Presidents for life

These are the longest serving Presidents in power in Africa, but with President Hosni Mubarak
forced out of power and King of Kings is dead Muammar Gaddafi, Now there is a newcomer on list at number 5 and a new number one on list.



An ex-army officer Yoweri Museveni led his National Resistance Army into Kampala in January 1986
to seize power. Since then He managed to win 4 elections on his own terms of democracy. Despite,
oppositions disputed the results and recently he clamped down on demonstrators that are not happy
because of corruption on his government and high living costs in country.




In November 1982, Cameroon's first post-independence leader, Ahmadou Ahidjo,formally resigned
due to ill-health, and handed the presidency to his Prime Minister, Paul Biya.
Cameroons president, Paul Biya, described as running government finances like a petty cash fund,
booked himself and his entourage a $1.2m three week holiday by chartered jet to the French resort
of La Baule. They took 43 rooms in two luxury hotels costing $60,000 a night, went on shopping
sprees and splashed cash on casino nights.
reported the US embassy in Cameroon. When Biya traveled to the United Nations general assembly
in September 2008, a member of his entourage was caught as he tried to escape from Biyas Geneva
hotel with a bag filled with 3.4m Swiss francs (about $6.8 million)in cash.

Paul Biya of Cameroon



The world cheered when, after leading a long guerrilla war,Robert Mugabe led his Zanu party to victory
at the elections in February 1980, after Zimbabwe had won its independence from Britain. But he is no
longer a global favourite and the opposition accuses him of destroying his country in a bid to stay in
power. The Mugabe administration has been criticised around the world for corruption, suppression of
political opposition, mishandling of land reform , economic mismanagement, and the deteriorating
human rights situation in Zimbabwe He is now sharing power - but remains president.

Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe



He's nick name"quite dictator" came to power in September 1979, one month after the longest
serving President in Africa came into power. President Jose Eduardo dos Santos assumed power on
the death of Angola's first president, Agostinho Neto, But for much of the time after that, he ruled only
over half the country, as his MPLA fought a civil war against Unita. Now, with the war over, and Unita
crushed at parliamentary two years ago elections, he is being called on to hold an election for
the presidency.No firm date has yet been set.Since then he has been manipulate the weak opposition.




He's now the longest serving President in Africa. President Teodoro Obiang Nguema came to power
in August 3, 1979 he deposed his uncle in a violent coup d'tat, supported by 600 mercenaries
licensed from Hassan II of Morocco, Macias Nguema(uncle), who fled but was later captured
and executed. Despite its new-found oil wealth, 60% of the people of Equatorial Guinea live on less
than a dollar a day. But they clearly all love President Nguema, as he won 97% of the vote at the last
election in 2002.


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I'm just waiting for whats gonna happen. But trully speaking, 32 years is to much.
Augusto N. K. , Huambo, Angola

Gaddafi is now officially permanently off the list. I pray for Africa
Issah K , Uganda

Time is running out for those self proclaimed revolutionalists. King of kings Gadafi is dead. Who is the next king?
Andrew kashangoha , Uganda

masikitiko kumpoteza kiongozi shujaaa na watu mnafurahia
prosper , Tanzania

I didn't know these tyrants stay in power for so long. Now I do understand why Africa in this stage.
John , Denmark

Why not Uganda take same direction as the Libyans Did? pray
Miho , Uganda

AFRICA did a big mistake. What is the problem if somebody stays in power and the economy is running well? Libya put itself into the deepest abyss. They will never rebuild again and they will always be in endless civil war. WHAT DID GADAFFI DO WRONG?
Robert , Kitale

robbert in as much as the economy which is a right of the people of libya is doing well; democracy must also be in tandem and it is a right as well,you can not put people in prison by force as you provide heaven the environment wont be condusive after a while.Libyans did good to tople the guy
holie , Nairobi,Kenya

Shame to all this yang boys,I'm sorry for all of you because you make me seek
the great , drcongo/leicester

Theese illetrate leaders needs to be shown an example,exactly what happened to Gadaffi should be impose on them imediately.
Justics James , USA

the power hungry African leaders should watchout.They should do what is right or face retaliation
Daniel Ikome , Cameroon

So,what to say about Hippolite Kanambe alias "Joseph Kabila", 11 years in power & autoproclaimed RDCongo president after cheating, he "won" the elections last Nov. 2011. Women,girls &babies are being raped openly and publicly,while the so called Internatinal Community close its eyes.
Angeles , Bilbao

These dictators are greedy for power, it same thing happening in senegal. The current president doesn't want to leave the power after two terms. he and his crooks friends decided to change the constitution of the country for him to run again.
Diof , Senegal, Dakar

I didn't know some of these were in power for so long! I like Jose Eduardo though, and think we should cut him some slack. After all, for most of that time he was fighting a civil war! He needs to step aside though. Mugabe has disappointed everyone and has tried very hard to prove Ian Smith right.
Basil , Bridgetown, Barbados

Let us work together to fight dictators in Africa. The major reason for the backword of Africa are African dictators. Let us make African protest the same to Global protest or Occupy wallstreet. Thank you my continent
Belachew Ibsa , Ethiopia

Africans are a bunch of baboons, learn to differenciate good from bad dictator, in France we say as long they keep people safe, money in country and economy strong, who cares how long they stay in power. Libyans killed their own leader, let them wipe flies on their face for a while. Join abyss club.
B Degaulle , France, Paris

Why don't you put the picture of Chadian President Idriss Deby. He is there since 1990's, took power by force and stay there forever.Today as I'm writing, there are people in Chad who cannot send their children at school, do not have water, I'm not talking about clean water just water to survive.
Ibrahim Doude , U.S

No comment !
gary walker , london

As long as we African don't understand the Real meaning of Democratie, Implementing it will always be a challenge! Leaders are acting foolishly because the people are too ignorant; leaving their countries instead of fighting for their right. Learn from the ANC of Mr. MANDELA: No Surrender attitude.
Dixon , Royaume Kongo

Don't blame the dictators blame the west because they rule the world,they put them in power in return to control their interest,and when they are fed up with them they call them dictators,we live in every dictator country,take look uk travelling cost,university fees,people have no say,like it or no
tandhoson , ENGLAD

The work continues,the course endures ,the hope still lives and the dream shall never die that is the spirit in Africa, one day africa shall rise up to see the sun set on the other side of the mountain and is upon all of us to know that a journey begins with the simplest of steps,the spirit liveth
holie , Nairobi

Africa is made in the gun form and the trigger is in the the DRC .as long as DRC IS NOT SAFE africa will never come right ,puting or forcing kabila to rule in drc shows how africa is just USA and EU toy. thee've got the remote controle.
hypoccrite , jhb rsa

All these dictators want is power and wealth. Their people don't matter to them. And as to the situation in DR Congo, my book is almost done and the international community better watch out. Because I'm not mincing words. I'm telling the truth like I see it. Africa, I'll pray for you.
Krystene , Canada, Toronto

Hello Guys, You forgot about Tanzania, the CCM party. The longer one stays on power the worse he take the country as his own 'shamba', field or house.
Munene Mukubwa , Burundi

All those dirty negroes traitors are the servants of the West (Washington, Paris, London) surprising. Their mission is to protect the interests of these powers. Only Mugabe told them shit. You still have to know that since independence 21 African presidents (excluding leaders murdered Nyob, Moumie, Ben Barka ...) have been killed by the will of the West. I hope that the people of Africa will make them pay dearly for their treachery to these son of bitches. The Bongo, Boigny, Mobutu died quietly it disgusts me. Finally, contrary to Western thought to Gaddafi made ​​a lot for Africa.
Rodcaz , FRANCE-Toulouse

