrupt.They have got a nature of holding dual nationaliy passpot.They too poor in their country
DAUDI , Tanzania

I agree that we, African are victim of discrimination but the reality is we need to consider that as a mind booster and try to work harder in order to build and develop our countries, let them come to us instead.I believe the reason why all this is happening is because we refused to unite and change our destiny which we surely can without any doubt so lets unite and stop complaining.
Barry , Australia

It's not just the Africans who face discrimination in INDIA ,darker Indians are equally looked down upon, always viewed with suspicion when you enter any big store, but if the DARK INDIAN does speak good ENGLISH, attitudes towards him change instantaneously as if people are no longer worried about his colour.. Another colonial legacy..
Arun , Bangalore, INDIA

The problem of racism,like all the others plagueing humanity, cannot be solved by any man made government. I'm black and so I'm tempted to hate d 'stupid' Indians n white . However, I know that hate begets hate and violence begets violence. So I'll put my faith in God that He will bring His kingdom (as it is in Heaven) on earth to solve all this problems. DO NOT LET HATE CONSUME YOU!
Orlando , Nigeria

My head hangs in shame as an Indian. I believe- it is the semi-educated Indian (& little learning is a dangerous thing) who's to be blamed. Perhaps it's a legacy of the Colonial education that has its imprints on the uneducated Indian minds about Africa being an uncivilised forest land where there's little difference between man & beast! I've seen Indians ogle at & tease different looking Indians!
Dibyendu , Kolkata, India

India is a racist country. people here dont just hate people of darker skin, they also hate thier own skin color. Damn it I am so dark let me try a fairness cream. Krishna, Kali- These are hinu gods who were dark- This racism stems from caste system. Advice- If you see racism in India- Just get angry and yell at people- No one will bully you. Indians see other races with curiosity not hate.
Dinesh , Mumbai

We give other races, colors too much control over us, so they immediately assume, we are weak, lacking in self confidency, dignity & decency. Many of these arrogant people treated us harshly, we never retaliated, in fact some of us went as cowards in making amends, searching for peace with people that abuse us, if we Africans hate & hang every person that abuse us, we will gain immediate respect.
Joseph Mukasa , Uganda, Kampala

I've spent many years in India and I have the feeling, discrimination is just totally normal in the indian society, due probably to the cast system. That's the reason why, they don't feel themselves as racist. Is casteism an excuse to racism ?
Pierre , France

India has caste system which is the root of the problem, and I have seen even educated Indians behave badly. If anybody considers other as lesser than them it is a form of racism. and to all my African friends above who wants to become racist them self by being bad to others. you are lot better than the idiot who abused you but he does not understand that makes him inferior not you.
Nishanth , India-Bangalore

This is Truly surprising, Indians treating us like this....who do they really think they are???but they are as dark as we are..some of them are even darker than us,,so what makes them think they are better??they occupy our continent and this is how they thank us....Durban has the largest indian population than any other country outside india.
Njabulo , Johannesburg,South Africa

black people around the world don't unite and don't treat each other with respect ,so it easy for other races to disrespect us..it 's time to treat anyone don't matter if they are white,Asians, Indians,etc with the same treatment .its time for black people to know where stand and realize we just as superior and stop kissing ass to other races and treat our own with respect.
Care , USA

Thats true@care
Njabulo , Johannsesburg,South Africa

I had a friend that moved to Africa, trying to go back to the motherland to start a farm,an Afro-Caribbean but he end up coming back because Africans would not accept this black man as a African, they gave him hell so, how can we expect others to respect us because every non black look at us as Africans If you are black ..we going to hear stories like this from all over until Africa unite.
Care , USA

ooohh really??which country did he or she move to?
Njabulo , Johannesburg,south africa

ooohh really??which country did he or she move to?
Njabulo , Johannesburg,south africa

i have been in India a year now, the truth is i don't face so much as u guys, am studying bsc animation and film making and i try understanding the culture, as much as you all share such bad experience about India, i think the only issue is you never rilly wanted to understand india, they are kind if you relate to them as equals, as for the name calln, i take it smiling cus it isnt who i am
Kessington Gabriels , Pune India

india is no different from africa, we also treat somone not from nigeria as inferior n we also uplift a white man, yes i face certain descriminations but i can relate with them, cus they see me as superior and always try to help me no mater what. Indians treat us like they treat other indians, a man from South india also face same issues as we blacks do, F.Y.I. I AM A PURE BREED Waffi 9ja
Kessington Gabriels , Pune India

Prejudice against Blacks is apparent in my family. My father was furious when I told him that Indians were referred to as "N*****s" by the British during their rule to which he shot out at me, "Never!!" This prejudice was compounded by the incident when he saw a pretty young woman on TV who I said was Black to which he said in Bengali, "Oh, as if Blacks can ever look like that?" I was disgusted.
M , Boston

Within India, dark skinned people from the south are ridiculed for having black skin, curly hair and looking like "Negros". Many Bollywood movies openly ridicule South Indians for being dark. (Search youtube for the movie Padosan).However the good news is that many educated people in India are acknowledging this, among many other social evils (caste system, discrimination against women etc)
IndianDudeInUS , Usa

Also next time you face racism in India, take a note of the person's education level. If you read the Indian news, 99% of the gang rapists don't have a college degree. These discriminatory/uncultured tendencies do generally go down with a person's education and exposure to the world. Some hardcore racists however, will remain racists despite the education they receive.
IndianDudeInUS , USA

