Will Gaddafi be missed in Africa?

Colonel Muammar Gaddafi is dead, a controversial leader who believed in revolution and to united Africa to a single government. Moreover, He funded and armed Black South African to fight against apartheid in South Africa. In 2008 Gaddafi was declared the King of Kings by the African traditional leaders, and one of those traditional leader after eard that Gaddafi was dead that what Philip Winyi said" Col Gaddafi was a "visionary" and would be missed. We saw the human side of him and not Gaddafi the colonel or the proverbial terrorist as the Americans and Europeans described him." "In spite of what many see as his weaknesses, he has done quite a lot for Africa, contributing to the building of infrastructure." Muammar Gaddafi king of Kings

In 1960s and 1980s, he was hated by the Western governments; accused of sponsor terrorist organisations, even Ronald Reagan form USA President ordered to bomb Gaddafi's Compound in Tripoli tried to kill him. In 2009, Muammar Gaddafi told the King of Saudi Arabian in Doha summit that Saudi Arabia was an American puppet and leaded in confrontation of words between King Abdullah and Gaddafi.

However, in 1990s Gaddafi was welcomed by the Western governments because the Western needs Libyan oil. He became good friend of Silvio Berlusconi the Italian Prime Minister and Tony Blair the former British Prime Minister. Saif al Islam Gaddafi had his Doctoral in London School of Economics and mingled with royal family and politicians in England.

Westerner governments extradited Al-Qaeda suspected and islamic terrorists to Libya to be tortured include Abdul Hakim Belhaj, the new security commander in Tripoli and Abdull is considering suing the British government about the seven years he spent in Libyan prison and tortured. The same Western governments who are advocating others about human rights in around the World! Moreover, Gaddafi intelligence service was sharing information with British intelligences fighting Al Qaeda and others Islamic terrorism groups few months before even NATO began to attack Gaddafi's forces.

The same Western governments who claimed that they were bombarded Gaddafi's forces to protect the civilians but few months ago they were selling weapons to Gaddafi. That show how the Westerns governments are prepared to switch sides when it suits them. In addition, just one day after Gaddafi was dead the British Defence Secretary Philip Hammond said sales directors "should be packing their suitcases for Libya" he urged British firms to head to Libya to secure contracts for its reconstruction. Muammar Gaddafi and Tony Blair

It demonstrated that African leaders are not politicians or not intelligent enough because Western governments managed to manoeuvre them in politic arena that they(African leaders) are not able to see what removed them from power. The same things happened to Muammar Gaddafi, also happened to Mobutu Sese Seko (Form Zairian President, Now DR Congo), Idi Amin Dada (Former Uganda President), Hosni Mubarak(Former Egypt President) and Ben Ali (former Tunisia President).

There are no excuses what these tyrants or leaders have done against their own people but the way Gaddafi and others African leaders were removed from power that it is alarming for future of African leaders if Africa wants to be really independent.
Was Gaddafi an another African dictator that is gone for good or Africa Continent loss one of its defender and king of Kings?

Colonel Muammar Gaddafi words in Africa
"We want an African military to defend Africa, we want a single African currency, we want one African passport to travel within Africa," after being declared king of kings by African traditional rulers in Libya in 2008.

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Muammar Gaddafi was a good dictator for Africa than others African dictators. Soon people in Libya and in Africa will realise what they missed!
Jamal , Sudan

Sorry, may be Africa will miss him but in Benghazi and Misurata won't! Thanks God is gone.
Mo , Libya,Bengazhi

Africa will miss him and Even people of Benghazi and Misrata will miss him. It is a crime committed by Sarkozy, Obama and Cameron...
Berik , Ivory Coast

Sarkozy is a dictator. Sarkozy brought his army in Lybia to kill Lybian. Obama is a dictator He broought his army in Lybia to kill Lybian. Cameron is a dictator he brought his army in Lybia to kill.
Berik , Ivory Coast

POrq que ele deve ser lembrado em africa? Causou morte de muita gente
Augusto N. K , Angola

Yes you all right very soon people will realize that it was a big mistake that we made, Libya is one of the best country which take care of Africa, but the Europeans and American always have their hidden agenda against Africa. Africa need to unit and fight against those western dictators
Anthony Gyamfi , Kumasi

Lybian people in Bengazhi doing deals with al qaeda and satan him self, nato dont you know the devil always comes to collect. I feel very sorry for you, and the Lybian people, and my self included, because tirrany always comes home ! Long live the best dictator the world has ever seen.
gary , london england

Gadhaffi is an independent hero for Libya, he stood up to imperialism and false criminal imperialist power to the end. Libyan history will not miss a beat of Gadhafi, he was betrayed by almost every walk of Life. Gadhafi is the best of our times. None in the world will match up to Gadhafi.
Asuma Azima , Libya, Tripoli

NATO bombed Libya to stone age, but yet majority of Libya refuses to bend towards NATO pressure, NATO responded by issuing $480 billion bombardment bill to new selected pro West government, so much for democrazy, rebels have robed enough money out of Libya, after robed money is finished, think????!!
B Degaulle , France, Paris