At this B Degaulle of Paris son of slavery. . After four centuries of slavery, colonialism and plunder practiced by your current country, France, you allow yourself to insult Africans. It is clear that Africa will be better when she will be Far away from the wound that is France. Start with your released five military bases on African soil. As for your de Gaulle, this supposedly great man. It should have been at the Hague for crimes against humanity. Anyway one day France will pay for all these crimes committed against Africans.
Rodcaz , FRANCE-Toulouse

Museveni must die the way gaddafi did
Hassan , Queenstown

when men of authority rule by the principle of tyranny the fear of their past actions keeps them glue to power, if not why must any person want to hang on to power even when he has run out of ideas.
ogboma ifeanyi , nigeria,

truth be told , zimbabwe, harare

Well, Robert Mugabe is having his last moments in Zimbabwe. I dont think we shall see him around next year, 2013.
Martin Poland , Poznan

@ Rodcaz , FRANCE-Toulouse, so when will France pay?. Never, how will Africa be United when all the West have kept it destroyed with dictators in every corner, why you don't kick French soldiers out of Africa?. There is no African military base in France, so who is a slave?. Africa dude!!.
B Degaulle , France, Paris

Africa will never wake up, too many Africans are a sleep, the education system in Africa is designed for indoctrination to worship France, UK, USA, Australia, you Africans cannot even speak your own languages. France spies Africa 24/7, sells weapons to make sure Africans kill each other, haha!!
B Degaulle , France

B Degaulle you are part of these very smart people apparently like many in the West. The extreme right in these countries shows the level of education of their people. Morons, who think, that they will always be the lords of the planet. Just look at the evolution of peoples supposedly weak to understand the changes taking place. I will not waste my time explaining to the ignorant, like you, the national front the intricacies of world politics.
Rodcaz , FRANCE-Toulouse

@ Rodzac, you live in France, shut f**k up, Africa never learnt 500 years ago, what makes you think they will learn, evolve in next 500 years?. France got the oil in Libya, Chad, Ivory Coast and the game is simply over. You are having nice life in France, if you don't like it, get out of France.
B Degaulle , France, Paris

Degaulle, enough of your insults. It has been a slow movement but it will catch up with u @ 1 tym. Rome was not built in 1 day, neither had Americans anticipated that a man with an African origin would b their president now.If France didn't depend on Africa yo futbol team wudn't have hv AFricans
B Namisi , Uganda

alex , mexico

being number one is not easy who will fit in Gaddafi shoes?
edward , Bbotera kabuwoko uganda

why is it dat african leaders when they taste power to releguish it becomes their problem, that is why we don't have ruler in africa instead we have dictators and tyrant leader, i pray almighty God help africa frm dis evil men.
vincent osa jacob , nigeria river state

DEGAULLE.Si you had somebody of intelligent you would have realized that Western dominance is s spirit to 'collapse. The history of the world is proof of the great powers forfeited. Alas for your kind of limited minds can not comprehend. In the near future the French like you to meet again the people of southern slaves.
Rodcaz , FRANCE-Toulouse

@ Namisi, Obama is not a president, he a puppet, sale Africa . If he was a president and a leader, he would never attack Libya to kill Gadhaffi for Rothschild, UK & France for oil. Yes France is good at using Africans to look great, they are puppets for France, you play the game to play, poker?.
B Degaulle , France, Paris

@ vincent osa jacob , nigeria river state, leadership is about principle, you should never think of when the next African dictator will leave or quit. Think what have they done for you and Africa!!, cause France will never make usable dictators quit, till they are useless. France rules, yes!.
B Degaulle , France, Paris

@ Rodcaz , FRANCE-Toulouse, you live in France, you enjoy safety of French mercenaries, how can you defend Africa?. They do not defend themselves nor like themselves and their own, they need always support from French wolves in sheeps clothing, France will protect Africa in rat hole. get it.
B Degaulle , France, Paris

When I read the presidential time for most African country leaders, I felt shame! These dictators are assuming that power is life for them. They think that they will not survive if they get thrown away from their throne. It is really annoying for all people who are lead by these arogant leadres!Fuck
Helen , Abebe

AFRICA WILL NEVER DeVelop if presidents turned into kings
Kalanzi colantine , Uganda

WE, THE Africans we know us our self so we don't want any support of idea about our countries,we know why you help us. we are in ways of close the mounth- of strangers one time Africa will born the billion KadHafis of check the white and other one who are like them
Umwami David , RWANDA

other thing i'm the one uzaharanira ko twigenga realy born of second ant colonials.
Umwami David , RWANDA

@ Umwami David , RWANDA. 1 billion Gadhaffi's, Africa will be unmatched to any other continent in world. Unfortunately African people do not support their greatest assets, I categorically say leaders of that continent are lame, zombies deserve French colony. Accept faggots in Africa for Aid/s.
B Degaulle , France Paris

all this prisendent here in this list are full of corruption , greedly , they think they are in heaven , let me remain you that , sickness, old , death is coming upon you,you will not rule this earth permante, you are just temporry, lord jesus christ is a ruler, jose eduardo santos,death is upon you
mayana , angola

and for your information , this black african persidents here in this list are all working under the devil rules , they kill inocents blood to survive long in power , and they are still sucking peoples blood , money for them to be president for ever, but when god said enough is enough,they will dei
mayana , angola

I won't waitfor nothing much, instead of to see Z-d, as we used to threat him, out off power.32 years is to, to, to, t much....
Joo , angola

Da whity iz devil, kil da whity.
negroe , Kampala

These presidents may use all means to stay in power ; but DEATH will surely have the final say !
Kobena mensah , Ghana

Never restrict a dead body from entering its grave. The same way applies to such leaders only that we are taking long to show them their grave yards.
Owor , Kampala

Their main aim in life now is to die confortably in their beds and not at the end of a rope. Poor old men. I feel sorry for them.
Ben , London

This is so alarming. We have become slaves in the hands of our own brothers. What a world.
Samuel , Cameroon

The book of REVELATION in the Bible is very clear;every knee shall bow in the great judgment day regardless of ones political,economical power!let them remember that we are pilgrims in this dark,rugged and sin ruined universe and our deeds will follow us beyond the grave!
MAUYA ATUNGA ERIC , KENYA-sironga village

The sad thing is My country The Gambia despot and HIV curer see them as his mentors in Africa. He said he will rule for billion yrs if God allows. Now Gambia have no democracy and he once plan to be grown king of Gambia too put on "hold" for the moment.
malick , Gambia

I wish my fellow Africans all the best as they continue felling their able leaders in the name of reberation.
peter maritim , olenguruone Kenya,

this is serious
marcellinus , ghana

leaders like Museveni and Mugabe still deserve to rule.
Haile , somalia

Why we african!O GOD.African leaders are not serious as well.
Michael , France

Time will come when they will need to step down peacefully but the mass(people) will not allow.People will revenge,they should know that they hurt people though many dont speak out

What is killing Africa is the sit-tight attitude of leaders. God help Africa! Akonoafua Sarah. +(234) 708 292 9181
Akonoafua Sarah , Lagos Nigeria

This surpose to be a big shame for africa and africans leaders,well the end is coming to them one by one,i just pray the rest repent.where are gadafi and others now "hell or heaven"this are qestion obiang,mugabe,eduado santos,biya even mswati of swaziland should ask them self.
Taye R , calabar nigeria


how can you say africans are baboons?, so what service r yu doing advising them if you are not one white baboon yoself?

