Good african leaders

These are former african presidents who give up power without any pressure.These leaders should be well know through all continent from what they have done. May be they didn't change the situation in continent but they did one thing that few african presidents are prepare to do so, to give up the power without a coup detat or force out. They show example for african young generation and future leaders that it's time to start learn to give up the power in democratic way.

Pedro Verona Pires
Pedro Verona Pires

He became president in 1991 and he decided to step down in August after two terms, rejecting calls to change the constitution to remain in office, like some African leaders have done. He is from same era of most African leader, he fought against Portuguese colonial rule and became prime minister at independence in 1975, however, he realised it's time to retired from politic.

He shows again that African leaders can step down of power without violence. For his contribution of leading Cape Verde into democratic way, he was awarded this year $5 million by Mo Ibrahim Prize for good governance in Africa.

Despite, Cape Verde still have high unemployment but Pires's decision of leaving power after two terms, it's a good decision for Cape Verde and Africa in general.

Nelson Mandela
Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela has been hailed as "the greatest and most courageous leader of our generation". In a life of personal sacrifice, he dedicated himself to the struggle against apartheid in South Africa, an era which came to end with the country's first multi-racial elections on 27 April 1994.

Mandela became the first black President and the oldest elected President of South Africa when he took office at the age of 75 in 1994. He decided not to stand for a second term and retired in 1999.

Mandela has received more than 250 awards over four decades, most notably the 1993 Nobel Peace Prize. In November 2009, the United Nations General Assembly announced that Mandela's birthday, 18 July, is to be known as 'Mandela Day' marking his contribution to world freedom.

Festus Morgae
Festus Morgae

Festus Gontebanye Mogae became president of the Republic of Botswana on April 1, 1998, in a peaceful transfer of power that political analysts term exceptional for southern Africa.

In April 2008, in accordance with Botswana's constitution, President Mogae stepped down as President, having served two terms in government.

Mogae was awarded the Grand Cross of the Legion d'honneur by French President Nicolas Sarkozy on 20 March 2008 for his "exemplary leadership" in making Botswana a "model" of democracy and good governance.
Also, Mogae won the 2008 Ibrahim Prize for Achievement in African Leadership, and will receive US$ 5 million over 10 years and US$ 200,000 annually for life thereafter.

Joaquim Chissano
Joaquim Chissano

Mr Chissano then led negotiations with Renamo, which in October 1992 succeded in ending 16 years of destabilising internal conflict.

In 1994 he won the first multiparty elections in the history of the country, and was re-elected President of the Republic in 1999.
Despite the fact that the Mozambican constitution allowed him to stand in the 2004 presidential elections, Joaquim Chissano decided voluntarily not to do so.

on 22 October 2007, Chissano's 68th birthday,he had been awarded the inaugural $5 million Prize for Achievement in African Leadership awarded by the Mo Ibrahim Foundation and given to a former African leader who has shown good governance.

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Nice to read about some good leaders in Africa. Because all we know about corrupt leaders and fat cats.
Tito, Zambia

All you see in media about how bad africa leaders such people like Mr Mugaba. President for life! nobody talk about these good leader who illustrate good example for future genaration
Jay, Pretoria

Why we African do not know how to manage power. It seems like we as black people have problem to handle the power. Special how politians, they believe that the country belong to them and their little gangs of generala and ministers.
Mark Assie, Ghana

They are true hero for Africa
Dell , Cote d'ivoire

These leaders are good people. But what they've done may be it won't last for long. It just need an agreed person to destrui everything. But I've hope what they've done in their countries, others african presidents can do same for people of Africa.
Jose Carneiro , Guine Bissau, Madrid

En confondant les biens publiques en biens personnels ou biens familials, est la pire chose de nos liders africains...

