African Revolution

It's started in Tunisia and now we are witnessing fall of longest serving President in North of Africa. But the question is! Why the revolution didn't reach yet sub-Sahara Africa where people are suffering more than in North Africa?

The Revolution of people, it's not about one tribe against another or one religion against another or a military coup to remove one dictator to replaced him with another one that what it's been happening in many sub-Sahara African Countries. But the revolution of today or the revolution of people, it's about all people of different tribes, religions and colour of skin to come together to fight against injustice, oppression, poverty, freedom, etc. In sub-Sahara in Africa people have all these issues then why they are still tolerating people like Jose Eduardo dos Santos in 32 years in power what he has done for the majority of Angolan people? There is lack of basics of social economy angola such as housing, running water, electricity, etc. Most expensive City in World is Luanda (Capital of Angola) and 95 percents of population live under $2 a day.

Robert Mugabe 31 years in power, he bankrupted the Country, now there's a 10 million zimbabwe dollars in a banknote, but it won't even buy you a hamburger in Harare but he blamed the European fault.
Another one Yoweri Museveni , another 5 years term in office, for what! He has been in power for 25 years. Is Uganda having the best social economic and social life in Africa! No! How come he won again the election! Now he's locking all opositions leaders becuase they decided to join the protesters who are not happy because of high cost of living.

President of Cameroon, Paul Biya is running the finance of the country like his household subsidies, he is travelling around with millions of dollars, to spend in casinos and expensive Hotels but Cameroon people are starving.
Teodoro Obiang Nguema, Equatorial Guinea is one of poorest country in Africa, He and his son wasting oil revenue of the country for them to live like kings. Teodorin Nguema Obiang,eldest son of President Teodoro Obiang, he has commissioned for a luxery superyacht costing $380 million nearly three times his country's combined health and education budgets, according to a corruption watchdog. Moreover, according to Global witness, Teodorin has $35 million mansion in Malibu Califonia, a $33 million jet and yet his ministerial salary is $6,799 a month.

Democratic Republic of (DR) Congo got a young President Joseph Kabila why he can't bring fresh ideas such as rebuild the Country infrastructure and improve the basic condition of life of the population, DR Congo one of richest country in mineral resources in World.

If all these no receipt for revolution in sub-Sahara Africa then it will take long time for winds of really freedom to reach sub- Sahara Africa.

Difficult to understand Kenya politic situation. You should have been in Nairobi on 11 April. Tens of thousands of people were mobilised for a welcome home party. Not for medal wearing marathon runners but for politicians who had been to The Hague where they are facing charges of crimes against humanity over the post-election violence. They were treated as heroes.

When African people complain why there is lack of stability or security in Africa, look to your current governments that where's the problem. Because every leader in World have the right to look for benefit and interests of his country and his people. African can't blaime European, American, Chinese, etc. If your leaders haven't the courage to stand firm or to sacrifice for your Countries not fault of others leaders. Chinese leaders are standing firm against American and European pressure for interests of China to be among the best(social, economic,politic,etc) but 30 years ago China was in same position as sub-Sahara Africa countries.

The Tunisian, Egyptians, now Libyan didn't wait for their former colonials masters to come to help them the start the revolution.
There were revolutions in Latino America, East-Europe, and now in Middle-east and in North of Africa.

What stopping people of sub-Sahara Africa to begin the revolution of people!

Tunis dictator

Your comments

Thanks, the founder of My Continent. Finally we've website that telling the true about African goverments and people can debate africa issues. That is true the problems that we having at moment in Africa is fault of goverments and also the people in Africa lets these dictators and fat cat in power.
Joe , Nigeria, Lagos

The dictators in Africa put us believe that we're better with them. if they leave the power the country will end up in chaoes. Psychology and fear. Our social life in sub-sahare Africa is worse then in north africa. But Never been any revolution in sub-sahare Africa before, people are scare.
Pedrao , Angola, Luanda

Thanks for your brilliant highlighted on African dictators and their corruption systems. Now they cant stop people express their point view anymore. Information age that were living now is more powerful then entire arms of all African dictators. One by one. Watch out African dictators!
Jamal, USA, Califonia

