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who's the best african footballer at moment?

It must be Didier Drogba and was nomineted the best players of year on BBC. Also he' s in good form at in premiership
John, Ghana

Tresor Mputu of FC Mazembe of DRC. He played big part Mazembe to win Afican champion legue , super legue and African nation for based African players only that was won by DR Congo . Hosttest player at moment in Africa
Paci, Cameron

Football comments

Drogba was nomineed the best African player of the year. That sure is the best.
Pieree, Nambia

May be Didie Drodga is best at moment. But etoo is the King of Africa in football.
Rich, Geneva, Swissland

Why is never been a best player of is based in Africa like Tresor Mputu of FC of Mazembe? Now for you to be the best player africa you must player in Europe. what shame!
Myele, Lumbanshi, DR Congo

He's Drogba
Jean, Ivoire coast

For me he's Samuel eto. The perfect goal score.
D'Abega, Cameroon

He's Drogba
D'elle, Cote d'ivoire

It love(bongula)from Angola National team
Didilton, Angola

I think Didier Drogba is the best.But we got lot of talent players who are playing in Africa but people are not talking about them. Except Tresor Mputu of FC Mazembe of DR Congo. But he's very good player.
James Ali, Kenya, Nairobe

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