Last but not the least, I want to apologize to all Africans who have suffered racism in India. I am extremely ashamed of the racists among us Indians. I would strongly urge my African brothers to approach the media with your experiences. If there is something that a racist hates more than anything, then that is getting exposed.
IndianDudeInUS , USA

Dear African Friends, we love you. Welcome to India.
Shweat , New Delhi, India

Thank All for sharing. I am a white American married to an African-American woman who's father was from Nigeria. As someone drawn to worship of Durga Maa, I am of course interested in how my wife, who is Christian , and myself would be accepted by the Indian community. However, it is very recent that such relationships have even been accepted in USA. For now, I look at Maa Kaushiki with hope :)
Durga Devotee , Kansas City MO USA

its all about perception.
Shaninder Singh , India

I feel more than racism its more an exotic thing to see a black foreigner, infact most foreigner's comaplian about staring
Harsh Wardhan , India

It's apparent that the majority of non caucasoid people that are not of African descent have such low self esteem that they lash out against individuals that they perceive to be inferior them only when they have control. I say, don't share our resources with them unless they have earned our respect. Remember, these devils are very material and would sell their own family for $. Never trust them.
Jam , USA

Don't give your money to people of non African decent unless they respect you. These folks need to be trained to respect other people cultures. The question to ask is: Would you by my product or services? If they say, don't buy theirs!
Jam , USA

Horrifying, and shameful for that great country especially as a spiritual- not just spiritual but highly spiritual nation to continue depicting such a low self-esteem to a fellow human being. Let alone, arming with the knowledge that this same very country it seems majority of whom will starve instead of slaughtering a four leg animal. If I'm right, India has the oldest animal hospital. Yes.
Sam , USA

Think about this; Hindu people has so much respect for all living things that these animals are referred to as "little brothers." To think that a nation with such a keen sense of respect for life should again surprise the rest of the world by looking down on people of other races only because of coloration is an embarrassing fact. I'm planning a trip to India to study the Hindi language.
Sam , USA

Friends,Even a black hen lays white eggs,colors may vary but we are all the same , black or white no money no honey.
nagarajan , india

I read a story in a newspaper that Indians living in Uganda used to spit at Black natives while walking down the street. As bad as it may be now, it used to be a lot worse. It all changed after the great Idi Amin--one of Africa's greatest leader. He killed a whole bunch of these Indian monkeys and they immediately became more respectful of Africans.
Bob Rhoads , Cambridge

I am not racist but is it coincidence that for example in America the highest crime rates occur in cities where black neighborhoods or most of the people caught smugling drugs in Indian airports are black . White people bring progress and prosperity and Blacks bring crime and disease , that is why Indians always follow whites . 88 ( if u know what it means )
Rishi , Spain

maybe we deserve the treatment these nobodys give us! Africa for Africans, lets build our shitty African countries and only buy from our kind! lets nationalise resources & employ both COMMAND & PROFIT orientated economic systems & not socialism!
lerato , south africa

I am never leaving south Africa for any country, I would rather kill politicians and my own people! our enemies have tried to rewrite our history forever! they have also tried to strip us of our dignity & told us we would only regain it through education! u need the AFRICAN GOD & NUCLEAR PHYSICS only in your lives Africans! stop kissing ass & take back not only your countries but the whole worl
lerato , south africa

I saw that some people whose skin color is white are commenting those people who have black skins...i am also a black skin boy but when someone comments me that my skin color is black at that time i felt so sad...and hate myself that why was i burning a black ..in my thinking black people are not getting such freedom than white people..
Tapan Kumar Nahak , Berhampur,Odisha,India

Everyone should try using 'fair and lovely' it's an Indian cosmetic cream which turns skin color to fair white! So you look pretty.
Vivek Waghmare , Pune, India

Just look at the comments all favouring blacks in India, why should the Indians care about blacks? Indians themselves are dark skinned so blacks can not complain about what Indians are saying. In the west the whites give them everything so what is the difference between blacks being racist to Indians in the west to Indians being racist to blacks in India? Go complain elsewhere ok?
Dita , London, UK

Blacks have mouthed off in the west for decades and have tried to get equality and it still didn't work, funny how they ignored the Asians as 'fellow brothers' now India and China don't like them they complain. africans won't dare rise up against Asia in africa otherwise their countries will be bankrupt like uganda once was, Indians don't have to care they didn't make you slaves so 'f' off!!!
User1 , NY, Usa

We are more than obliged to welcome any race.Infact some Indians hate thier own national kin.One of our hit movie Ra.One had Akon sing in it and everyone loves it.No one hates black,although in jokes we call people Sardars,Neegros etc.A large crowd here is nonetheless Racist.No intermarriage here is possible and I blame the previous generation.The new generations,However welcome you kindheartedly.
Abhinav , Bombay

I am really ashamed to read about kind of discrimination that some of you have faced in India. It is true that black people face racism in India but rest assured not everyone is racist.We Indians really need to think About how we treat our own countrymen and guests from Africa.The country in general has an obsession with fair skin only god knows how this can be changed
siddharth , bangalore india