Another great leader worth mention is Julius Nyerere of Tanzania.
Malik M , Columbus Ohio

Please don't mentione that dictator of Angola. He's time will come when angolan people will wake up
Jo , Nigeria, Lagos

The Unique African leaders, who know what the people wish from them in the right time at the right place. Mr. Dos Santos should follow the Steps of these great African Leaders, but what does he do? Keeping in Power as a perfect man, only the subordinates are wrong, why not him?
Pitchumabele , Angola

La democracia es la unica via para reestablecer los valores de los hihos dela Madre continente AFRICA.los Europeos confudienron los gobiernos autonomos con los de los ejemplos mas claro es el Reino de congo que consistia en una federacion con autonomias. estos Lideres son de pura casta.

Please don't contrast great leaders with a Dictator Jose Dos Santos.
John , South Africa, Pretoria

Africa has a long way to go in terms of everything, we are today people of Africa and tomorrow we will need more for the future generation Because we come from long point of view that's why we have lots of problem to put things together. Politic in Africa right now is me and you.
Nelito Rochete , UK. London

Iam 40 years old and in several occassions hears my seniors saying that the future belongs to you young generation. It irritates me very much seeing this old guards cling to power and keep on saying the future belongs to you.
Milla , Juba/ Sudan

l smile whneva l hear abt Nelson mandela as a humble african leader,he saved 27 solid yrs in prison bt only said he wont contst 4 presidence!bt not leaderz of 2dy,thy r so greed wif power,even 40 yrs is nt enough 4 them!what stupid leaderz!
A-islam allain , malawi

The leaders in Africa, have a long way to go and to learn. They are not after the transformation of the African nation they are only after the money involve in that position where they are, that's why u will never see them changing for good like those great leaders of Africa. (like nelson mandela)
Fabia Godknows , Nigeria, Portharcourt

African need to go back from basic from their leaders to population. They need to educated themselves about human right, leadership, etc. It must start from home then come out in African societies. Not wait until someone in power without these basic principles how to lead a Country.
Del Piero , Italy, Milan

I could imaging of libyan people if GHADAFI he is our president we have no alternative for any change but let libyan people come to nigeria they could choose to die with GADAFI as a life president then our nigerian leaders were one person can removed bilions of naira nobody can said why.
AHMED R. , Nigeria

how old is Nelson Mandela
Evelyn amoah , Ghana

Evely Amoah, Nelson Mandela is 93 now but in 18 of July 2012 he will be 94. We should thank My Continent to have this site to help us to learn about good African Leaders. We just hear about African Dictators.
Kiasa , South Africa

It is good to see a list like this publicised, but the pity is that it is so short. The list of bad leaders, on the other hand, would go on for ever.
Dennis , UK (ex-SA)

You guys left Sam Nujoma,he also left office without force being used.i don't like some leaders you have mentioned as we never seen thair products.
Tomas , Namibia

Namibia is economical play ground b/w SA and ANG so ,Namibia must be respected,when it comes world of usiness.Big up Namibia
NaxwekaT , Cunene,Ondjiva,Angola

It is a shame that the only notable notable "achievement" of most of these "great" African leaders is the fact that they gave up power volutarily (as they are required to do anyway). The continent has a long way to go.
Matthew , Accra

Thank you for bringing out these facts. They are worthwhile being emulated by young Africans. This is an ideal that we at African Youth Union (AYU) embrace
Tim Mugerwa , Uganda

What Africa needs are not leaders who just step down as they are expected to anyway under the constitution. It needs transformers like Mugabe. Empower people with land and control of their country's natural resources. That's what good leadership is about not favourable western media coverage.
Muzezuru , Harare

Please, add to the list our former President Rupiah B. Banda. He handed over power in the most peaceful transition of our times last year in September. He even attended his successor's swearing in ceremony amidst insults and mockings from the public present. What a great Leader we opted out!
Solomon Katete , Ndola - ZAMBIA

Agree with Matthew, we should be luking beyond giving up power as a measure of excellence. We need to ask, what has a leader done first to shape the future of his country and how they have inspired Africa (inspirational leaders)
Didace , Rwanda

we have leader Satan /melese zenawi/ of ethiopia b/c god loves us he took him bfr he finish us all.tanke GOD.
tsegaye , 2222/2

