Who are the two persons behind struggling power in Ivory Coast (Cote d'Ivoire)

Laurent Gbagbo

Laurent Gbagbo

Personal Information
Born on May 31, 1945, in Gagnoa, Ivory Coast;

University of Abidjan, BA, 1969; University of Paris, Sorbonne, MA, 1970; University of Paris VII, PhD, 1979. Politics: Ivorian Popular Front (FPI).

Classical College (Lycee Classique), professor of history and geography, 1970-73, education department, 1973-74; Institute of History, Art, and African Archaeology (IHAAA), researcher, 1974-1977, director, 1980-82; Ivorian Popular Front, abroad organization representative, 1983-1988, secretary general, 1988-90; Ivory Coast presidential candidate, 1990; Ivory Coast National Assembly, elected member, 1990-99; president of Ivory Coast, 2000-.

Began Political Organizing
Gbagbo was first arrested for his political organizing activities in the Ivory Coast in 1969. After spending two weeks in jail, he returned to France and completed a Master of Arts degree in history at the University of Paris at the Sorbonne in 1970. In the same year he returned to the Ivory Coast to teach history and geography at the University of Abidjan.
In 1974 Gbagbo became a researcher for the Institute of History, Art, and African Archaeology (IHAAA) at the University of Abidjan. In 1977 he took a break from his responsibilities at the IHAAA to complete his doctoral studies at the University of Paris VII at Sorbonne. After successfully defending his doctoral thesis, he received his Doctorate of Philosophy in June of 1979. On returning to his duties at the IHAAA, Gbagbo was named the institute's director in 1980, a position he held for two years.

Alassane Ouattara

Alassane Ouattare

Personal Information
Born in 1942 in Dimbokro, Ivory Coast;

University of Abidjan, BA, 1969; University of Paris, Sorbonne, MA, 1970; University of Paris VII, PhD, 1979. Politics: Ivorian Popular Front (FPI).

Life's Work:
Following his appointment as Economist in the International Monetary Fund from 1968 to late 1973, he served as "Charge de Mission" at the Central Bank of West African States (BCEAO) in Paris from late 1973 to early 1975, when he became Special Advisor to the Governor and Director of Research. He held this post until his appointment as Vice Governor of the BCEAO in 1983. In late 1984, he returned to the IMF as Director of the African Department, and simultaneously from 1987, as Counsellor to the Managing Director. In October 1988, Mr. Ouattara was named Governor of the BCEAO. While retaining the function of Central Bank Governor, he served in 1990 as Chairman of the Interministerial Committee for Coordination of the Stabilization and Economic Recovery Programme of Cote d'Ivoire, in Abidjan.."

Prime Minister of the Republic of Côte d'Ivoire from November 1990 until December 1993.
Deputy Managing Director, IMF(International Monetary Fund), (July 1994-July 1999)

He has received several honors, including: "Commander of the Ordre du Lion," Senegal; "Commander of the Ordre du Mono," Togo; "Commander of the National Order of Niger;" "Grand Officier of the National Order of Côte d'Ivoire;" and Honorary Governor, BCEAO.

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Why two persons well educated in Western Countries still caring the virus of African leaders?

This's a good question! that show that black man have problem of handle the power!
Jamel , Ivory Coast, Paris

Don't look at their education,these people born and rise in Africa where you father is the King of house. Doesn't matter if he's wrong or not everybody must follow him. We should change the way we raise our children, may be then virus will desepear. Avery African or Black person has this virus
Maria Kone , Ivory Coast, Abdijan

Look Dr.Gbagbo lost election and he dared to tell the UN and French to leave the Country. He has not Authority to do that! Because He want to commited massacre to his oposition. That the African's way!
Jea Pierre , DR Congo, Brussel

These people are educated, yes we know that but black man can't sort out their problem without a white in middle. Why both them can't seat as high educated persons and reach an agreement for people of Ivory Coast.
Papa Lelo , South Africa, Milan

Mr.Gbabo is hungry of power, he doesn't care about ivoryian people. How many of his security soldies killing Ivoryian people.
Eboue , Nigeria, London

let the truth be told,most african leaders still see power as a divineright. our culture recognizes kings and other traditional rulers to remain in power for life. but the sacredness of that traditional kingship has been completely eroded by modernization so gbahgboh should play by rules of the game. please africans have had enough sufferings from people like you.consider the plight of ur people and the effect of another war on ur people.
akpan utibe , calabar, Nigeria

What is right now happening in Cote d'Ivoire is the fruit of international conspiracy to deep West Africa in another crisis such as the one in the DR Congo.Ecowas in this case is not defending the African cause; but once again serving our colonial master.Gbagbo must stand firm. We support him.
ANTONIO , Angola, London

It seems that some black people still believe that the fault of white man! If someone lose election he doesn't want to stand down then we should blame white man. We can keeping blaming everyone even chinese but if we dont't learn to sort out our own problems. Tomorrow we'll blame the Green man!
John , Benin, Toronto