In 1959 After Europeans had dominated Africa for long, they always portrayed Africa in negative light; savages,cannibals,uncivilized etc, this is how they build a worldwide wall in the minds of the human family. I know things are different to some extent in the west but the effect still lies here in Asia. The white man made classification. I charge the white for all this. he cant deny the charges.
Rutaarwa MM , Ugandan, Bangalore

black is sentimentally a bad colour.well, we all have 1 thng in common! the sad bad feeling about being black. why me? who am i? ppl nt accepting us,favour white over black! well my frnds this can't be changed overnight! no pals, no girls, life's lonely and cruel!.let's hope, someday everthing will chng for good! until NIGGAS rule baby!
nayan kumar , delhi

first of all user1, u fuck off.... secondly i would like to end this discussion by telling my african brothers that africa is for us, we fought the white fucks n they left our country. now lets build it and make prosperity where its due. if for some reason indians discriminate us fuck em , lets build our industries, create jobs n help one another.... remember they used divide n conquer to pull us down but we shall rise in unity n make a prosperous africa. AFRICA NI NCHI YANGU!!! AFRICA IS MY MOTHERLAND.... GOD BLESS
JoyBeingBlack , Kenya

I'm saddened to read this. These same indians will scream racism when they are treated badly in Europe, Africa or America. Many indians are obsessed with fair skin, and are very caste conscious. They'll discriminate against a South Indian or a Nepali. A punjabi will hate a Gujarati and so on. They can be very close minded. It takes courage to leave your country for education. good luck.
Rohini , USA

I am really sorry for the way that Indian's treat black people. Many Indians are racist, there's no way to sugar coat it. Our media/movies and culture have made us falsely believe that white equates to success or beauty. Just please know that not all Indian's are like this. I love people of all ethnicities/colors and I hope that one day racism will end. India was after all once a part of Africa.
Aayush , Mumbai, India

blacks shouldnt av been treated like dis in india.Do they knw dat african can as wel contribute to there welfare.

India as a people have their problems of complex. Racism is a sign of pride and pride is a sign of a person who does not believe they could life achievement is to be born with certain body features or to be born in a place to certain people. See Indian films- they worship Aryan features, make them fake. They should learn from Nollywood - No lies, as is. Naija for real. God help d dark ones.
Odion Ovbiedo , Lagos

@joebeingblack - kenya - You f' off, why should India accommodate you? We don't see you picking at the Chinese why is that? From what I have seen, blacks walk away when Chinese are around, you think because you have same skin colour as Indians that you have any right to India? How can you call Indians racist when they have the same skin colour thicko? Don't try making India your country ok?
user1 , NY, usa

From the mess in the usa, the Indians should be very careful because africans are not fellow 'brothers' they are from africa and if Indians want fair skin so what? What has this to do with africans what Indians want in their own country or abroad? blacks are complaining because they want acceptance in India you don't see the other Asian countries accepting them they know the whites have had enough
user1 , NY, usa

These blacks are trying to play the race card in India when in the west they claim to be the same colour. They know the Chinese will boot them out as are Russians they think they can 'educate' Indians who are they to 'educate' to a country like India of all places? India already has enough problems why should it accommodate blacks? They are worst people on the planet using the race card everytime
user1 , NY, usa

@user1 (NY, usa) You are ignoring individuals again. Do you really think "these blacks" are trying to play 'race card?' I don't think you read anything written here. Have you? Have you read any of your own BS? You are beneath contempt. I am impressed by the restraint (or advanced troll filters??) shown by other participants. You all give me hope! :)
ion , Louisville, KY USA

Hi Guys, I am an Indian. I am dark skinned. Though i was indian, i was hated even by close relatives whom i loved very much. I was hated even by my sister(cousin's daughter). I was discriminated in all places. @All : Not only people from other countries, dark people in india also face similar proplems. It is not because of country, it is because of dark colored skin . Let's face it togeth
Vivekananthan , Chennai

I am His Excellency, President for Life, Field Marshal Al Hadji Doctor Idi Amin Dada, VC, DSO, MC, Lord of All the Beasts of the Earth and Fishes of the Seas and Conqueror of the British Empire in Africa in General and Uganda in Particular, and I apporve of this message. I hate East Indians and was responsible for their mass exodus out of Uganda.
Idi Amin Dada , Uganda

There is no doubt that that there is racism in this country! People stare at you as if you are a pizza! I was in Bangalore very recently and wow,from the very first moment I was fooled at the airport. I was charged three times more! Then while I was walking in Brigade road,people actually stop & stared at me! The experience left a very bad image of the city and the country! I'm of Asian decent
Ryan Sanim , Cardiff,Wales,UK

its not just the blacks or Africans but even us people from the north eastern regions of India that are being discriminated just because we don't look like those brown hairy bastards from mainland India. We are generally mongoloid in race and more definitely civilized then this brown bastards think themselves to be. Amen.
victor , NE India

Indians are racist.It is sad India has not improved it perception about dark colour.This perception is fuelled by the media and is due to the British rule but then again humans by nature are racist greedy and selfish.We find racism in all countries,cultural and ethnic group
jerry , bangalore,india

The thought of racism makes me very angry, for hundreds of years we had to suffer oppression because of our skin colour. Racism is a sign of human weakness and stupidity.
Karabo , South Africa

I am indian and consider indians the most racist people in world. Even we indians are discriminated everyday upper caste indians. I don't know how india will be a developed country with this kind of mind setting. And new channels showing breaking news when an indian. Player is discriminated by australians and they show it like we indians accept other cultutes woth open arms, they should show ht w
Aditya , England