This is serious,a man will rule a whole nation of millions of people for 30years and above.Don't they need a change of government?,GOD help us!
Echezona , Onitsha,Nigeria

But what do they discuss when they are in AU meetings? to rule us like dogs?, God help us.
Mujurizi Elsam , Uganda

why can nigerian presidents serve this long. but am not realy sure if their tenure was good at all. because all over the world there is this issue of coruption. if nigerian presidents could serve this long, then there will be peace. but i am not 1oo% sure if their tenure was successful. long live..
simon , Nigeria

it does'nt matter short or long in offical position! We need result not fault. Is not bad staying long in office but without impact it is stupid. A lead is born - a lead is not made
Ourleader , Nigeria

It is the ugandans who have kept Museveni in power all that long,having found the countrz in ruins,restord order,a descplined army,constitutional order,helped establish peace in the region ie,congo,Rwanda,southern sudan,and now somalia,Museveni is a darling to atleast 60 percent of ugandans
Benard , uganda

You will all die like Gaddafi . Wicked devils.
Elvis , USA

All that goes up most come down.
John , Canada

Though Mr.Museveni has ruled for these many years but he has brought many positive changes in Uganda. The list of these positive changes is endless.

The problem of Africa is not how many years some one has spent in power but service delivery.
Turyahabwe Atinkson. , Uganda

Service delivery is the paramount thing.If the leader is good,and the majority of the citizens see him as a darling,so what?So long as there is security,justice,economic,development,equality,employment and economic emancipation of the people,it shouldn't matter who leads us.Rise Africa rise!!
Les Masetla , Soth Africa,Limpopo Province

Hei you B Degaulle,stop insulting people,you piece of trash.How can you say africans are baboons?You are just a product of unsuccesful abortion of raped woman,idiot of first degree order!
Les Masetla , Soth Africa ,Limpopo Province

careless about the amount of time they spend in power. but how safe and sound we are in their hands...
uno chicharito , cameroon

i think staying in power isnt a problem provided the person is creating a conducive env`t for democracy, and maintaining the economy of the country; otherwise, the democracy must be participative.
ngobi , uganda

There's no reason why one man should occupies his country number one seat, this sign of selfisf leadership and opression to the citizery, office of the mr. President should be facate after giving time for another person to service his fatherland. African leaders must know's that their rigth t
Samuel Udoh , Nigeria

Let talk about the development being done by the long serving presidents, does any one out there need his/her parents to die, because they have over lived on the earth? pse think big and develop.
mugabe , kampala uganda

What can you say about the queen? Is it not a family property? Is there no other person or family fit in that position? This is Africa allow us to manage our affairs.
Eric Alimamy , Freetown, Sierra Leone

No doubt,the idea of african leaders of wanted to become life ruler has make the practice of democracy difficult in african continent. This is so sadden that an individual could rule a country for so long.
Kehinde isaac , Nigeria

You could call to my attention, you know
Bodaerapreork , Ireland

I hop that we can now choose much carefully this time and not under the influence of alcool like in the past. Above all let not be braibed by small sweets
Amosii Uganda , Angola

I should tell you that your blog articles and other content is extremely great. It truly is not simple to retain this kind of top quality in the webpage. Keep up the good work.
Grayce Nuniz , usa

Amosii if you voted under the influence of alcohol, then that is your case. Not every one was under you state at that time. You are proving to be a disgrace to yourself. Have respect
Lordwin Kasambula , Kampala Uganda

I dont think that there is any problem for a leader to stay in power so long as we have peace. No leader can ever give u money or feed yo family. FOR THINGS TO CHANGE IT IS U TO CHANGE FIRST. Guys dont expect a govt to change when u wake up in the morning to watch TV, nothing can change.
Edward Twahirwa , Uganda, Kampala

So long as the leader of any given country respects the rights of its citizens and his or her leadership brings economic prosperity,the number of years he continues to serve do not matter.The outlook in which Africa is portrayed by the west is largely prejudiced and not justified.
George kahugu , Kiambu ,Kenya

So it is ok for as after i heard about those presedents comparing to our issue

Never having been to Africa, I can only imgnaie what the saying means to Africans, but, to me it addresses the universal need to reframe and find meaning in the hard times and to engage in and relish the good moments. Healing, healthy laughter can used to accomplish either goal.
Silvia ,

We can change africa no matter what it takes coz its our time and we've brains
Koech david , Eldoret;kenya

Good Hope for Africa with this Young Boys. God bless Africa
Steve , Cameroon

let them serve their people, they are doing what is necessary 4 their country.
Alpha Barrie , sierra leone

a seat tide power is not bad as well as the rulling class is serving the ploroterians. it can be long at the other side the older you are the less IQ you got that tooo must be considered as well' "a nation state will not experiance devalopment untill philosopers and interlectuals have become kings"
Yassir Abdulrahman raji , Nigeria

African da most reachest continent wen it comes to mineral resources but still da poorest continent on earth. If u don't leave power, power let go off u one day or da other...
Bilz , Serekunda, The Gambia

spending a long time in office does not mean that you are a dictator. whoever posted this writing is foolish and arrogant, biased also, and i can easily depict how colonised his mind is. how about writing how mugabe gave the land back to its indigenous people?
ronald , south africa

Just a tight corner for african people to handle out of thoese dictators!
innocent , kigali,rwanda

Power is poison. Its effect on Presidents has been always tragic, chiefly as an almost indecent excitement at first, and a worse reaction afterwards; but also because no mind is so well balanced as to bear the strain of seizing unlimited force without habit or knowledge of it.
Katemba Edison Kakitahi , Kampala Uganda

Kasirivu Moses , Uganda

There is a section of people who benefit from presedent's over staying in power but Ugandans are watching. Tym will come for them who knew that Gaddafi" king of kings" one tym can run into a Sewerage channel to save his life. Ugandans should not loose hope tym is coming soon.
Kasirivu Moses , Uganda

Redistribution of land to the original owners comes with sanctions people suffer gvt is blamed .How many presidents have taken land back only one Robert Bob Marley Mugabe he should take Mines as well tied of these white bald heads he should rule until africans what are the fruits of independence.
laurence ovimbundu , south africa

B degaulle yu can fool people sometimes but not all the times Robert Bob Marley Mugabe has taken land and well as mines and houses ,live stock and your french women living your buddies foot to france with nothing and yu how france going to pay?yu ve started
laurence ovimbundu , south africa

B degaulle yu can fool people sometimes but not all the times Robert Bob Marley Mugabe has taken land and well as mines and houses ,live stock and your french women living your buddies foot to france with nothing and yu ask how france going to pay?yu ve started
laurence ovimbundu , south africa

what is wrong if some one stay on power for ever as long as it makes the country develop and his people happy. I am sorry we africans seem to be brainwashed by the west propoganda.of course the west will invade one by one all africa countries in the name of no election or democracy - modern colony.
Tedros , Lonodn

By the way in England the queen is the head of the state - no one elect her, her kids are on power no one choice them,they born to be on power, they countrol all the instition of the country, uk. No one will dear to ask to UK about dictatrship. so Africa respect your leaders what ever they are first
Tedros , lonodn

No wonder all names advocating for museven are westerners and also, u cant talk as ua eating.But honestly these guys have robbed our even use for votting wastage of tax payers money because these guys are not ready to leave power.local men.
michel , uganda

Ope president barrack obama will help us on da African dictators. Why America respects da constitution b't African countries fail.
joseph washington , Uganda, kampala.

