Paa Kwasi Amissah Arthur Prides In Son Schooling Abroad - Part2

I will want to position myself on the account that Mr. Arthur Amissah, like most Ghanaian elites, was the one paying for the tuition fee of his children. This then means we have a state of Ghana that is incapable of financing the education of its own citizens while the employees of the state are more than capable of financing the education of their children abroad. This then means in Ghana the citizen is becoming richer than the state. The tax payer is now riches than the tax collector. "Economic mystery", some of mates will say!

We are here saying that one have to be comfortable with a state in which the majority of the tax payers are paying their tax to the state for some very few people employed by the state to be richer than the state. Yes, they are richer than the state and that is the reason why individual like Arthur-Amissah sees nothing wrong in being able to afford expensive education for their children abroad while making such money from running the affairs of those who cannot afford a three square meal for their children and roof over their heads.
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The argument here is which money are these people using to educate their children abroad while they live and work in Ghana for the poor government of Ghana? Money is a scarce resource with limitations in its allocations. It operates along the principles of best alternative decision. So decision for the use of money in one thing means no decision or foregoing the employment of the same money in the affordability of another thing.

The decision of the allocation of the tax payer's money in Ghana has been the duty of individuals like Paa Kwasi Amissah-Arthur who were also face with the decision of getting the best education for their own children. The evidence on the ground was that he choose to educate his children in the best schools in the UK at the coast of the over 4,000 schools in Ghana under threes.

On a UK radio Voice of Africa between 8am to 10am, the 13th of August 2012, I did searched for a better words to describe this kind of inhumane behaviour and the best suitable was "a thief". It is only a thief that can be richer than his country and in this case, those who see nothing wrong in managing a nation with rotten educational system where children school under trees while their own children are schooling abroad, are doing nothing but stealing the money.

The interesting thing about this is that the brains of those managing the affairs of our nation are so decay that they see nothing wrong with going for the best for themselves and their families at the cost of the state. In fact they have taken the oppressed masses of Ghana for nothing that they do all these nonsense and reward themselves generously as well. The appeal to us to work harder to be like them, when in reality they are fully aware that we are just being misled because they know it is all a pack of lie.
 Kindergarten class under tree in Ghana

This attitude is anti-democratic. It abuses the intelligence of the majority of the people as no single person goes out to cast his/her vote for some few elected people to be educating their children broad. We cast our vote for the best school for everyone in Ghana and not for the children of some few in the UK. We pay our tax for the good of everyone and not for monsters to send their children abroad for better life.

Now, if we really want our independence to mean something sensible for everyone and our education to be that of a free people that every one of our children will go to school with dignity, then we must find a way of relieving these monsters of managing our destiny. It cannot continue to be about them alone but about everyone.

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Written by Kofi Ali Abdul

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