I'm from the USA and we have a large Indian population here. A lot of Indians look like Black people so they have a lot of nerve being racist. A lot of them look like Black people with straight hair. We are not asking them to like us. We are not asking to take over their country. What we demand is respect. To my fellow African sisters and brothers: if they don't respect you, DO NOT welcome them
Mary , USA

Indians in america are extremely hard working no nonsense folk. They are driven educationally and economically more than typical Americans in general. With this work ethic that is antithetical to the stereotype black. It is basis for cultural conflict.
will kitt , usa

had it be to said those ignorant indians reads this article,da it will more suitable for us Africans to reacts badly.Eventhou,i have never been to india,but i red such articles and i observed such ignorance of those racist in india.Hmm see how african countries welcomes indians!? I AM AN ANTI-RACISM AND I SAYS NO TO IT
hadir muhammad , sokoto,Nigeria.

I have read almost all the comments regarding discrimation of Black people in India and else where, the fact is, if we are all God Children with same human characteristic, then why should hate or dislike each other, the British has left this stigma and was inherited by gererations, In Guyana Black people not only being dislike but also discriminated by Indians whom are racist in our society.
Leonard/M , Georgetown, Guyana

those indian racists,are not religous,both christianity and islam are against such bad attitude
hadir , sokoto,Nigeria.

Being black African Burundian born and living in LONDON for 16 years now. Though I aint seen much open hostilities against Black from the whites counterparts in this country, I am fully aware of the complex aspects of discriminatory practices deeply rooted within the policies and procedures institutionalised by the so called "Whites supremacy and policy makers. Then Indians??
Franck , United Kinbgdom

Then taking it from the India case of racism, whilst I really appreciate most of the views above, especially the opinion from Mr/Ms RODCAZ in TOULOUSE, I think RODCAZ has been somehow misunderstood by some of you, but I am personally entirely in favour of his comments. The cruel treatment of Ethiopians in SOUD ARABIA recently have shown it all about the ARABS and their miserable devices against us
Franck , UK

Last alone, a Burundian international student in LOVELY PROFESSIONAL UNIV, PUNJAB was savagely attacked by 10 yobs openly on the public street. The assault hit the Media Worldwide while the INDIAN authorities were busy trying to cover up this crime. YANNICK NIHANGAZA was in coma for more than 3 months with every bone of his body broken. As Burundian, how would I feel seeing an INDIAN down my stree
Franck , LONDON, UK

I am an American woman of Asian descent. I spent 4 months in India last year. I got a lot of stares, mostly from men. People were pretty polite and treated me well. Could be that my skin is fair compared to most Indians and I know fair skin is favored due to the caste system. Its very unfortunate.
Julia , USA

Rashid james-from zambian.first and formost i would like to point out the fact That africans/ black people ar not stupid We are human beigns just like everyonessss Else.so i see no point of segregation ldets Jst ve respect for each other and make the World a better place for everyone. Honestly speaking africans/ blacks They v' e got no problem.but you indians You ve a big a problem, stop rasci
Rashid james , zambia

I,m not happy saying this but also think we Africans are continuously contributing in that allowing the rest of the World treating us exactly the way they do. Look, already we are too much less tolerant within our own diversities, but twice or more much tolerant towards outsiders like INDIANS or ARABS in our own land. What do we expect to happen as result? the same guests will take our resources
Franck , LONDON, UK

Can anyone talk this piece of "Cancre" above naming himself as "User1, NY, USA" Obviously a miserable Indian wandering on streets of NY not in his homeland. He is not apt reading what black pple and others talking about just because of being simple "Temper loser" by nature. User1 let me tell you piece of confused lad, you are nothing near to what Africa has achieved by history. we welcome u Africa
Franck , UK

I find this very very sad that people are being judged by sterotypes and skin colour. As long as they still can't love their own people how can they love others.
Temidayo Agbara , London

Hello internet, in my country ghana indians are well integrated in the society. I have a lot of indian friends ans there are wonderfull people like manousha daveedial and anoushka daveedial. I may travel to india very soon and I am well aware that some african students had racial problems in certain cities and towns. india is growing and becoming a techno superpower.well meaning intellectuals a
james kojo graham , accra.

India is great since she has always been the forefront in the fight against human segregation. despite the caste system india is perhaps one of the most tolerant nations on earth. surely the government of india will look and listen tto the issues that will crop up concerning the african students and workers. the caste system will eventually go down with time and india will become a more ega
james kojo graham , ghana west africa

Evidence shows that Indians have a high rate of intermarriage with people of other races including africans. the issue may even beyond africas and I am sure jews europeans and even other asians have suffered discrimination in india. the media is only focusing on the african complaint. racism is a human problem not a skin tone issue. after all in africa we have tribalism issues within our nat
giddon bedu graham , togo

By the way indian men and women are handsome and beautiul so date and marry them. Africa needs more bollywood and bangalore software giants as well as tata buses fo highways abd motorways.
jorge morano , lagos nigeria

Let us never forget the stance of india against racism In europe and usa in the 1960s and her statements against apartheid south africa. yours in internet love
alfred ikpeba , kano nigeria