In a democratic election, Gadhaffi would surely win all the votes, making Africa one of the most strongest and powerful continents in the world, the trick is Africa never fought for Moammar Gadhaffi, they all played on the hands of imperialism. The game plan is forever poverty and feeble Africa.
B Degaulle , France, Paris

@ Mo Libya Benghazi. I don't know what type of demon you are, the truth is Benghazi and Misrata have turned into lunatic Allah Akbar bearded fanatic lynch mob cities, you will be under Israeli and IMF control, heavily indebted, malnourished country. Children have bcome beggars in Bengazi, haha.
Joseph Mukasa , Uganda, Kampala

It is too early to judge Gaddafi. History will give us one day an objective assessment of the person with his failures and achievements. He overstayed in power and perhaps, this eroded his ability to steer the tenets of his green book. He failed to enlighten his people and leave behind a prosperous Libyan society. His exit from this earthy life was cruel for a leader who had huge financial and natural resources that could have lifted Africa from the vicious circle of poverty, illiteracy and so on and so forth.
Iba KONE , Kenya

I think it's too early to judge.. let's wait and see... History will tell?
Assane , Ivory Coast

Libyan people just destroyed their last remaining legacy all in the name of greedyness self propelled by the western agenda. Americans are so evil, i wish to see that white house burning down one day. Gaddafi gave Libyans life and for the sake of OIL and money the micky mouse america financed crime.
Jeffrey Ledwaba , South Africa

The independence of parts of Asia and Africa in the 1950s,60s and 70s, has moved colonialism to post-colonialism, yet it is stagnant. More accurately, this is defined as institutionalism. Meaning, even though the rulers have left Africa and Asia, they have left a strong conscious control of Africa.
Mark , UK, London

All I can say is please watch WWW.noi.org Oct 25th webcast. I tell you this the only people happy that he is gone are NATO now they have complete access to Libya's OIL and now STOLLEN Libya's Gold & some uncle Tom Arabs now bk by NATO killing Africans in Libya. Watch RT & Press Tv not BBC / Sky.
Pan Africanist , This Earth

What happened to Gadhaffi was not about him or even the Libyan people. It was about the west disparate for resources. They are running out and their model of capitalism is collapsing around their ears. They will soon turn against each other, buy first intend on steeling African & other developing-
Fred , USA

Countries wealth. They are sick and intent on destroying the earth to feed their greed. That's why they are looking to live on the moon or Mars. What happened in Libya was to send a message to all other developing countries. If u think ur going to help ur people b4 feeding us this is what we will do
Fred , USA

Libyans be prepared for the worst may his soul rest in perfect peace.
Idi Mundi , Minna,Nigeria

I can't believe we failed 2 condemn Gaddafi whn we could, & now we ar jumping on de western world. OK, let's say they actually messed up; who gave them that vacum to? If he'd done as required of him by his natives, & he didnt raise planes 2 bomb them, wouldn't Libyans hav protected him?
Sincere , Kampala

Too little knowledge can be a dangerous thing. Some of us just don't know that we don't know. With the greatest or respect Ur comment is extremely ignorant. U believe everything thing u c and read in the News papers and repeat what u think u know with confidence.
Abdul , Mali

How do u know that the vast majorities of Libyans were not with Him? U just lap up whatever news u get from western sources. How can an army with a small population of people take on a a few hundred a 1000 at best rebels back by the might of the USA, UK, France, Canada & Italy's army? Think bout it!
abdul , Mali

I agree. NATO are cowards. Let's see if they got the BALLs to take on Russia, China, & N. Korea. Read the book ""The Confession of an Economic Hitman" you might learn something that will save ur live my Ugandan friend as NATO comes to deal with the rest of Africa soon. But will use fools like U.
Moses , Kenya

I wouldn't make deep comennts abut Gadafi.He is man who belong to the 20th sevtury in my opinion he realy was dictator and libina people have all reasons on the world to fight agenst Gadfi and his regim.But in my opinion here is big problem for whole world the legitimity of NATO air strick!!!!!!!!
Svetlana , Barcelona

With death of Mr Gaddafi, it only shows that countries with oil are in deep danger of being attacked by the western, they are looking for the most weakest point of the world in Africa continent, our African leader should be aware of that. Donīt try to buy their confidence
Aguinaldo , Luanda, Angola

This happened in Africa, at African watch. NATO has succeeded in making gays out of Africa, every African leader was scared, it was even worse than what Nazi's did, so who cares?. It's all done in Africa. White world rules, oil, gold, cocoa to Europe, aid and aids to Africa. Die baby die stupid.
B Degaulle , France, Paris

why libya and not somalia we have alot of problem in somalia they are blind so sad about our king of kings gadaffff
prosper , sweden

The daeth of the Col Gaddafi have have bring a change in kenya, in anegative way. Feul since that time have become tragedy in teams of price, and scarcity. Libyans will never stay in peaceful way get to know that.
Chekule En Boron , Kenya

Solution to smthing is not death, but we hava to think big and get another way to solve a conflict.
Chelule , Kenya

Those few who benefited from Col Gaddafi personally will miss him. The majority of Africans dont give a toss. We are actually glad that he is gone but sad that he will never face the victims in a court of Law
Sunday , UK

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