Dr.Mo Ibrahim

The founder of Ibrahim Foundation

Ibrahim was born in Sudan in 1946 and received a BSc in electrical engineering at the University of Alexandria in Egypt.
After a brief stint working for the state run Sudan Telecom, he moved to the UK to continue his studying. While there he was hired by British Telecom (BT) to work as a technical director for Cellnet, its in-car telephony company.

Dr Ibrahim holds a BSc in electrical engineering from the University of Alexandria, Egypt, an MSc in electronics and electrical engineering from the University of Bradford, and PhD in mobile communications from the University of Birmingham. He is a member of the Africa Regional Advisory Board of London Business School.

In 1989 Ibrahim left a successful career at BT to start his own telecommunications consultancy company, called MSI Cellular Investments, based in Africa and meant to be a specifically African operation.

In 1998, he founded MSI Cellular Investments, which was later renamed Celtel International. The company now operates in 15 African countries, under licences that cover more than a third of the continentís population. The company has invested more than $750m in Africa, helping to bring the benefits of mobile communications to millions of people across the continent. In 2005, Celtel was sold to MTC Kuwait for $3.4bn, making it one of Africaís most successful companies ever.

It is an African initiative to recognize achievement in African leadership and stimulate debate on good governance across sub-Saharan Africa and the world. Each successful candidate will receive $5 million, spread over 10 years, after leaving office. Once the money runs out, prize winners will receive another $200,000 annually until they die. "The prize is not intended for the thief or the corrupt, it is for those that serve their people," Salim told the Associated Press.

Last year hi didn't give money to any african leader who stepped out the power, because these leader didn't do go for the people and some of them even tried to hang on the power.