It is imperative that the indian subcontinent even embraces the sril lankan islands as the country becomes a centre of global influence. from fashion statement like the sari of the women to the turban of the men.the migration of the indian community to other parts of the world as well as ideas and goods plus services will the path of india not coungerbalance the rise of china in a new global econ
alfred ikpeba , lome togo

First and foremost,I would like to congratulate those who see things as a normal human should see them.Racism of any sort of unacceptable.As for you Indians,look at the inequality in your country between rich n poor.am in india now and I think Malaysia,China,Singapore,Russia and even some African nations are surpassing you coz they are not racists like u..incredile india?No!! Dirty filthy India
katam lengwe , zambia

Most of these things happen because people in India are not too familiar with Africans. Staring at people who look different(including Indians) is a common problem amongst Indians. As for being called 'Kalu' , that is racial insensitivity,those people don't know better. And we have a lot of problems of are own as you can see when you are here.
Pratap , India

Let us not forget due to economic and other reasons indian nationals are all over the world with many persons who have come to africa. I was in benin recently and there were sonmany indian shops and companies. indian people are of various ethnicities and colours. they have also faced a lot of discrimination in the western world so despite the appearance of this website i am amazed by this media
James bedu K Odjo Graham , lome togo

As an Indian, I am very ashamed and disheartened the way fellow African brothers are treated in India. Staring, name calling are traits of uneducated, biased and savage population. There maybe so many educational institutions in India, but the general public is savage to the core and lack manners.
Indian , Delhi

Going through all the feeds & post. I had stayed & visited a lot countries in US, U.K, France, Germany- In all places the local people always understand them as best compared to rest of world. We can call all of them racist.Except south east asia where people welcome outsider. Same I hope is the case in India too
Indian , Mumbai

Negros have no place in India nor marrying Indian women
jon , Melbourne

Well I am very happy to see indian nationals making comment on the state of african indian relations. so many indian citizens are of dark complexion signifying that their ancestors came from africa once upon a time. Obviously with the advent and spread of the internet people have no excuse to be ignorant about other people and cultures. books and magazines offer a good glimpse about the lifesty
james bedu kojo graham , ghana accra.

ESModj I am so grateful for your blog article.Much thanks again. Keep writing.
nice site here , nice site here

To all Africans here I am Indian and I am sorry that you had to face racism in India. It is really stupid for Indian people to act racist especially when they themselves face racism in different corners of the world
Rao , Bangalore

i am chinese, i see my NE indians are my people,they are also treated very bad in india,they are DNA are close to us,they are mongol race,and also,how indians dare to look down upon us?by what?China korean japan all of them are much much much developed than them,Indian,Pak or banglore,for us,they are infeiror,china GDP is 6 time bigget than india,China high speed train all over china,
winnie , China

China build ouw own space sation ,china build our own GPS systme,not to mention the japan,east asians are pure race,i really feel sorry about the my cousins in NE Indians,i really hope one day they could back to china,NE indians should try to make your race pure don't mixed with these black or brown indo people,they will screw you!
winnie , China

I am Indian working in Dubai. I am ashamed of the racial prejudice against people from Africa in India. I have lived in Nigeria ( Sokoto), i found Nigerians to be humble and very cordial to Indians. I sincerely wish that Indians would do the same to our African guest. There are many like me who would expect our countrymen to be courteous to guest from Africa. Sincere apologies to all African gue

In just a few words let me say that this website is an example of how india and africa should come together in peace. I sincerely hope the israeli and palestinians will come together in peace dor the sake of humankind. Surely our indian fellows have shown their humanity by apologising for the hurts caused by their compatriots on the indian subcontinent.
james bedu kojo graham , ghana west africa

My comment is for African peoples.It is not totally Fault of Indians that they think of Africans as inferior.It is because Decades of picturisation of africans as tribal jungle peoples and slaves made this image.Secondly,Indians were persecuted by black peoples allover the world like,Suriname,Ghana,jamaica,Fiji,Nigeria and mostly in Uganda.Cheak the internet for confirmation of my words.KARMA.
Sourav Ghosh , India

Most of the Nigerians get caught are drug dealers and pimps.so blaming police is totally wrong.You created your image.you have to look at the facts on ground.Indians were persecuted all over Africa just because the are smart and earn more money than most of africans.so the peoples of africa says that Indians steal their wealth.Well if you were smart you would have earned too.Racism is human nature
Sourav Ghosh , India

@Sourav,you're stop giving stupid excuses for your countrymen.Did you read article! The most of you indians are suffering about complex of inferioty toward white people. Come to London to see that white people that you love to kiss their ass.The White people They're prefere to be friends with black people than you're indians. You indians need Africa.
John , London, England

Compare the numbers of Africans living in india and how many indians living in Africa. Indians need Africa, Africans they don't need India. Most white girls in London prefere to date black men not indians. Don't try to put black people down. you're indians if you're civilised why you're raping your women! That it shows how backward you're like people.Sourav keep kissing white men ass!
John , London, England

Within India, south Indians are regularly ridiculed in Bollywood movies for being dark. In bollywood movies, the dark skinned south Indian man is an ugly and evil person who no woman wants. Most of the racism (and gang rapes) in India come from the North. Thats a fact that most western media outlets are too politically correct to report. North India is the Hindu extremist version of Pakistan.
SouthIndian , India

