European Nightmare

I'm a Spanish National born and rise in Barcelona; I became a homeless person because of this crisis that it's happening all over Europe. I decided to post my story in My Continent Social media to let people know what it's going on in Spain.
jobless in spain

Two years ago, I had everything, I managed to buy my house in Barcelona and I had great job ,everything it was going perfect in my life until I lost my job. When I lost my job I though that I would be able to find an another job as soon as possible because I got an university degree and job experience but I was wrong. Money that I saved in last 6 years I used it for repayments of mortgage and other bills because I didn't want to lose my house, my car, etc.

However, I lost everything that I worked so hard in past ten years but also I did realise one thing that I was a slavery of society paying taxes for the Bankers and Politicians to get riches and I didn't own nothing, this is the way capitalism work . I used to believe my country was one the best place in World to live now I became a homeless person even to have a meal I need to go to Caritas where immigrants and refugees have their daily meals to survive in Spain. I became a refugee in my own country, sharing places outside the parks with immigrants to sleep at night.

jobless in spain

When I used to see immigrants sleeping on streets and begging, I would ask myself why these guys can't go back to their countries, I was an ignorant like some many Spanish people are about immigrants. Now I do understand them because the way my life it became there isn't a big different with a person who is suffering in Third World country and me as homeless person in Spain, in fact I believe I'm living in Third World of Europe.

Some of my new friends (immigrants) told me to migrant to Africa or to South America, I would have more opportunities because of colour of my skin or because I'm white. I found it odds that a white person could have more opportunities outside Europe and we don't give so much opportunity to South American and Black people here in Spain. Most of immigrants end up doing worse jobs in Spain even if they are well educated from their countries.

I'm trying to be strong to find a solution that it will take me out of streets and I'm hoping this financial crisis will be over soon. Capitalism give us expression that we're doing well for our society, contributed for taxes, have mortgages , car, etc , but by having all these things you must keep working like a slave there's no way out. After working so hard all your life, when it is time come to get your pension (retirement funds) the governments telling you need to work even longer if you need get a good pension in future.

This is European Nightmare, my nightmare and my story.
Written by Juan Carlos


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I thank you to be a courage person to come forward to share your story. We, European though that we could go around the Worls showing others how to take care about their econmony. We're just vulnerable like others. We have complex of superioty. Now we're paying the price.
Demolen , France, Lion

This is the reality of capitalism, many people in developing and third world countries believe that Europe is painting with Gold floors and everybody live happy live.
Khaliff , Germany,Berlim

I found your story very sad but I am glad you are telling it. There are so many homeless people where I live. I don't know how to help but I try in every small way I can.
Sibylle , USA

I do like your honesty for telling true on your story. I'm sure if you're here in Maputo you'll better oportunity them me.Just because you're white person but me in Europe with all qualifications from Mozambique as a journalist I must start as a cleaner or security. World is an unfair place.
Joao Alves , Mozambique, Maputo

Joao Alves, If you are a well-qualified Mozambican and (more important than that) a great journalist, You can ask SOICO to employ you. There are nice peolpe wishing to make the difference in Mozambique. Why don't you try it? Goog luck!
Seja Quem For , Anywhere

I can imagine what you are going through.I left Spain 15 years ago. I lived in the UK and now in Africa and I can confirm that yes, if you came to Africa you would have opportunities and in a third world country,you would live better than in Europe.God help us please!I hate seeing my people likethis
Maria , Spanish living in Gaborone,Bostwana,AFRICA

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