Really african leaders must get example of power changeing in ghana.I want to see what will happen to Dos santos in 3years to come he is to hold now,he has stollen enought chega,chega chega ,chega
Helder tchipoia , Luanda

Mugabe is a problem that guy people ar suffrng n dieng there but he dont do anythng he is a divel incarnate
membry mhlarhi , south africa

For sure all does presidents are old and they can nolonger handle issues that is why there are many problems i.e corruption, bribery political instability etc in their countries all they are remaining with is the title (president). They shld leave peacefully not by force otherwise it will cause adoption other future leaders will want to stay in power for also longer years to break records.
Lakwey stephen nzikobankunda , Kapchorwa, Uganda

there is no discipline in ghana again why?our political leaders keep oninsulting themselve always and they are the people who have graduated from euro,usa, aust, brit and other high universities.But one who was trained and attend sch in gh is occrupt free and well disciplineman,Is now our ex-pres,Papa JerryJohn Rawling,he manage to stop coul di-tat at his time,i like man.
BUABENG ENOCK , Ghana, accra

God, some how, in some way, may get rid of the blood suckers in Africa.
ih , e

B Degaulle u're idiot, u're country's [France]looting from Africa habit; is the cause of African conflicts [wars]. Congo & Libya are best examples. nuff said.
sniper , Africa Powers United

All those who are ruling from 20 to 30 years should be removed and new young and talented Africans who can bring about good social,economic and technology
Clinton , Cameroon

let them stop saying,ghana is not a peaceful country.Only the leaders are joying with their family.if you dont belongs to party A or B,you will be maltreated we need equal JUSTICS our leaders.
Buabeng Enock , Ghana, accra

for so many years in power no institutions developed.Then why stay in power.its high time africans we unite.we make one constitution.these guys are ruling using state tools.
igin , somalia

The western Nations are hipocrites, look at the UK for instance, the Queen commands so much power and influence over the political, economic and even the relgious systems ( She is involved in the appointment of the Bishop of Cantebury!). Greece is in the same mess like many African countries.
Tobby K , South Africa

kalamoja , kampala

but then all should step down and act as promised on assuming power to returning it in civilians hand this fundamental change should be first in uganda as stated in 1986 by the general.
ssemwanga newton , kampala

Harare from Zimbabwe, u are very stupid to say, Nelson mandela left power out of fear. If not for Nelson mandela did u think u dirty zimbabwens would be surviving in south africa now? The best president in my time is Nelson mandela. He is not greedy like other fucking black president. Best nelson
Ramsey , Nigeria

Kotong Orsino Count , Cameroon,Bamenda

I love canal muammar Ghaddafi is a good leader in africa
Habibu el-sulaiman farinyaro , Nigeria

The biggest problem of Africa is not lack of resource; the biggest problem is lack of "good governance" emerges from poverty. The people who pray for daily bread do not think about power. First bread then power. The African leaders know this very well. They want people to stay in Poverty.
H. Milkessa , Ethiopia

That M7 does not wanna leave power, he cheats during voting period. One time he said. "I came to power by gun" to protestors. Meaning he will get off by gun. I want all these dictators dead like Gadaffi
peter , USA, originally fr Uganda

Zimbabwe is very interesting and at the same time very shameful.Zims keep blaming RSA for doin nothing to get rid of their elected presdnt!Self pitty!They hv all the power to get rid of their own dictator if at all they did not want him in power.Zim Polic and army,well trained!Why not act&stop this?
joe , Pmb

I also like king of kings of Libya he did alot to his lovely country may his soul rest in perfect peace ameen.
AbdulmBalarabe , Nigeria

greedy african leaders shoould emulate what julius Nyeree of Tannzania did and so is Mandela and Festus Mogae of Botswana
DAUDI , Tanzania

One of the greatest dictators of all times that people do not know is paul biya. he has so much blood on his hands, and any person who dare critisises him goes straight to jail, many of his ministers and prime ministers are in the deadly condigue prison of Younde. he needs to go like Gaddafi
Jean , Cameroon

i think in Cameroon we need a new leader i am tired of Paul Biya......
njysi foatah , cameroon

Africa will never be the same as long as democracy is in hands of western countries. As far as I know, Somaliland is the leader of democracy in Africa and worth to be recognized internationally.
Ali Jama , Somaliland

Mugabe's time is up. This time he is going
Batman , Zimbabwe

i don't bleive 32 years ruling is easy but those leadership are criminals and they are afraid if they step down the power they met court becouse they killed thousand and they took thousand of dollar for there public wealth
ahmed muse , Hargiesa Somliland

to not know is sinful because when you don't know you don't participate and if you don't participate, you don't have the right to criticize.
kanala moses , uganda

B degaulle:u knw empty containers makes the loudest noise and its seems you are the top talkin about africa u must knw why you idiots are after africa its coz of our riches ask your self what is france without africa ?"TRUSH"
patrick , South Africa

if it is their time to rule nothing we can change but GOD is the one who kwons
pato jinja uganda , uganda

Help to run the crusade of urging the UN Security Council to adopt a resolution by giving the powers to ICC to prosecute elections rigging as "War Crime" because it is a crime against those whom you will govern
Sylvester Macauley , Freetown

I cannot thank you enough for the blog article.Really thank you! Want more.
social bookmark , social bookmark

Can't these DICTATORS learn from GHANA 'THE BEACON' of Africa? It's a shame.
Abdulai Mohammed , Ghana

We need change and democracy which must bring peace,unity and stability rather than wanting to rule for life which brings about civil wars in the country
Swadique Ajobe , Kampala

I honestly think democracy will NEVER work in africa. It can only work for the interests of the White man. What we need is Monarchies since they are more stable. Holding USELESS elections and rigging them at the same time will not make sense and wastes Tax payers' money. What do you think?
Fala , Kampala

How i wish our so-called African leader will have time to read these article written by concern african. African leader are indeed selfish. It's is only in Africa that politician will promise people and fail to redeem his promises. May God help Africa.

Museveni!!! that Guy will not leave us and is not ready to leave us until when the Almighty God will help us. Museveni would not be bad but his ministers and the gov't officials that do not deliver and he doesn't punish corrupt officials oba why????, Kabaka wa Buganda Awangaale
Munakampala omulabuffu , Kampala

In many of these countries, the best way for a president to remain alive is to stay in power for life mainly due to their tyranny or such. Talking is good but it won't change a thing.
Marie D , Chad

am a ugandan national born in 1982.have grown up seeing museveni and given birth to children in his regime and my children are again seeing him as the president.i believe there is some one who can be president not museveni only.we are tired of him
Ngobi Ivan , uganda

Africans we shoul d learn a lesson on over staying leaders. Once the whites intervin such countries will lose peace & conflicts will be endless! take an example of Libya, Somalia, and more others. Lets not critisize long serving presidents so long as there is stability in political & economic status, where it fails, peaciful measures shoud be used but not coups & fire arms because many african countries with ever changing presidents arent at all stable!
Sebulime G , Uganda

Museven should go we are teared of him.
Katangwa vicent , Uganda

I wish all african leaders could learn from Mandella. Some people leaders have to be forced to go the GADAFII WAY. I sence the wave of overthrow is coming to those leaders including UGANDA, ZIMBABWE.Y DO AFRICANS WANT TO BE FORCED TO LEARN?

i wash all african learders could learn from N.Mandella.
kalema , uganda

the hardworking thru developing the economy and well protecting people with their property in the country should not be forced to resign ''but our president fullfill''
saddam , uganda

God help us! African' should learn to respect the costution. There's no point of having it then you keep changing it, you shal have done nothing!! H
Sylvia , kenya

If gold could rust, what about iron. The hands of time waits for no one. The time shall come when it shall all end. Those are the realities of life.
T-Boy , Bamenda, Cameroon

Top in the least of dictators in the world and not only africa and who is to become the longest serving world president after elections in 2018 is paul BIYA of cameroon nicknamed "Popol". his government is "masked dictatorship" where any exercise of democracy, you disappear the next morning!
N2K , Anyajua, Bamenda, Cameroon

Museveni too old the extent that he can not plan for the country, he can not control the cabinet, we need to join hands and sweep him out with his son , wife, prime minister,I CAN SAY THAT KING GADDAFI HAD MORE DEVELOPMENTAL IDEAS THAN HIM

God save Africa
Ferdinand , Cameroon

Africa is a rich continent europe wants to rule us and thr a leaders who dislike dis behaviour like RG Mugabe@Museveni da west say they a dictators

Cameroon is a very rich country. its rich in all domains.As such, we need change so as to grow and develop as fast as even south Africa. God save us.