Sourav, I am Jamaican of Indian, African and Scottish heritage. There has never been persecution of Indians in Jamaica by other Jamaicans of African descent. Get your facts straight. Have you been to the Caribbean. Do you know who we are and what our history and heritage. Obviously not. There are prejudices but overall we have embraced our multi-ethnic heritage national identities.
Yolande , usa

Indians are the most racist country in the world. Since you are from Africa, you could see and understand the racism towards your community. I'm from the Southern part of India. I'm discriminated in my own country. An advice to all from outside India, behind all the success signs in India, lies a dark truth which no one will tell, we Indians just cannot stand other cultures, hence will make fun
Ashwin , Chennai, India

First and foremost, racial discrimination against anyone is bad. We humans have no rights to decide who is superior and who is inferior.Skin colour cannot be a means of discriminating people. Our Lord Krishna is also dark. He never differentiates between a bird and a human, then how can we do it? India is a land of hospitality and such racism should not be allowed. Being an african is not a sin.
Pals , India

I am an Indian girl but I feel sad for the african crowd. They are always careful about talking to anyone just because they are considered inferior. Why can't they breathe freely in India? Just because they are black? And an Italian will enjoy all benefits because he is white? This is utter rubbish. As Indians we need to portray the world that we love all. No racism to be practiced here
Pallavi , India

As a South American Indian, now a US citizen, I'm NOT surprised to read how racist MANY Indians are, and in India, well I'm bit surprised to know that they are many Blacks there as I have never been to India and assume that it was mainly Indians. Black is sexy and beautiful, what is wrong with these narrow minded Indians. They are human beings just like all of us Indians - get over yourself.
David , USA

Not all Indians are racist but all whites and asians even blacks treat Indians badly equivalent to terrorist and want us to behave good and want respect. give respect get respect...
Harshit Indrayan , Bharat(India)

Woo,these 'red' people too also discrminate...was a huge fan of bollywood. my respect for bollywood stars has just been lowered.truly half education is dangerous.no wonder you made ur own kajol bleach her skin.inferiority complex at its peak!#Shalom!
yakhtassu , ghana

You need to understand that there is class of Indians that ignorant (the system should have educated them). They will watch Hollywood and think (wrongly) all blacks are criminals, and that all white girls are sluts. India does not have a history or genocide; and the more enlightened classes don't know to deal violent racists; but a strategy is being formed. I am deeply ashamed of racist Indians.
Vinay N , UK

No one can't stop racism. it's in human blood
Leoz knight , India

It's so unfortunate dt Indians, of all people shld b racist against Africans, of all people. I keep saying one thing n i will say it here, without apology to any one-GOD creatd me as an African n put me on ds planet n im proud thnkful of it. I dnt care if some pple of diffrnt skin colour dnt lk it, dat's deir problem.Africans r here to stay bc GOD ALMIGHTY put here n dt cnt b undone by any1,period
Phat , Nigeria

Indian racism wouldn`t surprise many blacks who co-exist with them in Fiji, Suriname, Mauritius, Guyana and South Africa. The next chapter in this conflict between Indians and blacks in India ,which could be the most violent phase ,is when sexual relationship develop between Indian women and black men (the ultimate taboo). I really don`t want to see black men being killed.
Africanus2 , London

Indian father`s have killed black men for less. All black men living in India should note that having an Indian girlfriend can lead to death. This also applies to the Kurdish, Pakistani and Afghan women. South ASian men don`t take kindly to their females marrying black men. This would be an area of my gravest fear for the safety of black men in India.They have killed black men in the past.
Africanus2 , London

being a great observer of people here in America, most notably the south. I see racism daily, but I do not partake it because I am better. I am an Black American an yes racism is in many forms. I have met some gracious people from India, as well as some that are not. Any culture that was invaded by British colony has the DNA that triggers hate and division. Deal with it and overcome. U-R-FREE
Solomon , America

Now for a lesson in history. India's ancient people are the Dravidians. A very old culture that migrated from Africa. Sorry, but no one gets away from Africa, not even the white race...that we're black who migrated north then we're caught in ice ages and separated over thousands of years that changed there pigmentation genetics. The Vatican has all of this history recorded.
Solomon , America

say no 2 racism....it will do you no good...when God created man He did not say black or white....He said in my own image nd likeness...nd for all you free thinkers who believe in racism and its involvement in nature...think about it.....everything cannot be the same....thought u guys learnt of adaptation and acclimatization...i know some of u still wont change
Eniola , Nigeria

Racism is the result of illiteracy of literate or semi-literate people around the globe.It may be the result of cultural difference / food habbit etc. Racist I think apply general common thought about a group not about an individual person .This is sin in any form and humiliation of GOD creation.
Pravin , India

To jon in melbourne australia.let me tell you that whether you like or not indians and africans will intermarry. even in your native australia you will see white men and women marrying indian nationals very soon. keep your white racism in your closet and do not put down mixed couples in australia or the rest of the world thank God reasonable people came to their senses and in oz the obnoxious
jonathan kwapong , niger niamey

The white australia is a stain in a progressive society like australia. from 1901 to 1973 australia was practicing apartheid in another form like her counterparts in south africa. I sincerely apologize to all indians who suffered in the 1970s in east africa and southern africa from discrimination in property lease and employment.i was not even born but having read the sad hatred from blacks towa
ali ranskan , tanzania marusha