It is very difficult for the people of all African nations to establish good governments for a variety of reasons, one of which is the great influence foreign nations have over African Nations. As A Westerner, I can offer 1 bit of advice: DO NOT TRUST A SINGLE WESTERN 'LEADER' OR BANK.
KPRyan , USA

Why not put Julius Nyerere the first president of Tanzania who relinguished power in 1984.Of course by the time he retired there had been no Dr Mo Ibrahim price
DAUDI , Tanzania

Nyerere would have been into the front line of the best African leaders simply because he is the only president in Africa who retired without grabbing country resources. he was a unique guy who sought to have strong spirit of his country. other leaders have handed power while having a lot of wealth.
sammy charles , Tanzania

Sammy Charles you are quite right.Soon his retirement from precidency he returned back to his native village just to be a normal persant.I thin it is time Dr Mo Ibrahim price considering price given even to the leaders who passed away Dr Mo should know that they are not with us bodly they are spirit
DAUDI , Tanzania

The labour of our past leader have surely been in vain,we v no leader in Nigeria but nevertheless I love my country n I'm proud I hope someday we ll v true leaders to govern us.
ummulkhair , nigeria

the only way to grow s to release. It hard to grow baggagely.we hope to see more african leaders come to this age!
kameti, steve , kenya

I am very happy to read and to know that we have some African best leaders and well known around all the world. we have to learn how to accept defeats and we have to show the world the meaning of African Leaders.
Yonis Hassan , Somali

Authoritarism were taught by colonial masters, a role model to which African leaders shape up. Cold wars put us in a state of political comma until recent 'democratic' confusion where continent got control from beyond its boundary. Leave us alone! Stop killing us young!
Umuro , Kenya

this great continent will surely change again to a peaceful and economically conducive atmosphere.
Aliyu A. Aliyu , Ningi, Bauchi Nigeria

is good to hear about goodd leaders in Africa. i wish the current president can follow their foot steps to lead the country, not their pockets.
stanlley ngobeni , SA pretoria

These is incredible I thought their are no good leaders in Africa,I thought all the leaders are powers mongers.I respect the courage of these men.Olusegun Obasanjo name should have been there only if he did not try to amend the constitution to allow him elongate his term in office.
Lawrence Izuagie , Lagos

Our leaders have sense of leading thier kingdom of Great Africa in peaceful manner we as African were a happy and proud of our leader we also like to have more coming new generation leader.


It is true Jerry Rawlings relinguished power so he deserve the praise but do not forgett he got into power not democraticallly but through two bloodless coup this erase again this praise
Daudi Amiri Mbaga , Tanzania

Hasan shiikh mohmud good leader in somalia and africa
Ali , Usa

We should all be proud of being Africans, and follow the good works of these legends.

What a Man we have lost Oh Nelson de Great Mandel rest in perfect peace,
Nana Yaw , kumasi, Ghana

NELSON MANDELA ha sido simbolo de una lucha sin cuartel contra un movimiento antinatural y por eso tuvo respecto de todo el mundo igual como Gandi sin que en ningun momento acudio a revanchismo, odi y venganza.Y por eso gano PREMIO NOBEL DE LA PAZ. En paz descanse sr.MANDELA
Yasna , Spain

We could put in this rank people like Seretse Khama ! he was a great leader!
Rodrigo , São Paulo

How many african men and women are willing to marry indian nationals both black and brown. how many of out there on this websitebare tolerant about mixed marriages between black and white. or even african people od different countries.
james bedu kojo graham , ghana

I don't think that people should be called leaders just because they stepped out of office without force or through a coup, it should be because they made a change and influenced lots of people lives just like Nelson Mandela
Bernessca , Nigeria

It is my pleasure to learn about these great fugures who have inspired the history of African continent in one way; peaceful transfer of power or steping down can mean giving chance for change, or failure to make change; I wish our current and future African leaders could follow these examples.
Ben , Yambio-South Sudan

