African players who are struggling

Name:Lomana Treson Lua Lua
Team:AC Omonia of Cyprus
Country:DR Congo
From Newscatle-Portmounth and went to Greece to Olympiakos that meant Lua lua was going downhill. From premiership footballer to end up Qauta league you're struggling as footbller. He went back to Olympiakos for six months, he was on move again now he's playing in Cyprus. Wich you well and com back soon in top European league.

Name:Manucho Gonsalves
Team:Manisaspor in Turkey
Manucho arrived in Manchester unite with big hope to be the first Angolan to player in Premier league top team. Soon He realised Premier League is not joke. from petrol atletico back in angola to Machester Unite was a big step and the pressure is imense. He just managed to played few games from united and end up in loan for Hull. Where he also struggling to in pose a regular place. Just one season he was in England he was sold to Real Valladolid in Spain, but now he's playing for Turkish club Manisaspor. Wich all the best in Manisaspor.

Name: Stephen Appiah
Appiah was playing for Juventus of Turin one the bigeste team in Europe. Then he move to Fenabache in turquey where the things begin to go wrong. After left the Fenabache, he stayed more than year without any team. He had trial in Totehnam in England but he failed to get a contract.Also, Appiah underwent a trial at FC Rubin Kazan, but the Russian champions decided against signing the player because of the same fitness concerns. However he managed to go back to Seria-A in Italy and that it's good sigh for his career begin to ge back on track. You're talent player and we hope to see on top team Again.

Name:Mohamed Kallon
Team:Kallon FC
Country:Sierra Leone
On his high Kallon was player of Inter Milan and Monaco. He struggled in Serie-A end up playied several teams on loans. Then He went to Greek, Saudi Arabia and to Al-Shabab of the United Arab Emirates in 2008. He was released after serious injuries at international match. Finally,he decided to sign on his club back to Sierra Leone Kallon FC. At 30 there is come back for top league for Kallon! Jury still out.