I do love it when African become to spread the message of their continent themselves. This will bring us united again. Africa United. Bravo Mamadou
Mikel , Nigeria, Lagos

You can't rule a country by force. That why there're few kings and dictators left in Woeld. Soon or later they'll be out of power because they're not elected by majority of people.
Mo , Egypty, Cairo

I am agree with my Colleguse. We Africans are poor not because of any thing but because of these blackdog leaders (BDLs), who clean the shirt of white European leaders to gain a gun and kill African humans on the street to fat their stomach. Africa is not the property of this BDLs. Let us come toge
Belachew Ibsa , Ghimbi, Oromia

We africans are fucked. They act as if they are the owner's of the country just coz they fought for freedom. This doesn't make sense at all, coz if u are a patriot, you should fight for the better of your country but not do what this ass holles are doing at the moment. I'm just another poor man.
Augusto , Angola / Huambo

It's so said to see Africans living in poverty just because of Corrupted & incompetent leaders without visions, they should learn from history seeing the likes of Bokassa-Mobutu-Abacha-IdiAmin leaving millions in foreign banks! Let's all fight corruption & expose their dirty deeds to stop them.
Dixon , Royaume kongo

It is very sad that our youths and the majority of our people are not conscious of what is killing us all. The reality is that the so called "leaders of the African states" are weak to make it easy to manipulated. We can change all this by have everyone as AU citizen to vote for the people's leader
Kofi Ali Abdul , London

You all are right,most people around the world think Africans countries are poor but when you see our continent is the richest with all natural resources you can imagine.It comes to share or organizing thing for people our dictators think only for their packets. United together and removed them out!
Doude , USA

Mamadue might be right, but Africa's countries need to be discipline! A country like nigeria is more better off during detatorship than when civilian come inn! Today inspite of the poor standard of living in that country it goverment continue to operate in expensive level which is not good.
omokaro , Netherland

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With the above description its easy to compare and contrast. Money, power and legitimacy gives the unprecedented access to resources especially money, human and natural/mineral resources. Taking without investing back to me is mindless and should be classed as gagster and criminal.
Robert , Uk

Your dream could be our dream come true with such efforts/initiatives and follow up actions. keep on Mamadou and Africa will stand sooner than but not without such Passion.
Whips , London

Hello earthlings. My feelings is that it aint the leaders or individuals in such positions to be blamed most part. I think we are the ones to be blamed afterall. the power is in the masses. Do you guys really think the situations will changed if all current so called dictators are replaced? I dont think so. the next person may be just as bad or even worser. it in the system already installed. so dont go personal. I may sound now insulting but we got to be real. If the masses are uneducated, unmotivated, passive, illetirated, etc., any guy wo jumps in the top office will manupulate those masses. Its quite natural to take advantage of the weaker one as evident. do you remember the last time you were taken advantage of? In my view, no dictator will remain for long if we dont act and stand up for our rights.We are our own enemy. its has to starts with us. even myself would just easily become another die-hard dictator for another 100 yrs if granded a chance for top job on the continent most people opt to not fight for their rights and. THE WAY THE LEADER IS THE REFLECTION OF THAT PARTICULAR NATION.
KHOISAN , Namibia

How big a gathering that was
Bodaerapreork , Uzbekistan

Most African countries who benefited from Soviet,China and other Communists partners to acquire independence don't believe in human rights.When people vote there is intimidation mostly to the illiterate elders there is rigging and also people look @ their tribe to rule and benefict not looking natio
laurence , south africa

you cant continue to treat us as trash we are the workers of the world, we are the miners, the teachers the carpenter the nurses, the policeman. the oppression upon us all is what should unite us as one the torch of liberation has gone out over our continent we demand change and demand it now
wani , south sudan

What is happening in mali is very embrassing. invaded by two forces now fighting over Turf, which is your lands your ancestor's land as we watch. we should unite in any form and push out these invaders.
Okello , uganda

we are more aware and more determined than ever before this it, this our time, an era of progressiveness we shall not stand in line and continue to do your bidding we shouldnot look into our children's and not success
Mbagina , Kigali,Rwanda

thank God for this eye opener, it's time for Africa to take the bull by the horn. Africa Arise!!!
peterz , lagos Nigeria

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