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Downtown of Riga

This our capital city

Main Market in Riga

Place to see in Riga

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Meeting place

At night in Riga city
Latvia Business

Economy in Latvia

Economic overview

Latvia is a small nation with a dynamic, though recently troubled, economy and a stable political environment. Latvia has a population about 2.27 million inhabitants. It situated at the center of the three Baltic States, Latvia is a member of the European Union (EU) and provides a strategic location as a commercial, financial, and transportation hub for the Nordic and Baltic region.

Setting up a business in Latvia

foreign entrepreneurs have to follow the same rules Latvian entrepreneurs, but the company's legal address has to be located in the Republic of Latvia. Still the business may be established and run from abroad, providing that an authorized assignee deals with all the necessary paperwork.

Foreigners doing business in Latvia

The Estonian government in courage foreigner's investors by guarantees the same right as national investors. Also the Estonian government opened Estonia for business for foreigner investor without restrictions that make Estonia an attractive place to business not just for Nationals but Also for foreigner Nationals.

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Latvia tourist spots

The Freedom Monument

The Freedom Monument if a symbol of independent Latvia, It is in heart of Riga. Since the moment Latvia gains its independence a search for a suitable artistic solution started and donations were gathered. The monument was built in 1931-35, its author was a well-known latvian architect Karlis Zale.
Freedom Monument in Latvia

House of Blackheads

Timing from 1344, was used to house traveling, single members of the business society. later (in the XV century) Riga counsel rented the main hall to the Blackhead Brotherhood - a union of young unmarried foreign merchants. They chose St. Mauricius his symbol a black head is captured on the coat of arms of the brotherhood.
House of Blackheads in Latvia

The Old City Walls and the Swedish Gate

This is the oldest remaining portion of the Old Town "fort type" walls. The Swedish Gate dates back to 1698 to celebrate the Scandinavians' occupation while the walls were built between the 13th and 16th centuries.
The old city walls and swedish gate in Latvia

Laima Clock

famous meeting point in Riga. in Riga this the place for rendez-vous

Laima Clock in Riga

Central Market in Riga

The Central Market in Riga is the largest market in Europe. It has of four main pavilions such as meat, fish, vegetable and dairy pavilions that come around commercial lines and stands.
Central Market in Riga

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The meeting place in Riga was amasinng to see how many people where there.

Riga is beautifully city, I didn't enjoy my stay in Riga.
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