Towards indians I saw that africans have also hurt indians and even other races like whites and asians through wicked legislation and wrong application of affirmative action through notion of false nayionhood and another evil african and human problem tribalism the seconde flip side of segregation. so both sides are hurt africans and Indians. after joint forgiveness both africa and india must w
hajia moufaz , egypt giza

Despite the potential problems of division I am supremely optimistic that africans and indians will live together side by side in harmony and even intrrmarry in higher numbers. the few incidents of discrimination will not derail the mutual admiration that each race holds for theother. Education joint projects and a sense of non alignment in a superpower world make africa and india natural partne
rashad pilay , cotonou benin

Let me use this medium to encourage more africans and indians to date each other more and intermarry in higher numbers. discrimination is not the answer and as the big scientists are saying indians come from thr motherland continent. The big beautiful triangle that is africa and of course let us not forget the wide middle east with israel jordan iraq syria lebanon egypt abu dhabi bahrain oooooooo
uthman lall , morocco agadir

I dunnno y the heck indians are treating like that...
robin , usa

I'm surprised at the reaction people have to Indians attitude to towards Blacks and Africans in India. I'm not a historian, however I've all was been told that India is the father of racism. Through India's class structure The west developed their attitude about class and race. It is not surprising that a society that has untouchable people who happen to be black are racist.
Bill , US

Bill from the usa are you saying that the aryan race supremacy was copied by europeans ipon their discovery of india and that led to foolish and false theories about racial superiority. you have just given me an interesting historical concept upon which I will do more research into the matter. this suggest that the west stole from india not just sports like hockey chess spices and other goodies.
jonathan kwapong , bamako mali

lol you people that talk about the indian cast system been about race or skin are idiots and have no idea typical liberal BS its about religious identity status and roles in society and goes back thousands of years and for your information their are light and dark skined in every cast. as for black africans you have a dam cheek after what you did in uganda to indians! why the hell do blacks think they should get special treatment where ever they go just because your people had slavery so have every other race at 1 time or another if you dont like it stay in africa we dont need you or your money or your business
whiteguy , london

i m not surprised to hear that, Indians are not just racist for Africans only. They even can not tolerate with their own people.
zeeshan ali , Pakistan

Talking about staring the people is so obvious,bcoz,you are a stranger to us( no offence!).we have never been exploited to other country mens as like west.Even we are very meagre poised within NSEW india.Though we believe unity in diversity,but,still there is an influence of racism is there in culture, language,color & religion wise. But I promise you,Next generation welcome you with garlands
Saleem , South India, India

My India?-land where people are obsessed with white skin,oriental, chinky looks?hated and derided with names like 'hey chinky' 'kancha'.If you features are not aryanic,you will be hated and isolated...or maybe killed,just like a guy from NE India was beaten to death by some shopkeepers because he looked different...tsk tsk i hate these mainland indians.
Watilongs , Northeast india

The. Foolishness. Here. I. All . HHumans. Come. From. Hablogroup. L. Which. Africans. Only. Make. So. You. Should. Be. Grateful. We. Made. You.but. it. Seems. Humans. Are. Stupid. So. We. Should. Of. Killed. Off. Hablogroup. M. When. We. We. Made. And. All. This. Nonsense. Wouldn't. Be. Here
dion , philadelphia

Dear friends,we are all humankinds and we should treat each other equalwell!The same situation here in China especially for the Nigerians,however us black people we need to do sth to change the course of the history,we were slave,we've been colonized and think till know we are following the same lead! killing eachother we dont have love towards oneother how do you expect anyone else to love u?
Peterson , Beijing_China

Being said ,the remedy is in our hand as black (africans),love eachother, unite among us, eager of education .Develop our beatiful continent ,infrastructure , our universities n i guess we'll not need to go to india china ... finally blame all those political leaders around the continent who i think and abviously are their ambassodors !they dontcare how we are being treated, wake up peace yall!
Peterson , Beijing_China

lol whiteguy... as you know region has always been used as weapon to subjugate people. Who does the subjugating and for what time period does not really matter today. The point being in today's, cum-bi-ya societies we need every one to participate equally as we move forward. Subjugating people by religion, cast, skin color and cultural differences is a waste of time and resources.
Bill , US

White guy in london I am wondering would you date a black woman or an indian woman in the uk. I am really surprised at you little hint of racism towards black issues. you seem to deny the presence of black and indian people in the city of london uk. you are actually denigrating their contribution to uk society.is that what your father and mother taught you as a child. I believe that you shoul
james kojo graham , ghana accra

Its amazing people whose been looked upon as subhuman by their colonial power, now behave the same toward the others. mind is terrible thing to waste.
arouna , ny

Guy,the average Indians are racists & its a hard fact. See the way they treat even their own country men hailing from the north estern (NE) part of India (who looks mongloid). Whatever the blacks/ africans faces in a big cities of India, the same is meted out to the NE people of India.
Barnali , India

As an Indian I have to express how deeply embarrassed and ashamed I am to hear such stories. I hope Africans do not let these stories and experiences lead to them adopting racist attitudes and hate. Don't let hate consume you. Those Indians that discriminate are trash and can be regarded as the scum of the earth. Ignore them for they are not worth it, we should remember that we are all born equal
Andy , Mumbai, India