Muammar gaddafi was indeed a good leader that was ready to do anything to develop his country. I believe his death was a result of hatred by other countries leader who knows his acheivements are not their match
abejide Lekan , nigeria

I think is better to let the head of the Family to rule the House until he get tied. When the son start it will be the right time,right place as well as he is rights.Rather than force the father to step down which may cause curse.In Libya capital of the people DESTRUCTED.
frank John Jr , Nairobi Kenya

We are nt happy but libia u will see
Shuaibu yankara , Nigeria

Democracy will never solve Africa's problem. It is the evil intention of the United State to implement the new world order. What we need to survive is to accept Jesus as our only savior. He is the only answer for the world today. Jesus loves you.
Ernestina Quarshie , Ghana

Its gud fo zimbos that the so called arab spring cme and go results are there, pple are in the deepst shit u can imagine .robert mugabe is the only african president who is guided by principle nt by the change of weather it mks me sic wen u campare mugabe with sme madman who can give u different answ to the sme question depending on his sorroundings .he is the only man who send shivers to the whiteman to the extend of sme refusing to mit or sit next to him during un mitings.that man is god sent the anointed one. with u we will sacrife our lives as u have also sacrifised yoz bfore .may yo teaching reach hardened minds who a ready to burn their homelands inexchange of an ipod and a cirtificate of bravery.we shall get our certificate of bravery wen we defeat all imperialist agression,at the end we shal be rewarded
Patrick muchiza , Durban&chitungwiza

wowww 25 years long live his excellecy museveni
nancy , uganda

In the name of ALLAH the beneficient the merciful (when your ask to make comment on something go straight to the point don't insult one another we are all here for a common purpose)Africa we are blessed our problem is the so-called western they are the one's causing problems here and there just for there so called New World Order God bless Africa Amen
Abubakar baba ibrahim , Nigeria

We are tired of his rule ,but since no one is capable of defeating him in elections ,we are now waiting for the law of nature which every one obeys.May GOD see in to our problems and give us a helping hand.
Gabriel , Cameroon

At times president museveni seems to be on aright truck but the so ministers and MPs put him off, irrelevant mottions tabled in parliament i.e burning mini-scuts, we have issues to discus but these guys seem to be adumant, in every streat in kampala there are more than 12 helpless women with children of less than ayear old, un employment may not have solution youths are committing sucide becouse they are seeing no future.these are all human rights issues of which am a victim so UN jet in.
oumo jude , uganda kampala

Africa is Africa. The west must never and never again fool us. We must passport them to were they belong, to their ancerstors.
Ramakgwakgwa David , south Afriva

One of the world's greatest dictators paul Biya of Cameroon,he's regime had denied so many people freedom of speech and human rights,,he takes no criticisms and punish the Cameroonian people with poverty and hunger,,Time shall tell when he shall pray for death to take him,,but its gonna be too late
clovis , U.S.A

what a bad world we live in
Prof.Hamsa Ali , Somalia mogadishu

Two to three decades(20-30)years in power is is too much.This is a clear indication that there is massive corruption in their regime, that is why they don't want to leave power, so that they will be exposed.No reasonable rational sound minded being will ever do as they are doing.FRANCIS ADJEI GH.

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I like it a lot homework help But the Texas GOP is eschewing this basic tenet of American democracy by committing to a strategy of voter suppression. They've enacted a voter identification law that makes only a limited number of government-issued documents valid for voting; Medicaid and student ID cards, for example, are not allowed, so you can guess whose votes they're trying to suppress.
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What's the current interest rate for personal loans? do my accounting homework for me It&rsquo;s all very silly and very good fun. In truth, the wackiness of the game&rsquo;s premise and combat is compensating for some fairly ropey mechanics. Aiming is a little loose, feedback from regular weaponry is too soft, and a lack of finesse means firefights can be blunt and overwhelming. Volition seem aware their shooting isn&rsquo;t best in class, so make up for it with variety. It works, largely because the moment to moment fighting is laced with energetic super-powers, but also because the simulation scenario gives them carte blanche to drop you in any situation they fancy.
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Nice to meet you quest homework service The U.S. secretary of state spoke later in the day with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. Abbas "is committed to continue to come to this negotiation," Kerry said, speaking before the two men talked by phone.
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What sort of music do you listen to? can any one write my paper Overall, I was slightly disappointed. Honda engines like to rev, it's part of their appeal, but diesels need gutsy torque and it's a wonder Honda didn't simply give this unit another 150cc to give it the bottom end it so clearly lacks. It's a promising on-paper exercise, but it doesn't cut the mustard and, unless this is the only CR-V on the user/chooser list, take the 2.2-litre diesel instead - it's worth the extra.
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I can't stand football 500mg erythromycin But Poland, for instance, which is heavily reliant oncarbon-intensive coal, has sought to make any further EUpromises conditional on the rest of the world pledging to domore. Next month, it hosts U.N. climate change talks in Warsawas a step towards a new global deal in 2015.
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I can't stand football buy floxin Emily Gilbert told Fox5 that she met the mayor at a fundraiser just days after Filner took office in December.  Gilbert, who is a dead ring for Marilyn Monroe, was hired to sing at a fundraising event.
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I work here <a href=" ">buy crixivan nline</a> No doubt. There's a reason I've written about him so much the last month or so. With a still-youngish Jamaal Charles as your featured back, you don't draft a running back in the third round unless you think he can really play. He's slowly been adjusting to the advanced blocking schemes and is beginning to see more playing time. The physical gifts are there; it&#x2019;s up to him to master the mental side of the game and learn how to hold onto the ball. If he never makes it, those will be the only reasons why.
Rubin , USA

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magic story very thanks <a href=" ">generic crixivan</a> "He says he feels grateful to both the family that raised him and to his birth parents, and he also says he feels no enmity or resentment or bitterness toward the boy who switched places with him," Lucy says. "He said we're both victims in this. I can't be angry at him."
Danial , USA

