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I believe these role models that it shows on website is good concepts to ilustrate to young Black man and others that they are Black people that are doing good for Africa and Black people. But they are not in mainstream medias of our sociaty. I didn't know nothing about Dr.of congo that he's doing good job for African woman or Mr.Ibraiman foundation.
JD, London

Just want for all these people that are sacrifice to improve africa continent image and Black people. We should appreciate the work those people are doing for improve of africa continents and its peole
Pedro, Luanda, Angola

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It is nice to see some african doing somehing to improve Africa
Panzo, Congo

Today we have nice website where we can see what black men are doing for their people
Alen, Lisbon, Portugal

There're great people who tried to show good example for others
Da Silva , Guine Bissau

Don't matter what these people do always we'll have some bad individual.
L'eroy , USA

They're great people.
E'too , Cote d'ivoire

That what we need in Africa to have role model. At moment everything look gray in Africa
Didilton , Angola,London

I didn't know that there're some African that are doing good thing for Africa. My Continent is good website to show other people who doubts that blacks are capable of doing good thing in our society.
Julie Davis , England, New York

Fauster Atta Mensah: your message has been ommitted
Fauster Atta Mensah , Cape Coast,Ghana

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