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Football sometime can bring happiness on faces of people. Zambians are in party mood and forget about their current problems that most of populations are living below poverty line or on $1 a day. Happiness of winning Africa Cup of Nations in footbal, help them to forget temporary their problems if they didn't eat today or if you're poor. People on streets of Lusaka capital of Zambia say this was one of happy days in Zambia story since independent day.
Zambia National football team
 The champion of Africa Nations cup of 2012

Finally Zambia team managed to win their first Africa Nation cup against favourite of tournament Ivory Coast. They deserved to win it because they worked hard to stop Ivory Coast players to impose their game. Moreover, it was very emotional day for Zambian team because 19 years ago they lost entire team in planes crash close to the same city where it was played final in Libreville, Gabon. Zambians believes that it was their destiny to win this cup for the dead players despite they were underdogs in final game.

Ivory coast national football team For Ivory Coast who were the favourite with strong team and top players like Didier Drodga, the brothers Yaya and Koule toure, Gervinho, etc.

Ivory Coast was a stronger team but luck it was not in their side on final game because they managed to go through all competition without conceded a goal and also Didie Drodga missed a penalty on regular time, May be in two years times they can try again.

But they missed opportunity this year because they had better changes to win this time because there were not such teams as Cameroon, Nigeria, Egypt.Who are strongest football team in Africa, Egypt won the last three African Nations Cup consecutive.

Beautiful game made the populations of Lusaka very happy, who welcome their heroes back home; thousands come out of streets of Lusaka just to cheers the new crowned Kings of Africa in football. Who say football can't bring you happiness or forget about your poverty for few hours? That why football is call a beautiful game.
Welcome back heroes of Zambian football team
celebrations on Lusaka

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We are better team than Zambia but luck it was on Zambia team. I took my hat for Zambia team that it shows when you've desire to win and little bit of luck you can be where you want to be!
Jean , Ivory Coast, Abdijan

Yes, we forget our problems for few days, party from saturday until the new King of Africa football arrived in Lusaka. I still not believe that we won Africa nations cup. Sometimes your dreams can become true. It's the same one thing that one day Africa will be free from imperialism and Dictators
Sam , Zambia, Lusaka

Well done Zambian team. We didn't qualified this year because people who are running our Football Association they didn't understand the rules of CAF. How people are running a Football Assoctions abd don't understand the rules. Must be idiots
Jones , South Africa

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Ekna ,

The ELEPHANTS of Ivory Coast have been topping the the summit of African football for over 2 years now. This is the fruit of good run of our football leaders but also the talented footballers we have. Even if Zambiawon they still recognize that we're the best. 2013 cup will fall into our hands.
Souleymane , Bouaké, Ivory Coast

It hurts to see minor teams beating strong ones; but this is football. Next year we will be back on stage. We'll be comming to win this CAF tournament no matter what rival teams will be hatching. We're the BEST TEAM in Africa.Every African knows that. Playing Zambia will simply mean beating them.
Souleymane , Bouaké, Iv.Coast

finally we won the cup
Jean , Ivory Coast

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