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Madagascar Business

Bussines in Madagascar


In 2008, GDP grew 7 per cent. Demand was driven mainly by private and public investment. Private investment was led by two large foreign-funded extractive industry projects - for nickel and cobalt in Ambatovy run by Sherritt, majority-owned by Canada's Dynatec; and Rio Tinto's Qit Madagascar Minerals (QMM) venture for ilmenite in Fort Dauphin. Public works include the upgrade of the International Airport of Ivato-Antananarivo (to be completed by 2011), construction of a new highway in the capital, port construction in Ehoala (for the QMM mining project) and expansion of the port of Toamasina (to facilitate the Sherrit project). The external sector made a negative contribution to GDP growth via a slowdown in exports and a sharp increase in imports of equipment for the mining projects.

Exports of nickel and cobalt from Ambatovy were originally planned to start in 2010 but Sherritt recently announced a one-year delay as the company renegotiates contracts for construction materials, freight and labour in light of the more difficult international environment. The production of chrome in Tsaratanana is expected to rise to 190 000 tons. Uranium exploration is ongoing in Beravina. Coal will be mined in Sakoa starting in 2010, with production put at 5 million tonnes annually for a period of 60 years. Oil exploration is proceeding at a slow pace although the extraction of modest quantities from the Tsimiroro fields started in March 2008.

In 2008, the national authorities applied for membership in the Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative (EITI), which will help ensure the transparent management of natural resources and accelerate reforms to reduce the cost of doing business.

Growth opportunities are expected in tourism and in telecommunications. Tourism development targets high-end, environmentally-friendly projects. In 2008, the country decided to open selected protected areas for eco-tourism under the guidance of the Ministry of the Environment and in collaboration with the International Finance Corporation. A new law was issued, areas were identified and the first tenders planned for mid-2009. The programme targets wealthy tourists who spend about USD 500 (US dollars) per day, as in top South African resorts, while protecting the environment and distributing a substantial part of the benefits to local communities. In addition, luxury hotels are planned on the islands of Sakatia and Amporaha, scheduled to open in 2010. The development of information and communication technologies (ICT) services is linked to the recent completion of the national backbone and to the upcoming connection with two submarine cables networks.

How's the business in Madagascar?

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Over here they have the same desease that all Africa have corruption and beaurocracy.I am an american doing business here Madagascar.
Jay Mule, USA

This's a great place to do business but we must do home work first. It's can make you or break.
Joly , Madagascar

So bad to do business over here, sorry that reality.
Jean , Madagascar, Paris

Haha. I woke up down today. YouÂ’ve chereed me up!
Cassara ,

i want to live in madagascar but i do not know how to do .is it possible to give me an idea .we´re ready me and my family we are 3 persons my baby 33months and my wife 25 years of age and me .i am waiting for the answer .
Goncalves , angola/luanda

Hey Goncalves, you need to go to Madasgascar Embassy in Angola to get more information about your Visa and others things about the country.
John , Madagascar

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Political in Madagascar

Politic in Madagascar

The political scene was recently dominated by the power struggle between President Marc Ravalomanana, elected for a second term in 2006, and Antananarivo mayor Andry Rajoelina, elected at the end of 2007 with the support of a heterogeneous coalition of opposition parties.

After days of protests in March 2009 during which more than 100 people lost their lives, President Ravalomanana resigned and Mr. Rajoelina assumed power backed by the military. The South African Development Community (SADC) challenged his right to be in office. The outlook remains uncertain and poses threats to continued economic growth and improvements in social indicators. The projections contained in this note are based on the assumption that the political turmoil finds a rapid and peaceful solution.

One of the country's targets has been to improve governance, including raising Madagascar's score on Transparency International's Corruption Perception Index to a level of five by 2012. The index reading has improved from 1.7 in 2002 to 3.2 in 2007 and 3.4 in 2008.

Madagascar Political comments

Under Mr.Rajoelina the condition of livimg has improve?

Your comments

Just test
Alen, France

Nothing has improve, still the same things. African politicien come to power to get the rich and not serve the people.
Joes do, Madagascar

I don't think so that any president in Africa come into power to solve the problem of people! If not to full his bank account.
Joseph , Madagascar

I do live in antananarivo for few years now. Nothing is improving here.
Oshoela , Nigeria, antananarivo

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Usefull Information Madagascar

Top Hotels

  • Hotel Tamboho
  • La Varangue
  • Palm Hotel

Top restaurants

  • La Varangue
  • Le Lounge'Art
  • La Boussole

Place to visit

  • Ambohimanga
  • Queens Palace burned out
  • Tsimbazaza Zoo

Internet Access

  • Madagascar has witnessed a substantial development and growth in the fields of Internet and technology
  • Internet and technology in Madagascar has expanded to a great extent over the recent years
  • The expansion of this sector has taken place on the basis of the increase in the number of Internet users.
    In Madagascar the field of Internet and technology is vast and contains scope for development and progress

Not to miss to see

  • Ambohimanga
  • Queens Palace burned out
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There are nice places to visit in Madagascar. It is nice place for tourism.
Davidi david

We spend few weeks in antananarivo and other part of Madagascar. It was wonderfull
Aaron Cleck

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