We work together <a href=" ">danazl dancrine </a> Dell and Red Hat will also work together on a number of projects to further improve OpenStack. They will work on OpenStack Neutron, a project to bring Software-Defined Networking capabilities to OpenStack, allowing the platform to offer networking as a service. They will also collaborate on Ceilometer, a project to improve OpenStack instrumentation for monitoring and billing purposes.
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Do you need a work permit? <a href=" ">report writing for students</a> While Iran’s new president celebrates his election with a nice, showy press conference saying all the right things, the truth of the turmoil in Iran is slowly leaking out as social media users are finally getting some clips and postings out about protests in Iran over this really silly election. Why do I think it’s a sham election? Let’s count the ways: You whack 680 candidates off the ballot. You carefully trim the field to five nut jobs and one less nutty guy. You restrict access to social media and the internet. You arrest every high profile dissident. You then send out 40,000 Revolutionary Guard members to go door-to-door to round up voters and send them to the polls and if anyone doesn’t have that little ink-stained finger you were in big trouble with state police. I tell you, these guys could give Tammany Hall or a Chicago ward boss a serious run for the money. Khamenei has managed become a modern-day Boss Tweed. And the Iranian should be grateful for the election of Rouhani? I think not. To see real efforts at changing the regime, check out for the largest meeting of Iranians outside of Iran.
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History <a href=" ">where to buy terbinafine cream</a> The views expressed in the following comments are not those of PharmaTimes or any connected third party and belong specifically to the individual who made that comment. We accept no liability for the comments made and always advise users to exercise caution.
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I'd like a phonecard, please <a href=" ">need someone to do my assignment</a> All you want is city hall to tell these regulators to just back off, let these companies come into the market and see what happens. I’m not advocating that in any place where people’s lives are at risk. I’m not saying we should do that for the fire department, I’m not saying you should do that for the police department. When we’re talking about health and safety issues I’m not advocating for more of a free for all situation. What I’m talking about is a lot of these industries where innovation can lead to better services at lower costs. Going back to Airbnb, one of the interesting things is the billion dollars that is going to get spent by guests in New York City this year renting places on Airbnb is going to go into the local economy because all of those hosts are real people. They get that money and they spend it here in New York because they live in New York whereas if it goes to the hotel industry a lot of the shareholders and operators of hotels in New York aren’t even here in New York.
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A Second Class stamp cheapest college essay All of that makes TMNT seem like a tremendous value, hardly what you’d expect in some budget downloadable. But then there are the issues. It starts with the camera, which is sometimes too highlight-happy to let you see the action. And then there are the glitches, oh so many of them. Combo inputs don’t register, and enemies – sometimes even the turtles – get stuck in walls.
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I'm a trainee law school personal statement public service The occasion was a summer basketball camp, which Corcoran had organized in an effort to get a head start on his program as the head basketball coach for the new regional River Dell High School from the towns of Oradell and River Edge. “I had already done my homework,” Corcoran, 92, was saying now. “I’d asked around to find who were the best athletes in Oradell and River Edge and everyone I talked to said the same thing — the Parcells kid. So I’m watching him working out on the court, and I could tell immediately they were right. He was just physically better — he wasn’t that fast but he had great quickness, agility and instincts.
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Another service? <a href=" ">generic for flonase</a> Hollywood is teeming with famous same-sex couples - some more open than others. From public declarations of love to dates out of the limelight, check out the stars who have found romance with that special someone ... Wedding bells are ringing for Melissa Etheridge! The 52-year-old rocker announced plans to marry her longtime partner, producer Linda Wallem, after the Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act on June 26, 2013. "I look forward to exercising my American civil liberties," Etheridge tweeted. "And getting fully, completely and legally married this year to my true love of over three years, Linda Wallem." The singer also shared the happy news during a phone interview with CNN, saying, "I'm going to get married in the state of California." Etheridge, who shares custody of her 7-year-old twins with ex Tammy Lynn Michaels and also has two children from a previous relationship, has been dating Wallem since 2010.
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Canada>Canada <a href=" ">how to write a essay</a> “Cause I’m not a killer,” he said in the long-winded statement. “And it was self-defense. I’m very — I honor my country, I honor my state, I honor my city of South Miami. I do not feel that I’m guilty and I feel like this was self-defense.”
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I live here <a href=" ">hello writting essays speech</a> "It looked like they were moving because they were so covered in bees," Beauregard said. She called for help, but by the time emergency crews responded the horses were already incapacitated by countless bee stings. "It just looked like they were shimmering because the bees were on them and stinging them."
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I have my own business <a href=" ">write five paragraph essay</a> The Illinois Emergency Management Agency posted inaccurate hazardous chemical-storage data on its website earlier this year. The data indicated hazardous chemicals at a site even when a facility had stopped reporting chemical stores years ago.
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Could you please repeat that? <a href=" ">cheap essay writing service with payment plans</a> The views expressed in the following comments are not those of PharmaTimes or any connected third party and belong specifically to the individual who made that comment. We accept no liability for the comments made and always advise users to exercise caution.
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What do you do for a living? <a href=" ">argumentative essay about effects of internet</a> The cameras are always rolling in Hollywood! When the stars aren't on the red carpet, you'll more than likely find them on set filming their next great blockbuster. Check out these famous actors and a...
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Is this a temporary or permanent position? buy critical thinking essay The rest of the episode belonged to Jesse. Aaron Paul has been growing and growing as an actor during the lifetime of this series, and ever since we saw the whole story of his murder of Gale Boetticher told entirely through his eyes, he has been magnificent. Here we saw him in the desert, as Walt the consummate liar tried to convince him to take the "chance to press the reset button", start a new life, with a new identity, "meet a girl, start a family even".
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We need someone with qualifications order essays online uk The navy is considered the most successful Mexican force in the drug war, with marines proving to be the best trained and least corruptible. Marines killed the head of the Beltran Leyva cartel in the city of Cuernavaca in 2009 and captured Zetas cartel leader Miguel Angel Trevino near the U.S.-Mexico border two weeks ago.
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I've been made redundant buy an essay online cheap The rejection of the Allstream deal comes as strugglingsmartphone maker BlackBerry Ltd, one of Canada's best-known technology companies, is in talks with foreign playersincluding Cisco Systems, Google Inc and SAP about selling them all or parts of itself, sourceshave told Reuters.
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What are the hours of work? <a href=" ">lexapro tramadol</a> After Sloane Stephens’ defeat on Tuesday, we now have zero players, men or women, left in the main singles draws. The Poles? They have one woman in the semifinal, Agnieszka Radwanska, who will next face Sabine Lisicki of Germany, whose parents are Polish. They have two men in the quarterfinals, Lukasz Kubot and Jerzy Janowicz, who will meet on Wednesday.
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How many would you like? <a href=" ">cheap prandin</a> However, a spokesman for the former Prime Minister said: &ldquo;Tony Blair has long believed that Zimbabwe would be much better off without Robert Mugabe and always argued for a tougher stance against him, but he never asked anyone to plan or take part in any such military intervention.&rdquo;
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Did you go to university? <a href=" ">shrug best online paper writing service publication</a> "They are having an incredibly difficult time retainingstaff, especially those in the planning division at headquarterswho are in charge of mapping out the accident response atFukushima," said a Tokyo-based analyst, who didn't want to benamed as he is not authorised to speak to the media. "Many ofits best employees are headhunted by other utilities."
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How many would you like? <a href=" ">write my essay for me</a> While Iran’s new president celebrates his election with a nice, showy press conference saying all the right things, the truth of the turmoil in Iran is slowly leaking out as social media users are finally getting some clips and postings out about protests in Iran over this really silly election. Why do I think it’s a sham election? Let’s count the ways: You whack 680 candidates off the ballot. You carefully trim the field to five nut jobs and one less nutty guy. You restrict access to social media and the internet. You arrest every high profile dissident. You then send out 40,000 Revolutionary Guard members to go door-to-door to round up voters and send them to the polls and if anyone doesn’t have that little ink-stained finger you were in big trouble with state police. I tell you, these guys could give Tammany Hall or a Chicago ward boss a serious run for the money. Khamenei has managed become a modern-day Boss Tweed. And the Iranian should be grateful for the election of Rouhani? I think not. To see real efforts at changing the regime, check out for the largest meeting of Iranians outside of Iran.
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magic story very thanks <a href=" ">medical research papers</a> The lack of a U.S. grand strategy invites a number of problems: it 1) allows the crisis of the day to crowd out important priorities, 2) leaves military planners and leaders in the dark regarding the military force structure and posture needed to protect the nation's interests, and 3) tempts decision makers to spend limited defense dollars on capabilities, units, or weapons that may be ill-suited to provide what our nation really needs.
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This site is crazy :) write my assignment for me uk With hundreds of people watching, Tyson Royston swam out at Folly Beach with six others to compete in the boys final division Sunday, says Nancy Hussey, co-director of the Southern South Carolina District of the Eastern Surfing Association. But the competition came to halt when an 8-foot bull shark came after Royston&#8217;s surfboard.
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I'd like to change some money online homework help for kids Celebs not on the show were in attendance. Ewan McGregor was spotted in the VIP section and tweeted his condolences as a fan of the show with, &#8220;Breaking Bad. Ends Tonight. #gotthebluesalready.&#8221;
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Have you got a current driving licence? non plagiarized term papers Sanchez helping Smith probably put to rest the notion that the two quarterbacks didn’t get along after the rookie out of West Virginia decided not to attend the incumbent’s Jets West event in California earlier this month.
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I'll call back later why can't i do my homework Italy's displays are not yet at the level of the Germans or the Dutch, who dominated their groups, but the team's recent 2-1 friendly defeat to Argentina and the penalty shootout loss against Spain in the Confederations Cup underlined a dogged spirit that helped them to triumph in Germany in 2006.
Amia , USA

