How better could this be? They call it politics but we call it survival. They call it development but we call it barbarism. The call it fan but we call it shame and disgrace. Do Ghanaians deserve better or business as usual?

Written by Kofi Ali

Ghana democracy
Ghana is the best democracy in Africa!

Written By Kofi Ali

Ghana Democracy

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You Don't Really Need a Government to Build You a Toilet, we're becoming too Insane just like the Slave Mentality to wait for whosoever to feed you. Birds are Programmed to build their own Nests, and Animals develop tricks for hunting and survival; Why are we unable to come out with Solutions for our own benefit; those You vote in power will first fill their bellies before they can think of You.
Dixon F. , Royaume Kongo

Friends in such a system survival is the main theme. The poorest of all has nothing, that reflects in all their day today activities.
nagarajan , India

those leaders when they are coming to power, they promise fundermental change, rule of law and proper transition, but do they offer when they sit offer when they sit on the throne? God bless Africa
Mujurizi , Entebbe - Uganda

Sir, it's very simple. teh Chinse became a major industrial power not because of Communism, but because they colluded with the US, Canada, and Europe to allow their money-grubbing, anti-US worker Corporations to move to to China beginning 1971AD. This was the underpinnings of US President richard Millhouse Nixon becoming the first American head of State to visit a Communist contry, as I understand
RavinFox1 , USA

To continue: Nixon was ordered by the almalgmated "powers-That-Be" to use his position as the most powerfully-vested head-of-state on the planet to broker the settlement of North American, and European buasinesses in China. The host nations benefitted by taxing their guests, learning their productive methods, and quelling the Chinese masses from revolting by givivng them (menial)jobs(Cont'd)2.
RavinFox1 , USA

(Cont'd2). The Chinese autonomous AND autarkal "communist" government of Mao-Tse Tung allowed capitalism into country. They taxed the European countries,learned their production methods,quelled the inevitable revolts of the native masses by giving them jobs. Know what the US and Britain got? Flight capital from their native countries; the disposession of the American worker, and "Rust Belt"(Con3)
RavinFox1 , USA

(Con 3). So, with the US companies' abandonment of "native soil" production and employment, the average US citizen faced a third great recession (1969-1973AD). This destroyed the great industrial citiies of the US, and threw tens of millions of people out of work. These companies and corporation paid little or no taxes to "UNcle Sam". I say all this because Ghana is just getting out of (Cont'd4).
RavinFox1 , USA

(Cont'd 4). I say all this (and believe me, there is more to this than you can know) because Ghana is just now getting out of the strangulation that the US and UK-imposed IMF and World Bank imposed on the southern-tier nations over the past nearly 50-yrs. Had N'Kruma,Kenyatta, and the rest of the first generation of African leaders concentrated on industrializing and mutual cooperation, well...!
RavinFox1 , USA

This photo has nothing to do with democracy. These young people don 't have the look unhappy (quite the contrary). Do not confuse infrastucture of a country and democracy. I invite you to see some worse than the existing in Western countries like the United States, France photos ... Do not mix everything. In addition, you allow this moron to as Jean of Paris(old fart) to express his hatred of Afr
Rodcaz , Toulouse- FRANCE

@Jean, France, Paris la verda es que aun en el principio de siglo 21 no soy capaz de entender las rasones y un cinismo primitivo de este tipo de comentarios señor Jean.Sobre todo cuando viene de un frances que al menos deberia ser menos cinico hablando de democracia en Africa, por que si Usted tiene la memoria corta la democracia en Africa siempre intentaba de de destrosar justamente FRANCIA.
Yasna , España, Barcelona

The assassinated president of USA Once said ;Do not ask what America will do for u ask yourself what you will do for America;I see no point of blaming democracy here.Democracy has nothing to do with people who are hooligans like these.In vision they all seems to be bang smokers.Do not expect your government to build toilets for your without working hard.Ghana is still an icon in African democracy
Daudi Amiri Mbaga , Tanzania

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Donalddyday , Aqtobe

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