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Famous building in Warsaw

Place to have a cafe

some good place to visit

Still has soviet style

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Old capital of Poland

Place to go in Poland

at night time in Warsaw
Poland Business

Economy in Poland

Economic overview

Poland is the biggest states to join the European Union in 2004 and With a population about 38,500,000. Poland's business infrastructure is well developed. There are many firms in Poland offering professional services to foreign and domestic firms how to invest in Poland.

Setting up a business in Poland

There are a series of procedures needed to set up a company in Poland, each of them taking a certain amount of time to complete. That meant prepared for bureaucracy like most of east European Countries. More likely it will not take you more than a month to set up a company in Poland.

Foreigners doing business in Poland

For a foreigner want to set up a business in Poland a Limited Liability and the Joint Stock companies can be registered from abroad, but it is required that the person, or company that wants to set up the business, choose an issued lawyer and provide him or her notarized and translated powers which should have an clause. Moreover, you contact your own embassy and your country's chamber of commerce in Poland. These organizations will have information packages for you and can make the proper referrals to the proper advisers..

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Poland is one the best place to invest at moment in Europe. Because of low tax and hard working people
Ukas , Poland, Warsaw

Yes Poland has low taxes, but lot of beraucracy to run business over here.
Oliver , England, Warsaw
RichardLip , Burnt Pine


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Poland tourist spots


Famous and sad place in Poland's history, but Auschwitz, known to all in the world as the first concentration camp, reflects the painful history of torture by the Nazis. Nowadays, the name Auschwitz is known to the world as a synonym of Holocaust and the genocide related to the Jews. we didn't learnt the lesson from Auschwitz because genocides still happening in 21 century
Auschwitz the first cooncrentation camp

Krakow Old Town

Town was found in the Krakow District. The town characteristics historic places like the Juliusz Slowacki Theater and the Sukiennice Museum. There are also churches in the town such as the Church of Saint Andrew and the Church of Saint Brabara. Back in 1038 Krakow used to be the capital of Poland
Krakow old town it's be Poland capital

Wilanow Palace

It's very attractive place for tourist in Warsaw and it has history and the Wilanow palace is heritage of Poland. The construction of Wilanow palaces was finished in 1696 and some of most popular events in Poland were held in palace.
Wilanow Palace in Warsaw

Bialowieza Forest

It is found at Belarus. The place is known for featuring several named oaks including the Emperor of the South, Tsar Oak and the Barrel Oak. Tourists can also relax and view some artefacts at the New Year Museum. There are some many things to see like life animals and enjoying the forest.

Bialowieza Forest in Poland

Castle of the Teutonic Order

It is one of the most fascinating and eye-catching destinations in Malbork. The place is popular for the mausoleums buried under the Saint Anne Chapel. These include the mausoleums of Heinrich Dusemer and Konrad von Erlichshausen.
Castle of the Teutonic Order

Poland tourist spots comments

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Krakow one nice place to visit in Poland.

To party go Krakow, We had good time there for weekend.


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