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Arch of thriumph in Moldova

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Moldova Business

Economy in Moldova

Economic overview

Moldova presents with plenty of encouragement and opportunities in its policy toward doing business in Moldova and opening doors for international entrepreneurs and investors. But there are still very complex and bureaucratic procedure to set up a company in Moldova.

Setting up a business in Moldova

Despite of bureaucracy in Moldova but it can just take two weeks to set up in a company in country, but you must know people to smooth the process or procedure.

Foreigners doing business in Moldova

The foreign investors are welcome to Moldova and the government is trying to encourage foreign entrepreneurs to its policy such as security, no obligation of permanent residence for foreign investors, fully foreign owned companies, etc. For those reasons is a good place for foreign investors to set up a business.

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This place is good for business for foreign investors in contrast in place like France.
Cartel , USA, Chisinau

It's a good place to do business even for locals.
Milov , Moldova


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Moldova tourist spots

Triumphal Arch in Chisinau

It was built in 1841 and is situated in center Chisinau area of Moldova. It is a well-known monument and is a popular tourist attraction of the place.
Triumphal Arch in Chisinau

Sky Tower

It is international business center that it located in Chisinau. The building attracted lot of tourist and the highest European standards and is designated to serve the most successful national and international companies.
Sky Tower in Moldova

Noul Neamt Monastery

It is located in Tighina and on the coast of the river named Nistru. The monastery was established in 1861, when several monks from the Neamt monastery left and founded Noul-Neamt in Chitcani.Moreover, There're four churches on the area of the monastery. In middle of it, the wonderful Ascension cathedral is located. On its left there is the old church built in the honor of the Saint Hierarch Nicholas.
Noul Neamt Monastery in Moldova

Stephen The Great Monument

Stephen the Great Monument is a statue devoted to the Prince of Moldova in the medieval era. Stephen was an army leader and a creator of most of the beautiful places and mansions during his reign.

Stephen The Great Monumen in Moldova

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I was in Sky Tower amasing place with shopping center and Triumphal Arch in Chisinau I though About triumphal Arch of Paris.

This place will surprise you, for its historic sites.


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