It's a shame and very sad what is going on,in Ivory-cost.In the name of Jah almithy,I whish everybody peace and Love.
Samuel Bob , Canada

some times you can be education but not wise. see, both leaders need to share power inorder to avoid blood shed. God help Africa
sasa , Kenya

Mr. Gbargbo should go. I can't believe that undemocratic countries like Angola can support a puppet like Gbargbo. The world has changed especially Africa, is moving forward to better democracy.Everyone in the world saw what Gbargbo's supporter did on youtube.Please go and enjoy your money Gbar.
Ebou , New York

African leaders are greedy, selfish and untrustworthy, who view elected offices as a means of enriching themselves. "Ultimate power corrupts ultimately" Until we as Africans can begin to take power from the president and empower the people who got him elected in the first place,... no peace
Crich , Maryland

nothing to talk all everyone know is Gbagbo should stand down to the Winner as soon as possible he is a Losser
D one , Nigeria

Sad chapter in Africa political history..president come and go but institution of state remain..what a fallacy for this man called gbagbo to treat ivorians and the rest of the world with contempt..and ransom in the name re-occuring of civil war in ivory coast?. Hague pls..thats where he belongs!!!
James , uk

Ok everyone is against Mr. Gbabo. This what you getting in your European Median. Look behind the pictures. It's true the so call International Communities want to help Ivoryan. Why France is so interesting to Mr Gbabgo to go because He didn't want play they game. Sarkoy is believe is the master.
Jean Kone , Cote D'Ivory, Paris

First of all we Africans need to bring colonial masters back to africa to take over. Our own people have failed us. What we see in Africa is tribalism, corruption, insensitivity to the pride of mankind. We forced the Europeans out to manage our own affairs but have failed misserably.
Victor , Ghana

Africans must stand for truth before it can workout well for all of us. I can`t see the reason why someone who clearly lost an election should remain in power. We all knows that Gbagbo clearly lost the election and still want to hang on power which is very bad. he Gbagbo does not love his people.
Ihejirika K. , Nigeria

The only solution is the AU to use miltary force to leaves Bagbo frompthe states

Good question, gbagbo lost his mandate, it is high time he surrender the baton to allasane ouattara. His clinging to power still, means that many more people will still be shot on his name. But why?
Patrice , Abuja

Please dont blame the whole Africans as we are not the same. Otherwise you will do the same mistake those western agents but you call them leaders. Those guys are not for us, they are for the west, and they have been used as tool to exploit their people. Look at this example, next..............
Mze-Djimba , South Africa

If you can use Nero as tool to copy a file, you use camera as tool to keep record, you use computer as tool to facilitate your work, you use the internet as tool to communicate, you use car as tool to take you from place to place. These tools themselves have no brains. next.............
Mze-Djimba , South Africa

no brain that is why you manage to use it for your benefit.It follow your instruction and if sometimes does not work, then we say is abnormal and the system is corrupt. In fact we dont say he or she but we say it, to make it clearer that its an object and it cannot work for its benefit nex....
Mze-Djimba , South Africa

cannot work for its benefit; But only is there to serve someone else. Now that is the situation most of our African leaders are. And they been made like that by the world Economic & political system which engineered by the west, Mainly the US, UK and France. next....
Mze-Djimba , South Africa

I said most but not all, as if u look at Person like Mbeki when politics was getting hot he said i am ready to leave for the benefit of the ordinary people on the streets, and indeed he resigned and gave-up from politics and public appearing, no matter well educated, and how eloquent he is.nex
Mze-Djimba , South Africa

Mr.Gbabo must go by force
anderson , nigeria china

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rizsixhypepsy , Afghanistan

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Errogsfurse , Brazil

Gbagbo is a confirmed CARTONMAN, he lost his mandate and still want to stick at the post.Gbagbo was a political street man when he came to power, he was not voterd in rather he as a street politician asked the ivorians to march to the presidental palace to remove Gue just like his man blea gude does

Gbagbo,the greedy man himslef i no from day One that he will never live that sit,well i pray for all the ivorians..God help them Charlse Belgium
Charlse , Belgium

Mega site. I will go often.
UrireeNut , Yemen

It's up to us to make things better for each other. If not, things will just keep getting worse, so make the right decision. This goes for the whole entire world, whether you're rich, middle class or poor.

Now Gbagbo is surrended, they should capture alive and bring him to the Hague. So many inocents people died because he didn't want to give up the power. If there's no criminal justice in Africa may be it's better to have foreigners justice to give example for all African politiciens.
Kampele , South Africa, Pretoria

We're always quick to blame race and religion but we never blame higher education.Both of these men spent 10 years in extremely liberal institutions.Historically it seems a long bath in the progressive waters makes a good tyrant.
Adrian , Austin,Texas

There is nothing wrong being African leader and being educated in the west doesn't mean to become a better leader. Every crisis happening on this plant has a WHITE man behind it. If you deeper and deeper you will find that Gbagbo was holding on the power as a part of a deal from a WESTERN leader!

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