What sort of music do you like? grade my essay Manning's court-martial was unusual because he acknowledged giving the anti-secrecy website more than 700,000 battlefield reports and diplomatic cables, and video of a 2007 U.S. helicopter attack that killed civilians in Iraq, including a Reuters news photographer and his driver. In the footage, airmen laughed and called targets "dead bastards."
Donny , USA

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I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name dissertation software © 2013 New England Sports Network. All Rights Reserved. All photos © 2013 Associated Press and NBA photos © 2013 Getty Images unless indicated. Any commercial use or distribution without the express written consent of Associated Press is strictly prohibited.
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Booker , USA

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Shannon , USA

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Eusebio , USA

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Allison , USA

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Stanton , USA

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Lonnie , USA

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Deandre , USA

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Joshua , USA

History how to do homework fast Alan many people who believe as you do in this country every day are denying 1st amendment rights to believers. You are a religion. And you do demand belief everyday in the temple of liberal education the state schools where you cannot have God as a hero but you can have Michael Jackson. You call belief in God by 6 years olds blasphemy to your belief in nothingness and send them to the principal for re-indoctrination. Alan God inspires man writes. Childish even your lack of belief shows how far American education has fallen in not teaching logic.
Cletus , USA

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Merlin , USA

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Do you play any instruments? <a href=" ">essays written by students</a> "While the ONS data suggests industry's contribution to growth in the second quarter is likely to be limited, there are signs that confidence is returning and growth should start to resume as we move into the second half of the year. This needs to be quickly followed by a pick up in investment if the UK is to make any progress towards better balanced growth," said EEF chief economist Lee Hopley.
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I'm doing an internship help with programming assignment Yet Kiffin has spent training camp saying he hoped a starter would emerge, acknowledging that using two quarterbacks isn't an ideal way to build a team with question marks at several offensive positions. Biletnikoff Award-winning receiver Marqise Lee also hoped Kiffin would pick a starter so he could develop his timing with one passer.
Harlan , USA

Just over two years description essay on good parenting Despite his impairment, he said Perry took the time "to continue to get to know me and love me." He then dedicated the evening's final song, "A Face to Call Home" to "Katy, who is my face to call home."
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Harrison , USA

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Bryan , USA

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good material thanks <a href=" ">order remeron online</a> “As I tell this story, it has been several weeks since he told me his news and he has made no further time to talk, despite saying he would do so. I am sad that the media seems to be a higher priority. I hope this changes in the coming weeks, as I value open dialogue more than anything.”
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Could I take your name and number, please? <a href=" ">college research papers college research papers</a> On this week's Daily News Fifth Yankees Podcast, Mark Feinsand sits down with outfielder Vernon Wells to discuss the Yankees' fading postseason hopes, the tough road trip and what the team's recent stumble means going forward.
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How much is a Second Class stamp? <a href=" ">western civilization essay</a> Whether you are newly diagnosed or managing crohn's on an ongoing basis, you will find lots of useful information, including articles on signs and symptoms, the course and complications of the disease as well as information on colitis. There are also in-depth pieces on lifestyle management, stress, exercise, pregnancy, employment, medications, surgical options and travel as well as emotional and sexual factors in Crohn's disease.
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I'd like to speak to someone about a mortgage where to buy an essay An immigration detainer, according to ICE’s website, is a notice issued by the Department of Homeland Security to federal, state and local law enforcement agencies to notify those departments that ICE intends to assume custody of an individual believed to be illegally residing in the United States.
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How many weeks' holiday a year are there? business report writing Teva, the world's largest generic drugmaker, ledthe list of companies receiving annual tax breaks at 11.78billion shekels, followed by Israel Chemicals at 2.2billion and Check Point Software Technologies at 1.65billion, the authority said.
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Have you seen any good films recently? essay writing software Arabs want Israel destroyed, thrown in the sea, murdered throughout the world, already tried two states: Gaza and Israel. Miserable failure as Gaza turned into a terrorist haven, killing Israelis,, men women and children. And you think giving these refugees land will magically bring peace. Give it up I say, to the USA, and go home. Leave it up to the Israelis and Arabs to handle. Of course at the bottom of this is our insatiable desire for oil and profits, not peace in the area. Time for alternative fuels, Obama and friends.
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Cole , USA

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Kenny , USA

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Diego , USA

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Raleigh , USA

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Evan , USA

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Kendrick , USA

How do you do? <a href=" ">finance dissertation</a> The Yanks have fallen 3-1/2 game back for the last wild card spot and need to win three of four in the series against Texas that starts Monday night in Arlington if they are to climb over the Rangers.
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Just over two years <a href=" "></a> Miami's Christian Yelich and Boston's Garin Cecchini each had an RBI double. Philadelphia Phillies left-hander Jesse Biddle earned the win with 1 1/3 shutout innings, and Washington right-hander A.J. Cole got a save.
Micah , USA

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Why did you come to ? do my dissertation David Fleischer, a political analyst in Brasilia, said hebelieved Campos was likely to be the PSB's presidentialcandidate. He said an alliance with Silva would be "interesting"to many voters and could be powerful enough to push the electionto a runoff.
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I'd like to open a business account custom essay cheapest Economists forecast that new-home sales dropped just 1 percent last month to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 492,000, according to a survey by FactSet. The dip would come after sales jumped more than 8 percent in June to an annual rate of 497,000, the most since May 2008.
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History do my home work There's any number of vehicles we'd recommend for a romp around the Nürburgring: an exotic sports car, a high-performance sedan, a track car. But a pickup? Hardly our first choice. But that's exactly what GM's Australian division Holden has done with its VF SS V Redline Ute.
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This is your employment contract <a href=" ">what is ciprofloxacin</a> “What Ulfie was (as a player) was a hardnosed, competitive, son-of-a-‘B’. When he’s on your side, you just loved ’em,” said Ray Ferraro, Samuelsson’s Rangers teammate in 1995-96 who now works as a TSN analyst. “As a coach, he is extremely hardworking, and very, very diligent about trying to be better.”
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Which university are you at? <a href=" ">nizagara online</a> The Committee had been examining this issue since early March after it became aware that the Government was considering the recommendations contained in the Steering Group Report on a National Substance Misuse Strategy. One of these recommendations was the phasing out of drinks industry sponsorship of sports and other large public events in this country by 2016.
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I'm retired essay assignment Having recently broken the European record over 1500, his finishing speed was never in doubt and though Jeilan hung on gamely, Farah's fearsome last lap brought him home in 27:21.71 ahead of Jeilan and Kenya's Paul Tanui.
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This is your employment contract need help do my essay In 2010, Nova Southeastern University used an acoustic sensor to survey the lagoon's drift algae from Titusville to Sebastian Inlet. They found drift algae had increased by 46 percent in two years, to 102,162 metric tons over the 109 square-mile study area.
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Armand , USA