I'm really sorry guys for getting such terrible treatment. i know it hard to tolerate such thing what I want from you its to prove them wrong that they aren't more special than us black people we all the same.being black its hard.
k.b mhlongo , South Africa

mmmmuu its really sad people really sad to hear people saying such things we must try to change before its too late. sure case Indians who don't do these things are complete sad and asham... to hear such things. we won't see the heavens if we carry on like this. we say we love God but we hurt his people this clearly proves that we know nothing about love and caring
k.b mhlongo , South Africa

it will take time to eradicate age-old kind of discriminations based upon color,caste,race etc. if people focus more on similarities than differences among them then surely this world would be a better place.
varun , india

The Racists are Among Us The racists are among us. They are everywhere: Upstairs, downstairs, on our left and right side, Down south, up-north, in the center, and in the air. The racists live in an environment of false pride, Anxiety, Ignorance, low self-esteem, fear, deception, Avarice, greed, desperation, deprivation, alienation, Polarization, craziness, loneliness, nervousness, sickness Powe

I swear.. I'm so fascinated by you nigerians.. You guys are so much fun.. Infact it should be of immense pleasure for you guys to choose india... I would be great pals with these guys.. And how dare Indians do this. Just because we are discriminated by whites abroad doesn't mean you can discriminate these black people.. We ourselves are black for god sakes! Darn I'm so angry
claver , india

Indians want to be white thats why most of them treat blacks bad! They hate anyone who is darker skinned and indians portrait themselves as 'white' . Its ridiculous! Black is beautiful!
My , Uk

I am realky ashamed of my fellow countrymen. This racist attitude is very difficult to get rid of . People are very narrow minded here and it will take a huge effort to get rid of racism in India .
Abhishek , Ahmedabad , India

I'm from , north east india studying in delhi. Even i have faced dis type of discrimination only because of my looks. If the indians don't respect people of their own country, I dn't suppose dey will do that with people from outside. Many nort east students have become the victim of this discrimination and some of them hav lost their lives.
ching , india

Being a white guy who once thought that we were the biggest racists around... I have to now admit, that I was surprised that we are (in some ways) not even close to how prejudiced many South Asian Indians are towards people darker skinned than themselves. Lots of work is needed to somehow help change this misguided attitude that people have about other people. We are all made equal humans.
Leo O'Brien , Brampton

Any man, who thinks they r better than any other man because of the color of their filthy skin is a sick ignorant moron, who will die and go to a eternal Hell, only the Insides of your heart is what counts, your skin color proves absolutely nothing, no matter where u live.
Robert O. , usa

Racism is like a fungus plague on one's mindset, it is lethal and deadly then an actual flesh bodily disease cause it' entices ones mindset in thinking different, treating different and seeing different a fellow humanbeing just because of a tiny thin top level of skin that is more darker then theirs. We all have same colour of blood,and what makes a rainbow beautiful is the combination of colour.
Benmasuka , UK, London

Welcome to Hinduism , Indians will present Gandhi and pretend to be benign vegetarians , but this is the truth!
I know , USA

dear africans, If u don like racism in India please go back to your country.my whole contry is racist.i will be slandered for being South indian if I go north.we have caste racism.color,power, money racism and lingual racism.we just dont care about it n still live in harmony.whereas Africans who are new to racism react to it badly And get beaten up and the issue shames my country n pictures it
Chandhan Kumar , India chennai

Blacks are already the most racist people on earth. Fear and awe? What rubbish you are seen for what you are a racist, and i doubt there is any thing to fear, if blacks "become the most racist" the will be dealt with once and for all. "BME" is a racist term implying that blacks are part of west and other people are minorities and ethnics. That is one example of black racism there are many others.
S.Singh , canada

if it was not for the other people africa would be a shit hole, you being racist? it would take less than a month to deal with you, i have been on the end of black racism but that is not talked about because of the liberal shits running the media
A.Smith , uk

Reading all these posts brings me to a even broader avenue of discussion. Evidently no one has done the research to gather the factual history of the origin of the white man.1st the Caucasian came out of Asia and not Europe as people have been led to believe. All history known to man has been reversed .Blacks inhibited Europe before whites knew Europe existed. Don't take my word ,do your own stud
John W Thomas III , Charlotte

Simply we need to stick toget her as African and African Americans. And block there way as well. I am USA born married to Nigerian man. And we speak of this all the time. Let's work on building together. It's harder to discriminate in USA, but Nigeria you keep them out of your country don't buy a thing make there situation hard not with violence but with no help from your money or goods.
Tonya Agugba , USA

well, I am a indian and I've got Africans friends living in mumbai. They don't seem to be in any problems as described. There is always a portion of bad in every goodness and portion of good in every badness. The problem is just the highlights the world gets out of the overall fact. No country is clean without racism."I Am AGAINST RACISM" but you don't curse the whole country for one's deed!
Niren , Mumbai

India is a cauldron of different cultures. India has 122 major languages and 1599 other languages. Its crazy being an Indian in India itself.When Foreigners come to India and get the feel of the differences let it be Whites or Blacks they may get offended sometimes. 10 racist Indians don't make India. we are 100 Crore plus.We find Narrow minded people in every culture and society. We Love Everyone
Davis , INDIA

If you look at most developed and developing countries, it's the black people who are involved in drug dealing, robberies etc. that's one of the reasons they are visualized differently. Why they are involved in crime: For being oppressed by the whites since centuries. And thanks to today's social media for knowledge sharing! We should work together towards a better world. Don't involve in crime.
moe , Canada

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