I really appreciate your efforts in recognizing good leaders and promoting good governance in Africa. I wonder why Late President Ahmad Tejan Kabah of S/ Leone was not recognized. He served his war ravaged country diligently and gave it a face lift. He was an astute diplomat with noble character.
Bockarie , Sierra Leone

I realy appreciate your eforts in reognizing good leaders in africa i wondre why ABUSALIMI ABUBKAR is not among
jonas charles , nigeria

I realy appreciate your eforts in reognizing good leaders in africa i wondre why ABUSALIMI ABUBKAR is not among . ENGR JONAS CHARLES NIGERIA
jonas charles , nigeria


the great leaders who lead without a title indeed
pfani , south africa pretoria

The world had and produced great leaders.leaders should inspire, couch,sacrifice n fight for their ppl...todays leaders do the opposite. Indeed leaders are born. Its amazing how stupid leaders now look, talk n act. If u knw n believe u are a leader...go on n change the world anyhow u can ppl notice
fetsang matlakala , south Africa

Thats what we call Justice,if all presidents can really do that,Africa would have been a conducissive place people to live in
Alvin Muhangi Lagony , Lyantonde, Uganda

Left your voice up african brothers ,these leaders died because they believed in something good,and if we are real africans were have to stand up and speak up cauz it's the only thing we are able to do but I think the real african brothers should stop with speaking and starting acticting.
The voice , Belgium


most of african leaders are good, but the western leaders are always there 2 split us.they use propagandas 2 and make us believe that god is not tryng 2 blame the western 4 our failure, but enemy of the west becomes enemy of every1 y?. lets wake up, europe and asia fight in africa always
siya , south africa

...a leader who leaves the office for honor living his flock in penury is the most foolish cadre... we Africans need 100 percent empowerment and total independence... we must own our resources and not let any one milk them for no benefit to our economies....Better Be Robert Gabriel on the throne...than living a poor life...we are empowered in Zimbabwe...we own the land, we own the mines....and what did those leaders left for their black counterparts.... after all a leader should leave power not bcoz imperialist say he leave power...but the majority say so........Salute Robert Mugabe
Desy , Harare, Zimbabwe

H.I.M Impera King Hail Selassie I.Lion of Juda. The Ruler of Ephiopia.
Sibusiso , South Africa

H.I.M Impera King Hail Selassie I.Lion of Juda. The Ruler of Ephiopia.
Sibusiso , South Africa

Our former president John Agyekum Kuffour also deserve to be awarded for his good leadership.
Frimpong Elvis , Ghana, kumasi

we need more of this in Africa. but am surprice no Ghanaian is part of that special list
Akologo A.R. A , Ghana

we need more of this in Africa. but am surprice no Ghanaian is part of that special list
Akologo A.R. A , Ghana

our leaders have done well and think the new coming leaders will learn from them.

I think Dr. Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah should be in this unique list of good leadership
Selevo Bernard , Ghana, Ho

These are really good leaders. why don't current leaders emulate them?

I salute Robert Gabriel Mugabe.he took the land from the white minority and gave it to the black majority.
blessing , Harare

One African leader who certainly is worth comment is F W de Klerk .... He had the ability to see the need for change and did it in a very honourable manor .... ( so out of step - for a African leader) .. I consider that a lot of his counterparts should learn a lot if they studied this man's approach
Clive , Australia

Have you ever considered how many African leaders like such a leader like Robert Mugube ..Idi Amin. will be remembered in years to come ... Rather sad and tragic contribution that they be when they added nothing but terror and suffering... In truth I will wonder how modern demons are allowed to be.
Clive , Australia

Corruption is the one making leaders to have cancer of leadership makes them not to feels there are Lord.
Nyalik , mombasa , Kenya

Big up to the true legends and leaders of our great land, my former president is supposed to be here too, Hifikepunye Pohamba, you were such a good leader
Markus Ngupita , Oshakati

There are some clear characteristics that are found in good leaders . First of all, a good leader has an exemplary character.
Juanita , Suva

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