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I work with computers <a href=" ">writing an analysis essay</a> "Resolutions like this one - the largest GSA false claimssettlement in history - demonstrate our commitment to ensuretaxpayers are not overpaying for the products and services theyreceive," Tony West, head of the Justice Department's CivilDivision, said in a statement.
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Thanks for calling <a href=" ">written dissertation</a> “When I was doing ‘ER,’ we’d joke about the ‘episode 13 to 17 malaise’,” says Noah Wyle. “You’d feel like you were sleepwalking and repeating a lot of what you’d already done.”
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I'm on business essayforyou Many newspaper transactions over the past decade have been tumultuous, as new owners took on massive debt at the same time the business was struggling. Major news outlets such as the Chicago Tribune, the Los Angeles Times, the Philadelphia Inquirer, and the Minneapolis Star Tribune have ended up in bankruptcy, amid deep cost cuts and layoffs.
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Incorrect PIN law essay writers uk The regulatory pressure comes as Brazilian authorities takea closer look at major U.S. Internet companies such as Googleand Facebook Inc after revelations the United Statesspied on digital communications by President Dilma Rousseff andstate-run oil company Petrobras.
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Not available at the moment book review writers Tencent, whose market value topped $100 billion this month, stole the march on rivals with its WeChat social messaging app that lets users talk privately and in groups, play games, update friends on recent events, send voice messages and make online payments.
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Everette , USA

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this post is fantastic <a href=" ">writing papers for college students</a> Japan is no stranger to sexual violence at war. The country still has problems fully coming to terms with what its militarist government did to hundreds of thousands of Asian women before and during World War II _ by forcing many of them to become "comfort women" and provide sex to Japanese soldiers. The issue remains a major diplomatic problem between Japan and South Korea. Jolie did not comment on the "comfort women" issue.
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The United States <a href=" ">my best friend essay writing</a> But there’d be no movie if they just spent their days working and their nights relaxing on the couch. So first Lyle makes some really bad choices, and then Nina follows. Before long, they’re both tumbling down a path familiar to anyone who’s seen their share of Sundance-anointed indies.
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An envelope <a href=" ">zestril 20 mg tablet</a> It is not clear whether or when the White House would be willing to make such an abrupt shift in approach after years of supporting the Syrian opposition and calling for Al Assad&#8217;s ouster. It would certainly require delicate negotiations with Middle Eastern allies who were early and eager supporters of Syrian rebel groups, notably Saudi Arabia.
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A book of First Class stamps <a href=" ">zenegra uk</a> -Mr Yanukovych, who is supported by less than half the population, wants to ensure he stays in power. Many Ukrainian experts believe that he tried to play off Russia and the EU in order to maximise his chances of re-election in 2015. To achieve this he needs either a successful agreement with the EU, which would broaden his political base, or Russian President Vladimir Putin&#039;s help in consolidating his authoritarian rule.
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How long have you lived here? <a href=" ">buy lisinpril</a> "Look, I do remember what it's like being 27 or 28, and aside from the occasional basketball injury, most of the time I kind of felt like I had nothing to worry about," Obama said. "Of course, that's what most people think until they have something to worry about. But at that point, often times it's too late."
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Why did you come to ? <a href=" ">wright my assignment</a> That 305 of the 307 passengers and crew of the Asiana jet survived the crash is remarkable, and a testimony to improvements in airline safety in recent years. More than 180 people went to hospitals with injuries, but only a small number were critically injured.
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I'm not sure <a href=" ">sell essays online uk</a> The CED, in Mizruchi’s telling, thought the days of untrammeled free-market capitalism were gone, and that both private and government-led economic management would be necessary for a market economy to survive. In order to maintain the system from which their privileges derived, they believed it would be necessary to attend to the welfare of the broader population. This meant supporting a high level of employment, the alleviation of poverty, the amelioration of racial disadvantage, and the provision of sufficient purchasing power in the population to consume the goods that American business was so proficient at producing.
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What university do you go to? <a href=" ">best assignment writing service uk</a> Don lost the family he had with Betty seasons ago, and over the course of season 6, was quickly squandering The Drapers 2.0 with the disintegration of his marriage to Megan. By the finale, Don has hit rock bottom, as all the heavy drinking and philandering takes its toll. He ends up in jail for drunkenly punching a minister who pesters him at the bar. At first Don thinks the answer is to leave for California, and he convinces Megan to quit her New York acting gig to look for opportunities in Hollywood.
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I'm at Liverpool University essay samples for early childhood education Much of it is consumed in slums in Brazil &mdash; now the world&rsquo;s No. 2 market for coca-derived narcotics &mdash; and Argentina as coca paste, a cheap, impure, partially processed and highly addictive form of cocaine known in South America as &ldquo;basuco&rdquo; or &ldquo;paco.&rdquo;
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I was born in Australia but grew up in England i dont want to write essay please The Italian oil and gas group said on Thursday its netprofit fell 55 percent in the second quarter impacted by lossesat 43-percent-owned Saipem and lower production fromoutages in Libya and Nigeria.
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Canada>Canada essay writing companies uk "Sabrina says she cried, she prayed, she cried some more and then she got up and went to church that morning and when she came home from church she called me up and said, 'Attorney Crump, I will not let this verdict define Trayvon. Our community will define Trayvon Martin's legacy. … We have now got to roll up our sleeves even though we've come a long way. We've got a long way to go to make sure this won't happen to anyone else's child especially in light of this verdict.'"
Wayne , USA

Could I borrow your phone, please? free homework hotline Upon using this procedure on the first UK patient, 58 year-old Sevket Gocer, it was found that his heart function "improved significantly". In total one of the chambers in his heart was reduced by about a quarter, allowing the organ to function better.
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What do you do? <a href=" ">buy provera online</a> Throngs of villagers remain uncertain of their loved ones’ fate, after the June 16 flashfloods killed nearly 1,000 people and left 3,500 missing here in Uttarakhand state, near the Nepal border. The disaster prompted a major air rescue operation, with the Indian Army evacuating more than 100,000 people from Himalayan valleys.
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Excellent work, Nice Design <a href=" ">50mg topamax hair loss</a> After an EU summit which focused on how to alleviate chronic levels of youth unemployment, Angela Merkel holds another meeting in Berlin on the issue with France’s Francois Hollande expected to attend along with Herman van Rompuy and Jose Manuel Barroso from Brussels.
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Which team do you support? <a href=" ">cheap provera</a> "(Rice) didn't rush the worst lineman," Sapp said. "You know the right tackle is the worst of the five. Strahan played right end his first four years. When they were putting the label on him as a bust, they put 'B-U-S ... OK, let's transition him on the other side and see if he can play in his fourth year.'
Trevor , USA

I'm a trainee <a href=" ">cheap accutane 40mg</a> &#8220;Ambassador Stevens was a cherished member of the State Department community who was clearly deeply committed to U.S. diplomacy and to the people of Libya, and he is profoundly missed here at this department and here in this government,&#8221; Ventrell told reporters.
Clarence , USA

I've only just arrived <a href=" ">much does generic strattera cost</a> While serving as vice chair he reportedly established the Stuxnet program, designed to infect Iranian centrifuges and cause them to self destruct. Bush reportedly advised Obama to continue the program, which Obama sped up, reports the Times. Roughly 1,000 centrifuges were disabled under the program.
Liam , USA

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