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Botswana Business

Bussiness in Botswana


Botswana is one of Africa's wealthiest nations with a thriving economy mainly based on diamond mining and tourism. Regulatory reform has turned the country into one of the most liberalised telecommunications markets in the region, including a new service-neutral licensing regime which takes into account the increasing convergence of technologies and services.

Diamond production is anticipated to increase modestly from the 32 093 000 carats estimated for 2008 to 32 952 000 carats in 2009. In addition, the Diamond Trading Company is now set to start its operations of cutting, polishing and selling stones from its newly constructed facilities in Botswana. Nonetheless, there is uncertainty about international demand for diamonds and related products due to uncertainty about the depth and length of the current global recession.

The economic outlook for 2009 includes improved performance in the primary sector. Owing to the uncertainty associated with the global economy, however, growth in 2009 is forecast to be lower than in 2008. Beyond 2009, an expected decline in diamond production will restrain Botswana's growth, but the continued development of the services sector offers potential both for diversification of the economy and for larger contributions by this sector to overall economic growth. In addition, increases in public investment and continued good economic management coupled with positive public sector reforms are expected to minimise the decline in the growth of private investment and hence to limit the decrease in real GDP growth in 2008, 2009 and 2010.

This is the right Country in Sub-Saharan Africa to do business?

Botswana Business comments

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Yes, Botswana is the right country to do business in in sub saharan Africa. Because the politiciens here are fighting again corruption and stupid beauracry. But it still long way to go but better than other african countrie.
Zeama Mutau, Zambia

There aren't right place to business in Africa.
Dongala , Angola

Everyone said bad thing about Africa Countries. But Botswana is doing well.
Gerami , Botswana, Gaborone

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Political in Botswana

Politic in Botswana

Botswana's political environment is the most stable in the region. The country has a well-functioning democracy, with free media and an independent judicial system. Elections are held every five years, and each election since independence has been freely and fairly contested and has taken place on schedule. An independent Electoral Commission established in 1996 has helped to consolidate Botswana's reputation for fairness in voting. Apart from its internal stability, it enjoys good relations with neighbouring countries, particularly South Africa.

The ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) has won all elections since independence. Its share of the popular vote, though always above 50 per cent, has been declining over the long term as the opposition parties have increased in influence and importance. The opposition is fragmented, however, which has hindered its ability to win parliamentary seats. In the 2004 elections, the BDP won approximately 52 per cent of the popular vote, but secured 77 per cent of the 57 elected seats in the National Assembly. The opposition parties tend to be stronger in urban areas and have benefited from long-term demographic changes as urbanisation proceeds.

Botwana Political comments

How the current political situation in Botwana?

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My country political system is working well so far. former president handed in power to the current president without in struggle. Former president Mr. Festus Gontebanye Mogae won the 2008 Ibrahim Prize for Achievement in African Leadership. Than I hope others African leaders will copy the same political system for seek of all African people.
David, Botswana

Political situation in my country is great at momment. After on leader step down another good leader's in.
Nelson , Botswana

According what I've been reading, it seems this's the only country in Africa is follwing democracy without corruption.
Jonson , Namibia

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Usefull Information Botswana

Top Hotels

  • Gaborone Sun Hotel
  • Cresta Lodge Gaborone
  • Chief's Camp - All Inclusive

Top restaurants

  • Primi Piatti
  • Embassy

Place to visit

  • Chobe National Park
  • Makagadikgadi Salt Pans
  • Okavango Delta
  • The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency Tours

Internet Access

  • Although private Internet access is limited,
    many Batswana have access to
    the Internet at work or school.
  • For the moment, it is very difficult
    to find a high-speed connection to the Internet in Botswana
  • . Accessing email can be extremely slow,
    and graphic-laden websites all but impossible.

Not to miss to see

  • The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency Tours
  • Chobe National Park
  • Makagadikgadi Salt Pans
Botswana Usefull information comments

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I would like to visit Botswana, but all the hotels above are very expensive hotels for my budget. Can anyone give some the names of cheaper hotels in Gaborone! Thanks
katrina Pereira

Come to visit Botswana is very cheap place to visit.

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