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parade in Capital

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Our night club

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Good go around at night
Lithuania Business

Economy in Lithuania

Economic overview

Lithuania With a population of 3.5 million, Lithuania is a pretty small but it regards itself as the region's economic powerhouse. Surely it has succeeded in attracting significant inflows of foreign direct investment, with investors encouraged by a combination of a stable economy, low inflation, excellent infrastructure, very competitive living and operating costs, availability of high-skilled workforce .It has Corporation tax of 15%, one of the lowest rates in the EU. .

Setting up a business in Lithuania

The longest process in establishing a company in Lithuania is the VAT registration. This procedure is finished in 10 to 15 days, while registering at the Company Register is completed in 6 days. Opening a bank account, informing the State Labor Inspectorate, and notarizing the company memorandum take one day each. Opening a Lithuanian company takes up to 26 days.

Foreigners doing business in Lithuania

Lithuanian law permits foreign investors activity on its territory, allowing an unlimited ownership, or capital of a foreign entrepreneur. An assignee must be authorized to represent the company and to file the documents needed to found a company, which should be translated in Lithuanian language.

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it's a former soviet union state. It needs lot of improvement despite it's part of EU now.
Jay , USA


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Latvia tourist spots

Vilnius Old Town

The Old town began formatting in medieval time already and nowadays it is one of the largest townscape complexes in Eastern Europe. The Vilnius Old Town includes many churches, museums, living houses and architectural monuments. A very interesting fact is that churches in the Old Town are of many various religions. Spread really close to each other churches of Catholicism, Protestantism, Orthodoxy and Judaism don't surprise local people.
Vilnius old town in Lithuania

European Park

A few miles north of Vilnius town centre Lithuanian sculptor Gintaras Karosas founded the Europos Parkas Europos Parkas or European Park is a meeting place with an intense and international atmosphere. There is the open air art museum in the geographic centre of the European continent provides excellent facilities for conferences, workshops, meetings and other events. The unique Education Centre integrated into the landscape by being built partially into a man-made hill with a roof covered with grass. The huge windows eliminate boundary between the nature outside and inside space of the building.
European Park in Lithuania

Forest Museum 'Girios Aidas'

The museum was established in 1971. It has expositions of animals and birds. Witches and other legendary characters are hiding in the hollows of oaks, birds are singing and the forest sighs.
Forest Museum or Girios aidas

St Anne's Church

Myth, top encrusted towers identify St Anne's, the church that so impressed Napoleon Bonaparte that he's said to have wanted to take it back to Paris in the palm of his hand. Intricate, red-brick traceries weave like tangled thorn branches across its tall, narrow facade. The most outstanding Gothic building in Lithuania, it's nevertheless a relatively late example of the style: the concealment is thought to have been completed only in 1582, by which time the Baroque was already beginning to make its presence felt in Vilnius. Inside, spindly lines of red-brick rib vaulting extend across a white ceiling, sheltering a relatively undistinguished ensemble of altars bunched up at the end of the small nave.

St Anne's church in Lithuania

Gediminas Castle

It was the beginning of 14th century when Lithuanian Grand Duke Gediminas stopped for an overnight near confluence of Neris and Vilnele rivers. That night he dreamt an iron wolf howling on a hill. In the morning his soothsayer Lizdeika explained his dream as a sign for him to build here a city as it will become a well known and widely resounded in all over the World. Gediminas ordered to pour a mound at the same place he slept. On the hill there a castle was built, the predecessor for the nowadays Gediminas castle.
Gediminas Castle in Lithuania

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It's nice place to visit but it was little bit cold for me in Winter.


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