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Famous river nile

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Cairo museum

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Egypt Business

Bussines in Egypt


Egypt weathered the first round of the global economic crisis well thanks to the reform of its banking sector in previous years, and its relatively low financial market integration with the world. Egypt, however, was negatively affected by the second round impact of the global crisis. GDP growth rate fell from its average of 7% in the last three years to a mere 4.7% in 2008/09. The growth rate achieved was due to the resilience of domestic consumption, which represents 81.5% of GDP, and increased public investments in that year of 83.5 billion Egyptian pounds (EGP). In an attempt to lessen the blow of the global crisis, the government designed a rescue package to preserve demand and help the sectors that are directly affected. The fiscal stimulus package of EGP 15 billion (1.5% of GDP) in 2008/09 was one of the key features of this package. The extra public investment spending was mainly directed towards infrastructure and utility projects, particularly water and sanitation projects.

How's the business in Egypt?

Egypt Business comments

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Doing business in Egypt is can be easy and difficult. As long you do not interfere with politics
Gamara, Egypt, London

It's difficult to start like any place of World.
Ali , Egypt

So far I didn't have problem doing business in egypt.
Katy , England

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Political in Egypty

Politic in Egypt

Egypt's political outlook is unpredictable. Parliamentary elections and presidential polls are due in 2010 and 2011, respectively. The elections will be a real test to the National Democratic Party (NDP), the party that controls the parliament. In 2009, the NDP held its sixth annual conference in Cairo with the slogan "Just for you". The conference covered various social and economic policies of which support to the most vulnerable, pro-poor policies and agricultural policies were key.

The year 2009 was characterised by a wave of public protests. Trade unions and syndicates of pharmacists, lawyers, teachers, doctors, factory workers, truck drivers, students and journalists have all protested against the government's tax increases or demanded higher wages or pay. One of the successful strikes was that of pharmacists against tax increases. Ultimately, the government agreed to meet their demands. The pharmacists' nationwide strike was a protest against a Ministry of Finance decision to enforce a 2005 tax law retroactively. The ministry announced that it would collect tax arrears dating from 2005 and that pharmacists would no longer be considered small businesses for tax purposes and hence subject to a 15% flat tax compared with the tax of 7% they were used to paying

Egypt Political comments

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Mr. Muraback is the same as president of Libya. One difference is Murabak is supported by American and Ghadafi is not.
Ali, Egypt, Paris

He's our dictator like president kadafi. The differences Murabak is pappy of American and European. Kadafi isn't.
Al Faye , Egypt, London

He's a strong man who survived all these time by oppressing his people with America by his side.
Jonson Olo , Nigeria

we're ready to force our dictator out of power. We're not going to leave the street dispite police brutality
Mo , Egypt,

I specially return to Egypt to help my brothers to not give up. Mr Mubarak can send all these thugs to attack us we're not going no way.
Jamal , Egypt, Cairo

The Egyptian protesters are very brave people. When it will begin the sub-sahara Africa revolution!
Kitoko , DR Congo, Paris

People from everywhere, stand up to say :" NO MORE EXPLOTATION from their politicians but DIGNITY and RESPECT!!! Mutombo, DR Congo, Spain
angelique , Valencia

Mubarak played a big role putting peace between Arabs and Israel;do not blame him too much!You may regret him very soon.

Mubarak make diffult for us, he though we'll give up and go home. But we show him that we meant business and he must resign. 200 people died and so many more get hurt and we couldn't just give up. But he's gone now. Free Egypt and thanks my continent and other social medias for give us platform.
Gamal , Egypt, Cairo

Think its time the fellow ugandans wherever they are to wake up and face the reality about this dictator of ours, otherwise we shall again be ruled for another five years in poverty,corruption,poor service delivery for our people ,skyrocketing food prices,stop cowardicing its all about taking arisk
simon papa , kampala

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Usefull Information Egypt

Top Hotels

  • The Royal Savoy Sharm El Sheikh
  • Four Seasons Resort Sharm El Sheikh
  • Iberotel Palace

Top restaurants

  • Taboula
  • Cortigiano
  • La Bodega

Place to visit

  • Kite Junkies
  • Saqqara (Sakkara) Pyramids
  • Ramses Day Tours

Internet Access

  • Broadband internet access was introduced commercially to Egypt in 2000 as ADSL. The service was offered in select central offices in big cities such as Cairo and Alexandria and gradually spread to cover more Governorates of Egypt
  • About 12 million internet users in Egypt spend most of their working hours chatting about football on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo and Google

Not to miss to see

  • Saqqara (Sakkara) Pyramids)
Egypt Usefull information comments

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Egypt is very nice place. I visited Egypt twice I recommend anybody to visit if planning for holiday in mediteranean.
Katrina Pereira

It's good place for holiday.

We're there enjoy in Cairo nice place.

Egypty is nice place to go for holiday. I just like so much there.
Katy Mel

You need to try it out Soho squere in sharm el Sheik also Leila valeila not to miss, great places for fun

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