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Is Angola the best basketball National team in Africa?

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Yes, Angola is the basketball team in Africa. The last 5 african championship is illustrated how Angola is stronger in contrast to other African national team.
Pedrosa, Luanda, Angola

Baskeball teams in Africa need improvement.At moment they can not compente with Angolan. Angolan are very superior to any team in Africa.
Henry, Nigeria

They're the best team in Africa without doubt.
D'Amarcon, Angola, Milan

Yes, Angola is the best basketball team in Africa.
Didilton, Angola, London

Angolan was in Turkey representing Africa in Basketball this months. They aren't bad team. If Angola is the best team in Africa. Africa has to work harder to catch up with the rest of world in Basketball. They managed to do it in football then they're more likely to managed too in basket!
Ozzi, Turkey, Stanbul

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