Paa Kwasi Amissah Arthur Prides In Son Schooling Abroad

Prior to our self-determination from when the colonial masters were in charge of our destiny, it is not uncommon to hear parents in the elite class of the Gold Coast priding themselves by such expression as "My son is schooling in the Whiteman's country". This is a mark of standard of how rich such individuals are as education in the far away land of the Whiteman is not only exclusive, expensive but also extraordinary. It is an indication of how classy, superior and closer to the Whiteman the individual is.

In those days, education on our land is just for the commoners designed for those being prepared to be the hewers of the tree and tillers of the land. Our educational institutions were meant to produce the kind of labour that forever shall be labourers that shall only be good enough to do the Whiteman's dirty job. The ploy was never for us to be good enough, just as our masters are, to the extent of taking our destiny into their own hands. Our educational system was meant for us to remain subservient to the colonial masters than to challenge the authority of the Whiteman. Just like the donkeys that work in partnership with the owners, our masters' everlasting aim was to sustain the statuesque that shall be allowing our children and our raw materials to be at their mercy.
Paa Kwasi Amissah Arthur
Paa Kwasi Amissah Arthur.
Vice President of Ghana.

Our attainment of independence in 1957 that come with the cost of lives of our brave brothers and sisters was to take our own destiny into our own hands in deciding the kind of education every one of our children shall be having. We swore that every child shall have the best education to the fullest of his/her potential on our own land. We swore for the myth of the Whiteman's land education to be a thing of the past. We swore that the system of the colonial White master, who collects tax from all the citizens of Ghana only to provide them with local education of slaves while the majority of our children dream of better schools in faraway land of the colonial master, shall be a thing of the past.

Listening to an audio interview on Joy Online, the Ghanaian Vice-Presidential nominee Paa Kwasi Amissah-Arthur boosted of having a "son who is an epidemiologist and a medical doctor working in the NHS, UK and a daughter is also a lawyers in training", possibly also in the United Kingdom. On the same audio, Kwasi Amissah-Arthur confirmed that he was invited for interrogation by the BNI and the Police headquarters on allegation of corruption that could not resulted in prosecution for lack of enough evidence.

In giving his own life history and the educational experience in particular, it was very obvious that Amissah-Arthur's education was funded mainly by the Ghanaian tax payer. In addition to his education, Mr. Ammisah worked mainly for the government of Ghana. He worked in the academic sector, served as a deputy minister of finance and then run a private consultant before ending up as a governor of the Bank of Ghana.

The main fact is that Paa Kwasi Amissah-Arthur worked for the state of Ghana to better the lives of Ghanaians for which he was paid salary by the state of Ghana. The state of Ghana trained Arthur-Amissah into an Economist of the highest standard with the tax payer's money and paid him salary to work for the state with his gained knowledge and experience for generations after him to benefit as well. He was tasked with the responsibility of occupying the position of the governorship of Bank of Ghana that comes with managing the fiscal and monetary instruments of the state.
 schools under tree in Ghana

The job here was to manage the economic factors beyond personal interest to reflect in every facet of the economy. The reality however turned out to be that of individuals becoming richer while the state gets poorer. For over twenty years of being in and out of the state management, the nation's affairs decayed so much that even Paa Kwasi Amissah could not keep his own children and grand-children in the Ghanaian system, much as he loved them.

In my recent visit to my primary school, Kanda Primary, I just could not hold back the tears from my eyes at the condition in which I found the leaders of tomorrow who were said to be learning. The memories of my own school days there kept coming to mind. My imagination of the effort the British government was putting into the education of their youth explained why people like Arthur Amissah have to snake out their children into such foreign schools while they help with the subject of the colonies to be what exactly the colonial master wanted them to be.

The question is that, was Arthur Ammisah at any point in time a resident in the UK for one to say he had this children while there? If the answer was no, then the children will not be said to be in the UK as British citizens and therefore will be paying their tuition fees as foreign students and in hard currency. If Mr. Amissah was not paying for his children fees, then could it be the government of Ghana paying for the children of those who are supposed to making the schools of Ghana better?

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Written by Kofi Ali Abdul

Amissah arthur

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Mr Amissah believe funds from Ghana state must pay for private schools of his children. But he can see that many children in Ghana having to study under tree. As long as we african don't change our way of Dishonesty we never move nowhere. Dishonesty Politiciens and corruption are killing future of Africa.
Kone , Ivory Coast, Paris

Mr Vice President is a thief and more an irogant thief. This kind of politiciens are destruing African countries. Thanks brother Ali and My Continent to keep us inform about what these thief politiciens doing in Africa.
Jo , Nigeria, New York

There is absolutely nothing wrong with sending people abroad to study. S. Korea and China have been doing that for decades. The problem is allocation of resources. After 50 years of independence, we can't blame the ex-colonial master. Money has to be put into building schools and training teachers
Basil , Bridgetown, Barbados

I just I don't understand these African leaders mentality. If future children of your country are studying under tree. What you expected for future of your country and you're stealing money from government to fund education of your own children! this is not greed but stupidity. I'm sorry for African
Mo , Canada, Toronto

alex , mexico

the problem with african goverments in none other than refusing to build institutions for to stay for centuries.its high time all african goverments focus on 2090 what kind of africa would they want to compesate for the period we were ruled
igin , somalia

africa is like a child without hope, and will continue in that state untill African leaders begin to think like humans with vision. Africa is dead politically, socially and economically, we are only living just by the name nothing more.
Ogboma ifeanyi , Nigeria

We should upgrade our learning institution into standard and provide all the necessary facilities that are needed.
Kenga , Netherland

well there are plenty of oburoni floating about that do not have a colonial masters mentality and are only trying to do good in Ghana; if only we could get some support.Of course you could just stop moaning about it,and do something about it.
andy , uk and Ghana

The other thing to add is that I asked the UK Department for International Development (DFID) when it states on their web site "Ensuring quality education services" where the 90 Million pounds we are giving Ghana from the UK each year until 2015, they can not give you a straight answer. The other thing that stands on on their site is that with 90 Million pounds being spent they have only 5 case histories of who they have helped. It would be good if some Ghanian journalist hacks could find out where the money went, and who it was used!
andy , uk and Ghana

I started a petition against foreign aid , until we know where the money goes here:
andy , uk and Ghana

arrogance has no room to politician having a wisdom.Sending your son abroad is not an issue.The issue is how will you improve education in your country so that no need of sending your people abroad
Davis , Tanzania

See these idiots in power.So power drunk that they only think about themselves and no one else.Do you know how much it takes to produce a doctor in the UK including housing,food,utility bills etc?We're talking over 300,000 a year for non residents.So how can Arthur Amissah sponsor his chn to study in Uk while bn paid as a civil servant and the rest study under trees?God will punish these idiot
David , Ghana

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