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There are everything

Main square in Tirana

Colourfull building

Look to my Block

in Summer my city Rock

It's a nice City

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Moto night boys

beautifull at night

In Albania night club
Albania Business

Economy in Albania

Economic overview

The view of the Albanian EU integration and its transition to NATO makes it a feasible choice for foreign investors. Its geographic and geopolitical location represents an interesting opportunity for those who wish to invest in Albania. However, organised crime and bureaucracy is a problem in Albania

Setting up a business in Albania

Setting up company is Albania is can be very lucrative but you must know people. Be prepared for corruption, bureaucracy and organized crime. An Albanian company is established in approximately one week if you're well connected.

Foreigners doing business in Albania

Government encourages foreign investment in most of the sectors of Albanian economy. Foreign investors are allowed to participate in economic activity, generally enjoying favourable conditions, being treated as Albanian nationals, except some limitations on the rights of land ownership.

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Corruption and organised crimes is big problem also on italy but people still doing business.
Mateos , Italy

This place sometime can be like wild west when doing business.
Jacob , Albania


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Albania tourist spots

Berati and Gjirokastra

The early settlers of these two ancient towns can be traced back to the 4th century BC. Moreover, Berati and Gjirokastra give a rare example of a characteristic architecture of the Ottoman period. These two towns have many Byzantine churches from the 13th century as well as numerous mosques from the Ottoman era starting from 1417
Berati and Gjirokastra in Albania

Rozafa Castle

This imposing castle situated about 130 meters above sea level is located near the city of Shkodėr. This city itself is one of the most significant and historic places in Albania.It was the last fortress to fall under the power of Ottoman Empire in 1479.
Rozafa Castle in Albania

Skanderbeg Square

This the city center square in Tirana. The square in the square is home to some of the country historical buildings such as the red-brick National Bank, the Skanderbeg's statue, and the Et'hem Bey Mosque.
Skanderbeg Square in Albania


It is an ancient city was occupied by Chaonians since the pre-historic times. It became a Greek colony, and was finally taken over by the Romans. Nowadays, Butrint is a natural archaeological wonder and it is now home to several important finds in archaeology.

Butrint in Albania

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I did spend two weeks in Albania and believe it or not. it was wondfull experience.

Albania is interesting place but not for me.


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